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  1. Game balance

    I'm not trying to say there is 0 difference obviously one is ulti the other is legendary there is a difference. But yes as was just stated you have sod, rejuv aria, soothing melody, Inspiration. There are ways for you to get the cast you want with atk spd transform or atk spd with cast transform whatever you choose. Sod is 10min down and Aria is 45s I know but other class have cd's too. Inspiration if advanced has like a 3s downtime You choose to go hybrid, so you didn't have the luck to have Sheba that's fine we all get unlucky at times. Grind out the Azphel or Ariel transform takes 10 wk 11 shards per week and if you wanted you can actually get both xform just for collection sake in the 2 and 1/3 month it takes to get. This is the better hybrid if you so choose to run hybrid. I'm not saying ultimate isn't strong I know its strong but having an ultimate doesn't make you God. If you insist you might have to get creative and use different transforms in the middle of a fight. I do it when I play on my main account chanter and sw just sucks to suck on that. I will go to the thread about feedback and ask them to add most ways to just outright buy or obtain ultimate potions. But if they made the transform easier to get they might as well just give us everything instead of having us play the game. I would love to have advanced stigma on all my alts as well as the starlight gear it was stressful enough getting it on my main let alone doing all my 10 other accounts and over 100 toons
  2. Who didn't see that coming?

    There were 2 or 3 gem and runestone events before they even really had a purpose for people to enchant them in Korea. This was long overdue people got the runes to +20 but people only would enchant gems to +5 because there was no point to go further. At least they made it so getting to 5 is easy and +10 it more realistic if you do eventually plan on getting +20 gems you aren't spending so much sanctify potions in the early stages like people were doing for the runes
  3. Who didn't see that coming?

    It states that they raise the success rate for low enchant to help prevent contamination so early and just like the bonus effects you get on the gems at +5 there is additional effect at +10. Hope that clears this up
  4. Game balance

    I have Sovereign PvE but it makes 0 difference the outcome is the same. The point of running Kata is for the gear but still my toons have 19-20k atk they have 3k pvp their base def is low yes but still they have adv stigma adv daeva but all that doesn't matter. Hell even now with change on prestige they have S minions. I feel that is pretty average gear compared to the avg player but they still get killed the kaisinel doesn't make much of a difference
  5. Game balance

    I have an account that I haven't touched much besides luna/events its still wearing +15 ultimate winged champion and ultimate firebrand set and I can tell you doesn't matter I have both kaisinel and marchutan on that account I get my shit rocked when I go out even to just do Kata stuff, sometimes even by you
  6. Game balance

    Again if it bothers you that much play with people, spend money, or the last helpful tip for you. Grind renown in Gelk, Ing, and SC and buy the 11 transform shard a week in 10 weeks there you go you have a 60% spd 27/27 atk/cast transform. I know you can at least buy 10 ulti pots from the renown and a few other ways to get them. I feel yeah they should add more ways to get a reliable stream of pots but they shouldn't give away the transform. Petition for more pots and I will gladly agree with you and support it.
  7. Game balance

    I don't play at end game??? Pretty sure I have been playing the game and I am far more geared than you are but that's besides the point. They are making a statement on game balance in correlation to transformations. SW act like they are the only class that requires attack and cast speed plenty of classes do. Run in a group, grind for the transforms, or buy pots IF you don't wish to spend money. If they just want to vent out their frustration on the forums by all means they can do this and I can move on but all the people hopping in the wambulance about not being lucky to get an ultimate transform, join the club, I have been trying since 6.0 release and I don't have one. I have 3 old accounts for luna/events and they are my DN account or my elyos account from pre f2p and they got Ultimate transforms before my main. I understand its frustrating but everyone deals with this. You get lucky, you pay $$S, or you suck it up and deal. More legendary you have means all fails result in dupe which means you will have more attempt to try to be lucky, doesn't mean youll get the best thing but means you can try more often
  8. Game balance

    The chance for Ulti is low we all know this. If you want ulti spend money when certain events come up, for the f2p players like myself I do this. I work most of my day and come home and enjoy my time as I can but this is something I must to do if I want to satisfy my desire for making an attempt for the ultimate transforms. If I choose not to, welp, I guess I didn't want it that badly and I can always use the pots that you can get in game for the ultimate or stick with my legendaries. If transform alone loses you a fight then you weren't too good to begin with its not likely that someone with a legendary straight out loses a fight against someone with ultimate it has to do with multiple factors. Are you slower yes, are you not able to cap both atk and cast yes, but alone that doesn't make the person with ultimate win the 1v1. My honest opinion is buy the pots if you don't like what you have. Save up and spend a little money on events with transform rewards or sales. Very few people got their ulti with no work so why expect to get one with little work, do what you can if you don't want there are other options for you if you don't want that either then I don't really know what to tell you
  9. Game balance

    I agree its frustrating but I don't feel that every player should have ultimate transforms then what is the point of it being ultimate. People always say in Korea everyone has one, sure a lot of people do have them, but they didn't get it any different way than we people here got theirs. They also still can demote if they combine with 2 or 3 which we are lucky to not have. I am all for making ultimate pots super easy to obtain and in more ways then we currently have but not to just give out ultimate transforms. You can still get the 1 legendary every 2 weeks from weekly lugbug and the weekly quests are super easy now and also if you have 12 characters on your account you can do AS on them all daily and get a legendary in 26 days so 3 every 2 months ins't too bad. If you're really hungry for it you can do an extra reset of AS each day then hey you have 5 contracts every 2 months its what I do. My main account is 70/86 transforms I don't have a single ultimate yet and I grind like this everyday. People in korea either spent money for their ultimate trans because they see thats just what they have to do or they are in the .2% that has good luck. I would be more than happy if they made the pots easy to get and you could get plenty of them each week
  10. Katalam bugged again

