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  1. Hi Kibbelz! You guys forgot to add Ultimate Breath of Transformation, I looked in BCM and its nowhere to be found I also asked around but nobody knows anything
  2. I really liked it, honestly i had fun. But i dont know, i come from the official one and its free, you dont have to pay in order to have a buff that lets you get kinah or drops in instances...Yes, you do have benefits from prestige but its different. I think its a good time to play it but honestly ill probably drop it and go back to aion, like i always do :3
  3. LOL I created my char on the 16th but I cannot access because server is full?? I mean... I reserved it for a reason
  4. Im getting an error message "Cannot access the file" then I ran a scan files but i dont know.. Ive never got this before
  5. Thank you Kibb for all your work done so far. I would vote for details to be open, if you don´t want to, it means you want to keep it in hide and thats suspicious.
  6. I honestly think you came back at the worst time. Simply because almost all active players already have legendary transformation complete and prolly 1 or 2 ultimate transformations, S Minion or even SS. But, there´s more: We got amazing events in these past year or 2, and that gave us the chance to finally get all stigmas advanced, etc- And groups are very selective now if not all premade. So if your not geared sovereign +15 etc, you ll be playing mostly solo. So If you are going to start from scratch... Uhm... I would wait another year or so. Since, from what I heard, when 8.0 arriv
  7. I hope you can gives us the crystals for the dragon in survey as compensation please
  8. I honestly don´t like it, ive tried it, it´s such a bad idea, if we were struggling to report bots, I imagine only one future for Aion. If this is really a test, please don´t implement it.
  9. Thank you Pumpkin event, you will always be in my heart :3
  10. Hi, When is the new event coming up? And do we have a date for the new update 7.7? ANY NEWS would be nice. Thanks!
  11. I have a question: if a gm from support replied to me saying I need to log out to enter my acount and I replied with ok, then clicked "solved", should i have left it open? help!, thanks.
  12. So why Clerics cant have Healing Boost for the event Manastones?
  13. How long does it take for a GM to realise we can`t play?
  14. Hi guys! I was struggling with lag spikes as well these past 3 days (since patch) I was having between 800 and 1500ms. Yesterday I installed Wtfast and magically my ping went down to 175ms stable. I wish i would have done this 3 days ago but now I can play again!
  15. Hi, we have unusual pikes of lag and we can`t run instances or complete quests! Please help!!
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