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  1. State of The Game

    So then,the ship was sunk ,now let's observe how the crew drowns in their expectations for salvation. Good one
  2. Do not support ncsoft!

    How did they even get here,deleting maps and content which was the core of having fun.You can compare the game to a tree.Once young and full of life ,but as time progresses ,it's being slowly stripped of leaves and life from hungry ,resource consuming entities.If this persist ,the forums will be the last frontier ,just a place where the ghost of old Aion lives. Sad story bruh.
  3. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    So..when are Aion servers closing ,any official date ?
  4. Welcome to aion 6.2

    So ,how long will this go on for ? Does anybody have information from support or elsewhere about planned changes or anything for that matter ? Is there a poll that can show how many people are happy with 6.2 ?
  5. Aion Crashes After Launch?

    Renaming aion.bin worked flawlessly for me ,thank you. It resolves the issue with xigncode not starting.
  6. Nc Will Kill Aion

    I really want a new server with older Aion version ,one that has tiamaranta,sarpan,katalam,danaria and so on.This is nothing but a wish,hardly a demand,since I am not even in a position to make any. But are there any statistics that can show how many new players we’ve gained ,are they new players or old ones creating new accounts attempting to do something new ? It feels like the population of the old servers is now all over the place,everyone playing in a new or a different server,this is of course just a question (perhaps a rhetorical).
  7. Goodbye AION.

    You know what they did with lineage 2,they made new servers with older version of lineage 2. I am not sure that this is a possibility with Aion,but with so many maps removed ,things simplified and much more ,perhaps this could be taken into consideration. Why they did it is clear (I’m referring to Aion),but it really looks way too simple to me now,and I have the feeling that if I start playing again it will bore me a lot. Perhaps it isn’t my place to write such thing,since I haven’t really tried the new patch .havent studied it thoroughly,but it just doesn’t feel right. Well,anyhow ,i used to think in a different way before (embrace the new patch ,learn to enjoy it),but deleting so many parts of Atreia really makes me sad,I wasn’t able to fully enjoy Illuma and before I knew it ,it was already gone. Maybe a new server running an older version is a possibility ?
  8. how to change my pj ping

    Login to your NC Soft account.And go to your profile.My account -> Settings. You will see change PIN down there. https://account.ncsoft.com/settings/changepin/index If that's not what you need ,and you indeed want to change your character ping,for the worse or better. https://www.wtfast.com/ http://www.battleping.com/ https://www.reducethelag.com/
  9. Where is the Triple XP?

    Yeah ,I made some tests today and this is what I got. Character level 65 Monster level 65 [Sand Mane Seagric] 65698.5 XP (If what Cyan wrote about the 100% default boost is true) Standard server 100% +200% XP Event = 262794 [total change 300%] +300% Berdin = 525588 [total change 500%] +100% Amulet = 788382 [total change 800%] + Berdin's favor {Charge below 50%} +100% Amulet = 525588 [total change 500%] - Berdin's favor Fast track server 200% +200% XP Event = 525588 [total change 500%] +300% Berdin = 788382 [total change 800%] +100% Amulet = 1313970 [total change 1400%] + Berdin's favor {Charge below 50%} +100% Amulet = 1051176 [total change 1100%] - Berdin's favor So,apparently Berdin's favor only applies to the base experience.It doesn't boost experience given by amulets or events.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 18, 2018

    Thank you for daeva dash event,even though it has some bugs ,it's still one of the best events we've had.
  11. Daeva Dash..again?. Part 2, but same faces

    These people should be punished.Bug exploit.
  12. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    It's unsettling indeed.
  13. LUNA: Contaminated Underpath. Crashes and balance.

    The crawlers can be defeated in one way,at least I know of one.I'd say out of ten runs, I can get rank S nine times with crawlers in it. First of all ,the moment you see the crawlers coming ,you need to go ahead (even if you take 50k dmg from the poo) and make sure to throw at least two AOEs, so that crawlers agro you and immediately run backwards to the first barricade ,this way they will maintain agro on you for a while,while your blind or attack speed reduction godstone helps with blinding/decreasing their attack speed. Second ,the most important part after all the waves ,is the boss fight.The boss shouldn't land too many hits on the already weakened barricade.For this to work,you need attack speed reduction godstone,I've found that it works the best.The boss fight is like 99% of the whole attempt to save the barricade.You MUST take agro from the barricade. Do that by spamming the single target skills,the godstone will help you a lot. Slowly pull boss back behind the first barricade so that he doesn't have chance to go the second and land hits there.Make sure to run back when he is casting "Domination" , you will end up losing your current dps due to the long stun and the front barricade will agro the boss again.Don't heal too often,heal after the "Demolish" skill.Basically , make sure that boss already used demolish on you and you remain with at least 25k hp.I always heal when my hp goes bellow 25k. 3 Single target cannons ,the other is optional,for successful run.
  14. Will you keep supporting this game after NEW TIA?

    A very wise person once told me something when I was worried about minor things : "NC Soft is a great company with great support,I am sure they will come up with a solution...Meanwhile enjoy what you're doing in Aion and good luck.." And so they have,many times. This was always what I thought of this game and it's support and will always be. Regarding this event: What you were doing for one week,was simply running around and doing the same things over and over,a little PvP here and there.However 90% of the time ,you are mindlessly farming elite mobs for coins.This wasn't fun for you,it was hope,that when that NPC comes back ,you would be able to purchase tremendous amount of omega stones and tempering solutions.So to put it in once simple sentence ,what people wanted was this: "I want to run around kill fatties,even though it's boring as hell,put as little effort as possible and get the absolute maximum rewards for the effort I've put." Incredibly disrespectful towards Aion team and what they are trying to do,which is help everyone in game to get what they need.