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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I didn't do siege for 2 months or something anyway bc too late for some ppl as it is right now for EU players like me and 500 more that was already at 6 am , so if now is late for NA too, isn't more better to split this in half and give us 2x time per day something like altars,so anyone can have a part of it, and only the most actives players can be on top to lead us? Also too much p2w stuff again , pvp becoming only run and die, bc of stigmas/transforms differences and more stuff , if all the f2p will leave there will not be any que for pvp stuff or anything to do just afk on the main city bc you cannot play a game with 10 players only. Thats just an opinion i thinking already to leave that after idk 10 years of NA Aion , so i dont care to much just reply here:))
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    Prestige pass/BCM Enchants/BCM Stigma/BCM Transformation/BCM Devanion/ When we will get an BCM VIP card too? Nerfing enchants rate nerfing xp nerfing drop and more ,on past when we get a bugged event, this event ,was removed as soon as posible, due to the server economy f2p and p2w/ What's this now? Are you guys wake up before the server will be empty? Or this you want to do with the game. Forget to say about all those p2w events too and beeing unable to use a skin bc nothing like that on BCM
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    So except fm solo titania farm nothing left to get kinah ..https://youtu.be/EmkdZOJlyks How about exp?
  4. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    We need more time at 1 star camps on katalm if you do that solo is still hard for a non aoe middle gear classes to get all the 30 mobs kills or the 3 assasins Also at 2 star is to much time( imposible or very hard for some classes to kill the commander ) due the population at some hours not to many players on . Sieges . Put one per day or how was on past no one pvp now just rush from one to another for reward . Bobonerk's coin Give us the xp back . There's not xp and to hard to make the enchants More minium too
  5. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    To enter Crimson Katalam, one must possess a charged Dimensional Hourglass. Charging the Dimensional Hourglass requires using a Dimensional Hourglass item, available from Lugbug missions. THAT COST KINAH ON EU/KR Also the kinah on NA is .... Kr 53% kinah/Eu 13% NA 7%or 8% gj again :))
  6. Well we are know when 6x come everything was different alot of ppl quit game bc of nerf classes gear etc, also i see alot of new players . Lets make this post with some mecanics, guide, like classes differents farm, kinah , gear what is good or bad to do. Let your video/link on description or any what can be helpfull , lets get some players back on game. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9e32IF7EUSn2_4DuwshVxA
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 22, 2020

    Not to bad we still get something:)) Titania / essencetapping and more for new users https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9e32IF7EUSn2_4DuwshVxA
  8. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    @Shoenfein-DN Think you want to say IS entry key requirement . Also about the game we atill dont have an instance to drop an ulti wep/neclace/belt. Also rings imposible to get. The only items what we have is Wb wep . Or crafted one for pve .Also goodluck with proc on craft . 17 try to get a neclace and got only 1 ancient noble .... goodluck on getting ulti.
  9. Well Aria you need to be happy with 1 fragment i got 1x food for 1h wich is more worst than the gold sand one Aion Mecanics https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9e32IF7EUSn2_4DuwshVxA
  10. Well guess no event . And how about ec? 4 monts yet or 5? Juat remove the kick and give us back since we lost alot yet and your compensation will be 0 cant cover 5 months=)) Aion mecanics https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9e32IF7EUSn2_4DuwshVxA
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Il switch to cleric to heal some credit cards
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    After 3 months without ec i start to think cyan working solo at this server theres not a dev team ... and we get roll back or closed events bc of server economy .. when a p2w event comes they dont do anything thats only money economy gogo merge soon
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Hope they thinking for a merge after this event=)) good job again "the first event with not outaded items( no more omegas/temperings we got ulti stone on bcm)"
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    If we get luna .. why not enchant .. if we get enchant why not luna ? So ppl what to you want exactly? Next year maybe .. we have time to get that back .. we got lots of uptade but nothing new so .. dredge is from 2.0 i think like 7-8 years ago .. whats mean 3 month?
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Eh who need enchant stone .. more better luna ...