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sharkel and asmo's

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ok, ima speak my mind on the sharkel situation and asmo faction.  with the exception of  probially a handfull of asmos i really dont see alot of asmo's getting sharkel to get there amulets plussed up at all, for reasons. some asmos have the luna and the kinah to get waters to get the heavy sharkel boxs and thats fine  run the relics to 300 thats cool, gratsz to them. now how many are in the box who knows. now like the other day the asmo's tryed to do agent , we had oh say 24 or so  asmo's, but the eles had inexcess of 100+ ,  so if sharkel drops from agents, raids,  world boss's  and we are outnumbered that badly, most of us will not stand a snowballs chance in hell of really getting any sharkel and  enchanting our amulets at all.  its bad enough we dont  get agent contracts, i cant rememeber who said it in the forums but what was it 700+  agents  for eles vs less that u can count on 2 hands for asmo's.  ya the asmo pop is dying out , ppl getting fed up , we cant get shit, ppl getting fed up trying, cant get contracts to finish collection, cant get wb's , if we do its a rarity. maybe   ncsoft needs due to the mass imbalance needs to put in quests on the asmo side for sharkel so we can get since theres no way in hell we can compete numbers wise in  raids and agents and wbs in asp. and since im sure there no one from ncsoft thats even gonna read this post maybe  or any others for that matter maybe it and others should  be blasted on twitter.


but again, im just speaking my mind, correct me if im wrong,

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Yeah I'm pretty much done with Aion at this point. I haven't uninstalled as of yet, but I'm literally just logging on for two minutes to grab the free log-ins and then I close the game completely. With 99% of the people I used to play with gone, the last drops of fun have been wrung out of the sponge. I had entertained the thought of following other players to the Elyos side, just so I could maybe find some old Asmo players who had jumped ship to play with. But then I thought... what's the point? I'll be just as bored over there because there will be absolutely no competition from the Asmos. Most likely just two-to-three Elyos factions fighting amongst themselves. Aion has sunk into a black hole it cannot escape because the Asmos have zero initiative to try for anything. Our numbers are nearly non-existent. Not trying to cry a river over here, just lamenting.

I'd say thanks for the 10 years, but I haven't really had any genuine fun in Aion since the 5.0 patch.

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Asmos have a faction of players who only show up for siege and events.


now like the other day the asmo's tryed to do agent , we had oh say 24 or so  asmo's, but the eles had inexcess of 100+

Proof is in the pudding.

Current Ranked elyos 192 and Current Ranked Asmo's 125 where were your players at agent? It was right after siege and your faction spawned it. Would of you lost had of your full numbers shown up? Yea probably as we could of brought more numbers than you but the reality is there are very few people showing up even on the elyos side unless it happens right after other content. Hell most of the time there are like 2 alliances for agent and the second 1 is full of alts(plz no kick me from attending elyo leaders).

It comes down to asmo's refuse to try because all they want is events to progress so they do not have to interact with players on their own faction. It is that simple.

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Actually thats not true - we were with Mancos and Exilium. The problem was we couldnt kill your front line. The paragon gap is extreme - they are each world bosses. I wonder if anyone has killed Chiki this year. I used to be able to give him a decent fight, now when he has 10 guards on him and i pop everything mega burst its like 65% which then becomes 100% in seconds. Beauty is unkillable unless we zerg her and she isnt in trans. So when Blue Bird is there in force we can't do anything except try not to die and kill as many as possible. It ends up demoralizing whats left. 

We do have a lot of people who don't show for anything or help the faction...just going for rank and then never at agent or Mastarius etc. I think they've given up or just don't even care.

The other thing is Asmo have to farm a LOT more than Elyos. Most asmo are in farm mode most of the time and afk in Kaldor or doing stuff on alts (hours and hours of work). I see Elyos rolling around Apsa with nothing to do but kill solo alts in kerub gear or bots. You can't expect us to fix this - NC has to. There are things we can do, and we are doing them...and we will do what we can and call it when we can't.

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