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  1. Yep its in North Virginia now
  2. @Kibbelz welcome! Thanks for this chance. I popped in here and saw this thread and thought I'd give my input to see if I can help at all. I had played this game avidly for many years, more than 8 since 2009. Hopefully, this is somewhat helpful or at least sparks some ideas. I know RNG has always been a pain point of the game, though we dealt with it for years and that never pushed the bulk of us away. What started to give us resistance when trying to have fun with the game was when we were able to, in any way shape or form, pay real money to end up getting a leg up in the game. Of co
  3. Yeah, after 4.5 sorcs got the short end of the stick for sure. But pre 4.5 I was killing lvl 60s as a lvl 30 sorc lol. I would die in 1 hit if I failed once tho. But, to your point, now things have changed a hell of a lot. Things do feel a lot more black or white...
  4. PvE for me has always been too gear heavy and braindead. PvP puts your reaction time (and ping) and skill to work. You can beat someone with more gear if you are faster/more skillful.
  5. Saw this on the new L2 Forums GD forum. Thought it would be an interesting topic! I'll start! I watched the anime Hitman Reborn and there was the "Vongola Family". I thought it was pretty awesome name! Though, I obviously didn't want to steal it. So I sat up thinking about different permutations of the name. Loved the V, but did not want to use "Von", therefore I thought of "Vin". To replace the "gola", I ended up thinking of "lock". I liked "lock" because it made me think of Vampires a bit, and I love Vampires. I'm not sure why it made me think of Vampires though... The friends
  6. Mergers happen, this has been posted for a while :(. Just rename back to your name. If it doesn't work due to it being taken, send in a ticket to CS about getting your name back. For reference see these threads:
  7. This is the newer version I had made for the shirt at https://represent.com/saving-general-trevyn-pvp-all-day
  8. From the old forum at http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=57512. Thought I'd give it a repost for reminiscence sake. The Elyos Leader, Trevyn, betrayed by his own people. Brought down by the Anti-Clarity Conspirators. Aion: Tower of Eternity brings you on an epic adventure into the story of one of the strongest legions in history to save their leader The Gladiator from the GMs misconstrued cleave.
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