    I am not upset with the reset its needed because we can't do else til we get it. I run all my instance as I can. I work close to 75hr a week I ran all my low stuff that I can do solo. Yeah unfortunately the stuff I cannot do solo I lost out for the reset. My issue isn't even losing out on this its the fact when I get home log in and ready to do these runs with my friends the bug is happening and it went on for the whole day and didn't even get fixed or notified they are working on it til I was at work the next day. I am about to leave work in 2hr so I can play but sadly my friends cannot play today so even though I have the runs again I cannot run the instances before reset tomorrow. I have already ask and will continue to ask support and whoever I can to figure out a way to make this easier on all players. I would love to have fun playing end game content with my friends but I'm left soloing the daily weekly content or just farming open world. I don't care about else I would just like the opportunity when I sit down to play I can play and not have to waste my whole free day looking at my phone and checking to see if we get any info about the reset. I hope people can understand this, they were understanding on DN being upset KT got resets and they were granted reset too so I am just asking for a regular scheduled reset for the server instead of waiting til it happens and then resetting it shouldn't be that difficult. I know they are working on a true solutions but this would most likely serve as the best solution til then. I doubt that the server runs any different from many other games servers. If you've run a Minecraft server I feel you even have some idea on how it works.
  11. Katalam bugged again

    There is no patch being applied so this is almost impossible to happen. I do this exact thing for my job. Worst case the reset doesn't fix the bug and we are left with the server being down and DN getting to play again with added resets
  12. Katalam bugged again

    At first DN wasn't getting resets only KT was but why do you think they made both servers reset? Because people complain that it is unfair KT got reset. The big issue I run all my small stuff I can pf,idd,sl ez and sl nm by myself at the beginning of the week and I bring my alts 2 at a time as I do it I go through all 17 runs on 20 toons. I'm sorry I cannot solo pf,idd hard or AoA by myself I am just not good enough for that and it would defeat the purpose of the game being an mmo if I could. Also I would love to be able to run all my luna, ESO, and AS in 1 day it would make my life so much easier if it was a weekly instance not daily. I don't care if the server resets I am asking since it is random since it happened in the beginning of the week as well before just set up the reset on a certain day tell everyone. That way people can plan around the 1 day and hell whatever still reset both servers. At least if I know I can force myself to do the shit I know I need to do instead of being tired after working my 15hr days and just slacking off that is what I am asking. People asked for DN to get resets I am asking for a continent schedule for resets so I have a better way to plan around them. I know NCsoft West is a smaller company when it comes to Aion so make it easy set up automated reset like they do with normal maintenance on Wednesday no one has to overlook it because I really doubt anyone does anything like this currently and when you come in make sure everything is good like people normally do on their shift and everything is peachy. I am currently working overseas my time doesn't match with server I get that and neither does my friends or legion I am just trying to ask for a change that makes it easier to set up my ability to still play the game I love so much my friends only have 1 maybe 2 days a week and when we all get together and the server is bugged it ruins our time to enjoy the game and each other company since we all have busy lives. P.S. Van I am not a dude
  13. Katalam bugged again

    The point Wednesday maintenance is AUTOMATED no one does anything it goes on it own without any person there normally speaking. I have done this myself at my OWN job there are 2 people who oversee it to make sure nothing crazy happens and to apply any kind of emergency patches if something is a problem. SO what I am saying is set up an AUTOMATED reset on Saturday night after PVP instances close. You can do this at anytime you can set it up same as they set up Wednesdays. Since I know they don't do anything but just a reset setting up an automated reset for Saturday would help mitigate problems if it was an issue like I had stated with the server there would be no need for anyone to be there on weekends or in time they are not at work since it would go by itself AND they can let everyone know there is a reset at X time and they will be disconnected. DO you believe people are at work a 5am for Wednesday reset? then why didnt those people who work at 5am fix this problem at 5am today??
  14. Katalam bugged again

    Literally been happening since 7.2 if their idea of a fix is reset then as soon as it is posted someone should be there reset in 30 hell even if they said we have to prep the reset and need 1hr before reset that is fine not take over 12 hours to literally do the smallest effort fix you can by simply resetting the server it doesn't take much time and its automated weekly but can be manually done just as easily since I doubt they actually apply any kind of patch to the game to fix any issues thus us getting the bug every single week (my experience working with EPIC games) Its literally like 2 steps if they choose not to just fix the problem with a real solution they should have someone who practically clicks twice and resets the server. Or hey most likely the bug is caused by some bin filling up and causing the problem so hey just do a small reset like this Saturday night and you can set it to an automated reset and hey less issues
  15. Katalam bugged again

    Dailies man dailies I cant do them. Oh hey lets say people are working and I cant run all 5 pf or idd 3 aoa ez 3 aoa nm then I get screwed if we are planning on running at the time bug happens. Sure last minute it happens but, DN lfg "pf hard before reset" "eso mark run before reset" KT lfg "its been 12 hrs and still nothing zzz cya guys in another game til they fix"