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  1. it would be nice if they would fix the dark protector quest too, its bugged for some of us on the combining records , says u cannot use item, wont combine them, been like that for weeks now.
  2. im having the same problem aswell says u cannot use this item, so u cant combine them to finish the questline, been going on for weeks they need to fix it.
  3. ok, ima speak my mind on the sharkel situation and asmo faction. with the exception of probially a handfull of asmos i really dont see alot of asmo's getting sharkel to get there amulets plussed up at all, for reasons. some asmos have the luna and the kinah to get waters to get the heavy sharkel boxs and thats fine run the relics to 300 thats cool, gratsz to them. now how many are in the box who knows. now like the other day the asmo's tryed to do agent , we had oh say 24 or so asmo's, but the eles had inexcess of 100+ , so if sharkel drops from agents, raids, world boss's and we are outnumbered that badly, most of us will not stand a snowballs chance in hell of really getting any sharkel and enchanting our amulets at all. its bad enough we dont get agent contracts, i cant rememeber who said it in the forums but what was it 700+ agents for eles vs less that u can count on 2 hands for asmo's. ya the asmo pop is dying out , ppl getting fed up , we cant get shit, ppl getting fed up trying, cant get contracts to finish collection, cant get wb's , if we do its a rarity. maybe ncsoft needs due to the mass imbalance needs to put in quests on the asmo side for sharkel so we can get since theres no way in hell we can compete numbers wise in raids and agents and wbs in asp. and since im sure there no one from ncsoft thats even gonna read this post maybe or any others for that matter maybe it and others should be blasted on twitter. but again, im just speaking my mind, correct me if im wrong,
  4. best ive done is got a shining devotion gem to 8 then corrupted , and a demolition attack area strike to +8 , the rest i cant get past 6 for my life so i stopped and just left them at 5 and 6
  5. you know i realize this is off the topic of leadership, but what the hay. in 8.4 p2 the new amulet come out right , if i remember right someone somewhere in this post posted about the 700+ to less then 5 score of the agents in aspa so far since the agents have started in whatever patch it was. in 8.4 p2 on the web page it say Sharkel can be acquired through various activities in Apsaranta, such as the Ardath Raid, Legion Invasion, and Flameruin Legion Raid. those are all things besides thes the agents asmos never get due to lack of ppl so the sharkel we will never get most likely and most likely we or 90% of us will never get them done.
  6. your totally right, no amount of coordination is gonna help our side at all, we are simply outnumbered and out geared period. if the asmo's try for anything say a wb if we bring 24 u bring 36-48 or more or some ridiculously geared players majority of the time and just stomp our ass's and laugh about it and take the wb while greifing us. im sure most of the ele pop is running around with crit dm/def of 200 or more , u get literally all the contracts , all the weps from wb's all the gems, all the runes, so anymore with the few numbers we do have which are dwindling down slowly but surly why bother anymore. the only was we we get is by instance rc for gems or events. as far as paragon, i cant say for sure how may asmo's have what, i know myself i have terrible luck with it , any armor ive gotten and tried to enchant has blown up , so the only paragon item i do have is a bow at +3 which i am using only blessed stones on but the stupid bow wont go past 3, and i sure as hell wont drop thousands of dollars into the game for pvp gear . it should be like the old days earn it, and be able to enchant it without having to take out a 2nd on your house. you might read this and think im totally wrong, but seriously look how lopsided the game is. but hey its just a game, so do what u can do , and if u never get then whatever , and if you get your ass handed to u most of the time from being under geared and greifed aboout it then so be it
  7. i didnt run all my toons but here goes, this is just what i did run, exp extractors i just did 1x per run since they drop every time. exp extractorers x11 7day ult enchant x5 ancient memory shard x7 legendary memory shard x5 ultimate memory shard x6 abyss star x4 berdin star x8 minium vault scroll x4 eveent ult extreme enchant stone x6 lvl 83 equip wrap x2 socket reset stone x2 stigma enchant stone x3 grade A min bundle x3 daev skill box ( 10 types) x1 transform contract box ancients x3 legendary x1 ultimates x0 oath tablet x1 i shorted up some othe entries, the week before i got 7 ancient contracts aswell so 10 ancients so far 1 legendary. i will keep track of the folling week, will again be a partial due to multiple dr appts.
  8. ill try to write it down from today on, but from top of head so far on 12 toons, ive gotten 7 anceints x forms, 1 passive dev skill, 4 socket resets, 1 oath, 6 extreme enchant stones, tons of stars, mostly abysss say 70/30 on those. but i will try and write and post at weeks end for all toons ran.
  9. you need to fix the cd for foo its showing a week , its supposed to be a daily instance acc to your web page.
  10. ive had my mau honor glitch out and go off on its own a few times and need to wait for the short cd to restart it.
  11. it would be nice if nc would throw in a few waters along the way to the f2p players instead of keeping them all locked up to the p2w players , we do try just as hard as others so whats it gonna hurt to throw in 3-5 waters along the way to f2p , sure the p2w get 17 along with alot of other nice goodies.
  12. mid and upper cruci i cant finish so those are out for me, mid i can only hit 11-12 , and upper my highest is 22-23, so finishing them atm for me is a no go till i can either +10 my gems or finish my t4 which will take alot longer now , then maybe i might be able to finish them.
  13. 1. New Empyrean Lords’ Sacred Relics ‘Yustiel’s Sacred Relic’ and ‘Lumiel’s Sacred Relic’ have been added. 2. New Empyrean Lord's Holy Water has been added. Each race can purchase them with ‘Legion Activity Mark’ through their <Operation Site Signalman>. You can craft the item through Aetherforging. 3. Players who achieved a certain level recently will receive additional Yustiel’s/Lumiel’s Holy Waters at the start* of this season. Refer to the following chart: Date Reward Max Level Achieved Qty 9/21/22~10/19/22 [Event] Empyrean Lord’s Holy Water 10~100 10 101~200 30 201~300 50 *Rewards may take up to 1 week for delivery. (10/26) so when are we getting there, according tot he na 8.4 notes, im still waitingon my 50.
  14. last event the machines gave me so many legendary shards , its gonna take me 5 months to get enough breaths to be able to use them , but renown venders have shard box's i believe.
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