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  1. support@aiononline.com The email has to come from the email used on the account
  2. You have to email support and tell them "I tried to log into the website and I was unable can you please help me fix this" They will send you a response that your account was flagged for security reasons and that's why you can not log into the website and they will unlock it.
  3. IDK who this Dmob guy is but he might be right
  4. I was level 5 renown in Timeless Terrace and after the deduction today I am 4.5 and supposedly that's normal so meh
  5. You should talk to someone about this fear...
  6. Somewhere somehow the skins are probably a licensing issue... issue is they don't want to pay to use them.... they don't even pay to have employees ...
  7. It's cute you guys still think there is a "Staff" left....
  8. Yeah, I don't understand how it goes from "Comical Bow Bundle" to "Clumsy Kowtow" that's more than just an "emotion" "motion" typo. I also don't understand why I would need to be able to buy 5? Are they tradeable once opened? I would say I am disappointed but I don't expect much from the shugos behind the curtains these days
  9. I think it is only people using ping reducing programs with this problem
  10. I have no words... condolences... I will miss him
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