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  1. Thank you Pumpkin event, you will always be in my heart :3
  2. Hi, When is the new event coming up? And do we have a date for the new update 7.7? ANY NEWS would be nice. Thanks!
  3. I have a question: if a gm from support replied to me saying I need to log out to enter my acount and I replied with ok, then clicked "solved", should i have left it open? help!, thanks.
  4. So why Clerics cant have Healing Boost for the event Manastones?
  5. How long does it take for a GM to realise we can`t play?
  6. Hi guys! I was struggling with lag spikes as well these past 3 days (since patch) I was having between 800 and 1500ms. Yesterday I installed Wtfast and magically my ping went down to 175ms stable. I wish i would have done this 3 days ago but now I can play again!
  7. Hi, we have unusual pikes of lag and we can`t run instances or complete quests! Please help!!
  8. I am lagging like never before, can`t even do quests.
  9. Any GM online? can reset KT Server please??
  10. Yay Finally!!! the 29th :3 Everyone was saying it would have to be this month and I didnt believe it! What I don´t understand is why are ppl so mad? Like, okay I get it, you might be dissapointed.. You don´t like changes for the last few patches, bugs, EC, or things like "meh I dont care, Aion is already dead", etc, etc,. So, why do you keep playing? Why do you keep posting? Isnt`t it so much easier to just log out and find another game to play? I did find myself in that same situation a couple of months ago, so I did just that. I tried every other MMORPG and what happened? I came
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