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  1. I could not agree with you more Say. Cyan always listens to you. BABO YES or YES?
  2. NC doing something good? lol never in a million years
  3. Make the gold coin tradeable through legion warehouse like the blossoms or riot
  4. So the way for you to fix IB/ID resets is by taking away the whole GP? nice nice amazing move keep up the good work
  5. @Cyan does that mean we will be getting GP from sieges we have attended?
  6. Let's say the survey never got claimed. We get 7.0. Make new painter class...will the survey pop up? @Cyan
  7. How hard is it to get a list of lockbox rewards? If cyan or support doesn't have the list then who the nyerk does?
  8. Can I get a list on what the new lockbox drops? Thanks
  9. omg cockroach is that you? THE ONE DAGGER ASSASSIN? NO SECONDARY WEAPON!
  10. You must have never heard of mogang
  11. Getting stones is harder than getting AP... Fragments here and there if you have kinah or time to farm. AP and frags aren't a problem lol you should be more concerned about stones to + up your gear
  12. 1. (the best option) put transparent scrolls on the BCM $5 for 1000 or something. Not something stupid like what it is right now. I bet you can see how WELL THEY ARE SELLING RIGHT NOW!!! 2. Add the scrolls to the golden sand traders but as kinah (not some absurd price like what shards were). There is no point buying skins at all at the moment if I can't even see myself 95% of the time.
  13. @Cyan can we get exp and drop rate buffs again? Exp buff is not as important as drop rate. Getting no ultimate drops from doing idd or pf is annoying. Also no point farming guiding stones cuz they barely drop (compared to when we has drop rate buffs first week). Please fix
  14. Two more weeks for this event? ^_^! Can't wait to get 2 stars or a C rank minion
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