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  1. Dear @KibbelzThank you for making an appearance. Please tell them that discontinuing the transfer of the Loyal Stormwing Orb to the remainder of the player population is in fact punishing the players who did not quote "abuse" the function and rewarding players who did "abuse" the function. This makes absolutely no sense. Please also note and acknowledge that several players have posted screenshots of their conversations with Support showing that they inquired if moving the Orb multiple times was ok or not, and that Support replied that it was ok. Continuing to spread the notion that suppo
  2. Yeah I suspect something like that too. So some players will have gotten 5 Apostals from this event and others will get 2... The absolute only thing that makes sense is to re-enable transferring the egg and then not allow it in the future. Its the only fair and proper solution.
  3. Hey if you can do that, that would be great! I don't know Korean, nor do I know how to contact them. If you have these resources though, it would be great to hear their opinion on the matter seeing as they created the game.
  4. ^ Bless you for speaking out. 🙏
  5. Wow. If that's true, then certain players are getting special treatment. I think its ridiculous to accuse players of "abusing" a system and then punish players who didn't "abuse" that same system. Where is the justification of that?
  6. I am totally disgusted with this company. I requested to use my own three restoration tokens to transfer my egg, like every other player was allowed to do. When they initially denied me, I give them an attachment that a friend provided me with that showed a GM quote "verifying" that they "can transfer" the fully developed egg. Support then replied with this: This was NOT quote "abuse from players". Players asked if they could move their eggs, even asked if it was ok to do so, and they were granted their request. Multiple times even. That Support then tries to say that they quote "
  7. This is completely unethical. No one abused any rules. Players made more than one request in the exact same ticket even. Each time Support asked if "there was anything else" they needed assistance with. There was no underhanded acts. Support fully knew and allowed these players to move their [Event] Loyal Stormwing Orb for as many times as the player had Restoration Tokens. Every player has the right to this same courtesy. You can not change rules in-between and alienate players . Again, this is unethical. @Kibbelz @Hime This rule needs to be reversed for the duration of the Event. You can cha
  8. @Kibbelz Please. Every player deserves the exact same treatment. It is not morally acceptable to allow some customers to do one thing and deny others the exact same treatment. Many of my friends (and other players) were allowed to use all 3 of their restoration tokens to move their [Event] Loyal Stormwing Orb 3 times. Why is this an issue now, out of the blue? Some of us just wanted to wait a little while before making the request. It would be proper to discontinue the action only after this year's event has ended. I am hoping this is just a misunderstanding.
  9. Maybe they could give us 8 Luna bundles from the quest... that's the equivalent of all your toons on a basic account running Luna. I could get behind that.
  10. This seems like a really bad idea. A terrible idea. You are planning to implement an auto-kill feature and pair it with a Mob-Kill quest to get the Luna mats instead. This is only going to bring more bots back into the open-world and punish legit players by not allowing them to earn enough mats on their under-geared/low level toons to support their main toon. Now, maybe this could work if the mobs are not elites/a crazy number and killable by lvl 30-50 toons in Beluslan/Heiron. Maybe.
  11. There is going to have to be some restrictions on this feature. I think everyone can agree on these two points: We do not want people applying to Group-Instances and then auto-botting. The run will go to hell in 3 seconds flat. It works with the Garden because the Event instance is solo. We do not want a repeat of the Pine Lover Moons incident, where players are fighting over mobs for Events. Normal mobs might not be an issue, but when you need to farm special items and there aren't enough mobs to go around, it gets ugly fast.
  12. I'll give you a little more feedback after I've tried it out, but as of now I would say DO NOT implement it in Instances. Ever. If it goes open-world it should only be in certain areas/parts of the map. I also worry about the competition of trying to get Event Items if everyone is auto-fighting over mobs.
  13. @Kibbelz Are our S Minions going to arrive via survey? I failed my 4 Grade A Rank 4 minion synthesis, so I've really been looking forward to receiving my [BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Salvage Box.
  14. This is starting to happen to me now. The amount of issues with this new launcher is ridiculous!
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