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  1. 7.7 date speculation?

    Yeah, its gonna be soon. Gameforge already has it on the Early Access Server so for them it can not be far away, probably next month for us.
  2. Aion thought experiment

    There is probably alot to talk about here but I will share some of what i thought was wrong with 6.0. The biggest issue I had with 6.0 was the combination of the removal of so many maps/content and having only 1 map that all players were forced on (Lakrum). A change i would have done would to have left Illuma and Norsvold as level 75+ PVE zones with rifts so PVP could still take place there and had Lakrum as the new PVP zone. That way players would of had more content spread out thru different zones instead of being stuck in one single map. For that matter i would not have removed the Abyss and would have instead tried to improve or change the flying mechanic of the game so the Abyss would have been a 4th endgame map players would have had access to, but I understand this flying mechanic was not popular so I can see why its removed. As for the story part and overall leveling part of the game but I wont go into all the details of it but I would not have removed so many of the zones and gutted it down as badly as they did, actually the 7.5 story and leveling changes are worse than the 6.0 changes. You are just on an acorn hunt now, thats about all the story this game has until you reach 75. If anything why does a game that makes its money off of the cash shop sales, not sell Level 80 tickets directly so players who dont want to go thru all that story and leveling could just spend money to get Alts leveled instantly? I never understood that. I wont discuss P2W since thats how this game makes its money but they should not have removed players kinah and reduced it to 30% of whatever they had, should not have removed free mounts and free skins from the luna, should not have made it so difficult to do any of the new instances unless you had compensation gear. I would say at least 7.5 is closer to what i thought 6.0 should have been, more endgame zones, more pvp instances, faster gear earning so players can try PVP and PVE instances, more content overall from what 6.0 was.
  3. Cubics without botting?

    Yeah more options to obtain cubic would be very helpful. They would make sense in being a low tier event prize. Also of course selling them in the case shop is an option.
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    @Kibbelz @Loki Thank you! This solution is much better.
  5. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Thats not to mention the horrible RNG that goes with the crafting of this event, I have 12 Songypeons and made over 10 baskets. For me its almost 50 /50 on getting a Songypeon. At this rate with the impossibility of getting enough pine needles and the horrible RNG i will not be able to earn the free contract at all, only the $15 dollar one i paid for..
  6. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Wow... I hate to think that one of those 300 people that got it for free are a big spender and spent alot of money to get some more pixels to complete collection bonus. I mean that is a completely awful way to treat a big spending customer that way. Who cares if that player got a free one if they spend the kinda money some players spend. And what if someone got it free and lost an entire week of progress cause they didnt want anything else on the event NPC and didnt farm any needles or honey, thats completely unfair. Its not like NCsoft gave any warning that they would take back the free contract. So how the heck would those players even know. They could have at least given warning early so that players would still know to farm the event to get back the free contract. Or give the survey with a number of free HoneySongyeons to make up for any lost progress from event... @Kibbelz @Loki
  7. Random server maintenance

    Yeah, why not reset the server right now if there is a problem worthy of reset? Why wait until tomorrow?
  8. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Thank you @Violeta-KT for making this topic. Its very helpful information.
  9. Feedback: Event Thread

    geez awful harsh.. they can be used to gain more XP which is very needed esp. with the way 7.7 works. You should be using one right before you go into the luna everyday and eventually you will clear them from inventory. This might be unrelated to event but I personally would like to have an option to earn or buy from the cash shop some of these mounts + others too for that matter: @Kibbelz is there any news on when more mounts and costumes would be added to the cash shop? it really needs an update, its mostly snakes and power rangers in there now.. On topic I prefer events that give us bonus content to do such as running Smoldering Fire Temple or Kumuki event. Run a bonus dungeon, get some coins to buy a prize, you guys can sell in cash shop reset scrolls to the instances.
  10. It would be funny is if that "Key" is just another name for the Memory Shards, as it would still take 40 weeks get an extra Legendary Transform. What would possibly be wrong with giving players free Memory Shards every week, if anything it would encourage players to buy the Legendary Breath of Transform for 1600 Black Cloud Coins (and you need to buy 2) to get an extra Legendary.
  11. Two New Ultimate transformation Inc

    They both look pretty cool both in design and in the stats they give, may the 5 or so people who can afford them enjoy them.
  12. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    I hope we can get events like Smoldering Fire Temple (Kromede) or Capt. Grogget's Revenge again soon, I prefer events that have a bonus instance to run and have a chance at a good prize even if I only end up small prizes, its still fun to run the instance. They could even put the extendable weapon box as a prize and make alot of money selling those keys and reset scrolls.
  13. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Kibbelz This change is awesome, thank you Again this is great, thank you. This is a pretty good start to help players, I still would like to see something to help players who have not reached + 9 stigmas. Its still brutal to even reach +9 at all. Perhaps something like a +6 safe spot would be a helpful change or increased rates up to +9. Again thank you for the awesome changes.
  14. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    First off, thank you Kibblez and Loki for doing what you guys can and being so active on the forums. To sum up my major problem with this game right now is simply the brutal and punishing RNG systems that are in this game, and as well as the lack of a slower BUT 100% guaranteed path to progressing your character. The RNG in this game not only fails but it takes your progress away from you. You can have a +8 stigma and it can drop all the way down to +1 if you had 7 stigma enchantment stones and they were all to fail in a row and there is not a way to guarantee a safe enchanting of many items in this game. An example of what I am talking about would be having a morph or NPC that you could turn "X" number of stigma enchantment stones into a 100% guaranteed stigma enchantment stone. This should and obviously would cost more resources than taking the risk of using RNG method but would offer players a sure 100% "RNG free" way of working towards in game goals. There are many systems that could benefit players by having a slower but guaranteed option. And just to bring this to the attention of the team, in AION EU, Gameforge added a special coins that drop by completing PVE instances, these coins can be used to purchase the best PVE gear in game from NPCs they added. A system such as this would allow players to complete these instances every week and work slowly to earning the gear they want without only relying on whether the boss wants to give out a piece of gear and hoping you win the roll on it as well.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Thank you