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  1. I can confirm that my account has only received rewards for the weeks of 9/8 - 9/14 and 9/15 - 9/21. I defeated well over 12 bosses on my account. On my main chanter alone I defeated 13 bosses (Draug, Shadon, Bronze Guardian, Mutated Daeva, Beritra, Berserking Yastikan x4 and Berserking Varakan x4) and I also ran over 10 IDD on my gladiator. Please make looking into the accounts of the forgotten players a priority. P.S. Can you please confirm that players who leveled a toon to 85 before the week of 10/13 - 10/19 will be eligible to recieve the final rewards?
  2. This is our current server capacity... we are supposed to accept that there is not enough GP to go around???
  3. A couple questions for you @Kibbelz : Do kills count in a Group/Alliance/League? Are shards only doubled for the Daily Reward and Weekly Reward?
  4. I finally got mine about a half hour or so ago. Was running PFHM and all of a sudden got the mail jingle and a message that said "The item you purchased has arrived".
  5. @Kibbelz Please look into this delay. I submitted a video of me combining the required about of legendary contracts on day one of the event. This delay is getting out of hand. A response would be appreciated.
  6. @Kibbelz Did staff forget to send out our Ultis? Less than 3 hours till midnight here on the east coast.
  7. @Hime @Kibbelz Several players can not access the BCM because we're getting an Error Code, so we can't get our free Ultimate Breath of Transformation.
  8. I won't get into the Cat thing... I'll just say thank you @Kibbelzand team for changing the Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box to 4 types!
  9. They should have done like the Hanboks where players could get 1 free and if they WANTED to they could buy the other or wait eons for the next free one... Then you have a choice: hand over the money now and get the bonus instantly or wait it out.
  10. I'm holding out hope that it was a simple typo...
  11. It would be a very simple fix. I hope they agree to change it.
  12. @Kibbelz Can we PLEASE change this so players can have 4 contracts to choose from like last time? Not just Kaisinel or Marchutan... https://www.aiononline.com/news/transformation-coin-promotion
  13. @Kibbelz Two questions about the Merge tomorrow that were not addressed: What happens to our Collections from the DN server? What happens to our items listed on the Broker from the DN Server?
  14. Based on the wording of the original post, it seemed like players would not be allowed at all to "petition" for name ownership like they had in the past. Which would be incredibly unfair.
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