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  1. Yes the reds were the hard one but I am saying I got give or take 200 reds to make the items I was getting around 10 per 2.5hr farm I did have 400-600 extra other colours
  2. Yeah it did end but the item collections last until the end of the month so that's why they aren't deleted because if you still had what you need you can still use them for collection. I farm cubics in open world about 2.5 hours a day give or take and I got roughly 200 reds through the 3 weeks but tbh it just resulted in me finishing collection then getting a ton of phails and marks but I did get a few pieces of gear that I used for collection only 1 time was it for my class
  3. Just letting people know there are very very few times where they made the combine legendary to get selectable ultimate in Korea like I think 2 or 3 time only. Most were selectable legendary or chance to get ulti. But as far as getting legendary it doesn't take that long at all. If you did as I said 4 weeks is 2 from AS being reset with luna on 12 character per day. 8 week lugbug is 1. 10 week renown shard grind can get you 2 more. So if you did go 1 year that is 35 per year not including events or other ways. @Drugged-KT even said he has been using the pumpkins on contracts which I expect eve
  4. I have 80/90 transforms do you think I have not combine far more than just 40-50 legendary contracts. If a lot of people were doing the same I already gave you the numbers they would've had 30 legendary contracts for the event where you only needed 12 legendary combines all those people who were would have Ultimate right now. Some probably do a little but most likely if you are not having it now you weren't doing consistently. This game isn't a gacha game and not even all gacha's even do that. A gacha draw feature and combination are not the same. The 500 contract is whole accou
  5. @Shadowhunterr-DN That's a problem there you are combining for what reason? just to combine? You don't just combine the rate is awful you save them for a promotion. That would make the most sense. Also ok your friend came back and got it from the vending machine did you not get coins and spend them at the vending machine too? This is RNG its like you pay for a lottery ticket and your friend paid for a lottery ticket and you find out your friend won the lottery and you didn't. Are you going to be upset with your friend you didn't win? I'ts not your friends fault nor the lotteries fault it RNG.
  6. I think it depends highly on how "try hard" you mean. As f2p I have run luna every day on all 12 of my characters and reset Abyssal splinter and have gotten 20+ legendary contracts. Also when the shugo tomb event came out in 6.5 when frigida, modor, viola came out I ran it until I got carpal tunnel and collected all 10 of the base legendary transforms with plenty of dupes for later. This means anytime I get those 10 type legendary contracts its always dupes and I have saved them. I feel I have try harded for this I have 80/90 transforms. Missing a few legendary we don't have and 2 more Hallowe
  7. I agree its all a matter of opinion but one thing I'll say is good luck playing a melee class without an extendable by far the worst classes to PvP with if you don't have them. We need a rush on 7.7 or give the extendies in events for these returning players and people who didn't get them.
  8. I'm not trying to say there is 0 difference obviously one is ulti the other is legendary there is a difference. But yes as was just stated you have sod, rejuv aria, soothing melody, Inspiration. There are ways for you to get the cast you want with atk spd transform or atk spd with cast transform whatever you choose. Sod is 10min down and Aria is 45s I know but other class have cd's too. Inspiration if advanced has like a 3s downtime You choose to go hybrid, so you didn't have the luck to have Sheba that's fine we all get unlucky at times. Grind out the Azphel or Ariel transform takes 10 wk 11
  9. There were 2 or 3 gem and runestone events before they even really had a purpose for people to enchant them in Korea. This was long overdue people got the runes to +20 but people only would enchant gems to +5 because there was no point to go further. At least they made it so getting to 5 is easy and +10 it more realistic if you do eventually plan on getting +20 gems you aren't spending so much sanctify potions in the early stages like people were doing for the runes
  10. It states that they raise the success rate for low enchant to help prevent contamination so early and just like the bonus effects you get on the gems at +5 there is additional effect at +10. Hope that clears this up
  11. I have Sovereign PvE but it makes 0 difference the outcome is the same. The point of running Kata is for the gear but still my toons have 19-20k atk they have 3k pvp their base def is low yes but still they have adv stigma adv daeva but all that doesn't matter. Hell even now with change on prestige they have S minions. I feel that is pretty average gear compared to the avg player but they still get killed the kaisinel doesn't make much of a difference
  12. I have an account that I haven't touched much besides luna/events its still wearing +15 ultimate winged champion and ultimate firebrand set and I can tell you doesn't matter I have both kaisinel and marchutan on that account I get my shit rocked when I go out even to just do Kata stuff, sometimes even by you
  13. Again if it bothers you that much play with people, spend money, or the last helpful tip for you. Grind renown in Gelk, Ing, and SC and buy the 11 transform shard a week in 10 weeks there you go you have a 60% spd 27/27 atk/cast transform. I know you can at least buy 10 ulti pots from the renown and a few other ways to get them. I feel yeah they should add more ways to get a reliable stream of pots but they shouldn't give away the transform. Petition for more pots and I will gladly agree with you and support it.
  14. I don't play at end game??? Pretty sure I have been playing the game and I am far more geared than you are but that's besides the point. They are making a statement on game balance in correlation to transformations. SW act like they are the only class that requires attack and cast speed plenty of classes do. Run in a group, grind for the transforms, or buy pots IF you don't wish to spend money. If they just want to vent out their frustration on the forums by all means they can do this and I can move on but all the people hopping in the wambulance about not being lucky to get an ultimate transf
  15. The chance for Ulti is low we all know this. If you want ulti spend money when certain events come up, for the f2p players like myself I do this. I work most of my day and come home and enjoy my time as I can but this is something I must to do if I want to satisfy my desire for making an attempt for the ultimate transforms. If I choose not to, welp, I guess I didn't want it that badly and I can always use the pots that you can get in game for the ultimate or stick with my legendaries. If transform alone loses you a fight then you weren't too good to begin with its not likely that someone with
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