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  1. Look, I don't care if you are pay to win, if you just give me free transparent scroll to hide my dumb transformations, I will let you kick my ass all day, atleast I will look cool when I die. Sorry for double post, but I love this game Aion, please just let me look like the character I created for free, and still run and attack just as fast,. That is the reason I play any video game, if my character looks awesome and he does cool , high speed stuff, I will like that game.. but it's not awesome for you to force me to look like a stuffed animal just so I can run as fast as I did for 5 years. Please be nice to your players, not mean.
  2. New Patch Thoughts

    Bryos, Just leave him alone and let him do his quest, you know you can beat him, you can beat anyone with your 10 thousand dollar character. Why do you enjoy ganking people you know you can beat? Don't you like to have a challenge? Pick on someone your own size.
  3. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    What's wrong with doing something 30 times on different characters? It takes time to do, a lot of time, should you not be rewarded for time you spend in the game or something? All you do on this game is kill the same mobs over and over, why can't you do that with instances? I played all through 5.0 - 5.8 and prices didn't really change that much, in fact prices went down, omegas used to be 800kk each, then by the end of 5.8 they were a reasonable 100kk each. I don't see one good reason why they did the changes to the broker and no trading, and no account warehouse. It's a social game, but you can't even trade people anything. smh. Just like you have wings but can't fly anywhere, LUL
  4. New Patch Thoughts

    It's still a new patch, hopefully in time they will fix all the stuff that makes no sense. But you're right, as of now, it's just a very bad experience and nearly unplayable if you're new. You know? games should be fun to play, not hell to play. No one has time to be in hell, we want to have fun with our free time. The bad thing is, the same people who are on here telling you not to get mad about how the game is are the same people who go around ganking people with their 10 thousand dollar character. Bryos. He wants you to play so he can have fun ganking you if you try to do anything at all. He needs the ego boost in his life.
  5. New Patch Thoughts

    The game is bad Bryos, you are probably one of the people who have spent over 10 thousand dollars on your character so no matter what they do you will be invested in the game. But from the perspective of someone who is not so brainwashed by NCsoft, the game is very horrible and not friendly to new people who don't spend hundreds of dollars a month on it. You must have never played another game in your life if you think this pile of nyerk they threw at us is good. It's your job to voice your opinion when game companies start to mess your favorite games up. I bet you're one of those kids in college who cries when someone critiques your work too. If something is bad, you have to say something, don't just say oh well, or it will never get better.
  6. New Patch Thoughts

    Yea, the game is absolutely horrible now. I really didn't think it could get much worse than 5X , but they pulled it off. I tried to level an alt on the new server, can't go anywhere, I made the mistake of buying extra warehouse slots, now I can't teleport to the next zone. I would just walk there if this was a normal mmorpg, but it's not a seemless world, just a bunch of maps that are only connected by teleports. Give this game an honest review. 2-out of 10, it's utter rubbish, and it only gets a 2 because the music is good. And what's even worse is, NCsoft is not planning on making a good game ever again, their new games coming out are all mobile wallet gankers. RIP
  7. New Patch Thoughts

    They don't lack imagination when it comes to getting people to open their wallets. They only lack imagination when it comes to how they design their game. Really? So just one map to be in at level 80 for both factions? Such a big, beautiful world. Lol, no, it's the worst crappy world I have ever seen in an MMORPG, never really cared about it, only cared about how my character looks, but you took that away too, now you force me to look like stuffed animals, and you make me pay real money to stop it. I just can't. I wouldn't even call Aion an MMO anymore, it's more like a MOBA now. The world does not feel alive at all, it feels like you're just running around in a box.
  8. localisation pet peeves and suggestions

    Lol @ pay to see your own character. Wow, just wow. Look at that for what it is, greed. All these cool skins but you have to buy these scrolls if you want to fight good while you wear them. Dyamn, OP got it right. LUL! I'm not playing this game until money starts growing on the tree in my yard.
  9. No one is scared to play. It's just the fact that people don't usually live longer than 100 years. So I probably won't play a game that takes so much time and effort to do something because of bad RNG. No one wants to sit there for a week only to have your gear fail to get to +15 over , and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. That is called drudgery, and it's not fun. Video games are supposed to be fun to play, not painful. Old enchanting was better, all you needed was greater supplements and an omega, 100 % chance, then you can be done with it and get it out of your life. The way it is now, You may never get +15, no matter what you do, you can use 1000 stones, and you still might not get it. All you will do in the game is sit there trying to enchant and fail, wow, sounds thrilling.
  10. P2w players

    Game would be so much better if you didn't have to fight these people who spend so much money, like if you could just turn pvp off. But the way it is, you are forced to. I guess it has to be like that because people wouldn't spend so much money if they couldn't go around killing everyone with their 10 thousand dollar character. When that happens to me I just turn Aion off and go play something fun and enjoyable. Only have a couple hours a day, not wasting it getting killed by people I will never be a match for unless I give NCsoft my whole paycheck.
  11. Favorite Patch?

    I started playing in patch 3.5 and the game was wonderful. Still had some stupid ideas in it, but nothing compared to the amount of bullnyerk they have now. I had hoped this game would get better and become more friendly to the player over time, but the opposite has happened. It's everyone's fault, it's the Devs fault for designing greedy game mechanics that brings them lots of money, and it's the players fault for buying it. If the devs didn't think some guy would come along and pay 10 thousand dollars for all their pay to win bullnerk, they would not have implemented such things. At the end of the day NCsoft says damn your gaming experience, they only want your money. They could care less how horrible their game has to be to people in order to get it. Blame the whales who just have to be better than everyone else. These people will spend thousands just so they can go around one shotting free to play people trying to work hard for their gear. Those kinds of people are keeping this game alive, and causing it to become more pay to win. You would do the same thing, if you owned a shop and someone kept buying something, no matter how bad it was, you would keep selling it.
  12. P2w players

    200-500 a month, sounds about right, I know people who have spent over 1000 per month, which is madness. But that is one damn expensive video game to be good at. Save your money man, lol, buy a new car instead.
  13. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    Ranks mean nothing anyways, even the person at the #1 spot only got there because he bought a million eternal bastion scrolls from BCM back in the day, he didn't have to pvp anyone to get that rank. If I were them I would just take GP out all together. There's no point to have it.
  14. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    If you're playing this game, keep track of how much time you are putting into it per day. When you see over time you are not getting any stronger because of RNG. You can't just sit there and keep wasting your life away for nothing. Time is precious. I have wasted whole weeks of my life playing this game only to have my gear either break, or end up weaker than it was when I started. Who ever had the idea to put rng like this on this kind of game needs to be fired from his job and never allowed to work making video games ever again lol. "Huur, I'll make a game where getting your gear stronger is like winning the lottery, that should be fun. hurrrr. People will never get to see how strong their characters can really be unless they pay me at least 1000." Bad game is a bad game. Some games are just horrible nightmares to play. Aion is pretty cool until you get past your character creator, then get ready for hell.
  15. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    That's the bad thing about it. There is so little content and the game wants your time. So instead of being able to explore a fascinating world with your time. You will see it all in a day, then the rest of your time will be spent trying to enchant gear. I have played before and as a casual player, took me over a year to gear up to +15. That is why these rng games are horrible to the player. You never know how long it will take to get your gear how you want it. Could be a month, could be a year. Depending on what random numbers you generate. They put RNG in their games to make people play longer when they have such small amount of content to do. Just try to stay away from those kinds of games. You will end up wasting your life for nothing.