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  1. Do you even care?

    i only have 4 legendarys and 0 ultimates, closest thing i have to ultimate transform is 1 potion, stigmas i have 1@12 rest are 10, nothing but constant failures, tbh about fed up on bothering to try to get adv stigs now, i watch ppl do it all day long , but cant even get mine to 12 , and the 1 i do have at 12 it took a friend almost 150 stones to go from 10 to 12, book wise, i got dp at 10 and reg dev at 11, rest under 5 , anything over 10 just fails, maybe just go to 10 and call it a day.
  2. Do you even care?

    nothing is ever gonna change, getting legendarys still takes time, enchanting stigmas is still a joke, about the only way to get adv stigs is to buy them have multiple accounts and the machines to run them on or to spend a few hundred on stones at the store, dev books are just as much of a pain the ass to enchant. nothing has changed and nothing ever will.
  3. daily alter sieges ?

    according to the patch notes the alter sieges are now every day, so wheres the demaha portal. or is this another bug in the long list of fix its like the vault and whatever else was bugged so far in the patch.
  4. I reach Demaha renown level 9!

    gratz on lvl 9 , im hoping to be there soon at 8 1/4 in demaha now , as long as they dont do the reduction ill get there before long.
  5. World boss

    ya asmo's justt dont have the numbers for this event or im sure for the next part of it when it comes out it will be the same shit, ncsoft might aswell put the wep up on the bcm for 250.00 for the asmo faction to buy, since the ele's get the free ones from the wb's 90% of the time, we just dont have the numbers most of the time and get rolled.
  6. i know im being sarcastic in saying this but you might as well just make the next part of the event for the elyos faction since seem to be getting about 90% of the world boss's since they outnumber the hell out of us all of a sudden with this event.
  7. World boss

    its a numbers game too , alot of times the asmos just get steamrolled by the shear number of elyos going after the wb's. so in the end by the events end , the ele faction will end up with the majority of the wep's im sure. cant say were not trying, just most of time dont have the numbers.
  8. not sure if its a bug or not so this is more of a question i guess. but before this new patch hm was run-able 5x a week with a prestige pass and now it just says 1/1. so is it now only 1x a week or day , i dont know i havent gotten to run it yet so im asking here.
  9. Countless posts about Stigmas

    im done trying to enchant mine used 100 stig enchant stones on 1 stigma to go from 10 to 10 , im not ever gonna get the damn things to 12 to open the greater slot , let alone ever hit 15 , and these scrolls, there justg gonna sit in my warehouse unless they get deleted at events end, i think its total bs what they have done to stigmas and the enchanting bs with the supposed 20% success rate which is more like a 99% fail rate since it seems like u need anywhere up to 3k+ stones to enchant 6-9 stigma's . total money sink.
  10. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    let me make a correction, i have 2 frigida and kromede, , stormwing gave me 2 kromedes so outta 3 possible i only got 2, and my stormwing is maxed out it has been for a while. and on the weeklys ive been doing those, but now that i have a injury to my left hand and forarm im not 100% sure i will be able to complete them atm.
  11. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    i took 20 stigma enchant stones the other day and tryed to get mine from 10 to 12 , well after 19 fails in a row i got it back to 10, stigma event is a joke, if you cant even get stigmas to 12 how int he hell do they expect you to get them to +15 , you would need to buy probially $1,000.00 in coins and buy all stig enchant stones and if your lucky that 1 grand just might get u all +15 stigma's.
  12. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    hmm, cant edit previous post but forgot to add as far as the comment above about 3-4 legendary transforms,lol, i only have 1 and that was from stormwing, every contract ive ever opened has been ancient or lower.
  13. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    think this patch sucks, the stigmas are a joke to enchant, the enchantment rate sucks, but who knows maybe i just have really shitty rng since i cant get mine past 10, but i see ppl all day long for the past 2 days doing 15 on theres, finishing a quest is kinda a joke too, too damn many ppl in 1 area at 1 time if your not getting ganked by a grp . the renown system hmmm, i think in demaha it kinda sucks cause theres no way for non big alter taking legions to reach any of the higher lvls to get the better rewards, theres just not enough dailys or things to do in 3-4 days for ppl like is to get to lvl 7-9 to get things like ultimate enchant stone tickets and such. rest of the area's im not to sure about , and ofcourse the normal stuff being bugged as usual due to new patch.
  14. well i hope the vouchers can sit in the wherehouse indefenitly sincei cant get my damn stigmas past 10 , all the flippin stig enchant stones do is fail fail fail , 99% fail rate , total bs.
  15. Ring Event (or kinah sink event)

    ive only gotten 2 ultimates so far , 0 brilliants, maybe 15 ancients, on upgrading, ive blown up near all of them, only had maybe 4 upgrade thats it.