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  1. Chanter DPS stigmas

    It really depends like everyone is saying. For 1v1 pvp I use numbing blow, disorientating blow, Blessing of wind, mountain crash, annihilation, word of inspiration, soul lock, leaping flash, rise. I don't take word of life while running word of inspiration and disorientating is if you have +12, leaping flash and rise for +9. In pve or group pvp swap Word of life with rise as you have team back up and swap it's position with soul lock if you don't have +9s. You will have to play with this til you figure out what works best for you. Good Luck fellow chanter
  2. Curiosity: Bug or Fail ?

    Yes of course you can use to kick them but they just re-queue the thing is you don't get any rewards til you actually finish an EC so if you spend the whole EC queue time and don't finish a single EC you get nothing. And it doesn't stack over the cap of 2/2. That is why we had an issue
  3. Curiosity: Bug or Fail ?

    People blow me away how special they are. Yes it was a bug the kick feature is meant for the competitive players who saw they would lose to go next but you obv when you entered a new EC and finished it you got rewards nothing from the ones you got kicked in and when you finished the EC you couldn't keep gaining more runs because to get rewards the EC would have to finish and you can't kick at that point anymore. So something happened to NA spaghetti code and nyerked up for us and yes it was an exploit for those who used it. END OF STORY people need to stop trying to point fingers to feel less guilty for being a scumbag. Own up to it, you expoited you got punished, grow up and move on. Sure NC needs to be on top of this stuff better but you steal from a store you say, "oh they should have better security?"
  4. Misconception about Aion

    Just and fyi in KR I attend siege and do altars and quests I cant even become a 1 star in Korea they are much more competitive and if you don't pay there you will always be nothing. Its a different animal than NA. It doesn't mean you cant play the game, but if you want to pvp with the best there, if you're f2p you are dreaming
  5. Misconception about Aion

    No Arhangelos is 100% correct if you are not doing everything you can to make progression in the game then you have no one to blame but yourself. I tell people all the time as I am also a f2p player here on NA since I spend my money on my KR account. If someone buys a ton of tickets for the lottery or a raffle and you only use the one raffle ticket you get for free you cant be mad when the person who spends more wins. I am currently moving so I dont get to play much so I take all my time to run lunas on all my toons and thats all I do, but when I was playing hardcore 5-8hrs a day. I ran 12 lunas a day, ran every pve instance on my 4 main toons I enjoy, then my main I did all 4 100x repeat demaha stellium quests, did altar quests, attended every altar and siege, ran all pvp instances, then reset pve and pvp instances for whatever I wanted to make progress on and still managed to grind for crafting mats. I get not everyone has 6hrs a day to play but that means you have to schedule out your time like I do now to make progress. OR you pay money to make up for the progress you aren't making. Players need to stop crying about others because they are too lazy to put in hard work for a rpg or pay for the other way to increase progression. just busting my ass like this I have 1 full +15 t2 pvp set 1 +15 t2 pve set then an extra t2 pve set and 2 t1 ulti +15 pvp sets and hopefully by the end of the event I will have 2 ulti t2 pvp sets. without spending a dime just hard work grinding nonstop. the game is pay for convenience but because its takes full time dedication you HAVE TO PAY if you cant put in the time and want to be the best
  6. Misconception about Aion

    Regardless of events in korea you have to spend money there are no f2p players in korea not one that truly play the game daily. +15 stigma is 55 USD each in korea +15 daevanskill 100 USD each. Getting legendary and ultimate transforms is gonna be another huge cost. In reality if you saw the accounts with 15 stigmas 15 daeva and let's say kaisinel. The gear on this account will only be legendary at best. They go for min 2.5k to 6k in korea depending on what class. It's clear you don't play in korea if we had what korea had it would kill every f2p player in NA and people would cry even more than they are now
  7. +12 stigma conclusion

    The part that gets me on my Korean account and from what I heard from legion mates in Korea. I only spent $623 USD to get 9 +15 stigmas there it's so much more affordable. I get the value of currency and the markets but damn 2x the cost in NA and we don't have half the player base as KR. Makes me sad. Really hope they do something really sweet and I won't mind spending money on but f2p players will be upset again
  8. +12 stigma conclusion

