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  1. @KibbelzCan you guys please fix the [Event] Coin to Medal ratio? It literally says "Coin", as in not plural. We have all been waiting for the return of [Event] Coins for months and this is not what we had in mind.
  2. The are a total of 8 Daily quests that give 0.08% renown. They are: [Daily] Mysterious Creatures Roaming Viscum Swamp [Daily] Hecklers Roaming Petralith Canyon [Daily] Hecklers in the Netherworld [Daily] Hunting in Gelkmaros [Weekday/Group] Strigik Village Attack Support Request (although some days this one does not appear,) [Weekday/Group] Twilight Drana Farm Attack Support Request [Daily] Risk Elements Roaming Spiritfall Forest [Daily] Dragonbound Defenders of Cursed Subterranea The Weeklies do give better renown (1.44%), but my point is th
  3. I just want Doughbot back! The bot with the 1-Kinah re-tuning buff. Put him in Gelk/Ingg as a hold-over till the next event. Then we can ALL be thankful @Hime
  4. @Violeta-KT I'm talking about what you can do per-day.
  5. The Renown rewards from Daily quests in Gelkmaros need to be reviewed. Each one only gives 0.08% renown. This means that after completing all eight Daily quests you can only gain 0.64% renown each day. This equals to earning only 4.48% Renown every week. Considering you lose 5% renown every Monday, if you're on level 9, this means you lose more renown than what you gain in one week. If you are on a lower level of Gelkmaros renown, you lose even more: between 10-36%. @Kibbelz, @Hime, and @Loki If any of you could please reply here it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Well either way, they definitely need to add Nabaru's Big Fruit to the Gelk NPC. Who wants to spend an Experience Mark on 5% Elim's Energy when you can get 25% ?
  7. Actually, you had a choice between buying a Nabaru's Fruit OR a Nabaru's Big Fruit. Now we don't have the choice.
  8. I found a new issue. The Gelkmaros Renown Reward Officer sells Nebaru's Fruit instead Nebaru's Big Fruit. All other Renown Reward Officers sell the Big Fruit for 1 Experience Mark at level 5. This is an inconvenient error because the regular fruit also costs 1 Experience Mark and only gives you 5% Elim's Energy instead of 25%.
  9. If a reward is temporary it should say so in the rewards list. Using the word "durable" is pretty deceptive, as by definition it mean able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing. It should say "Durable Ultimate Bitterthorn Weapon Reward Box (1-7 days)" I am curious if this was even intended, because the armor is apparently permanent. @Kibbelz Some clarification would be appreciated?
  10. It would be very helpful if Grade B (and probably Grade C too) Minium could be added as an Event reward, Luna Recipe or Morphing Recipe. Grade B Minium is desperately needed to level up more Grade B Minions in order to create enough Grade A Minions to attempt the creation of a Grade S Minion. C>B>A>S
  11. I'm glad you addressed this because no one was expecting the time roll-back. Also, you should be aware that the Server Time is still Central Time and not Eastern Standard Time, as it should be now that the servers were moved to VA.
  12. @Kibbelz This is our third week: where are our Nightmare Coins?
  13. Sometimes it bugs on Monday, but it does usually bug on Sunday.
  14. @Kibbelz Why do we still not have a way of earning more [Event] Event Coins? I still need 301 to buy a contract from Baron Baroca We have 2 events active right now and no [Event] Event Coins Lugbug quests or Lugbug log-in reward bag.
  15. No wonder I only saw 1, they disappear in under a second because literally only 9 candies are inside. The most rocks I have seen in a region is 2. So, 18 candies for the entire community once every hour. How the hell did this happen? The rocks should be loot-able to every single player.
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