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  1. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    there are various kinds of gear. Our exchange gear from this table has fixed stats, there are some other ways to acquire gear like in exchange token or crafted gear that has another kind of stats. I believe that some of that gear will have rerollable stats and thats where you can obtain some healing boost.
  2. Getting in to PvE Late. Help Appreciated.

    You could aim for a build like this one http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/gearcalc/93899.
  3. Illusion Godstone: Valonte's Strike

    The godstone also is fire magical damage, so the elemental resist reduction from Infernal Blight, Flame Fusion, Blazing Bombarment? and the lightning strike from sin makes it hit harder. I also notice that this godstones aren't resisted by bosses as much as the normal ones. When I used normal tiamat fury the godstones procs quite a few times but most of the times its resisted (you can corroborate that in ARM or AiDPS Meter). but the strengted one is barely resisted.
  4. Godstones for a templar

    Valonte strike is the best rn for physical clasess, but i also find nataraz to be quite useful (the tooltip is wrong btw, it reduces phys defense and magic suppresion) but if you want to be more conservative use a tiamat fury or counterattack.
  5. Today afther thinking a bit of time of some strategies for when both palida and ascension appears, I came up with an idea that I put into practice. Usually thats the part where most parties struggle with inside FM, usually do to uncoordinated team members or lack of dps, or even both. So I think about something that I have experienced. The ascension puts a buff in a random party member that gives him 300k+ hp so he can withstand the slay of the mob, but the addition of pelida usually yields an increase in stress so the party has a harder time. They have to decide if killing the ascension first before pelida appears, you need high dps to kill both before the boss kills everyone, or make the person with the hp buff lure ascension away from the party. But the mob is kinda wonky and ignores that person, so he goes afther the rest of the party. Usually that takes away 2 or 3 team mates away from pelida and the rest is unable to kill it in time. But afther the boss cast his damage skill I notice that the person with the hp buff is usually alive but dies afther the boss cast his earth shatter skill, because that skill deals % Hp damage, so he dies aftherwards. But if the cleric cast acquital (2k DP) before dying from the boss charged skill that person can be healed and survives both hits, so the rest of the party can ress up and keep damaging the boss without it resseting. But the ascension mob has to be death before attemting this little tip. I did it today and work out quite nice. Also the cleric needs to have self ress from stone or from Hands of ressurection or his Brilliant Protection (4k DP) or the SW one, can't recall the name but is a 4k skill. I hope to keep practicing the tip and leave your feedback so we can do this better.
  6. 5.8 bard pve

    That's a really nice guide for SW's, most neglect the use of pulse between skills.
  7. Staff for a Cleric?

    That's the best answer about cloth wearing cleric's I've ever heard @Azzmaria-KT, I completely agree with your opinion. I hope that most ppl would be as open to opinions as you are.
  8. Staff for a Cleric?

    but physical defense works by substracting 1 physical damage for every 10 phys. def. I'm not sure that mobs in pve hit quickly, they are rather slow and do huge hits. Also from what I have saw bosses now deal more magical damage to the non aggroed chars. so i dont see a drawback by using cloth (SW gear has the same amount of healing boost as cleric chain). If you have @Azzmaria-KT an insight about it, I would love to hear you out. I know that clerics shouln't have mana issues but i have an easier time managing my mana now that i have a bigger mana pool.
  9. Staff for a Cleric?

    what are the objective differences between cloth (SW) and chain (cleric) gear?
  10. Armsfusion SW harp

    that depends of what you want on that harp, do you want maximum pvp attack and dont mind losing casting speed, put another dashing harp beneath it. do you want more magic boost and casting speed, the best bet is an exalted prowess, it is expensive to get, or a sophisticated frigida harp. if neither of those options aplease you, you might consider using an ahserion harp. try playing with the harps in the many online calculators that are around.
  11. What did you do to TOE?!

    We just run TOE afther almost 2 hrs of lfg recruiting, and everything was going well in the instance, we gathered the books and killed the first boss, then tackled the 2nd and 3rd boss without major problems, until we got to the last boss... Idk if april fools joke got into the patch but the last boss better be a joke. It had an elite HP bar, not even ADMA, TTC, DL or FP got so laughtable as this the last boss in TOE. And I didn't see anywhere on the maintenance notes something about it.It was one of the last fun instances and now its gone. Hope this is not intended and something got wrong in the way.
  12. Dual Wield Dagger-Sword, Dagger-Dagger, Sword-Sword & Sword-Dagger.

    I saw a post in the old forums, cant really recall when or where is it, that talk about how ping affected the output of how to dual wield. So it said something like dagger sword as an all-around, as most ppl has checked on the poll, and then said something about double dagger being more effective with lower ping (<40 ms) and double sword with higher pings (>150 ms). Someone else knows something about that? or the OP was a bit high at the moment of typing that XD.
  13. Dual Wield Dagger-Sword, Dagger-Dagger, Sword-Sword & Sword-Dagger.

    Was asking mostly out of curiosity, I dont play any class that do use them both. And the question is about the main difference about the conbinations, if there are more like the AS difference. Someone noted that they put the dagger on main hand due to the increased AS and crit modifier (2.3 crit damage) and on the off hand the sword because the Auto Attack of it would be stronger, so overall higher damage. That was an interesting insight. I also hope this can make ppl talk about why things are like that in game as opposed to just accept the current Meta. So they can make a choice depending on what they know instead of just mindlessly following what someother people are saying about it. I forgot about them XD. But almost no one use them because of the inexistance of relevant physical maces.
  14. Usually event XP buff like those are server based so they can be used in conjuction with an amulet. Remember also that it is 3x XP counting the server base, so you'll only see 200% XP buff, still its a huge boost with how you can farm some exp now in ADMA, TTC, DL and FP if you can manage it alone.
  15. BOS Modes?

    I believe the first boss difficult is independent of the last boss difficulty, if you do a light research on the aditional aids you'll see that one of them increases the difficulty of only the first boss without increasing the last boss difficulty.