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  1. Does this box drop in Ophidan Bridge and Danuar Sanctuary level 63 instance if I am level 75?
  2. Thanks for the answers, I guess I will be reselling my Caeus Armor Box since there is no chanter option, unless do you think choosing the Leather option is worth it for chanters? or chossing the Chain set with magic boost? Wondering if there are any other chanters out there that is using this set. The only other chanter out there that is using a magic boost set for PvP is Lucimon, and I don't really know how effective that is.
  3. Does the Caeus armor box gives you a different choice for chain sets? I have a chanter and the only thing to choose from are Chain Sets for Clerics that has Magic Boost. I brought this armor box to test if it is better than my +15 Captain set, and so far I can't choose a chain set for my chanter. Also, does anyone knows how tempering works with these armor? Does it go back to 0 if it fails a tempering enchant, and does it gives extra stats like omega with HP and Crit Resist per tempering level? I can't find any information on these armor besides its stats, so I don't want to spend a lot of kin
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