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  1. The newly implement cubics seem to have been inversed. Take a look.
  2. Blessing of Wind and Pledge of Earth are affected by Magical Attack

    I wish I had your patience and diligence to do stuff as this. You are our aion know it all. Keep on doing what you like.
  3. Ice Harpoon and Boon of QUickness useless ?

    Ice Harpoon does roughly half the damage from your nukes, you use it mostly between raging inferno, remember that arcane is high cd.
  4. Magic defense

    It's really useful for pve now, many bosses do aoe magic damage and that stat helps the party receive less overall damage from some key bosses aoe, making some attacks survivable and helping relieve stress from healing everyone. The stat is mostly useful for the DPS and the Cleric, while physical defense is very useful for tanks.
  5. 1: 5 2: 5 3: 5 4: 5 5: 25 6: 25 7: 10 8: 10 9: 10 10: 10
  6. Default stigmas from quests for a painter ?

  7. Weapon speed does matter ? (Templar)

    I also noticed my dps being higher with a casting speed transform on SW, I tried with frigida and with tahabata and notice more dps with tahabata, i think that it depends what you prioritise on your rotation.
  8. 15k dps in IDD? Easy

    Remember that magic resist got severely nerfed in 6.x, it no longer works as it used to. It used to be a cap of like 50% at like 500 difference of mag. acc and mag. resist. Now the cap has been lowered to like 30% (on par with evasion, which makes more sense), and to reach this cap you mag acc need to has a 10,000 difference from the enemy mag res. So, what's the bottom line here? Acc is not as important as ppl makes it seem like.11k-13k, you'll see minimal difference in absolute resists. Now the topic between crit and att is a bit of a hot topic, its true that not all classes benefit the same from it(sin should socket crit until 6k or so crit if my memory is any good), but most classes can either go for full crit or full att and the output should be similar. And lastly, many classes have interactions with crits, so should check if you have any and see if its worth it.
  9. Senekta Info?!

    From the very little info that I have saw, you get a grade based on how many points you scored, think EB, it took a bit of time for koreans to get a good grade on it.
  10. Senekta Info?!

    Hi, how about if we discuss about what is known about the instance where we, finally, get to fight the 3rd dragon lord Ereshkigal, and how you think people will manage an 18 man instance.
  11. Crippling Rupture

    It reduces not total def but base def, so it substract from the white number.
  12. Transformation for sorc/sm/cleric

    At least on sorc you should try to use a pure casting speed one, sorc have a lot of high casting time skills and the more casting speed you can amass the better it would be, AS is nice but casting is way more important. Cleric now, I believe, is better DPS'ing with an hybrid transform than a casting one, they have very low casting time skills if any, only one that has high time can be combined with sage wisdom and problem solved. As for SM I'm unsure about, but a friend told me that he found better results with a casting transformation than with an AS one.
  13. Manastone slot efficiency

    Do you think we could see that stat sheet? so there isn't a right answer for pure crit or pure att then, only exception being Sin, but if i go one route or another i should fully invest on it, or do you believe that mixing manastones could be posible?
  14. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    this helped me a lot with my ranger, but i have some question about your rotation, Is it the most optimal one to use or do you believe that there could be variations about it? Do you think that using custom skill chains could help with the order of the skills? Do you believe that using a hybrid transformation yields more dps output than a regular AS on? How about trying with a pure casting one or is too much of a loss of stats to be considered? If we don't have the daevanions, you think that affect us a lot or its more annoying than anything?. I'm sorry I know there are many questions but your guide is quite useful, i just have those questions about it, hope you can shed some light on them.
  15. Manastone slot efficiency

    I have a doubt about what is better to socket, to up the damage in this patch. Is pure crit, or pure att the way to go, or a mix of them, if a mix how much should one aim to acquire. I do know that this question varies by class, so if someone could leave an answer for phys and magical classes that would be really appreciated. I hope the community can shed some light because with the recent changes to stats, I'm quite lost to which of those 2 are more efficient and will net a better increase in damage. P.D. All of this is assuming you already have enough Acc for the content presented to us.