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  1. No, but I've seen a lot of "you can't use that skill now" because the real cooldown is higher than what's displayed on the skillbar.
  2. Right, both Ciel and Israfel are gone. Only Aeeon is important. These guys are too picky.
  3. ArenaNet is responsible for the communication and development of GW2, not NCSoft (that "just" owns ANet). And I don't see this lack of communication. Bugs are fixed shortly after being reported (this is just from today for example) (and the patch/new version is always put while you play, there's no maintenance time) and their roadmap for the 2019 has been achieved. Only the WvW rework has been delayed, but the reason has been clearly posted on the forum, together with the current progress (it's a difficult change, like merging the servers without that players notice anything, so it takes time,
  4. Wings are actually skins of gliders, so you can't fly forever (last mount can). You cannot play 2 accounts on the same PC (unless you use a workaround/virtual machine). Also, it's pretty useless.You can dance with your wings on a mount (actually you can't dance while mounted) only if you buy the expansions and play them until you unlock them (also the basic glider is ugly, it's a fact). Same if you want to farm mats and transfer your goods to your main account: you need to buy the game (to avoid bots). So watching your 8 characters dancing together will cost you 240$ (+ the skins). K
  5. Too bright colours in this video, but to give an idea...
  6. Oh, I like this unique skin! https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Eclipse_drawn.jpg
  7. Talking about "aionpowerbook"... another loss: kelekelio quit the game, so you can stop wasting your time to see if there are new updates there A thanks to him for all his work. He already didn't like the game anymore, I bet last straw was when people started to copy-paste his info on the EU forum without mention him.
  8. Don't be fooled by the bad graphic, the earnings (that you also posted in another thread) of the mobile games are 223 billion of qoq vs 12 billion of Aion. Aion it's a spit compared to the revenue of the mobile games, even cheaper to make. And I'm pretty sure that also Legions of War is doing well. We simply have to mourn the shift in the gaming industry. Mobile games bring money, classic MMOs not anymore. I would also have liked a classic server of Aion, or even more, a better localised version of Aion, which doesn't only mean text in English, but features tailored for the western market
  9. A classic server means more investments, higher costs. NC-Soft NA already proved to be unprofessional, countless times. People that remained to play Aion already know the company, no one expects professionality from NC-Soft. They just like(d) the game too much to give up. If they reduced the staff working on Aion NA, it means that they don't want to invest in this game, so a new version of the game, with a new launcher, is out of the question (at least it's what I'd do). If they had money to invest, they would better invest it in what they have now, fixing bugs that are here from the firs
  10. NC-Soft planned a mass layoffs of ArenaNet's employees (and GW2 revenue is not lower than the Aion's one) and you think that they will open a classic server in NA Aion? For 30 players? Yea, keep dreaming. They didn't shut down Aion in NA only because there are 2 people working on it: Cyan, and hopefully someone who cleans his office room.
  11. I don't quite understand the reason of such a "classic server" on TERA: the leveling, loot, enchantment... everything will be greatly boosted, so it's not even the original experience. It's basically an official private server, not a classic one. Moreover, it will only last from 6 to 8 weeks. The shut down is already planned for the end of March. I guess it's just to see if there are enough players interested and to give the old ones something new to do for a couple of months. More like a long event than a "new" game. As much as I loved Aion, I wouldn't play a classic version anymore
  12. Thank you Forgotten. I didn't know it. I've been too malicious then.
  13. I read it, but there isn't really much to comment. "We are doing something, be patient and wait". Nothing new. The only new thing is that it doesn't come from Gideon. Maybe the situation is so dire that the real producer felt the need to post.
  14. You're wrong man. Their producer said that they want a bigger game. But with this new game update, getting all your feedback is a huge help for us to continually work on making sure that the game gets bigger and better. Maybe NCsoft hid the real content somewhere and we still have to discover it.
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