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  1. Why has game removed my name

    Mergers happen, this has been posted for a while :(. Just rename back to your name. If it doesn't work due to it being taken, send in a ticket to CS about getting your name back. For reference see these threads:
  2. Saving General Trevyn

    This is the newer version I had made for the shirt at https://represent.com/saving-general-trevyn-pvp-all-day
  3. Saving General Trevyn

    From the old forum at http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=57512. Thought I'd give it a repost for reminiscence sake. The Elyos Leader, Trevyn, betrayed by his own people. Brought down by the Anti-Clarity Conspirators. Aion: Tower of Eternity brings you on an epic adventure into the story of one of the strongest legions in history to save their leader The Gladiator from the GMs misconstrued cleave.
  4. Post your Aion character!

    I like you're sin's look!!
  5. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    isn't it WASD? just sayin'
  6. New Server Name Suggestions

    really?.. lol
  7. Official Suits Show Thread

    The cast is amazinggggggggggg
  8. Farm in 5.6

    Damn, I will need to check it out.
  9. New Server Name Suggestions

    good times in that patch. miss the eye.
  10. New Server Name Suggestions

    Fregion is an old server name.
  11. New Server Name Suggestions

    First server? You mean one of the first servers, right? Siel was as well. Though, the intention seems to be a new fresh feel. Tutty sounds like that server would be made fun of so much xD. GET ROASTED!
  12. New Server Name Suggestions

    Zephyr for the SL + BR !! The Zephyr Legion is in the Lore and its an awesome name!
  13. New Server Name Suggestions

    In memory of.
  14. The Aion Feel Good Thread

    First +20 piece I've ever made! And I've played since betas.
  15. New Server Name Suggestions

    Have you noticed that in Pandamonium, that first hall when you are walking towards the city, it's the Vifrost Bridge and Heimdall is the NPC on it?