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  1. Thank you, all I want to do is be good enough to compete, but these enchantment rates make it impossible, no matter how much time and effort I put into this game. I know it is hopeless, because my gear just won't enchant to max level. SO I can't even purify anything, even if I play for a year, it is impossible.
  2. Ncsoft Mentality

    Mobile games, Lol, why? I have a phone for text messages and phone calls. I have a PC and consoles for video games. I can see it now, struggling ever hour to re charge your phone every time you want to play one of these games for longer than a half hour. You're supposed to be evolving your game company and making more and more graphically large games. Not smaller.

    That's the problem, they gave people that exchange gear, but they made it impossible for people who don't have it to enchant the new gear, no matter how many stones they use, it won't work. If they would fix the enchant rate so people can catch up to exchange gear people, things would be different. I really think the devs do not think things through when they put out new content. Game is terribly unbalanced. If one level 80 can take on 5-10 people and come out on top, no matter what his gear is, you know the game is unbalanced. Most games it's like 30% gear 70% skill to win. On Aion it seems like 99% gear 1% skill to win. Dude will just press 1234 and you're dead. Probably dead before he even gets to number 4.
  4. Mobile? Seriously?

    Mobile cash grab game, it's going to make a lot of money. Games like that are so cheap and easy to make, and it's perfect for your average Aion pay to win player. A mobile version of Aion will practically play itself. Just what they like. For hardcore gamers who enjoy an intense challenge but don't want to ruin their credit over a video game. Best to avoid anything coming from Korea. Mobile games are popular in the east, because people spend most of their day just traveling to and from work on transit systems. They really don't have time to play a Fully well made MMORPG where they have to grind for hours, days, weeks, months, everyday for 8 hours a day to get anywhere. So a mobile game where you can just buy your way to victory with real money is perfect for them. And in their logic, they will just think, " well, I work hard for my money, so I use it on a game, it's the same as if I sat there for 8 hours a day actually playing that game to get good. Just don't buy into it, let people do what makes them happy. I know people that spend all their extra money playing golf for fun. If they enjoy it, let them be. I for one do not enjoy it, so I simply won't play it.

    Well, those people with that compensation gear had to spend thousands of dollars on this game to get there gear good enough to exchange. So They couldn't just delete their gear when 6.2 came out, that would have been like robbing someone for over a thousand dollars. Lets face it, NCsoft got greedy during 5x. They pretty much backed themselves into a corner. They couldn't just delete people's stuff they spent thousands on. But at the same time, letting them have compensation gear ruined Aion for everyone else who didn't spend thousands. So let them play with their gear, these are the kinds of people who don't want a game to challenge them. They like games where they can spend real money to victory. They're the only kinds of games they're going to be good at, games where your wallet plays it for you. Just stop playing this RNG nightmare game and let those comp gear people fight each other until they get blue in the face. They will get bored eventually when there is no one left who doesn't pay to win for them to beat up on anymore. This is what they will have to say eventually, "Ahah, dude, I owned you, Your wallet is a noob, Go get good credit and come back scrub."
  6. Transformations do suck. The one thing that kept me playing Aion was like; well, this is all bullnyerk and a big time and money sink, but at least my character looks awesome. Can't even say that anymore, force my awesome looking character to dress up as a stuffed animal? Ok, done with this. Whoever had the idea for this transformation system needs to be fired, he ruined the game for a lot of people. How they figure that is a good idea? I'm going to make a tuna fish and peanut butter sandwich now, and think it was a good idea.
  7. BDO would be a good game, it's immersive, and the combat is really fun, but again, it's one of those Korean made MMOs so they design that game so people have to spend their entire life to get geared. I used to play BDO for a while until I realized I would be old and grey by the time I got my gear good enough to compete unless I dropped thousands in their cash shop. Just, every game from Korea seems like a scam to get your money, they lure you in with great art work and cool game play, then after they have you hooked you're going to need to spend a lot of money on it if you want to be good. I'm not playing games like that, to me these are not games. I'm old school, I like to beat games with my dexterity and my brain. I don't like to use the power of my credit card to be good at a game, it makes me feel stupid when I do, and I feel like I am cheating. They need to have a cash shop, but if the cash shop has things that make you better than everyone who doesn't spend there, I'm not doing that. That game Warframe has an awesome cash shop, there is nothing in there you can't get in game with a little effort, and the things they do sell aren't game breaking, just selling skins, and different color pallets. And they make a lot of money because they're good to their players and don't nyerk them around. So on a game like Warframe, I will just give them money for something cool because they're nice and I like how they run their game. Aion however, No way, not giving them one red cent for their RNG nightmare game.
  8. Same mistake most mmorpgs make. Anytime you see devs saying they will streamline a mmorpg, that means they will take everything that makes that game immersive out . For some reason, devs just love to dumb their games down. Aion is really autistic, because leveling up now is so easy it makes me wonder why they even bother to have levels. Just start everyone at level 80, take all the maps out, force everyone to play on one map, and call it a moba game, this is not an mmorpg anymore.
  9. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    Game is dead, only people who still play are people who have spent thousands of dollars on it. To them, it can never die, they spent too much money. There are like only 1200 people online at peak hours, compared to other games that have 12000 people online at peak hours. Aion is not a fun game anymore, it's just pure drudgery. NCsoft is not a very good game company. I don't know what it is, but they just seem to always make the worst possible decisions about this game. Like, I have never seen an MMORPG that gets smaller over time, they're supposed to get bigger, it's a testament to the backwards thinking of the NCsoft devs.
  10. Aion Legacy server please.

