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  1. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    i opened x71 (from my alts) snowballs and nothing, (3 times i went to +9 then fail), useless event ........ i got Icy Shard x2 at +8 (after fail) which is stupid .......... there is no such reward how i read the news ........
  2. KInah Ideas?

    you can farm ancient kibrium from Leaders (mini boss), legendary kibrium from world bosses (respawn every 6 hours) then sell both on broker also do Cubic Lab instance (solo) and sell gold cubics on broker .......
  3. Installing Aion

    Steps to install Aion NA: 1. goto https://www.aiononline.com/ 2. then log in your account ..... (or make new account) 3. go again here https://www.aiononline.com/ - on top right side there is big blue button "Download now" .....
  4. so how cubic system works: from pictures ----> 1 (accumulation)= 2 +3 +4 , that with 1 red is all you get into stats, that means only last completed level is counted 1 = 218 ; 2 = 106 ; 3 = 65 ; 4 = 47 218 = 106 + 65 +47 ; cheers NCSoft there is no mistake ........... but lets look at bronze cubics and thier levels, for going from level 1 to level 2 you get only +10 magic attack and this with new 40 bronze cubics ha ha ha , i am not a idiot .....
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    i have one simple question to NCSoft - How new fresh kinah are going to players, ways? because there are no quests that give kinah (after you became 80 lvl), Arena give 100k kinah if you win, Luna bundle of kinah, other ways for fresh kinah?
  6. Siege buff again ?!?!

    this means that NCSoft server is at heavy load and cant respond fast, that is why you have 7000ms ping, try some site like www.yahoo.com you will get good ping around 100-250ms or faster ....... (i already wrote that NCSoft server or internet connection is the problem point)
  7. Siege buff again ?!?!

    lets NCSoft clarify the Rulesz .......
  8. Siege buff again ?!?!

    this is new ........... for me .......
  9. Siege buff again ?!?!

    Cyan wrote: so asmo again got buff (Lakrum siege), elyos no buff at all, why, see your post (Cyan) in quote ??? also at siege is unplayable, i cant use my skills (lag), NCSoft dont have enough server or internet power ........(my internet is 8 mbyte/s down/up)
  10. Can't Find Taloc

  11. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    here in game is going some astral enchant RNG system, good guys (in thinking) get good luck from astral aliens on RNG, good luck .......
  12. new news - https://www.aiononline.com/news/black-friday-doorbuster-bundle-offer Black Friday Doorbuster Bundle Offer - better NCSoft to close the game AION, 2000 coins for stupid things ..............
  13. How to get inside Taloc's Hollow?

    on right of Taloc's Hollow cave entrance (not inside the cave) there is tree and this is the NPC to enter ......
  14. PvP stones

    for me sieges give 2 pvp legendary stones every time ......