    Thanks for sharing glad for people to see there are more people who have +12. I did not do my +12 myself I got them from my legion mate because I'm trying not to spend money but they spent $500, 40k bcc, plus an extra 150 stones they already had(gold ingots, alts). They enchanted from +6 and got 9 +12 for my cleric.
  9. Gameforge 7.2: Shadows Over Red Katalam

    the safe +9 is permanent and still a thing in EU, the event helped with other aspects of enchanting.
  10. I understand, happens, there is a lot to do this patch. @Forgotten-DN The thing is some classes have a much easier time in Crucible Spire because of the way its set up as well as things that the OP brought up I can tell you in full frostspark +15 with ulti attack stones and legendary crit I have much much higher stats than my vandal and my SM but the thing is like the OP just stated they have skills and such that give them dmg modifiers that idk why they work in cruci but they do. sure you could say oh your vandal out dps' you chanter because vandal is broken but my SM which there is no way can out dmg my chanter gets further in cruci spire than my chanter and my chanter is better than my SM in every possible way. Some classes are good for cruci and some i wont say are not but ill say they have a harder time pulling the higher performances.
  11. I mean maybe, since I am in the process of moving I haven't been able to run cruci and haven't checked on the ranks last week or yesterday, but normally I see 18 as the top for chanter maybe people got tired or had other things going on? I just feel like if he is talking about the vandal and strength comparing to other classes its better to get a wider range of data to avoid from making classes look like they are much worse, seeing as that is all most of the players will get from this post. Cruci is a how well your class can sustain while keeping up good dps so classes with high dps no sustain suffer as well as high sustain lower dps. So with that being said, I'm just trying to state that Crucible Spire is an awful way to gauge the strength of a class and how strong or weak they are.
  12. I dont think this is really accurate because my chanter makes it to floor 17 with Tahabata and sometimes if im lucky I make it to the bug after and there is always one person from DN who beats me, maybe because it was taken last week and I didnt run the last 2 weeks but even when I forget to get dp and good pots etc I still make it to 15 and there are plenty of chanters at 15 the sheba wannabe and 16 the little darus. I think the big thing is since the chanter "nerf" on recovery spell making the chanter, in the masses eye, weak and the fact no one plays temp which is very gear dependent the numbers are low for these classes but floor 18 is normally what I see as the top floors for temp and chanter which I do agree have the lowest but also some of the lowest participants. Chanter dps stigmas are needed for a good cruci run but if you try to play dps chanter in pvp you will not have a fun time because your burst and dps isnt not on par with other classes 1v1 you are fine but honestly who 1v1s in this game so most chanters run hybrid or support chanter. I run support chanter and I get to 14 with dps I get to 18. So I know there are dps chanter better than me because my dps stigmas aren't all +9. I just dont want the good name of chanter smeared with data suggesting they are underpowered
  13. What is your thoughts about Vandal Power?

    The main feeling towards vandal was that it was to make people roll a new class and to become competative in korea you need to spend money. The strength on release is similar to how they make all new classes strong on release but when they got nerfed they did another thing that they normally do, the new stigma tree for vandal after the nerf is the other tree that isn't as strong right now so it forces people now to enchant the black hole tree now then when the nerf hits you have to max the paint monster tree. but the big thing is there is little counterplay to the laser and when it gets nerfed there is a lot more counterplay to the class so you wont die like you do now to it.
  14. Manastone Crafting - Rates

    Here again to add my spices to the pot. My 2 pvp sets on my chanter being that I like to play support chanter are evasion and MR. I buy all those evasion and MR ulti stones like candies so if they are up there I buy them pretty fast unless I need other things and have to save for my crafting stuff, but back to my set I have 2 ulti t1 sets my first set is about half t2 and I have about 19/20k evasion or mr on the sets with collection/cubics/buffs as stated I can tell you with most geared players not having so high accuracy yet since everyone is going for atk or crit. I feel like a god because I dodge vandal lasers or take very little dmg I just heal back in an instant. Evasion/MR is great this patch and I recommend it for every cleric or support chanter
  15. @cyan really 2 seconds kill 1 vandal

    There is a vandal in my legion who has full ulti pve gear with crafted proc pve chromablaster with a fail proc under it then legendary necklace from idd but the rest of the accessories are proc pve ultis and my legions sin destroys her dps she is in the top dps for our groups but for veilenthrone there are 5 people who out dps her and all her instance pieces are 15 weapon is 15 and rest is 10+. yes she has manastones, +9 stigmas and some work on her daevanian skills. I think vandals have extremely high dps but in pve there are plenty people far more geared who put out more dps. I see a sorc or sin in the same gear as a vandal doing the same dmg, the only thing is the vandal puts much less effort into it while the sin/sorc has to be near perfect on rotations. It does even out when they nerf the pink laser speed to 1s per tick vandal will have to rely on good rotation over the braindead press pink and win