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  1. So what is going to make up for the Chanter's huge loss of attack points? Invincibility mantra is now only 3% from 13%(?), I mean P.def boost is meaningless, 15% from rage and 20% ascension too. I hope it's a typo or I'm reading this wrong.
  2. Voting is generally a fail-safe idea. Sure, you can vote based on popularity, however, if they cannot lead siege, participate in PVP/PVE, aid the faction like a leader, then you are popular for no reason. The faction cannot benefit from a useless popular person, hence why would anyone vote for them? Everyone will soon see what they have lost by illogical/emotional voting. You are popular because you are good at PVP/PVE, knowledgeable in the game, kind, fair and respectable leader. You won't get votes by pity. You can even be rude to the bone, but if you have ability, that will always speak muc
  3. I suggest we implement a voting system to the ranking system. The people who achieve enough GP to obtain General Rank and above are legible to be voted in order to become what rank the players believe they deserve. I generally don't like first past the post voting system, so ranking a set of players from 1-# is the best (1 for Governor, 2 for Commander.) For example (in preference) 1 - Player 1 (Governor) 2 - Player 2 (Commander) 3 - Player 3 (Commander) 4 - Player 4 (Great General) After totalling the numbers, lowest total point player, wins Governor, second lo
  4. Let me hear your opinions on this for the Rank issue we have.
  5. Just a couple of questions regarding Archdaeva stats. I heard the diminishing returns for the Archdaeva stats were changed. 1. Does anyone know what the numbers are? For each stat and if they are affected by class? 2. Are the value towards stats (attack, MB etc.) the same from manastones and essence? 3. Does stat from essence also add to diminishing total or does it only apply to manastones? Thank-you :3
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