    Title. Can you please make an Aion legacy server like you did for Lineage II? Aion was a fun game before you started deleting maps. If you make a server from before you deleted Katalam and Danaria, take my money. I really want to like this game, but in it's current state, it's just terrible. It hurts my soul to see the game I loved so much turn into this. You would get a lot of people coming back and spending money if you made a Legacy server.
  11. Aion is an awesome game with an awesome concept, angels vs devils? What? That's cool . Now fix the game and make it fun and stop nyerking people around with your RNG rubbish, stop deleting your nyerking world. Stop putting your pvp instances behind time locks, what the nyerking hell. Why do I have to wait to do the one thing that's fun on this game? And only once a day? Why would you stop people from being able to trade? Why would you take all the mounts out of the game, or make it impossible for new players to get a permanent mount forcing them to walk slow everywhere unless they transform into some corny stuffed animal? What is wrong with you? How do you think that's a good idea? That's like if I made a banana and tuna fish sandwich, and thought it was a good idea... It's not.
  12. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    I wouldn't hold your breath for 6.5 The history of Aion is always take one step forward 2 steps back, the more content they put out, the worse the game gets. I Would hope they hire some high speed people who understand how to fix this game and make it good again. But that's wishful thinking. The moment they decided to delete maps was when they messed up. Even I can think of a better way, instead of deleting maps, make them relevant. Give people a reason to go there. Game does not feel like a living , breathing world anymore. It's just a box they cram everyone into, nothing interesting to see here, you're only going to have fun if you can get good enchants on your gear and hold your own in pvp, which is pretty much impossible. RNG , RNG, RNG, The next game company that makes a game RNG based needs to be taken out back and taught a lesson. It's 2019, and we are sick of that RNG rubbish on these games, make an awesome game with an awesome concept, then you ruin it with RNG everywhere, way to go.
  13. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    SO , basically all this game is now is, play for weeks to get stones for enchanting, try to enchant, fail, realize you just wasted a month of your life, go play other games that don't waste your time. Cool character creator though.
  14. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    I think they need to redesign the game then. Make everyone turn back into a human, and take away their wings if they can't use them to fly anywhere. Forget this game, not wasting one more second of my life on it. Gonna go play WoTLK world of warcraft private server, that game is lit, server capped with 12000 people online, you know why? Because old school WoW is a good game and does everything right. NCSoft should take notes. If you take just one zone from WoW, it's bigger than all the maps in Aion put together. That's what an MMO is supposed to be like, a huge, fantastic world to explore, everywhere you turn there is something interesting to see. What is Aion now? A couple of leveling maps, then everyone is jammed into one small zone. Is this even an MMORPG anymore, or just some mobo game now?
  15. Yea, used to play this game all night, it was fun, but this RNG is just too much for me. RNG on these games is the worst possible thing you can do, I can see RNG for gear drops from bosses, that's alright, but when you need to + your gear just to compete and not get one shotted, and you try your best to do it and no matter how many stones you use it just doesn't work. You're combat ineffective, because of rng, and no game should be like that. I might still play this game though with just +10 gear and try to avoid pvp, but then, I can't stand the transformation system and it's just a complete turn off for me. RIP Aion, you have become too toxic for me to play anymore. I will always remember the good times though.