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  1. Wonky Eyeballs - Color Change After Patch

    several npc's in the game also have the same issue, 1 eye has gone back to what was the default colour, and the other eye has retained the chosen eye colour.
  2. I know that (you can choose different coloured eyes) but this npc never had mismatched eyes before, neither did any of the other npc's that I've taken screenshots of. I get what you are saying, but the issue is not with 'black eyes'. It's eyes changed from the default colour. Not all of the original default eye colours are black (some are already a blue or green colour in the default). What i think is happening, is one eye is reverting back to the default colour (which isnt always black) and the other eye is retaining the colour of what we modified the eyes to in the character creator.
  3. I made these and now you have to suffer

    Oooooooooooooh i love your artwork @Tsova-KT <3
  4. @Cyan the issue with the one black eye is also affecting many NPC's in the game. Especially in panda. Some of them have one black eye, the others all have mismatched eyes (different coloured eyes). It appears that the default eyes that were selected on these npcs were then modified in the character editor (by the original devs) to a different colour. And now with this eye bug, 1 of the eyes has reverted back to the default colour and the other has maintained the colour that was chosen. For example, go take a look at the following npcs: In Panda: Teska Nekai Metalla Karollin Heltinjola Gwendag Thialfi Vrenseti Duna Garuvagg Hiyask Renen Heimdall Rasis Ninis Doman In Lakrum: Ortega there's more in lakrumm too but, well, pvp and distractions with shugos. @Cyan here is an image of Teska in panda, with mismatched eyes. I am not the only one who sees her like this. My friend (who does not have any eye bug on her client) also does see Teska with mismatched eyes.
  5. nice...

    Thanks @Cyan <3 i got to finish using my candy blasts and got my quest turn-in done. Thanks so much! Much love, Bunnies <3 ~squeeeee!~
  6. nice...

    oh come on... really? I have 44 candy blasts on my sorc and was aiming to get enough runs for the 20 quest.... only had 9 runs left to go and more than enough candy. Now the npcs are gone along with the candles.... to add insult to injury, they've conveniently left candy blasts on the BCM yet anyone who buys any won't be able to use them. @Cyan i'm assuming it wasn't intended to remove the event npc's a good 8 hours before maintenance... however majority of the players thought we would be able to run the event right up until maintance, and a lot of players plan when they can run stuff around this, like i did with my sorcerer, thinking i'd be able to finish her quest. But now the npc's all vanished 8 hours early and we can't finish using our candy blasts as no pumpkins are left in the instances anymore and the event npc's also vanished... @Cyan could we please have the event back at least for 1 day?
  7. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    Same thing happened to several of my characters... all auto completed except for the last campaign with the top/hauberk/tunic in it. I'd like to be able to complete this in full, also so i have the full set. It's a shame because the skin is actually really pretty.
  8. Again new patch messes up characters' looks...

    @Aly-DN it's not just players. It's happened to several npc's as well, and characters without the glitch still see the npc's with this glitch (i.e. i'm not the only person who see's the npcs with mismatched eyes.) All 3 of my accounts have this problem. Also I've been advised plastic surgery tickets don't fix it. I've been told in the remodel/plastic surgery screen, your character looks normal, but when you come back out, one of the eyes goes back to being black.
  9. Suggestions to improve

    @Cyan something needs to be done about Stigmas and how difficult it now is to obtain them. Prior to the 6.2 patch - we had Evergale as a steady flowing source of stigmas, but they have since been removed from the Evergale reward table. We also had that campsite in Norsvold where you could buy stigmas with spinel medals, but this too has been taken away. And the really old vets were able to buy stigmas from the stigma merchant, which got converted into bundles after the patch came with the stigma changes a couple of years ago. Now the only way to get a stigma is to either: pay exorbitant prices on the broker, or be able to complete Mirash with a tiny chance of it dropping, or run the weekly Luna for 7 weeks straight to get 1 stigma (that's almost 2 months...), or get lucky in an event, should they actually be in the drop table..., or hope they are on the BCM and open up the wallet (which imo is a bit of an insult, considering the majority of vet players never ever had to do this...) Now as for myself, i have most of my stigmas, but i was spoiled like most of the vets are and have both sets. What I am really worried about is the new players. Example: new clerics get given the DPS set... not the healing stigmas, which are insanely expensive on the broker. I pity any new player trying to roll as a cleric and wanting to heal groups, only to find how expensive they are and not able to afford them. I thought about this today when I met a brand new player on a cleric, he'd just started a day ago and needed advice, and wanted to know where to get stigmas from. At the time the only place I knew of where i can currently get stigmas, is the broker. And he needed healing stigmas. I felt really bad for him. @Cyan Question to ponder - How on earth is a brand new cleric supposed to get healing stigmas so they can join in on groups, when the only place currently ingame that you can get cleric healing stigmas from is the broker? And take a look at how much they cost... new players in this patch are going to struggle having kinah for consumables, I don't think they will be able to afford expensive stigmas.
  10. Thanks. Glad it's been acknowledged (they really should add it to the list at the top of this thread )
  11. Suggestions to improve

