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  1. I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

    They would make way more money if they put transparent scrolls for free so when people buy skins they can see them when they play. It's like they don't want to make any money on this game. More people would come back too. I know I'm not playing this game again until I can see the character I created when I play. Maybe in 7.0 I'll be back. Hopefully by then they wise up and get rid of that terrible transformation system. worst idea in gaming history.
  2. I think they listen to you, but they just don't do anything about it. People are telling you over and over how to make your game fun, but you do the opposite. No lie, that's why I quit, have to pay to see my character. You must be crazy if you think I'm doing that. .
  3. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    I don't even understand why they have levels on this game. Leveling up is supposed to teach you how to play a game well as you go. And it should be an accomplishment to get to max level. They just don't know what they're doing, they're either going to make it take a year to get to max level, or a few hours. You should make the game so if someone plays a couple hours a day, they get one level. The way your game is set up, just delete all the maps except one, start everyone at lvl 80 and they only get to pick a dog, cat, sheep, or a penguin. Everything about this game is the opposite of how to make a good mmorpg. I wouldn't even call Aion an MMORPG anymore. It's more like a moba game now with RNG, it's the worst. What's the point of letting people start the game and go around killing everything with one hit? I tried to level a new character in 6.2, and when everything was dying before I could even learn how my skills work I quit.
  4. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    I feel you, the game is rubbish now. It used to be a much better game, but the last expansion ruined it for me. I can't bare to play it anymore.
  5. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    In most MMOROPGs after a while people will move to private servers because the company running the official servers always messes their game up. Look at world of warcraft, people hate the new expansion of WoW, dropping their subscriptions, but if you go to a private wotlk server back when WoW was amazing it is so lit, server capped with 12 thousand people online. Aion is the same way, more people are playing the private servers than the official. How are you going to let a private server be better than the official one? You dropped the Ball NC soft. You had a good game, back in 4.7 before you deleted everything. Who ever is working for you that wants everyone to look like stuffed animals, he needs to get fired, he ruined your game. Took the one thing that made Aion special, your character creation, and ruined it.
  6. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    I think the people who design these mmorpgs don't really understand why people play them making them good games. They do it all the time on every game. They will have something good, then ruin it with bad ideas. Like, dude, stop updating your game, just stop, you're gonna mess it up. They did that to Lineage II too. They jack that game up so bad, no one would play it, they had to open a legacy server with the original game on it to get people to play it again. I think they should do that with Aion too, Open a Aion 3.5 server, and see how many people come back, that was when Aion was good and fun.
  7. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    Yea, the main reason people played Aion and put up with it was because they could make their characters look nice and run around and fight and look cool. . I thought it was stupid just to have candy that made you transform into a sheep for extra run/attack speed. Then 6.2 came out and they designed the whole game around that very bad idea. What are they thinking? The main reason I quit and was sad to go. Because I can't look cool anymore, so what's the point? I would probably still play this game if I could look like the character I created when I fight. What's the point? Just make everyone start the game and they can only pick from a dog, cat, sheep, panda, or a bunny rabbit. Maybe they had to downgrade their servers, so now it's better if everyone runs around looking like a thing that is already programmed . Seems like it. 6.2 doesn't feel like an upgrade, it feels like a downgrade.
  8. I used to like gathering things to craft to make a little extra kinah and give all the fighting a rest. It was tedious, but it added depth to the game. I just don't see any depth in this game anymore. Careful when you see someone say they will streamline an mmorpg, that means they will take all the depth out of it and turn it into some basic unfun, mess..I never saw an mmorpg get smaller over time. Normally they get bigger. And people used to love Aion because of all the skins you could get and how you could make your toon look awesome, why would they take that away with the transformation system? It boggles the mind why they decide to do some of the things they do with this once, great game.
  9. That's easy, the moment they decided to delete Katalam and Danaria, those maps were so fun to play on and pvp on, to understand why they would delete it boggles the mind, then they deleted hearts too? Wtf? Then to top it off, they have this really bad idea about how people can only pvp in the instances a certain time of day. Why not let people play it any time they wanted? So when you play Aion you are just forced into this time scheadual. And that's just real lame bro.
  10. Something needs to be done about PvE

    Something needs to be done about this game, they expect you to waste your entire life getting one simple thing, or else pay. .
  11. haha hey boiz

    Hey y'all, why you be trying a fool like that? Why you don't let us have transparent scrolls for free? You expect me to look like a monkey to y'all? c'mon man, don't even try me like that cuz.
  12. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    Nothing is wrong with your computer, you can run games much more graphically intensive than Aion. Aion is just very poorly optimized, always has been. The cry engine it runs on is a pile of garbage.
  13. The New Aion.

    It really does make you wonder what the devs are smoking. The game used to be awesome, but it's like the more content they try to put out, the worse it gets, as soon as they decided to delete whole maps everyone loved to engage in that's when they messed up. And I can't for the life of me understand why they would do that. an MMORPG is supposed to get bigger over time, not smaller.
  14. Legion Mount bugged?

    Really? they made it impossible to get legion mounts now? Glad I got mine already. Feel bad for new players. It's like NCsoft wants us to go through the game as slow as possible. WTB > snail transformation. Someone please tell them they have a good game here and stop messing it up. Aion is fun, it has fun combat and pvp and it looks cool and feels good, but why do they want to mess everything up? I want them to think and do the right thing, but they just can't, Everything about this game is like, " omg, why would they do that?"
  15. BOTS

    I don't mind bots, it's just a problem when you're trying to do a quest and like 8 bots are there killing everything so it takes over a hour to get done. But yea, that is a good idea, have a channel just for bots. Because you're never going to stop it, might as well embrace it. It can be helpful to the economy when bots lower the prices competing with each other making your grind a bit more bearable.