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  1. Thank you for daeva dash event,even though it has some bugs ,it's still one of the best events we've had.
  2. The crawlers can be defeated in one way,at least I know of one.I'd say out of ten runs, I can get rank S nine times with crawlers in it. First of all ,the moment you see the crawlers coming ,you need to go ahead (even if you take 50k dmg from the poo) and make sure to throw at least two AOEs, so that crawlers agro you and immediately run backwards to the first barricade ,this way they will maintain agro on you for a while,while your blind or attack speed reduction godstone helps with blinding/decreasing their attack speed. Second ,the most important part after all the waves
  3. A very wise person once told me something when I was worried about minor things : "NC Soft is a great company with great support,I am sure they will come up with a solution...Meanwhile enjoy what you're doing in Aion and good luck.." And so they have,many times. This was always what I thought of this game and it's support and will always be. Regarding this event: What you were doing for one week,was simply running around and doing the same things over and over,a little PvP here and there.However 90% of the time ,you are mindlessly farming elite mobs for co
  4. Items Price Royal Sentinel's Weapon Box 200 Royal Sentinel's Chest Armor Box 150 Royal Sentinel's Leg Armor Box 100 Royal Sentinel's Gloves Box 75 Royal Sentinel's Shoulder Box 75 Royal Sentinel's Shoes Box 75 [Event] Omega Enchantment Stone 50 [Event] Tempering Solution 50 +11 Manastone Bundle 75 +12 Manastone Bundle 100 [
  5. Everything wrong with this comment. You must be punished. You are part of the problem. There is always a solution to problems (you).
  6. I think the solution is rather simple. You shouldn't be able to log in your asmo and elyos at the same time when doing EC or any AP/GP instance for that matter. I don't have any solid proof that people actually do that,but I've seen many complaining about it. It's super easy to notice who is duoboxing,IP adress is known to GMs.And if that's the case ,problem is half solved. Also it's not that hard to make EC or other instances objective based. For example,if you want to get something out of the instance ,you'll have to do this ,that and so on.Or reach a waypoint
  7. A good way to make kinah ,is to run dungeons and sell the rewards to other people or broker,or extract your armors/weapons to get crafting items that can be sold for kinah too. Also some dungeons drop item used for enchanting gear,they are called supplements.By selling these ,you can make good money.You can't sell too many though,there is a set limit for how much you can sell per week,I believe it's around 120 mil kinah ( includes items ,trash ,etc).
  8. You can't start Aion from there.There is not supposed to be a launch button there.
  9. Photoshop,private server (custom stats),bug.Can't think of other reasons
  10. You can't do it without restarting the launcher first. You will be able to use the launcher again,however you will be forced to confirm your identity once the network/IP changes.They will send you a confirmation link via email, inside you will be given a code that you have to paste inside your launcher again.Unfortunately for you you'll have to use your mail more often
  11. I have good enough connection to be able to play Aion,however I have to move around a lot,and because of that I need to close the Aion client many times as I move during the day.If I don't close it Aion will do it for me ,saying that I've disconnected.My problem is this,whenever the game closes ,only the NC updater helper is available,which means I can't start the game again without closing the updater helper and starting the launcher again.Is it possible ,that this can be changed in such way,that allows me to launch the game without using the NA launcher again after I've been disconnected fro
  12. XIGNCODE3 functions like this: Detect and reject VPN access (Game management company is able to handle it) Detect of DirectX modulation and illegal call Detect of WDDM driver modulation Detect modified of function about time Detect time modified via using time server Detect of game client local time modification Detect of major kernel function modification Detect DLL injection Detect virtual memory code injection Detect harmful thread Detect harmful window creation in game Detect keyboard highjack in game Detect il
  13. I think this is really good ,a good way to make sure there are least hackers around ,however there are few questions that will be asked often: Can we still use ping reducing programs ,wtfast,rlt etc. I'd say over 60% of the server's population uses these for convenient game play. Is multiclient/duobox allowed,that's not that important ,but is it ? I truly hope that this will eliminate any doubts that people had about whether someone was hacking or not.
  14. Sorry ,for some reason I didn't see I was quoted until today . Yes,there is such cool down timer for every instance.If you are not using an instance entry boost pack ,by default ,you'll have only one entry for Fissure of Oblivion.Once you are finish Fissure of Oblivion and exit ,some time must pas before you can enter in a new one.If you immediately try and enter right after you came out,you will enter in the same instance you were in previously. Also this is valid for any instance in the game.You can actually see the option and prove of that on the Luna Menu,you have two options ,r
  15. Hi.This is how I level my new characters. 1 to 10 .... 10 to 25 ,Veteron (Tursin Outpost and then Tursin Garrison) .Just keep switching channels if you run out of mobs to kill. [ 1 Berdin Star ] 25 to 32 , Nochsana Training Camp solo or duo. [ 2 Berdin Stars ] 32 to 42 , Fire Temple solo or duo. [ 3 Berdin Stars ] 42 to 46 , Some questing including few campaign quests. [ 3 Berdin Stars ] 46 to 50 , Adma Stronghold or Theomobos Lab solo or duo. [ 3 Berdin Stars ] 50 to 53 , Dark Poeta solo (kind of hard for melee classes,due to constant debuffs.If you
  16. I assume you want to run FoO for the experience,what else is there? In that case ,there are many other instances that are better that FoO in that regard. Adma's Fall ,now a 3 player instance,final boss gives you 600 mil exp and more with 100% boost,2 entries by default.66+ TTC,the same as Adma's Fall,same experience,2 entries by default.66+ Drakenseer's Lair,same as Adma's Fall,same experience,3 entries by default.69+ Fallen Poeta,more experience ,3 entries a week.72+ With boost pack ,you're looking at roughly 10bil XP from these instances + the 100% amulet of cou
  17. I get send log in these cases: When I pass through a gate inside an instance,such as Adma's Fall and Theomobos Test Chamber. Rarely when I attempt on making a purchase from the Trade Broker,last time I wasn't able to buy running scrolls. Right after using a gate ,like the one in Redemption Landing. After first jumping in the air ,and then opening my wings.I get disconnected in mid air ,after logging back I just fall down. However ,these crashes are happening seldom.Perhaps one out of ten times,but happen only when I try the mentioned above.
  18. When you get out of the instance,there is something like a cooldown timer that starts.Some time must pass before you can enter in a new instance of Fissure of Oblivion.In order to end "the timer" ,you need to use bonus entry scroll.After you use it ,you will have the option to enter in a new instance and the previous one will no longer be accessible.I think that five minutes or more must pass ,before you can enter in a new instance of Fissure.
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