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  1. Vertical Sync option is not working?

    here are pictures:
  2. under Graphich Options / Misc there is option Vertical Sync (Limit the GPU frames render to the maximum refresh rate of your display when this is On) but when i check this option nothing is happened, the refresh frames in game is going beyond 80-100fps, my monitor refresh rate is 60hz, so this option should keeps the frame rates in game at 60-62fps ......... (i will take pictures from game soon ........)
  3. Expand Warehouse

    first use this - http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6405023&categoryPath=1_4_133
  4. Pet Autoloot

    maybe you need to set loot options to Leader and Roll dice ........ and you are the Leader in group never seen till now that some items required confirmation .....
  5. SM: reaching 10k+ DPS in 5.8 patch

    you can fuse your harvester orb with apollon orb 75 lvl ...... exchange your apollon accessories with Gray Wolf accessories (easy you can make EC runs for soulstones then buy Gray wolf .....)
  6. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    250 millions cap kinah will be very good ..........
  7. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    what inflation ..........I even wonder how fresh kinah are going in game, that is very interesting question, we can get fresh kinah in game by 2 ways, one is by selling items to npc's and other is from quests, so that with inflation is very stupid .......most of players dont have many kinah, i see many players that have eternal accessories stiil, why, these players are 67-73 lvl and they dont have kinah for mythic accs from adma,ttc,dl which are very cheap, because of stupid inflation or NCSoft
  8. can not enter the game

    you are on Aion Europe server game (this shows your game program), so you need to go here - https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/ then log in with your account, next click on - to Account Management, then go to Character Transfer, there you need to do transfer of your characters, on one server only elyos or asmodians is allowed .......... then try to play the game
  9. @cyan prestige pack update

    how many prestige coins can you get per day being online ..........?
  10. Drop Rate - Spirit Stones of Darkness

    on elyos site KT this item is 15-20k kinah and almost no one is buying it ..........
  11. win 10

    Windows Defender also slows your PC, i use Malwarebytes without Real time protection (free version) and use manual scanner of this program for new downloaded programs from internet .........
  12. Weaving and physical weapons

    weaving is waste of time .........
  13. win 10

    then you can disable Windows Defender .............. here how - https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/5918-turn-off-windows-defender-windows-10-a.html
  14. Second Wind Question

    Festering Wound - this decrease heal at 50% so i should get that HP from 16k to 21k HP ............ so that is not the problem still getting hit - i have 16k hitting me, down to 13-14k HP , i hit my skill then should go to 23k HP - i pressed the skill, absolutly nothing happens with HP, i am getting 0 (zero ) increase in HP - so .............. look that skill just doesnt work when 2 or more players are hitting me, very simpe situation ....... i am not in silence, stun or whatever abnormal state and if i can press the skill button, this skill should work ........
  15. Second Wind Question

    WTF i am gladiator i have skill Second Wind so i am in fight with 2-3 asmos (i am elyos) i have HP - 23000 and this HP is droping to 16k meanwhile asmos hitting on me all time, i decide to use that skill Second Wind i pressed the button skill it shows that i have pressed it but nothing happens with HP, it stays the same and going down, when i have 16k Hp and i press that stupid skill Second Wind my HP should go to 26 K