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  1. Here you go the issue about being slower I will address for you the title you get with the jump gives 5% the shoes you get in the jump give 19% the egg buff gives you 2% transform you get from the event at first pick up is ancient 35-40% you are only going to be in this for 2 days but that has you at 61-66% you are right this is slow that is about 9.6-9.9 movespeed then in 2 days you get a legendary which has 45-60% putting you at 10.2-11.1 movespeed depending on your rng. Less than 1 month into the egg event you will get an apostle of your choosing and get a transform with 60-70% 11.1-11.7 mo
  2. Sorry but his points are true. They are most likely doing visual upgrades they will also possibly add to make aion have crossplay similar to BnS and Lineage but a total revamp is fantasy. Yes this player is most likely EU or RU so the likelihood he knows the VERY few actual players who are apart of the Test server for 8.0 would be extremely rare. They closed Test server info 2.5 year ago to a major issue with the leaks and NC is not going to do this again. Most of the information that gets out is the information they allow the KR content creators to tell and also in the videos they make.
  3. This exactly its the same thing I have said for a very long time even before we got promotionals. Stormwing event like Flatten said gives you a legendary and an Aposlte that is almost on par with the ultimate for doing nothing difficult just doing some quests each day. Transform is the least of your worries as a new or returning player especially since they are giving you the step down from it for just simply playing the game. In 6mo we will have another transform promotional and for the people who worked hard they will get their ultimate then. It takes time to get the best things in game, as
  4. No the kinah problem is for everyone and most if not 80% of the bots are on subs not f2p. The Korean players are not without fault as well but there is a lot of hostility between them and foreign players. Not just saying NA/EU players but also the CN botters. They are contantly complaining about these issues on the site. Honestly the people even broadcasters you can talk to while they stream will all tell you the same things. The reason why they play is because they have a group of friens to play with and can have fun. They can go on for hours about all the bad things in the game, obviously th
  5. If someone doesn't care for Live and they wish for Classic then that is fine, its their opinion and that is all good no issues. No need to argue back and forth on a matter of opinion. Playing in NA and also in KR it is a totally different experience. I also mean truly playing in Korea ie posting on the site and actually being apart of the community and experience the game and the community as a whole. Its a totally different feel than NA. Yes players in Korea complain on issues in the game but no where close to the way or things people here complain on. The community for Live if you ask q
  6. Yeah it said if you got an ultimate from combining you dont get the transformation selection box you got a prime runestone selection box instead Players will receive a Prime Runestone Selection Box for meeting the following criteria: Gain an Ultimate Transformation via Transformation Combination during the promotion period. Max 3 per account. Players will receive an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) for meeting the following criteria: Consume 12 or more Legendary Transformations via Transformation Combination, without obtaining an Ultimate Transformatio
  7. Going through the screenshots and vods I have from game they delivered the rewards from the event only 20min later than they did the last time we had the promotional that we got on September 9th. Patience is a virtue
  8. There are other games having issues as well not including Aion I do not know the issue or what's going on entirely, best advice is use an older version of the driver again if you cannot play with the current update
  9. The thing I see so often which is hard to put numbers behind I could cite some websites but they are not in english, but in Korea, WoW is really not that popular it has about the same number of active players as BDO or PoE or even BnS and Aion its really not that much it doesn't even begin to compare with Maplestory or Dungeon and Fighter in Korea which are hands down the more popular MMO's despite how much older they are. You can say sure it does well in NA/EU and the fact that it keeps up with these games in KR means that it is good but if you just look at regions indivudually a game that do
  10. MMO's are different in every region they won't be the same in any of them FF is a prime example big here and EU. But on JP/Asia server I can't even tell you and Korean friends who play that game they say its dead beyond belief. WoW does etremely well in NA and EU not so much in KR. BDO is a game that does well in Korea and other region but that is due to the fact of it being sandbox you can grind hard if you want p2w if you want and play casually if you so desire it doesn't matter. Will you ever be an "elite pvp'er"? No, but you can still have fun in the mosh pit PvP that is node wars. I have
  11. From the info below: It states from the box its 97% chance to get the coin and 3% chance to get the selectable contract box Do with it what you will but as people have stated before if you are spending money on the 500 box you probably need some help since there is a snythesis event that has no RNG if your heart is set on spending money just buy 12 legendary contracts for 400 coin each and be done with it [[각인] 특별한 궁극 도전 상자] This is what you are looking for if you wanted to search it yourself
  12. No only minion of the same type get the bonus attribute so you need your sita plus a sita in the slot to get the bonus otherwise all you get is the active skill of the modor ie the blink skill but it shares the same cd of the PvPvE atk buff of the sita. This is written in the patch notes and the event information. This is eactly like every other region "Mini-minions provide several benefits. You'll be able to use their active minion skill in addition to your minion's, and will gain bonus stats based on the type and grade of the mini-minion. If a minion equips an S-Rank mini-minion of the sa
  13. This is what I was confused on I wasn't sure what you were trying to say. It didn't make any sense to me but from how @Brutallus-DN explain yeah there should be 0 issue with this. The combination might be confusing to read but it does state in the note that you are sacrificing an S minion to awaken and you see this clearly in the Minion menu. The stat inc I will agree you do not see until you do it but essentiall you can see its similar to opening a stone slot so the fact you don't recieve bonus until the slot is filled makes simple sense. Anyway glad it was sorted out
  14. So it looks like you had the Eva Modor you used the Accuracy Sita to awaken then slotted a PvP Krom in the slot and the first reply they would undo the awaken and give you back the 3 minion as listed and it would take a resto. I guess they wont give you back the kinah used on combine, and the issue you are saying I guess is the Sita is lvl 1 and they aren't restoring to 4 I guess? The patch notes and the event details both state with warning that you will "consume" or "offer" another S rank minion to Awaken your minion of choice so I don't see the issue there but as far as with support I
  15. Honestly it probably will its NC they port everything to the West in time probably 6 more months like most things. The only thing is they are already taking care of issues and things already on their Classic server they probably will try to adress these issue before sending it here. Also probably have to wait stil on the dev team working on 8.0 content as they just released new content this past maintenance and they will be releasing apsuranta 8.0 around mid April.
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