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  1. I mean the official CM's dont have gut to put the name out, in other games, any player who involved in those dirty things will get their ID posted right on the board, but here, lol "we cannot share more info at this point"
  2. Bruh you invest real life money to buy Ncoins and goes to nowhere with bunchs of enchantment failure and Transformation combinement failure, what a good customer for NCsoft lol. Respect! Imagine you finally got some decent +7 paragons with 5k more dollar and got one shot by some nobody with +15 paragon, bruh, you must feel soooo good Glady I already just log in for house rent lol. With these non-transparancy announcement by the CM, I doubt those 5-year or more hard core player will keep palying NA official server , what a shame for not able to point out names of these who e
  3. Bots/Script/Hax they are not primary issure of the current game lol Moderator already replied that
  4. lol, ppl wont need ping reducers anymore, the thing need to to b4 launch aion is open hack tool
  5. I am being kind for not start another thread, but hey, time to grab 3rd party op scripts software to help grab NPC stock since NC doesnt even care whats happening
  6. people gonna end with 1000k meloons and then start finding some "helpful" 3rd party software to help them grab the stock from NPCs I dont think NC is willing to see that all profits move to hack software developers' wallet isn't it lolInsert image from URL
  7. Come on, imagine click on NPC and versus the bot/scripts that instantly rob the stock We need this change! Limit the perchase amount for each account! And relase the NPC stock! Thanks! @Loki @Kibbelz
  8. Thx to be a loyal employee, quitting soon too lol
  9. hello @Cyan the store update pls? luna sale lol
  10. 1. The event design should always related to the current patch. In all other regions, the events are always transformation--->daevanion skill --->stigmas (with +9,+12 safe level and stigma enchantment stone big bundle sales, but the only time in NA was 7.0's enchant-o-rama which with the original price of stigma enchantment stones) 2.Minor random issues. I ve still heard from friend who transferred the server. He literally still stuck in 7.0 which there is no lugbug quest and hourglass for him. What a big joke I would say, hope these bugs could be fixed ASAP cause every minute they
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