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  1. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Only concern: will we get stigma enchantment rate boost and stigma enchantment stone package on BCM--
  2. guys any idea about Conditioning NPCs?

  3. guys any idea about Conditioning NPCs?

  4. this event is killing my conditioning lol is there any remain conditioning NPCs? or they all extinguished from the update?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    what is really interesting about ppl is that they only notice the legendary transformation as reward so they want it so much and forget what is the normal price or cost you need to get it...... that is like asking NC to give you free 1000$ and only thing you need to do is participate everyday lol
  6. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    normally if you want a random Legendary transformation you need 1000$ and its not guaranteed. In this event you only need average 600 bags = 100 runs = 16000Ncoin to get a 100% legendary and you can select it. I cannot say its not a decent one. You can prob try to get ancient instead and its totally free.
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

    these improvements that prob can save the game from dying a bit
  8. Any Official answer about Bugged Shugoling Event?

    NC: it's ok, even you can farm as many as shugo you can, you will still get 1 legendary stone from the bundle every week so just keep what it is for now lol
  9. sendlog when login and get back/in to normal/instance server

    I was using BattlePing, WTFast and another ping reducer, they all have this issue
  10. I will face this pop message every time when I log in or get into instance server or back to normal server from instance server no idea why would that happen but I am fine about that cause if I didn't get this message my game will crash/sendlog 100%, any other have the same issue about that? It is pretty annoying since it happens randomly(crashed or get this message)
  11. All you need to know before 6.2!

    thanks for the sharing of info! The GP system sounds like a tsunami lol, I've heard in Taiwannese server that if you win a Lakrum siege, even the best reward chest gives you 250GP? So to maitain the 1450 GP scale is quiet hard to do right?
  12. how good is the exchange gear?

    For ultimate tier. The basic stats is the exactly same to the best 6.2 PVP gear. The optional stats are 75% of the 6.2 best pvp gear. But the good thing is you don't need reroll stats cause its already the most common needed stats. So in conclusion the exchange ultimate gear is almost the best one but not quiet. The legenday and acient tier exchanged gears have much more close stats between 6.2 pvp gear. (80%,90% I believe?)
  13. They actually play really well if you do real pvp with them and its totally fine to feed each other lol