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  1. I don't have paragon armor and its so bad now no one would ever want. Its not about dying its about giving people hp on right side. Everyone dies though, even PVP god on both sides Stormexia.
  2. Just saw this - the whole point is to get rid of the battlefield server and migrate the content to the main server so we can communicate in LFG in Apsa, Demaha, Gelk etc AND queue from all areas. Maybe they don't need to delete anything to do this, but I suggested some dead maps they could remove to "make space" or whatever they need to do. The real issue is no one can queue and communicate from Apsa and people spend most of their time there unless they have too much free time. On Paragon, I heard some Elyos rolling with +10 armor? I don't know a single Asmo with a +10 piece except A
  3. @KibbelzI've also submitted a ticket - 23811022 for your reference.
  4. @Kibbelz Hello Mr Kibbelz, the 100% XP boost did not take effect at midnight server time as indicated in your notes - Friday, Saturday, Sunday - it used to start right at 00:00 server time Friday. TY
  5. Its ridiculous - that should be apostle selectable or at least apostle 10 type at very minimum - ultimate something or other.
  6. The 7th fort is always going to be up for contention and we almost pulled it off. We got 8 legendaries (not bad) vs last time habitual method getting 6 by losing both Kata forts - that was a major fail. Obviously Elyos aren't going to let it play out the way it did Sunday tomorrow. GP is is irrelevant. Asmo getting 4 forts and 10-12 enchants is a major win, if it had been successful.
  7. First - really nice to see only 1 exclamation point for the entire Asmo population at all locations! In old days i think people used things for Luna, but it is different now more malicious etc and hopefully NC can get it completely out of the game, or at least we as a community shun it. Second - Good job to the leaders on both sides. It is an awful job to lead and everyone's a critic, but Asmo did well - if we didn't push so far every PVP encounter we'd prob have got it, though I don't expect Elyos to be so willing to let things play out the same way since we've completely lost element of
  8. I want to vote for all of them, plus paragon event.
  9. I don't mind the autohunt for people to get cubics and whatnot, but the xp isn't very good compared to completing 1 Apsa quest. I don't think many of us can auto-kill elites in Gelk/Inggi without dying, thus stuck with regular mobs. Luna pounch - good for this agreed. Garden was the best we deserve coins while farming xp, it is the least they can do. The giant pirate shugo in middle of Gelk been begging for money.
  10. We want garden back as an event. The forest was terrible. Gelk I guess we can set our alts to do the 50 kills while in washroom or cooking i suppose otherwise irrelevant since low xp and no drops worth anything in Gelk.
  11. Oh like you did so far with the details - but include who is facing who and like a bracket (World Cup style?). I was thinking maybe some of us could donate Kinah and add another tier of prizes to encourage partiticpation? Like 200m for each group in quarterfinals etc...
  12. Would be really cool to post matchups - we did one of these in 2011, but participation was low because people were *scared* of the top 2 teams and only 5 signed up, but maybe if we can get a lot of people to try it then more will see, oh we can beat them, and sign up? We can put in lfg and region on both sides. Maybe can get some of the asmos defending apsa bases to go!
  13. Disqualify these from One and you will have a good tournament, the list of magicprogrambuggedusers: BTW None of the people we pvp'd against for 4 hours at base 4 other day were buggy was nice clean mass pvp, though we needed guards as you saw there were a lot of new asmos there (maybe some alts?) some buggy One players: 1) Exo lol (One) 2) Sushi entire group (ask DN people for this though I witnessed other sorc with some bugginess Angilis we stared at each other doing nothing since Sushi locked me though buggy character casted 8 spells without a single movement stare offs are
  14. I want cutie dance too, thing is so adorable...they really need to get better at monetizing (I.E. giving us what we want).
  15. Its okay, just kidding around! This is a really cute idea hope it goes well!
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