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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    reply , then start reading
  2. 1 more anniversary event week :D

    stigma enchantment boost pls omg
  3. Thanks for the stats. New classes must be op otherwise no one will gear it up and invest money for lots of stuffs. They will get tiny nerf every single patch like gunners
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 2, 2019

    @Cyan Stigma enchantment boost after shugo/anniversary pls!
  5. Nice job rigging arena lul

    yeye go cheat, when you are getting banned don't forget that was I suggest you to using hack lol
  6. Nice job rigging arena lul

    hey go apply for a job as GM in NC then you will have chance to check
  7. Nice job rigging arena lul

    yo little dude what are you trying to proof? ss already here, nothing needs to be said, EC has already been banned lol
  8. Nice job rigging arena lul

    so what?
  9. Nice job rigging arena lul

    I ve purchased 30k luna b4 7.0 update, question solved?
  10. Nice job rigging arena lul

    classic : wow he has all gears he must get that from exploiting the bug! Git gud dude
  11. Nice job rigging arena lul

    Ye you can use hack if you think you gonna fall behind, then take the risk to be banned, ppl who exploits EC is taking the same risk but clearly the outcome is whole player wont be able to get in EC, sounds fair right ? and btw I ve already finished my T2 set hahahahaha
  12. Nice job rigging arena lul

    yo thanks to be a nice player that not exploiting EC I guess? everyone is exploiting EC, you dont take the advantage, you prob will fall behind, you just need expect NC to rollback or do nothing but clearly they cannot ban 50% of active player lol go blame the dev team
  13. Nice job rigging arena lul

    the late entry's 7sec or 6sec protection shield super annoying lol nice exploit on arena mechanics i would say--
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 25, 2019

    hope we can get stigma enchanting/sale event soon... super pain with missing 1 dps skill and basically wont be able to +12 stigma without event
  15. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    GG got rekt by Cyan's post feels bad and btw I started play NA in 5.8 damn need catch up with ppl so you know