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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    For real? Please put this at the top of the priory list @Cyan we are all raging over it and there apparently IS a solution.
  2. AIon 7.0

    Martial Artist as one subclass and Mentalist as the other subclass. The fighter could use bronze-knuckles and/or nun-chucks, while the Mentalist could use either hypnosis type weapons or some sort of aether stone of meditation (psychic powers).
  3. AIon 7.0

    I like the laser light type moves of the Painter, but I don't really care for the blobs. Be nice if they adjusted the texture on that.
  4. AIon 7.0

    Dumah Fortress looks like Mount Doom...
  5. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Good news to hear.
  6. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    Thanks for the support guys. Hopefully we can make this a hot topic.
  7. Please check out my Suggestion thread concerning current Campaign gear. I'd really appreciate some support from the community. Campaign Gear Sets
  8. When Awakened Legacy hit us, we all had some of our Campaign quests from our current region auto-completed on us without getting the rewards from said quests. I for instance, can not complete my Indomitable gear set because Taking The Wind Road was auto-completed for me and I did not get my Indomitable Chausses. This really sucks. I am suggesting here that there should be some new quests added to reward us the missing pieces, or add an NPC who sells the Gear. For the Quest idea, you could add a repeatable quest (up to five times) where the players could choose one piece of the set per completion. It could be a simple quest, one that does not reward the player with a lot of experience, so only those who are unable to complete their sets would really benefit. I have received some support for my suggestion on a different thread (Suggestions to Improve) and would greatly appreciate comments from the community here to get our GM's attention.
  9. Suggestions to improve

    I would like to add a suggestion. Everyone who had existing characters before the update had some campaign quests auto-completed do to their level. Therefore, I beleive we are missing parts of the new gear sets we are supposed to be rewarded with for completing said campaign quests. My suggestion: Add a new NPC similar to the old Coin NPCs from whom we can buy our missing gear pieces from. Or, add some quests that reward the same pieces. I hate not being able to complete a gear set, especially one that was just added and that we are supposed to acquire.
  10. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    Attitudes are really unnecessary. I never attacked anyone here in my complaint so I'm not sure where all this trolling is coming from. But, I digress. Based on what you just said, this is a case of miscommunication. The old scrolls prior were indeed tradeable, (Pandaemonium Scroll, Pernon Scroll etc.) and therefore were assumed to remain tradeable after the update. I never possessed any of the scrolls you are referring to, so I'll have to take you at your word that they were untradeable. It would have been nice if this had been made more clear in the announcement.
  11. Aion 6.5

    The new Mount looks pretty cool. Anyone know what it's called or if there is a permanent version?
  12. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    They most certainly were NOT untradeable. I gave them to friends and my other toons all the time. Get the facts straight. Also, you proved my point; they said they would become converted NOT untradeable.
  13. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    Excuse me, but where did official news specifically say that the Return Scrolls would become untradeable? Perhaps I was not clear enough because I could not remember the proper name of the item, but I am referring to the General Return Scrolls. Show me where we were told Pandaemonium and Pernon Scrolls etc. would become untradeable.
  14. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    @Hime and @Cyan I logged onto Aion for the first time last night and discovered that all of the Personal Kisks and Teleport Scrolls I had placed on my low level character have become untradeable. This is very inconsiderate and unexpected because we were never told these items would become untradeable after the update. Is there a way you could make these items Account Tradeable so I can actually use them? Right now I have 202 Teleport Scrolls that I can’t use and 8 Personal Kisks going to waste as well. As you can imagine I am very frustrated.
  15. Thanks for the updates @Cyan New question: I read the news article about Scrolls being replaced or removed and I had a question about the [Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch. Are the Scrolls that were in the [Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch(s) being replaced in stacks of 100? Because I had already opened mine. Also, do the elemental defense scrolls count as well? They were also in the [Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch (such as [Event] Greater Earthproof Scroll).