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  1. Based on the wording of the original post, it seemed like players would not be allowed at all to "petition" for name ownership like they had in the past. Which would be incredibly unfair.
  2. Well I'm going to go ahead and make a Poll. I'm counting on support from both DN and KT players here. I'm proposing that all players from DN should be allowed to petition for name ownership for their main toon. I'm losing other names, but I think everyone agrees that losing the name of your main toon is blatantly unfair. Please vote!
  3. I'm asking for support from both KT and DN players. When the server merge occurs, DN players should be allowed to petition for name ownership of their main toon. In my case, I am an extremely active player, have held the name Gallium for almost 10 years, and this is also my Forum Handle. If support doesn't want to handle a bunch of name changes, I hope everyone can agree that we should at least be allowed the courtesy of petitioning for our main toon Identity.
  4. This is NOT RIGHT @Kibbelz. I have had the character names Gallium and Carbonell since 2013. Every Server Merge Aion has had, I have kept these names. Someone very recently on KT made characters with these names. I am an extremely active player, I log on every day (unless my internet is out). The player(s) who have used my names on KT may not even be logging in anymore. Gallium is and has always been my main toon. Danaria is not asking for nor do we want this Server Merge. You are forcing it upon us. We should have the option of arguing our cases for ownership of names based on activeness and
  5. I can't fully express how royally ticked off I get when I get these copy-and-paste automated replies. Either they literally have nothing to do with the ticket, or they brush you off like the one you posted above. Support is saying to its customers "We care so little about you, we wont even read your tickets." I agree that its only fair to reset names for everyone. Players who are active and have played for a long time deserve priority.
  6. @Kibbelz I'm going to be super cheesed if I loose character names I've had for almost 10 years just because someone from KT decided they liked my name about a week ago... Name priority must go to seniority.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not happy about this news tho, for several reasons. One of the big ones is the name-grabs. Another big issue is the already overwhelming elyos population on KT. Look what happened when cross-server was added... Elyos get 100% of the Danaria bosses. Here comes another can of worms.
  8. It's funny you should say that because we were considering Assassin/Spiritmaster. Wasn't sure if this would make a good pair or not. What made you suggest this duo?
  9. I'm very interested in this topic, so please keep it active 🙂 I'm considering playing Classic casually with my sister, so finding a good duo is something we are searching for.
  10. Yes, there are many versions of the same item. It's rather annoying, especially the types that we can not exchange. However, the stones I am talking about in my prior post appear to be identical in name and description. It's odd that they will not stack with each other.
  11. Hey @Kibbelz I'd like to report a bug with the item Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box which is sold by Igyeoshunerk for 7 Battlefield Coins. The enchantment stones inside will not stack with our other enchantment stones of the exact same name and description. They also can not be exchanged for Ultimate Enchantment Stones with any type of exchange scroll. Can we please get a quick fix on this?
  12. @Kibbelz Do you have an update on the Minion Delivery? It's now 8:30 PM EST for me and today (the 19th) was intended to be the deadline.
  13. I thought it was a great suggestion 😁
  14. @HealingSquid-KT Well I did give an example of how someone could give proof. They could have screenshot someone bragging about it to them. It's not proof in itself, but a member of the staff could easily look up how many times that player got the egg transferred, which would verify if they moved it more than 3 times, which would mean they got more than 3 tokens. They have the ability to check "game logs" for that sort of thing. However, only a member of staff who is not guilty of favoritism would bother to look into the issue. As to the GM gear thing... I must admit that I did not witness
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