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  1. You guys messed up something big time ! I get d/c every 2-3 mins ! WTF ?!?!?!
  2. Hi guys,why we didnt got the AP Weekend Bonus yet?
  3. Well...i did buy quite a few Cubes...but honestly to chances to get +7 cubes are extremely low.. Im happy and also sad that i wont be able to get +8 Paragon . But for the sake of Retail Life is better that way.. Wish we had flower event instead xd
  4. @HaitzThank you :)...i was planning to buy few ..but wont do it anymore xd
  5. And... this is how retail died ! 0 - (ZERO) Support from Staff for the few remaining Real Aion players . Why do we still play guys ?
  6. U guys complain about this lol. If u stop attacking the boss after a short while his attack and cast speed will increase greatly. So you will die very fast. From my view ,is a good change as not all my alts are geared.
  7. @The Secret Cow LevelWhat is this supposed to mean ? Very good drop table and docs and work from you ! But i dosent warm me at all. I still have to grind like a mad man for ages to get my cubics .Im still waiting an official answer from GM's ! I know im not alone in this,there are many returning players in same situation,so please speak up people .
  8. I have to say we have very nice events going on ! The upcoming ones seem nice too . "BUT" the prices should be lowered or PvP gear boxes should be selectable . I write again in here @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki, do something about cubics guys ! Please , introduce them in Garden of Growth,wich i hope will be a " permanent" feature. Thank you !
  9. @Gabrielis-KTthat wont be possible. Now i have a bit of time for farming. But when i will be going full time to work,there will be no time farming cubics lol...I request @Kibbelz to look into this matter. As a returning player is so hard to keep up with the today gameplay. Introduce npc as before for upgrading cubics or make cubic lab drop regular cubics. You guys know ways to fix this issue. Please @Kibbelz@Himedo something for us ( returning players). Thanks
  10. @Kibbelz Please respond ! I spend at least 2hours everyday farming inggy. But still nowhere close to finish my cubics.
  11. Mr @Kibbelz ! Please look into this matter ! As a returning player i find it very difficult to farm Cubics ! Give us some options ! Please ! @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki
  12. Do you guys even care about the Community ? Why there is no reply from GM's ? Can't you give us a proper explanation of the situation? Please be good and #FreeStormwing !
  13. Drop buff for instances only please !!! That will make a lot of people happy and finnaly get the gear they hunting for months ! Sad to run several IDD's & PF's for legendarys ... Thumbs up for the Instance Drop Buff Ladies and Gents !!!
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