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  1. The stella easy mode youre not going to be able to run in pandora gear unless the other 5 people in your group carry you or for some reason you've been +15 the set. the thing for you is to run pf easy mode and idd since they are super easy and just get the old ultimate gear then run stella. IMO pandora gear is useless youll waste far too much kinah retuning and stones enchanting when you can get the pf and idd set in 7.0 very easily. If you want it for the skin thats up to you or if you want it to try to run pf now so you need less of the ultimate for next patch then do it but enchanting and doing stuff to non frostspark ultimate is a waste of time
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 26, 2019

    @Maladro-KTReally just because EU got it you want it here well I don't know if you know but there are tons of things we have gotten here that EU has not and will not get if you like EU so bad go play there nothing is stopping you. Each Aion publisher is different if you prefer one over the others go play their game
  3. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I just wanted to see other chanter opinions. Has anyone else noticed how heavy the chanter nerf was. I have to deal with the way they do they heal nerfed but our dps dropped like crazy I'm seeing 2.5m to 3m decrease in pf and idd. I get I don't have the best pve dps set but I'm 3/4 ultimate +5-10. I can't tell in pvp since everyone is at different stages but for pve, My God. I'm not trying to cry about it anymore but what do they want me to do? They nerfed dps and support. I guess it's what we get but I talked with my legion and checked my other account in korea looks like this patch was 6.4 mini patch and 6.5 maybe more rolled into one I guess that is why it feels so bad for chanters. Unfortunate but I guess I'll be playing my cleric now but like Vantheria said I will have trouble solo healing pf and idd I have full pf armor set with crafted ulti mw accessories. My set is dps for my cleric I don't have a healing set my set is the coe set so I guess I'm screwed all around.
  4. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Its the same sad feeling I have for templar they have been kicked from the tank role because they aren't as needed. I hate when games like to nerf whats fun for everybody to play. If you like playing templar and having less dmg output play a templar and be the tank if you want to work hard and make your chanter (support healer) primary heals do what you like its your time you are spending have fun in the game
  5. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I get in a full team its great but from my experience its 1 in 2 runs of pf and IDD to get gear I run it in 4 and 6man instead of 6 and 12 so my legion can do more runs with more people to get more gear. I get that's not the same for the general population but that's how it has been for us since I guess unlike everyone else we would like to reach end game in the 6 months we've had this patch. there aren't as many new skins so I want all of the nice looking skins from the new instances. I just feel like if I am dedicated to my personal choice of playstyle for my priest I shouldn't have to be like sorry I am just a support healer and I cant be primary heals for my party. I have nothing against clerics I just prefer chanter I don't see anything wrong with a chanter being primary heals and taking a bard for support and dispel
  6. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Im sorry the drop rates are so poor in this game that the only way to get full geared is running half the recommended people for an instance
  7. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    IMO I would be happy if they said yeah rejuv is busted shard don't work and were nerfing cleansing the way it was 8s cleanse and rejuv they said ok were going to take away shards and cut the healing in half but keep the Heal boost so its just a party recovery spell I am pretty sure my 4man for pf can still do it without my dps if I only heal but its going to get buffed and if I have to go back to 6man for it that just kills my speed in gearing my toons I have Sheba, Veille and Krom so I can easily change to veille and just be a healer but its such a dumb way to fix an overpowered skill. I'm not a greedy person but I might just start rolling on mace and shields in IDD so I can keep playing the way I enjoy playing the game
  8. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Its still going to be an insta 9.6k heal or a 15k heal over 10 or 12s. Since most chanters don't even use a HB set in pvp you wont tell the difference. pve is where you will see the difference. It's just going to make clerics have to heal more in IDD and Senekta or I don't know if we have a different name here.
  9. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Sure I do but I spent so much time and money making it perfect it was my primary set for pve and pvp. I have 2 ulti pve one half ulti dps and a full ulti HB then I have 2 dps pvp sets crafted and exchange ulti then a HB legendary cloudwar set and MR legendary firebrand set. sure I have other sets but its not that easy to just swap unless I wasn't to spam through even more scrolls to go krom to sheba and back everytime. It just seems lame and stupid way to fix a skill
  10. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I take pride in my heal boost set my ultimate pve set took forever to get all the pieces and I have 1200-1400 HB on the set with protection ward and 4k dp I jump up to a clerics healing boost with their HB skill popped. I take a lot of pride in the work I put in plus all the money I spent on luna. it hurts for them to just slap me in the face for loving the way I play my class. I was spending about $140 a month on luna to spam pf and idd to get full ultimate set and get all my daevanian skills. There are just so many other ways to balance 1 skill that is a problem in the game and its not by taking Healing boost away from the skill
  11. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I still have to deal with long cast times that reduce my dps for the group clerics have many cast time reduction skills and don't have to run atk spd to do dps. Sure I can stop using Kromede and use Sheba but the issues is you reduce the heal boost on a priest class instead of tweaking the numbers that the skill actually heals for.
  12. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I have run 4man PF and 6man IDD almost since this patch release every cleric since the beginning has run dps or closest hybrid mainly focusing dps since all the instances are dps races and its the 2nd PRIEST (chanter) to help with shields and healing. I am just totally sickened that you can take another priests healing boost telling me I cant play my priest like a priest. its like boo hoo cleric isn't needed for FM or PF but you need them for BOS and IDD you cant not take them unless maybe you take 2 sw in IDD. Senekta you need a cleric so why attack the other priest because I chose a chanter over a cleric. Don't take away my way of having fun in the game playing the class I've loved for 10 years
  13. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    It kills me I am the same I've played chanter since release in Korea and when I moved back to NA and started playing on release. There has been many points where chanter hasn't felt good at all finally we have nice things. I get they are really strong and needed to be nerfed but It wasn't common knowledge about the actual nerf seeing as it was in a mini patch on the Korean server. I knew the shard would no longer effect recovery spell but also it wont be affected by healing boost that is completely ridiculous. I love playing support chanter and being able to take a bigger role in healing has been very fun for me. Most of the clerics I run with are dps spec anyway and it allows me to shine as the priest I am. I still so upset that all the work I did for a full ultimate pve and pvp Healing boost set for my chanter is just useless now. For as long as I remember shards no longer worked but healing boost still was benefitting the recovery spell in Korea it may have changed with 6.7 on since I haven't been on my chanter much, but now I have 2 +15 sets on my chanter that are complete garbage here in NA I rerolled with luna grinded endlessly for every piece of those sets. Honestly I am seriously bummed and wish they would just nerf the skill and not just take healing boost effectiveness from a PRIEST class.