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  1. We also need the old 6.x cubic lab to come back cause right now its so hard for new and returning players to get bronze silver and gold cubics or all varieties. We also need a fix fast for PIN bug. Its become more prevalent with this new launcher. Before I could log in and not expect to see it for a good month, now its every 5 log ins/ character server switches.
  2. Can you clarify if collecting contracts is account based and not a single character. "Promotion Rewards Players will receive rewards based on the number of transformation contracts used during the promotion period. Rewards are eligible once per account. Contracts are weighted the same regardless of type, source, or rarity. Reaching a tier will also qualify that user for any previous tier rewards. For example, 100 contracts will earn the Transparent Transformation Scrolls and an Ancient Transformation Contract Selection Box. 500 contracts will earn all 4 rewards."
  3. Was it really that hard for people to say the locked key contract that was suppose to cost 50 Honey Songpyeon actually costed significantly less and is separate to the the $15 USD contract. Gosh why are there so many idiots who don't make it clear by saying free and $20 USD confusing everybody.
  4. People complaining about siege being later, but wanting it to overlap with altar siege is the dumbest thing I've seen on forums.
  5. I didn't get as well, as well as for many of my accounts despite registering. Checking on codes shows nothing, its better to give this out as a survey.
  6. Let us keep luna rewards for this season, that was our motivation, needed it for tuning. Enchantments stone we can easily get from like ultimate and legendary tickets.
  7. Great job NCsoft look at all the people you pissed off.
  8. Also lower broker prices and let us freely trade craft gear, especially in account warehouse. You also said Cyan that storing kinah in account warehouse will come back.
  9. 'No wonder people at NCsoft are getting laid off,'
  10. Give us transparent scrolls, make craft gear tradeable. I should be able to safely transfer an item I made between two characters I own without someone using bot scripts for broker to get my crafted item. I shouldn't have to risk kinah for this, do something NCsoft because I tried asking support for help regarding this and they tell me to suck it up. No one people at NCsoft are getting laid off, because a lack of care to the community that supports this game.
  11. Easier way is to value the pieces based on the amount of ancient kibrium used to make the ancients. Pretty much those numbers x2. I was saying someone earlier in the thread made a huge mistake in saying ring was 70 fragments.
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