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  1. Thanks this is super helpful, but doesn't look like they got the same box as us. I dont see this one: [BCM] Special Ultimate Challenge Box: Ultimate Transformation Selection Box (4 types) 1 Random [BCM] Special Transformation Coin (100)100 Looking at the odds for the top one, the 32 types contract wow 0.03%.
  2. I feel ripped off too by these and the 500 coin boxes. I don't see where it says 1% anywhere, but who knows...definitely felt like it. More buyers regret - will have to be more careful when spending BCM at all now. Anything rng ends up like this. I spent a lot more than the 8k and in the very end of everything I was down an ancient and had 1 penguin to show for it. Apostles are impossible - extremely expensive and the RNG 23 box is too expensive too, just to get whoknowswhat and what odds are for Ulti? I haven't heard of anyone getting an Ulti from the 23 trans scroll nor the Special Chal
  3. More feedback - the event coins in garden are a nice touch, but not necessary. I'd rather keep garden without them as a permanent instance. I fear now if auto hunt is available anywhere there will be auto-ksing or other undesirable side effects. Anyway I think xp needs to be permanently boosted (say doubled) - it is awful right now during week...then give us bonus events after. XP is amazing in Garden though so keep it and boost xp everywhere for good. The bad - 50 kills per char (12 chars) is a lot of extra work, but if it keeps luna botters from putting 10 pages of leg enchants und
  4. Just another thought - I just reran it with 100 luna. Was great! Got a lot of stuff done and just relaxed 100 bobonerk's gems in 30mins or so and xp marks rest of way. With luna reset there's no need to open up autohunting anywhere else. No one wants to see bots all over gelk and inggi and wherever else...new players will think its a bot infested game.
  5. I love this feature just how it is. One hour a day - I can do other things like housework or cooking or whatever. I don't think you should change it because people will exploit it and there's already enough people afking. It is just perfect how it is. Do not turn it on anywhere else or its going to just be "bots" everywhere all over the place and then people will just be killing them all over too. Great how it is in summary - thank you. No changes necessary.
  6. Thank you! Finally a break from extremely time-consuming events. The races and the coins are so draining and so not fun at all after hundreds!
  7. I'm sorry my friend has advised me that you -can- skin the armor, just not the weapon. It doesn't really make much sense. Let's hope the Devs can make the adjustment for weapons (lack of skin skill is a bit of a nerf).
  8. Hi there, So Paragon gear cannot be modified in appearance in any way - including skill skins. I feel this is not only a disappointment for the "extreme" gear, but a limitation most players won't enjoy. Most people like to skin the set they use and often switch. On to skin skill application - it is pretty much essential to be able to apply a weapon and armor skin skill to Paragon armor. The set is meant to be for pvp & pve originally - if one was to say, +7 all 6 armor pieces. They would expect and hope to be able to apply probably mistveil skill skins on the armor and likely solar/l
  9. I completely agree. What happened to holiday spirit? People are stealing animals from each other, some people levelled off them and have timing perfected so they get all of them, while 3 people fight over others in other areas. Now you have Shugos where whomever clicks fastest gets a really hard to get item and everyone else gets screwed? @Kibbelz These 2 events are absolutely terrible and you are alienating most of the player base. Will people getting the rewards even be real players? Or kinah farmers, bots etc. There are also way too many events and the races are okay but too time consuming
  10. Hi does consumes mean the trans we lost when combining? Or does it mean (if we combine 2) that consumes 2? Is very important! Thanks.
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