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  1. Usually event XP buff like those are server based so they can be used in conjuction with an amulet. Remember also that it is 3x XP counting the server base, so you'll only see 200% XP buff, still its a huge boost with how you can farm some exp now in ADMA, TTC, DL and FP if you can manage it alone.
  2. BOS Modes?

    I believe the first boss difficult is independent of the last boss difficulty, if you do a light research on the aditional aids you'll see that one of them increases the difficulty of only the first boss without increasing the last boss difficulty.
  3. End game weapon/glove set for SW/Sorc/SM classes

    My analysis of aionpveranks have pointed out the next for SW's. You may be shocked but SW, unlike some clasess, have 2 variations in their rotations, so their gear and or rotation depends on that things. For example, theres some SW that utilize their pulse skill between every other major skill and/or chain, and theres some that doesnt utilize that skill, Im unsure how that one works because i prefer the pulse one. so for i can if they use pulse they might consider grab a pair of Casting Speed gloves, while using an AS undercombine and AS Scroll. if you use AS gloves you might opt to use a Casting speed scroll. if you want to utilize the one that doesnt use pulse then AS Scroll Gloves are the way to go, alongside with an AS underconbine. you can do more research in aionpveranks to see how they use their rotations and check on makarna, katalamize, Holy tower, etc. Hope that can help you made a desicion.
  4. What are the main difference between the dual wields that sins and glad can use? I've tried to research a bit of info but most of it is outdated to current patch. I've heard from some sins that double dagger is better, some say dagger sword and a few double sword, actually havent heard of sword dagger, but if you have some insight about that one as well, feel free to give out your opinions. PvP and PvE are taken in consideration but I'm looking mostly in PvE. I hope some of you can shed light over this topic that I haven't saw over this forums (maybe they have been over here but I might had overlooked them, hehe).
  5. Class that reach lv 30 quickest ?

    A friend told me that rangers level up pretty fast in low levels, he only tab auto mobs and they just died with his basic att XD, so you can stay stationary and just pressing tab to kill eveything on sight.
  6. The most boring class to DPS

    I've done some test with my ranger and i lose roughly 300k dps or more, i cant recall , when I changed FS (Focus Shot) for SS (Strong Shot).
  7. I believe that they will also change the templar and the SM, but I dont think they will straigthforward nerf them, more like orient them towards a specific job, for example, they might make the songweaver either being more supportive, and lessen their CC or damage, and SM will need to akwoledge their pets more than ever.
  8. Cradle of Eternity Ranger Guide ?

    Im quite sure the first boss in COE, the insightful eye, is in a Square Room.
  9. Cradle of Eternity Ranger Guide ?

    usually the one standing in that corner takes full damage from the eyes when they spawn, idk if its intended or something weird that has happened, or also a ranger friend always gets focus fired when the eyes appear.
  10. Cradle of Eternity Ranger Guide ?

    is your ranger friend standing in the upper right corner when the eyes appear?
  11. Auto attack cd ? what the hell is that @_@ ?

    this is an interesting topic, i assume that not all classes are affected the same for the kind of weave they do.
  12. Tips : using charge skills ?

    a friend told me that it could be done, but only if you have high ping, but its quite difficult to pull out properly
  13. Making guide how to invest CP into skills as Arch daeva

    I would like to add to Sorc using freezing wind (as suggested) then flame Harpoon and then flame cage, also adding in flame fusion if you have enough. For Sm adding points into Vacuum Choke is a good idea, Ranger can use points into DeadShot.
  14. Aion Lore

    Someone knows hows the lore thread, i would like to know many things about the background but all seems a bit fuzzy or missing.
  15. Attack speed for SW is it really need for sw in pve ?

    Im elyos all the way