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  1. Maybe Korea needs to fix the bugs before sending the updates to us? They have to know about them since they likely had them months and months before us, but send us bugged stuff every week. This is different than the paragon thing that they fixed, just yet another bug. I'm starting to wonder if Korea even gives a shugo about us. This one isn't the GMs fault, not was last. They getting handed this stuff every week or two now. How fast it is fixed and if the items deleted and such thats on the GMs though, hoping they handle it like the paragon exploit. So 7.9 coming, I'm sure Korea knows a
  2. @KibbelzI looked through all the info released in past few weeks and didn't see that double xp/ap was ending? Is it over now? Thanks!
  3. I can't vote as I don't like any option! I would rather people not able to use multiple accounts and have to do everything on 1 account, thus I like the current system where if you put in the effort on your alts in petal event you can get many legendaries - i like this. Sorry!
  4. I wish I could change my vote - if it helps stop these scammers and cheaters I would be fine with permanently opening details. Anyone selling these paragon items and others are scamming innocent people (I wonder how many spent via paypal?). As many people who knowingly made or bought falcified items there are victims who see them and drool because they are very very hard to get and ultra rare normally and they end up the victim and probably scammed of real money.
  5. I think they did a really good job cleaning up the paragon problem, its a good start. Hopefully will discourage other people from cheating.
  6. I think many/most work like so? I'm sure we would be informed as I believe most of the community uses, especially as our community is with people from all over the world (one of the best things about Aion now). I'm not sure about all programs, but the ones you mentioned are legitimate companies that offer the service for the majority of games (there are probably malicious or illegal apps, but if you ask around you can find the best ones to use).
  7. I think these aren't in NCsoft's realm? As far as I know they just adjust the route taken to reach their servers which has nothing to do with Aion. I think most run you through their network (to Aion servers) which is much more reliable than the public internet. Does NC Ping work for anyone? Just wondering, but I think that is the registry change for how TCP functions on your PC?
  8. I voted closed because I would share with anyone who asked, but prefer not to everyone. If people want to talk build I'm all up for it, but it can be an advantage maybe.
  9. It is completely the GMs fault for doing the transfers in the first place. Can't really blame people especially once friends of friends etc started doing it until NC stopped it. For fairness there should be compensation for everyone who did not do this, I'm sure they can exclude people who did (btw the 2 collections if people got all 4 are OP). I mean it can't hurt to throw everyone else a bone and give a box?
  10. @KibbelzHello Mr Kibbelz. Will there be an apostle box given to people who didn't abuse the transfer request system or didnt get the chance to abuse it lol. My understanding is that there might be some way to compensate other players at least with 1 apostle selection box to partially offset the substantial imbalance that multiple transfers would provide? Obviously the players who did it should not be punished as GMs allowed it, but for the players who didn't do this I thought you could compensate to offer a pretty decent level of fairness? Thank you.
  11. I'm so glad NCSoft is doing the right thing. In my opinion the ban on "hero" is justified and you clearly aren't sharing everything. If they went through your logs they obviously found evidence and the fact you bought it and then participated in threads about the paragon items being illegal and still kept it is even worse. If you were innocent you would have contacted GMs right away and proclaimed your innocence and asked for refund long before the bans. Your post is what I would expect all of the other cheaters to say. Good riddance I say and I'm sure you can make another account and try to p
  12. Well the big spenders would maybe spend more on a new char or buying a char in most cases? Not sure though.
  13. Thank you for the information. I understand it is a very difficult situation and it is good that you aren't revealing anything that could allow the cheaters to run free. It is also good that the community seems to care enough about the game to keep providing feedback and complaining! Any communication like this gives us hope that the game many of us love and so many clean players play won't be ruined by these bad people. Good luck with the rest of it!
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