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  1. yes, bring back luna in game .........
  2. Yes I have the same problem, there is no rewards for second day
  3. When NCSoft will bring back this item - 100% Stigma Enchanting Stone
  4. I have the same problem, i cant log in to the game
  5. Yesterday i reached Stormwing level 6 so i opend box and got this - [Event] Ultimate 100% Manastone Socketing Supplement x2, but this item is for gears max level 80 so it cant be used on gears 81+ level ?!?! [img]https://imgbox.com/xmOKB8lm[/img]
  6. you can get FS weapon easy if you get x100 Holy Water item ...
  7. you have to do only first Kerub stage then all others are unlocked, getting 1 cubic needs farm for 5-7 minutes or less .....
  8. how do you open aion second client, i cant do it, when i start NC Launcher 2 second time it says it is already running and have to close it .......
  9. please bring back the 100% Success Stigma Enchantment Stone from Abyssal Fragment npcs, i cant enchant my stigmas without that 100% Success stone .....
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