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  1. The item Luna Materials Bundle from Lugbug's Mission cannot be used/opened.
  2. Hello and welcome back. There are many dungeons you can solo ,but not complete if you are not well geared ,that is to say ,you can kill some of the bosses alone ,but the last boss is usually a pain, especially SL last boss. You can make some good kinah to get yourself started by killing first ,second and third boss in Primeth's Forge (Normal) ,some most people post it as PFEZ in LFG. All you need to do ,is sell the legendary items you acquire from the boxes you open. From what I can see here in the forums and in game ,the number of actually active players in game that do
  3. Don't make Auto-Hunt a permanent thing please. Also make the game subscription based. 4.99 USD a month will fix your problems with players leaving and actually more will come and stay knowing they don't need to compete with A.I. that can just farm 24/7.
  4. Ok let's see ,technically it's still the 20th of Jan. Trying to think rationally here ,"no later than" meaning it could be 11:59:59.999pm.
  5. There are many ways to tweak the server ,and yes , it has to be some sort of combination between things. You also need to think about the balance , you already have many players who benefited from Luna rewards, bots or not , I'm pretty sure that you used the game of fate to make some of your fortune. A drastic change will put newcomers into not so favourable situation , unlike what we've had until such moment comes. I hope they leave the the melon fanatic there for another week ,I still have bloody 1k melons to use :X
  6. 96% bots and ,3% players the rest is yet unknown LOELMAO. Calculations are gettin better with every day. Sorry I don't mean to provoke you ! I love melons. Got my alts geared with stones ,gemstone and runestone too expensive tho ,like wtf.
  7. If luna engine is indeed causing the problem ,can you not : reduce the number of monsters that spawn ,especially crawler waves? implement a new turret that takes large waves quicker ,does less damage to heroic/legendary grade Mosnters for the sake of ballance? remove luna daily completely ,increase rewards for luna weekly and keep it once a week,that is to say 8 + luna's light worth of drops? implement an AFK prompt window? look for more ways to deal with AFKing the instance in general? There are many solutions ,introducing more randomness inside the instance
  8. I've got the dragon set ,too bad you are not on KT lol
  9. KT is down as well. I can't believe this is even happening , I mean ,it's literally few lines of code and dealing with auto-restart if necessary, and notifying the players. Liek watdafug. yes
  10. Get me that key mate ,I'll run the server on my machine in EU !
  11. I was close ,so close to kill a balaur sniper in PF when he decided to vanish in thin air. I will forever hold grudge against that sniper and all balaur.
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