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  1. Acc 1: 20, 100, 5, 35, 25, 5, 10, 25, 10, 20, 100, 5, 10, 20, 25, Total 420 coins.
  2. @Gabrielis-KTI am not speaking about weapon specific crit damage modifier, I am talking about the new stat that was introduced on 7.2 that can be obtained through Transformation Collection that is suposed to increase the critical damage of skills and Auto Attack damage and also the counter defensive one that can be obtained from transformation collections and the support runestone that lowers critical damage. And how that affect our critical hits in the final output.
  3. Hello @TheSecretCowLeve-KT, do you know how crit damage stat and crit defense stat affect in this calculations? I want to know how effective it is in total damage calculation.
  4. I will try to kill ereshkigal next time without the aid of the bombs, also will check the log file and see if I can send it to you.
  5. @Livo-KT could you check why advanced daevanion and stigma dont register the server speed?, and also, why doesn't the Ereshkigal boss kill gets uploaded to the pve rank system? I think it might have to do with the bombs damage that it receives.
  6. I was wondering when it was coming to NA, great work with it @Livo-KT hope to see it implemented on wednesday :p, hope to see how we are doing it againts other great players, don't mind the people that don't care that much about pve.
  7. The newly implement cubics seem to have been inversed. Take a look.
  8. I wish I had your patience and diligence to do stuff as this. You are our aion know it all. Keep on doing what you like.
  9. Ice Harpoon does roughly half the damage from your nukes, you use it mostly between raging inferno, remember that arcane is high cd.
  10. It's really useful for pve now, many bosses do aoe magic damage and that stat helps the party receive less overall damage from some key bosses aoe, making some attacks survivable and helping relieve stress from healing everyone. The stat is mostly useful for the DPS and the Cleric, while physical defense is very useful for tanks.
  11. I also noticed my dps being higher with a casting speed transform on SW, I tried with frigida and with tahabata and notice more dps with tahabata, i think that it depends what you prioritise on your rotation.
  12. Remember that magic resist got severely nerfed in 6.x, it no longer works as it used to. It used to be a cap of like 50% at like 500 difference of mag. acc and mag. resist. Now the cap has been lowered to like 30% (on par with evasion, which makes more sense), and to reach this cap you mag acc need to has a 10,000 difference from the enemy mag res. So, what's the bottom line here? Acc is not as important as ppl makes it seem like.11k-13k, you'll see minimal difference in absolute resists. Now the topic between crit and att is a bit of a hot topic, its true that not all clas
  13. From the very little info that I have saw, you get a grade based on how many points you scored, think EB, it took a bit of time for koreans to get a good grade on it.
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