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  1. Prestige Pack update

    Since they are going to remove all the current scrolls from the 6.x, it was expected that they had to re-work the prestige pack to remove the Lucky Scroll Pouch. But yeah, it's written like if this was done in anticipation of the servers' shut down. I totally got that feeling.
  2. [Old Forums Archive] Seasonal Agrints

    Ooh, the seasonal agrints... I remember when I asked a flextime at work to come back home to kill them... I got 2 surfriders, 7 pairs of wings and 900 life leaves. So much time wasted. I'm so happy that I stopped.
  3. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    (from GF's forum) You will get potions for each stack of 1000 of a specific type of scroll, only a stack of 100 are required for indomitable scrolls. 1h scrolls will get exchanged, you need 1000 5min scrolls for 3 pot bundle, and only 100 1h scrolls for 3pot bundle Again, this is GF, no idea if NCW will do the same. Atm in EU they are complaining that one stack of 1k is a lot for only 3 legendary transformation scrolls (that expire after 30min if I understood right), so rather than this, they'd like to have 30 ancient scrolls, or being able to choose.
  4. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    Thanks for the recap Kubei, good job. I just wanted to correct you on this sentence. Idk in KR, but GF actually valued more the kinah you left in your personal/legion warehouse. So it didn't go poof, rather the opposite. See Galeas's comment: Kinah from mails, character&Legion warehouse: will be collected to the inventory and converted to gold ingots and for each gold ingot you will get new kinah (1,3millions kinah per ingot) Kinah from account warehouse: will be converted to gold bar bundle / no additional kinah will be given out for those.

    Pay and it will be given to you: https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3758-General-Feedback-Thread-Aion-A-New-Dawn-6-0-Beta/?postID=69676#post69676 Apparently it will be possible to buy instant ress stones with luna. Full HP and it works in PvP too. Enjoy it.

    Try to think from their point of view: 1) keep the same server: current active players will play hard to upgrade their already good gear ASAP, maintaining the status quo. Meanwhile, some new player will come back to try the new patch; they will find soon the same old problems, feel undergeared and out of place/time, and then will quit again. The nostalgia effect won't last, because the game will be too different anyway. After few months, the game will have the same playerbase. NCW will gain money only from the current active players, and only on very important items that cannot be bought with kinah, since we will be able to use our kinah accumulated in years. 2) open a new server: everyone who considers himself a "good player" will create a new toon on it, and will start to farm night and day to get ASAP the best gear, hoping to increase his rank. Kinah can't be transfered, so they will be forced to pay $. Returning players (let's be honest, the game is too old and sickly, there won't be new players, just returning users) will have the illusion to be able to play at the same level for a while, and they may even buy something from the shop. But we will be all at the same level only for the very first month. Then, the more casual/slower players will realize that they won't make it to the top, and come back to the previous server. The playerbase will be spread in more servers, and the merge will be unavoidable. BUT... NCW will have gained more $, and the current players are too addicted by now that will keep playing even after another merge. Which one would you choose if you were working at NCW? GF keeps creating and merging servers for a reason, it's not that they are stupid or insane. Gamers and addicted people are too predictable.
  7. Dammit. Then I must keep using a lv75 to kill a lv50. Pity that NCSoft decided to defend these stupid PvErs from players with +26 lvl.
  8. Well, we are talking about OLD versions of the game eh. I also tried to solo the old Rentus with a cleric... believe me, it was much much harder edit: ah, you said 3.5. Well, they were good players then. I've been able to solo sauro until the boss (failed), but it took soooo long. Funny only once, to try, but I'd never repeat it to farm it.
  9. If you don't like to PvP, you probably won't find many players to do PvE instances together. Don't expect to find crowded servers for this. But if you never quested in Sarpan, lost old instances like Abyssal Splinter or are curious to see Tiamaranta, it may be worth a shot. Sarpan had beautiful landscapes, especially on the north. But yeah, you'd find few people interested only in PvE. (some of these servers even allow you to see in which map the players of the other faction are playing, when you press shift+V)
  10. Yeah, there was a Russian server that had more players online than the old Kahrun... but it has been closed time ago. It's reborn, but I didn't check it yet. Though they all do a bad end sooner or later.
  11. I don't know if you really played on private servers. I played on many of them and I always found people who were that mainly for the PvP. There are also players who register just to see again Sarpan, do the old version of DS, OB, Rentus, but the most part are there to PvP. Usually these servers give you a very good gear and increased rates to manastone it. This, in addition to the smaller gap between a completely geared player and a "just decently" geared one, make these servers much better to just PvP. The problem it's that after some months the owner starts to mod them too much, far from the original 3.5 or 4.7. And people stop to login.
  12. Aion Recording Feature

    Just wait a bit, Cyan said that he "forwarded to the development team to investigate". Oh, wait, that was August 2017. Maybe there's no development team after all.
  13. Time to say goodbye to GameGuard?

    Sorry, I mistook Xigncode for GameGuard. I know that all the anti-cheat sw are basically spyware, but some of them spy for a reason at least. I don't see Xigncode useful at preventing real cheaters from playing. Anyway, end of my reveries. Maybe the new more powerful anti-cheat sw for Lineage is indeed Xigncode
  14. So, after seeing some (fake) pictures of Lineage II, I browsed the official website until I remembered that it's an NCSoft game, so I closed. BUT... (and this is also the reason that remembered me how good is NCSoft at dealing with hackers and finding always new ways to improve our gaming experience) I made in time to read this: Below you’ll find a few noteworthy items and updates coming in the month of July. Security Update In our ongoing efforts to combat unauthorized 3rd-party tools, we’ve invested into a completely new security solution. When the security update is live, GameGuard will no longer be required to connect to the servers. A new tool will take the place of GameGuard and be required to install and run to continue playing Lineage II. There will be an unspecified break-in period with the new tools—we’ll be monitoring and troubleshooting issues it may cause, such as disconnections or update errors and compatibility with certain applications. The decision to make this change came with the goal of having greater control over our security tools, and allowing us to react much quicker to existing and emerging cheat tools. Is it also time for Aion to abandon this appreciated spyware software? I guess it would be probably remembered as just useless at best.
  15. Flight and Falling in General

    Sorry for the late reply... I didn't check the forum for a while. Yes, with the 1st expansion you unlock the gliders. Although most of them look like wings, they are gliders. However you can also use updrafts, accelerate/slow down, descent slowly, a bit left/a bit right. You have more control and no cooldown. If you glide for very long distances, you cannot use the "speed" (although it's a minimal additional speed) and must proceed gliding normally for few seconds. But you never fall because you are short on energy. You can also briefly stealth yourself while flying (only in PvE).