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  1. Should activate in 7 hours - midnight server time, x fingers.
  2. Will we get the double xp/ap on weekends again as before the merge (minus 1 week). @Kibbelz Or was that ended? I looked through your weekly updates and didn't notice that ending and thought it was permanent. Thank you!
  3. Not to mention the skins are amazing for cloth and chain....leather and plate are still nice, but first 2 are outstanding.
  4. Please bring new players from outside the Aion world and then send them up to our Aion once done!
  5. I think it might be good for current aion - like a feeder system? Old aion PVE was absolutely atrocious. The only good things were Dredgion and sieges -if- the servers were relatively balanced. I don't know all the changes, but anyone playing now going back will hate the cast times and attack speed and all that. It is also impossible to maintain server balance and one faction dies etc. Half the servers back then were so dominated one faction had 3-4 Balaurea forts (Balaur the other)...unless this is pre-that where abyss was either all green or all blue and pvp gear was extremely difficult. Not
  6. Yes at original post. KT Asmo and some Elyos would know - I don't need to pump his tires
  7. If the skill is level 20 then the rune is +10 and they have +2 blessing on the slot for +12 as Ide said. Here is how the skill increases more as it gets higher: Rune +1 = SkillLevel +1 Rune +2 = SkillLevel +2 Rune +3 = SkillLevel +3 Rune +4 = SkillLevel +4 Rune +5 = SkillLevel +5 Rune +6 = SkillLevel +6 Rune +7 = SkillLevel +8 Rune +8 = SkillLevel +10 Rune +9 = SkillLevel +12 Rune +10 = SkillLevel +14 Rune +11 = SkillLevel +17 --->Rune +12 = SkillLevel +20 Rune +13 = SkillLevel +23 Rune +14 = SkillLevel +26 Rune +15 = SkillLevel +29 Rune +16 = SkillLe
  8. I know GMs and NC get a lot of flack and NC especially rightfully so, but I have to say these current set of events have made the game really fun again. The PVP instances pop fast and sometimes good pvp and sometimes just pve or a bit of pvpve, Fissure of Oblivion is amazing and a great way for everyone to freely enhance gems and runes, and the fact that prime runes are now available and people can sell the ones they don't want is even better! Lastly the void instance is really fun and fast and rewarding. Also the IDD mega runs are really nice and helping us gear our alts to do the 50 kil
  9. I like your idea. Open world pvp as it is is pretty lame. It is people in hide killing farmers/questers or people in trans killing afks in forts or arranged pvp which is bleh. It almost always is the person looking for pvp jumping the other person who wins as 1v1 in this game always is. The way classes are structured it really isn't meant to be 1v1, some just have no chance vs others etc - there is arena for that and maybe changing things up will push the duelists and 1v1ers more into arena (it is pretty much just farm zone now and half the time arranged or alt sent). An event or permanen
  10. I was just thinking, its nice that pvp instances are lively. It helps bring new players into the pvp world too, I've seen some (not alts). The rewards aren't game breaking but pretty appropriate considering the cost of items with battlefield coins. Maybe move some of the items from event npc into regular npc and raise cost or something so it doesn't break that market either. PVP should be half the game and bringing these instances whether pvp or pvpve back to life accomplishes a bit more balance. The event was a great idea and really enjoying it and normally fast queues and some g
  11. That one was super lucky. From 9 to 10 is 10% chance and got first try... the rest of it resembles my experience enchanting gems. When paragon thing happened there was a flood of 8, 9, and even a 10 with 0 corruptions for sale by people no one knows or on discord from random people that aren't real players, thus I thought it was related. The timing and # available was odd. Anyhow there aren't many so I think we are okay.
  12. 10% rate per level, but wow thats amazing, maybe its not a problem after all then.
  13. Sorry! So you can tell many of these +8 +9 and +10s with 0 corruptions are totally legit right! I suppose one offs especially before now when it was hard to get dazzlings! Hopefully your RNG is better next! If it helps my 6 gems have 6,4,3,3,2,3 corruptions. Then there are people with no legion selling perfect ones in lfg and disc >.>
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