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  1. New Launcher

    Every single time I launch Aion, the game freezes at the loading screen on 100% for a solid 10 minutes, then I get the message Not Responding, and have to close the game and start all over again, re-loading the game from 0%. I have already re-installed the launcher and it did nothing.
  2. New Launcher

    The first time I tried this new launcher I had to hit the Start Game button over and over because the game would begin to load and then close. I had to do this up to six times before Aion finally launched. After the Emergency Maintenance yesterday, it loaded fine. Now, today my game keeps freezing at 100% and is "Not Responding" before ultimately closing. I followed some other players advice about adding the word "old" to the Aion.bin file, but then the game could not be launched. So, I dropped the "old" from Aion.bin, ran the "Scan File" button, but it is still freezing and crashing at 100%, and I am still struggling to get Aion to launch from the get-go. HELP!
  3. Pin bug issue

    Please also see this thread: This Bug has been here for over a year.
  4. Pin bug

    It happens when you first launch the game too. Insane to think we are STILL dealing with this problem. This started last year, didn't it? I got this same message three times in a row, just now. I'm really tired of this bug, as well as the one that prevents you from using skills or looting.
  5. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    It really would be a wonderful thing for Aion to announce what materials will eventually become worthless, and then follow up with an Event that utilized said soon-to-be-discontinued items. What a novel idea, I wish it would become reality.
  6. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Kibbelz Can you please tell us what level of Aetherforgeing we need for tomorrow's Event? Many of us haven't even reached lvl 100 yet because crafting is painfully slow and the recipes aren't particularly useful.
  7. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Dear @Kibbelz, My biggest Aion Pain Point is the Enchantment Rate. For instance, in just one sitting I used 30 Stigma Enchantment Stones to try and enchant my 3 Normal Stigmas from +8 to +9. During this enchantment process, I was unable to even get one stigma to reach +9, and instead all three Stigmas dropped to +3. I didn't even try to enchant my Greater Stigmas because I feared an even bigger Failure Rate. One thing that bothers me more than the Success/Failure rate is the blatant hacking going on within the game these days. Players can easily use programs to check suspicious players' amounts of damage, healing and animation speeds to see if they are hacking or exploiting the game. I would like to suggest members of the Aion team log onto the game themselves and use these same programs to track players who are abusing the terms of service. In previous MMOs I have played, there was always a member of the game team (an Admin or Game Master), who would check in on the game to monitor suspicious activities/players. I strongly encourage Aion GMs to follow this example, and log on much more often then they have previously been. At least once a week during Peak Gaming Hours, such as when World Bosses are up and new Events are beginning would be a great place to start. Please move the storage of Runestone Shards and Gemstone Shards to the Special Cube. These new items are taking up way too much space in my inventory. All of the new types of shards are consuming 11 spaces, and that's not even the fully intact Shards/Gemstones. On a less pressing matter, I would like to bring up the subject Permanent Mounts. Players can no longer purchase Permanent Mounts within the game for Kinah. Players can no longer craft Permanent Mounts with Aetherforging. Players previously could craft multiple Permanent Mounts with Luna, and are now restricted to just one recipe. The Permanent Mounts currently available to purchase with Black Cloud Coin are always the same 11 and there are almost never new options available. These mounts are not the most desirable ones and the lack of options is disappointing. I would like to suggest that the Permanent Mounts listed on the Black Cloud Market be changed up every month or so. This would add interest to the Black Cloud Market.
  8. Siege Schedule Poll

    The way this poll is looking (as of today) 10:00 PM EST seems to be the happy medium. If they bumped up Altars to 8:00 PM EST, with an hour in-between, that might work out well. Anything after 10:00 PM EST is just too late for the East Coast.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Thank you @Loki and @Kibbelz !
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    @Kibbelz Do you realize you are putting Siege time at Midnight for the East Coast? You will be completely eliminating the entire East Coast of North America from Sieges, on the North American Server. This is simply unacceptable. n-talking-to
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 17, 2020

    This problem has actually been going on since a couple patches ago. I don't know why we are still dealing with it after all this time.
  12. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    @AriaTheMelodious-DN and @MiphaBae-DN Thanks for the information. So there is no way of knowing when he appears, and 99% of the players won't see him. That seems really problematic!
  13. SC Omega

    I don't know if it spawned in the Elyos base, the middle of the map, or on someone's big toe. Either way, the loot sounds terrible!
  14. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    Does anyone have a video or screen-capture of where Omega spawned? Because from the Asmodian perspective it appeared to load directly into the Elyos side of the map. I am not calling anyone a liar, I'm not into getting into beefs over a game. I would just like to know where he/she/it initially loaded.
  15. Latency Issues when will it be fixed?

    It seemed to slightly improve, I'll give them that. Instead of disconnecting six times during siege, I disconnected three times. My game didn't freeze as long as it has been doing, but it still froze up a couple times and my character kept lagging backwards several feet. I hope they continue to work at fixing the issue and don't leave things as they are.