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  1. Siege Schedule Poll

    The way this poll is looking (as of today) 10:00 PM EST seems to be the happy medium. If they bumped up Altars to 8:00 PM EST, with an hour in-between, that might work out well. Anything after 10:00 PM EST is just too late for the East Coast.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Thank you @Loki and @Kibbelz !
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    @Kibbelz Do you realize you are putting Siege time at Midnight for the East Coast? You will be completely eliminating the entire East Coast of North America from Sieges, on the North American Server. This is simply unacceptable. n-talking-to
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 17, 2020

    This problem has actually been going on since a couple patches ago. I don't know why we are still dealing with it after all this time.
  5. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    @AriaTheMelodious-DN and @MiphaBae-DN Thanks for the information. So there is no way of knowing when he appears, and 99% of the players won't see him. That seems really problematic!
  6. SC Omega

    I don't know if it spawned in the Elyos base, the middle of the map, or on someone's big toe. Either way, the loot sounds terrible!
  7. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    Does anyone have a video or screen-capture of where Omega spawned? Because from the Asmodian perspective it appeared to load directly into the Elyos side of the map. I am not calling anyone a liar, I'm not into getting into beefs over a game. I would just like to know where he/she/it initially loaded.
  8. Latency Issues when will it be fixed?

    It seemed to slightly improve, I'll give them that. Instead of disconnecting six times during siege, I disconnected three times. My game didn't freeze as long as it has been doing, but it still froze up a couple times and my character kept lagging backwards several feet. I hope they continue to work at fixing the issue and don't leave things as they are.
  9. Still No Dragon Carpet

    I would like to request sending us the Arabian Outfit skin along with the carpet if there is going to be further delay.
  10. Server Lag on Danaria

    I cannot play Aion because of the excessive lag. In trying to complete the two Galkmaros Campaign quests, the lag was so fierce that I disconnected and had re-run all the way back to Silentera Eastgate and do the quest all over again, even though I was halfway finished. The NPC Cheska got stuck running in place and I had to backtrack to get her moving again. This excessive lag has been here since yesterday’s launch and it has not improved at all. If something is not done then the players will have no choice but the quit the game.
  11. Farewell Daevas!

    Goodbye @Cyan! Your presence will be missed. You have been the most active member of the Team here on the forums, and it is going to be awfully quiet (and strange) without you!
  12. Temporary Everything Isn't Rewarding

    Maybe the permanent version and the Arabian outfit will be available on BCM? We can only hope.
  13. These last two days when I have been launching Aion this odd pop-up has been appearing: What is this all about? I don't have any other program running, not even the internet.
  14. Monster Hunt Challenge is already active?

    Does this mean for the whole population, when the 25,000th monster is killed some random Joe will get the Box, or do you have to be in a group and a group member gets the box? This rule is so vague! @Cyan can you please clarify?
  15. Joker Daily Cards

    Why 6 instead of 9 to allow everyone a chance to make a Joker's Special Grade Transformation Box just once? That would be great 😁