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  1. Screenshot capacity

    Best thread. Thank you for the notice, omw to create another folder
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    To those demanding XXXX compensation or compensation because you didnt run something but you would have if there wasnt a bug, quit being so negative. I know I am not expecting the world from NC Soft, you are going in with the inappropriate attitude. When was the last time NC Soft got everything 100% correct? I'd be happy with the minimum of what I actually did not what I would or should have done. Anything more is just bonus and I wont be pissy if I felt entitled to more.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Overheard down the hallway: Guys luna sales gonna drop off drastically. We need to dangle legendary transformation contracts from an event to make up for it. KK, sounds great, put it in this week
  4. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    I believe this is to not have every asmo xfer to DN and make it a reverse KT. I've stated 3-4 months ago, EK would merge with KT due to the low elyos pop and high Asmo pop on EK, only made sense. Free moves to DN would kill the balance of that server to the point of what it is on KT.
  5. Server Transfers

    Are you not entertained? I went back to my old server, DN, little better than EK right now.
  6. I'm passing my time in Aion waiting for Ashes as well. The game went from heavy P2W to flat out boring. Nothing to do if you dont spend that money on Luna. EK went DED dead.
  7. Where to get lvl 50 stigma?

    Did you do the quest Baluar Tags from Lenar at the Silent Blackguard Post? Another maybe from doing the Lower Udas Temple, a quest or something like that. Both stigmas will be level 45 though.
  8. I'm with you on the enchanting, I've seen a +14 once on ancient gear and have had 7 legendary stones fail in a row. GP should be taken out of the instances. Everything was tried to eliminate the afks, nothing worked. The GP for a kill would be nice, but it would encourage more low level ganking in open world pvp. Cause I dont think those that are sitting in the top 300 would sit around. Plus the botting has gotten out of hand again.
  9. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    and extend til Feb 2 not jan 2 ;p
  10. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    NC West has to make more $$ so they can bribe NC Korea into enchant rate changes and the sort.
  11. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    There may have been a few typos in that event news from Cyan. Not just the PVE stones. It stated it starts on the 18th, which is today, if I am still coherant. At least I am hopeful of the PvP omission
  12. TBH, Aly is correct. OP decided to take a shot at everything he hates about the game. There are many reasons people have left or arent online. NCSoft will never admit to it but the compensation gear was a big mistake. Whether you agree or not, so be it. The main problem I see is the patch itself, it has less and less stuff to do compared with other patches. We had more sieges, for one thing. I find it laughable about GP not given in instances, PvP and PvE alike, and people still afk them. And no its not just to get free enchantment stones, I see people that have ulti gear just afk. I, for one, am happy evergale, idgel and and dreg dont give GP. If you couldnt stop the afking for free gp, take the gp out of the equation. Yes the shugoling event is lackluster, but we have the snowball event and that looks more than promising. I see the main reason why the game looks vacant is that after3-4 weeks, you have done 90% of the content and are on alts or have to wait for reset day. I am just hoping 6.5 comes soon and brings people back or we may really be low pop by 7.0
  13. Anamos Reset Range

    this part made me shoot soda out my nose, thanks
  14. At least gear doesnt break when you fail an enchant