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  1. @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki you guys know better. guess we should start complaining to kr again. seems like customer abandonment to me.
  2. thank you both. I couldn't remember the reset time i.e rolling clock time or standard reset solved my mini anxiety <3
  3. I claimed my needles around 2pm est yesterday. I went today after 2pm to collect my new set of pine needles for the day and apparently I can't collect them. gives me the "exceeded purchase limit" I know this is limited to 1/day per acct. however I've not claimed them on any other toon. Anyone else having this issue? I don't want to make a ticket if it's a known issue.
  4. Thank you for the help, this option seems more reasonable. I said my peace, later tater.
  5. I managed to fail all 6 of mine, all burnt. 4 @ 700k 2 @ 7mil wonder how long the npc will be gone for
  6. Sadly they only do 1 (one) redo per year, you can re-request it, maybe one of them will help you again. However I do not think they will replace it a second time.
  7. a couple of whales wanted a new server so they got it. it's dying. no surprise. some choosing to follow for better rank/gear/friends etc. whatever the reasoning, they made that choice. if a merge is a must, then players who made new toons on EK but still have other accounts elsewhere needs to be taken into account, so not to over populate one side or the other..again. and it shall be handled same way as on IS/KR/TM/BR inb4 more server instability and lag.
  8. I agree. it would just make another problem. the ones who farmed the gp in old patches to keep position, no issues there. compensation for said GP, however, is. better giving everyone like... maybe 100 GB if active since 6.2 launch or within last 2 weeks, whichever looks better on officiate paperwork, lol.
  9. glad to see this up and coming. really appreciate all this -scy
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