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  1. ^ OK, fair enough. Thanks for replying!
  2. Special Furniture: I want to buy it!

    Oops, I apologize. I am Asmodian on DN. I would like to update that I got the Ulagu Chairs (thanks whoever listed them), but I'm still looking for the other pieces.
  3. @Cyan A few of us have been wondering if we use our one-time Free Trial prestige pack after the update, can we make more characters and keep them after the free trial ends? If so, that would be wonderful.
  4. I am very interested in buying some special décor furniture. I am aware that Crafting was removed from Aion, but I'm hoping that some of you might still have some pieces lying around (please check your alts!). There is also a table and chair set that we can get from our Pets as a gift. The pieces I am looking for are: Chieftain Ulagu’s Couch x2 Queen Klawnickt's Bed Fine Wooden Table (Pet Gift) Fine Wooden Chair x4 (Pet Gift) I would also like to buy: Roaring Campfire
  5. Some skins I'd like to buy

    @Gwin-DN I completely agree with you that making us have to pay for another item just to see our own characters was perhaps the worse decision the AIon team ever made. I'm a pretty casual player though atm, so I'm not really using Contracts to engage in PVP.
  6. Some skins I'd like to buy

    There are a few skins I have been wanting to buy, so I thought I'd list them here. If you have any of the following skins you'd like to sell for a fair price, I'd like to hear from you Please drop me a line so we can talk Kinah! Or, just send me a letter in game if you prefer and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P. The skins are: Raven General's Uniform Executioner's Outfit Voidtrace Armor Suit Night's Dress Dapper Jack's Four Digs Dark Follower Immortal Knight's Armor Greenwood Outfit
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    I mean really?
  8. Class change ticket

    I always thought this would be nice. Even if it was just changing sub-class.
  9. Character Creation Slots

    In an old thread (news-aion-awakened-legacy-arrives-october-24), @Cyan said "The increase in character slots is also something we're discussing with devs so we don't have an announcement for that yet". I completely agree that if we are being discouraged from having multiple accounts then we should have a total of 1 character slot per class at the very least (for a total of 12 slots).
  10. Snowball Event

    I just really dislike that every year the level requirement to participate in events gets higher and higher. Maybe i'd like to have my lower level toons join an event? It just seems pretty rude to not let any low level players (and therefore new players) participate in Events at all. There used to be high level events and events that everyone could join and that was both considerate and fun.
  11. List of Issues for 6.2

    @Cyan This is all welcome news to hear. I would be ecstatic if all of these things came to fruition! On the subject of Broker fees: Could you also look into Warehouse Expansion fees please? The prices have shot through the roof. You said you would welcome suggestions on the topic of Permanent Mounts…. The most obvious thing would be to add them back to the Luna Shop. I’m personally very disappointed in what is currently available to craft in there. Even if you gave us the old mounts back on the Luna Shop with a 30 day timer, it would be better than what we have now (the lame 5 day ones that look like kiddy rides). Another option would be to have Legion Mounts come back, but with more options. These options could vary depending on what level the Legion is, with the cooler Mounts being available for the higher level Legions. Option number three would be to do something similar to the Mount Boxes we got from the Twins Gift, where we got to choose a temporary Mount (but make it permanent). This box could be added to an NPC and maybe your choice of Mounts depends on what level your character is? Like you have a lvl 20 box, lvl 50 box, lvl 70 box…. Adding the more exotic Mounts back to Events would also be welcome. Ground Patrol to Major Tom, please respond.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    For real? Please put this at the top of the priory list @Cyan we are all raging over it and there apparently IS a solution.
  13. AIon 7.0

    Martial Artist as one subclass and Mentalist as the other subclass. The fighter could use bronze-knuckles and/or nun-chucks, while the Mentalist could use either hypnosis type weapons or some sort of aether stone of meditation (psychic powers).
  14. AIon 7.0

    I like the laser light type moves of the Painter, but I don't really care for the blobs. Be nice if they adjusted the texture on that.
  15. AIon 7.0

    Dumah Fortress looks like Mount Doom...