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  1. Later on Sorcs became the joke of Aion, even dummies in starting towns can kill a sorc, so let them have it while it lasts.
  2. I want to know too. We need this map permanently, others got full auto hunt everywhere, we can't even have a single map that takes hourglass and has no drops other than cubucles.
  3. If you get banned for killing one person over and over because you were both stubborn on that area then this game is going downhills faster. Imagine if you cannot even do pvp because it might get you banned under the false flag of AP trading.
  4. Anyone who has a level 50 bot and geared will obviously buy Siel's Aura to make the max out of that char, 15$ per month is nothing for someone that will make multiples of that. But someone that can run 100 bots will obviously run free accounts and use the 1h to trade the items.
  5. The illusion fortress was good to have but truth to be told it was only for overly geared mains. none of my XP mark gear alts could do it because of the elites and potentially nearby mob attacking as well.
  6. Brusthonin is the same for Asmodians.
  7. Yes, I read you no longer play, I read you keep a house even though you don't play. I read you are mad you are not getting another home so you can continue to hold a house hostage.
  8. Not sure if they can simply do it or if they would have to ask the koreans to implement it. That would work and I should suggest they have 10 channels for pernon and oriel. And they have to make you play the game somehow to keep the house, not just pay 4m for every week. Kubei_DN is one of them and is being very loud about not getting a house back so he/she can keep it while not playing.
  9. What is the point of making softcore porn with aion characters? I understand fantasy stories with an epic themed game, but this is weird.
  10. If they make the NC codes brokerable they actually solve all problems. People would have the nc coin to buy the items that are untradeable.
  11. It would be good for every country to have a server dedicated to them, but this is day dreaming
  12. I hate developers that never listen to gamers
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