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  1. +12 stigma conclusion

    all i can say there is congratz and damn you have some patience with enchanting. myself i only have 1 @9 and rest at +6 and not gonna try anymore, i used up all my enchant stones on 11 alts +main and all the stones i bought with ingots on all the chars and still couldent hit 9 on any of my mains other stigs, hightest i got was 1 to go to 7. dont have the patience or the money to buy 50 to 75k bc coins just to get +12 virtual stigma's.
  2. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    unlimited enchanting, didnt bother the first time since it always failed, wont if it happens in 7.5, besides, im not even in ultimate yet other then 2 bought peices so why bother. , cant evn get the damn purple crap to 15 to convert to red let alone 15 it or go beyond., beside if they do that im sure like last time, a ton of ppl will leave the game.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    ya, its not a suprise tbh, i remeber beta and when the game first launched , it was actually fun to play, now its a gear dependant, who can open there wallet and spend the most joke to be on top., think i will just continue to do what i have been , whatever camps i can , whatever alters i can, and luna, and if i get killed by another player which is 99% of the time since most ppl out gear , out stigma, out cubic and out everthing me, then so be it. and maybe in the spare time ill look for something else to play and aion will just lose another vet player to there bs p2w antics. cause if 7.5 is gonna be infinate enchantment again, then most of the server gona bail, i can see that coming
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    this event is a joke, you have to spend money to get anywhere. ive been sitting after i did all but 1 camp watchiing lfg and seeing ppl 1 after another either +10 or +11 stigmas and +15 gear left and right, so for the hell of it i try to do a spare stigma witht he 9 stig enchant stones i have that started at 6 and its still at 6 aftter 9 stones, then i tryed 20 legendary enchant stones on my legendary top trying to get it to 13 or 14 to use a ultimate stone, , guess waht 20 straight fails, , but page on event says 10% enchant increase, wtf, i give up. the more i try to get my stuff coverted to legendary or try to get the legendary up to 15 that i do have to convert it to ult or atleast get it ready to be converted , the more crap fails.. game is just getting to be one big p2w moneysink imho.

    i feel your pain on the stigma enchanting, ive been trying to do mine since enchanting stigmas came out and ive only been able to get 1 to +9 the rest are at +6, i said the hell with it and gave up trying to enchant them , its a waste of time and a money sink tbh, and to try to get them all to +12 , lol, ncsoft is just sitting back in there chairs laughing there ass's off while ppl just dump tons of money trying to do it.
  6. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    tbh pvp is a joke, if you know your gonna run into or find out u ran into some of the more well known players of the game who are gonna be so geared is fkn beyond stupid and your still trying to play catch up on trying to get your gear done you might as well just stand there and let them kill you cause u stand no chance in hell fighting them, u cant outrun them they seem to have some or all of the higher level x forms where u cant seem to get any of them, your still if same class hit for say as a example 1500 theres hit for 6k to 9k, if its a magic class forget it they do so much dmg u dead in just 3-5 hits. and painters or vandals thats another story in itself. i know this game is gear dependant as all hell now but this is getting beyond fkn stupid. if they want new players to try and play they game there gonna get fed up and walk away in no time flat cause they cant get a damn thing done at all .
  7. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    i myself got the prestige pass to make the extra 4 characters but also to run my main toon thru the extra entrys on dredge ib when i can and especially ec since it was helping me get my char geared up somewhat quickly and not even a week into getting the pass its cut off due to ppl exploiting it. it would be nice to know what ncsoft is going to do as comp for ppl who were/are prestige holders untill they figure out what there gonna do about ec. disabling kicking would be a easy fix i would think, but maybe theres more to it then we know. but i wont get another pass until ec is fixed i will say that.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    ahh, so long time players are fkd then as far as event goes, , figures.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    correct me if im wrong but arnt the end boss's supposed to give keys for the instances on the list , just did a hm run and no key for the box in the boss room, or are the keys another total rng deal
  10. what about the legendary manastones are they staying too or being deleted, the stigma stones i dont ccare about since i cant get mine past 6 anyways so thats just a lost cause i completely gave up on a long time ago , trying to +12 any of them is a pipedream and tbh a joke
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 2, 2019

    they just need to fix stigma enchanting period, trying to enchant them is a joke, even with the stigma enchantment stones 95% of the time they just fail and fall backwards. either fix it or just remove it and open the damn slots up. cause tbh all it really is is a money sink. i know since the stigma enchanting first started way way back ive been trying to do mine and the farthest ive gotten is +6 , i do have 1 at +9 by a miracle crit with a stigma enchant stone, but to go from 6 to 0 to 6 over and over again and again is just total bs.
  12. New map too big for NA aion

    here it is the 9th of september, tbh if ya cant find ppl to kill on the opposing faction in the new area then ya might not be looking hard enough. cause all i know is every time i go there to try and do the stellium quest i get kill by someone mostly from the poco or team poco legion or whatever the hell its called, so i know there finding ppl to kill. i dont get over there very often to do the quests but every time i do to try and do them im dead so getting to the point of just saying screw it not getting anywhere or getting anything done over there.
  13. New map too big for NA aion

    oh i dont know about not running into the opposing faction, im constantly being killed in the new area, im damn lucky if i can even get 1 quest done without a high ranking officer ruuning up on me and taking me out in a few hits. tbh i think iive only finished 2 alter quests and 2 lebo's all week, not even worth my time to go out there if i cant do anything.
  14. i think it would be cool if ncsoft would give us non prestige holders atleast 1 char slot, im fine with prestige having up to 12 , but i mean come on after all these years and adding all these extra class's give us atleast 1 more.