    It won't matter for me how much they reduce the GP requirement by. The problem is, I can only do one siege a week if I'm lucky. That's it. And it won't be enough. There are no other ways to earn GP anymore.
  12. @Cyan this issue is happening on all 3 of my accounts. Every single character of mine has one black eye and one normal eye. I've asked several friends to tell me if they see the same issue, and they do, they all see my characters with 1 black eye... and my friends characters are normal (ie their eyes weren't changed and are the same as they were before the patch). This is bothering me and my characters look silly. Can this please be looked into and hopefully fixed?
  13. Were is Dredgion???

    @Cyan please please can you add 1 more window for dredge & idl for Australians / Asia / Kiwi's / Pacific islanders? I understand the times tend to revolve around US players, but we used to have a nightly idl time that helped Aussies. But now this looks to be gone as well. At this rate / schedule, the only time I'll get to do these instances is on a weekend if i'm lucky.... and then hope to god that i might actually win.
  14. Suggestions to improve

    I agree with everything the OP mentioned. Some of my biggest concerns: Broker fees - way too high. Kinah - hard to make. I've been losing kinah every day i play (when i check my balances before i log out / options, it shows I've lost more than I've earned). PVP Instance timers - bad times for most people I know. Even worse for Australians with day jobs. I will rarely get to do IDL or dredge unless it falls on my weekend. GP - hard to earn. I'm not sure how I'm going to maintain my rank. I can't earn the required amount. I'm Australian, and the few sieges are run during my work hours. Skins - harder to obtain. All the skins went poof from the Luna. Also all the npc's that sold old armor are gone. Every-single-one-of-them-GONE. I've been to ishalgen, panda, priory, gelk, you name it. Even the old lowbie pvp skins are gone. The only skins you can buy now are the new level 80 gear, or the few skins in the gold sands trader, or what's left on the broker, unless you get lucky with an event. The current event doesn't have any skins that I like mind you. Very sad indeed. Guestblooms - village centre npc's no longer sell the old guest blooms. I wanted to buy some with the paint/dyes in them, nope, gone. I can't even get the quest to spawn the additional npc because the quest has been removed from the village centre questboard as well... Mounts - harder to obtain / less options. Very few on the BCM. Luna only has 5 day mounts. Much harder /more expensive for new players to obtain a mount. A lot of us vet players had it easy with the mounts from Luna. I actually feel sad for the new players especially when their 7 day chickens expire. Then they will be "walking, slowly, you know, on foot".(quoting a flight master) Group PVE Instances - little to choose from. We used to have a lot more group pve instance to pick from that gave rewards (i.e. drops gear) at end game. I.e.: coe, aoe, adma, theo, DL, FP, DD, BoS, FM, IO, DR, IS, DS, SDS, DLR, etc. Now the only Group Instances remaining that give rewards for level 80's are CoE, FM, BoS, Infernal DD. We now only have just 4 group instances at end game. And good luck finding a pug that can do anything successfully other than CoE. The pugs and inexperienced/new players will only be able to succeed at CoE. And that will get boring fast. Could the team either add some of the other old instances (throw in some portals to enter them) or perhaps allow lower instances to drop some things even if you are 10 levels higher?
  15. All of my characters now have 1 black eye and 1 normal eye.... I went around taking screenshots the day before this patch hit, and my characters eyes were perfectly normal (with both eyes being the same colour) After the patch, they now all have one eye that is black and the other unchanged... I asked other players what colour my toons eyes are (just in case the issue was with my client), but they too also see my characters all having different coloured mismatched eyes. This is really disappointing and saddening. Can you please fix this.