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  1. Siege buff again ?!?!

    lets NCSoft clarify the Rulesz .......
  2. Siege buff again ?!?!

    this is new ........... for me .......
  3. Siege buff again ?!?!

    Cyan wrote: so asmo again got buff (Lakrum siege), elyos no buff at all, why, see your post (Cyan) in quote ??? also at siege is unplayable, i cant use my skills (lag), NCSoft dont have enough server or internet power ........(my internet is 8 mbyte/s down/up)
  4. Can't Find Taloc

  5. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    here in game is going some astral enchant RNG system, good guys (in thinking) get good luck from astral aliens on RNG, good luck .......
  6. new news - https://www.aiononline.com/news/black-friday-doorbuster-bundle-offer Black Friday Doorbuster Bundle Offer - better NCSoft to close the game AION, 2000 coins for stupid things ..............
  7. How to get inside Taloc's Hollow?

    on right of Taloc's Hollow cave entrance (not inside the cave) there is tree and this is the NPC to enter ......
  8. PvP stones

    for me sieges give 2 pvp legendary stones every time ......
  9. Questions about GP and AP

    with Genesis crystals you can buy (pvp) ancient stones, for enchant to +15 you need (pvp) legendary ones so can i ask f u cking NCSoft how can we get legendary stones? - sieges ????, pvp instances - lol ????
  10. Questions about GP and AP

    +8 with ancient stones only, you have crazy RNG luck i think, i do to +4 only with ancients +10 then only +1 with ancient stone to +11 (then legendary) or you will loose your all ancient stones ........ i think you are happy RNG player ....... this thing enchantment system i think is one big moron AION shit, i used x64 legendary stones to made my pvp boots +15, so ........
  11. PvP Instances Schedule?

    look here (in section Battlefields) - https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Instances
  12. NCSoft are absolutly idiots - we need 22% speed in boots gear .......and attack speed also ......... this is moron patch i think
  13. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    for 1 gold ingot you got you will receive 12 000 000 new kinah, so 30m - 12m = 18m kinah 1 ingot
  14. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    so we get 1 Gold Ingot for 18 000 000 kinah, it is too much for me i think ........