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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    @Kibbelz welcome! Thanks for this chance. I popped in here and saw this thread and thought I'd give my input to see if I can help at all. I had played this game avidly for many years, more than 8 since 2009. Hopefully, this is somewhat helpful or at least sparks some ideas. I know RNG has always been a pain point of the game, though we dealt with it for years and that never pushed the bulk of us away. What started to give us resistance when trying to have fun with the game was when we were able to, in any way shape or form, pay real money to end up getting a leg up in the game. Of course, I and many others understand that you have to monetize things to be able to generate the revenue to keep things afloat. 100% makes sense. Though, I believe there are better things in the game to focus on for monetization that would enrich the gameplay and the community. For example, fashion. It's always been a thing in the back of everyone's mind in Aion. You have to look pretty awesome while playing. It truly enriches the gameplay and, to be honest, the overall feel of the game in general. Over the years I have seen fashion approached as a very passive monetization method. Things like: some skins in RNG boxes, event skins, costume rotations, buy skins for kinah in-game, random decent looking skins from gear that drops from bosses or mobs. Never has it truly been monetized. Skins in RNG boxes and from events become not worth it after the first few boxes/tries, so the only way to get it is passively and get lucky. Costume rotations never caught my eye because whenever I wanted a skin, it was not available. The skins for kinah in-game can be cute or alright, though that's not really monetizing unless you're thinking about how they obtained the kinah in the first place, etc... So as an alternative, back off of selling things for real cash that give people a stat boost in the game and think about some of these ideas for monetizing fashion in the game. Allowing all players to enjoy the game, bringing more players to the game, and still being able to monetize to some factor. Again, this is only a single idea. I hope it's not expected that I have some winning idea. Just a consideration to have and perspective to take on. I mean honestly, imagine seeing the posts and messages about how Aion PC is no longer pay to win! It'd market itself pretty hard. I know it's something unspoken, though it would pretty much make most private servers fairly useless as well. Few ideas for fashion monetization... Of course, the gear we work for in the game should look pretty awesome. We've gotta show off that we beat a big boss or accomplished a PvP goal visibly. Though, literally anything else, take it to the store. By this, I don't mean anything like costume rotations. Remove all other ways of getting skins entirely and have a well-constructed gallery of all the skins in the game in a cash shop, all at a decent premium. Would I pay $50 for some badass skin? Even if it's one-time use? Sure! Once I end up changing gear... Would I buy it again because I loved having it so much before? To be honest, I'd probably reward myself with that. I'm curious what other players would think. Please let me know in the replies! Remember this is given that there is no pay to win items in the store. So your money would primarily be going towards these fashion items. As for "costume rotations", maybe you can take a note from Overwatch and either reward players with themed fashion items for participating or winning in something X number of times or just make them available for a limited time for purchase. How is this different from costume rotations? Well, it builds trust with your community. Once Halloween comes and I grab a skin off the store I will know that in a while when I replace the skin or upgrade my gear I will be able to grab it (or an even cooler new themed one) when it comes back around to Halloween again! Now, as I said in the previous paragraph, one-time use. Do not allow any skin to be skinned more than once at all, no exceptions. Also, taking on the example of how some subscription games can sell purchased items in-game for in-game currency. Make all of these fashion items brokerable so that the rich can give to the poor. Where the poor do not spend the cash, the rich will for them so that they can make more kinah! I always felt that it was a very smart and economic system. Where will these skins come from? There's already a load of awesome skins, dyes, and other fashion items in the game. Many of which I haven't seen in ages and have no idea why. It was always my expectation they would come back and be monetized somehow, though never were. I very much miss them (RIP the shining white crucible greatsword and gear...). Aside from utilizing what is already there, inclusive of the actual look of old but beautiful gear, make more items! Yes, place a bit of focus into making some amazing skins and items. Maybe even have more of those art events that get a user's submissions created as a skin! I know that may be quite a bit of work though, so I can understand why that wouldn't be often at all. Overall what I am getting at is, Aion is a BEAUTIFUL game and it feels as though this has been entirely overlooked. GG Y'all - Vinlock
  2. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    Yeah, after 4.5 sorcs got the short end of the stick for sure. But pre 4.5 I was killing lvl 60s as a lvl 30 sorc lol. I would die in 1 hit if I failed once tho. But, to your point, now things have changed a hell of a lot. Things do feel a lot more black or white...
  3. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    PvE for me has always been too gear heavy and braindead. PvP puts your reaction time (and ping) and skill to work. You can beat someone with more gear if you are faster/more skillful.
  4. Valiant and Top Tier

    I am back now o_o >_>
  5. Valiant and Top Tier

  6. Todays Siege

    i got 240 GP for defense.
  7. Nickname Story

    Saw this on the new L2 Forums GD forum. Thought it would be an interesting topic! I'll start! I watched the anime Hitman Reborn and there was the "Vongola Family". I thought it was pretty awesome name! Though, I obviously didn't want to steal it. So I sat up thinking about different permutations of the name. Loved the V, but did not want to use "Von", therefore I thought of "Vin". To replace the "gola", I ended up thinking of "lock". I liked "lock" because it made me think of Vampires a bit, and I love Vampires. I'm not sure why it made me think of Vampires though... The friends I started the game with joined my legion, "The Vinlock Family". I kinda liked the name a lot so I ended up naming my character Vinlock as well... Quickly, we agreed it can't be both the legion name and my name. So I kept Vinlock and we named the legion <Zephyr>. Now after 9+ years of going by Vinlock, I now naturally respond to it and the shortened versions, "Vin" and "Vinny". So there's my story! Let me know yours!
  8. Why has game removed my name

    Mergers happen, this has been posted for a while :(. Just rename back to your name. If it doesn't work due to it being taken, send in a ticket to CS about getting your name back. For reference see these threads:
  9. Saving General Trevyn

    This is the newer version I had made for the shirt at https://represent.com/saving-general-trevyn-pvp-all-day
  10. Saving General Trevyn

    From the old forum at http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=57512. Thought I'd give it a repost for reminiscence sake. The Elyos Leader, Trevyn, betrayed by his own people. Brought down by the Anti-Clarity Conspirators. Aion: Tower of Eternity brings you on an epic adventure into the story of one of the strongest legions in history to save their leader The Gladiator from the GMs misconstrued cleave.
  11. Post your Aion character!

    I like you're sin's look!!
  12. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    isn't it WASD? just sayin'
  13. New Server Name Suggestions

    really?.. lol
  14. Official Suits Show Thread

    The cast is amazinggggggggggg
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    Damn, I will need to check it out.