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  1. Summon: Punishment Energy/Noble Energy

    you can try Summon Noble Energy ordinary skill (stigma) and compare (dps) to Punishment Energy skill (CP points)
  2. Summon: Punishment Energy/Noble Energy

    then i think all is ok with this cleric skill ......
  3. Summon: Punishment Energy/Noble Energy

    i ask for mobs because it is normal to have very bad damage on ap 80 lvl gears +27 .......
  4. Ranger with dual wield serious damage ?

    lol, in patch 5.8 ranger has very little mele skills, good luck ......... i think ranger is a ranged player (who make his hits from distance) not auto attack
  5. Summon: Punishment Energy/Noble Energy

    what dps do you make on ordinary mobs with this skill?
  6. Truth about 6.0

    they last 10 minutes
  7. Camera raise/lower

    you can try settings in Game Options/Controls and Camera/ - Max Camera Dist. and other options there
  8. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    from which level i can open boxes in this event (cant find that info in news), at the moment my alt is 14 lvl and i dont see the quest for event. ------------------------- i saw now that the quest is from 30 lvl.
  9. Aion September Preview

    EU Aion they still dont have gears exchange list ......
  10. Overall DPS rankings by class

    this dps ranking here is very wrong ......
  11. new exchange table is also shit .......
  12. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    it is 14:07pm server time and still no XP buff ..........
  13. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    maybe it is from 9am today
  14. holy shit who can make these wings at +25 and have 10 times no fail ......... ha ha maybe i will stop playing Aion because everything from beginning - no way ........
  15. Minion question?

    lol, i see this is stupid (moron) game Aion where everything is WTF is that ........... one example, i am in Norsvold then i go to Character change menu, then i reenter the game with the same toon, i am in iluma ha ha ha, next time i tried this i am in Norsvold (how should be), this is Aion moron practice ....... (i know what is minion combining)