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  1. if u want to show ur own details u can do it man u can't force rest of ppl to do it we live in a democracy we aren't communist
  2. do u have brains in ur head? so because u dont have time/will to farm with multi chars no one should be able to do?
  3. the double renow reduction is back @Kibbelz @Loki i lost about 30% -60% on some toons
  4. @Kibbelz @Loki the transformations that were combined on August 31st did not count and the Support Team is ignoring it even my friends that combined legendary transformations at August 31 have the same issue, please, a GM needs to fix that urgently, how is it possible that a bug as big as this is overlooked.
  5. ok letmme ask again, why only BCM ultimate stones aren't tradables when the rest (ancient/leg - pve/pvp stones)are tradables
  6. @Loki hi BCM ULTIMATE STONES aren't tradables. BCM stones are supossed to be tradables
  7. Should I abuse this EC bug or do nothing while others are getting free stuff??? @Cyan this bug is banneable or not say anything
  8. i have a friend with this problem too, all seasons someone steal the rank 1 using reset scrolls (u can't get those scrolls anymore gg)
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