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  1. Looking for old friends from Kahrun!

    There were Elyos, the mail they left me had their "old" ign but i tried replying to it not sure if it still goes through. Damn lol
  2. Ok first things first - it was a different email LOL still has my characters on it (showed up on the forum list) but that one is banned too for what ever reason. Frustrating to say the least.
  3. So, I decided to check out AION again - been a long time player but last time I played was around 2012, I think last time I logged in was 2 years ago and now my dilemma. My account was suspended for some reason (yes already wrote a ticket) BUT! When the forum prompted me to pick a character it only had 1 available. Where are my other characters? I was on kahrun and I heard there has been a merge, and seeing how I can still log in to my account here, it hasnt been affected by their log in change thingy a while back. Did anyone else have this problem? Im genuinely afraid my characters are gone, if so im legit done with aion.