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  1. Ok, I know that 7.0 date is n/a for this region but I have question that I would like to be to answered, with a clear yes or no. Are we getting a extra slot(s) for painter class when 7.0 comes. I have a toon that I dont gear up so I dont feel bad about deleting it later. I think this question was asked before but there was no official statement? I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants to know so @Cyan or @Hime if you can respond then thanks.
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I dont understand why cant they change the siege times. NA players want it changed too, not just EU players! Make it couple of hours ealier for weekday sieges....
  3. Event Aether Blossom

    This sounds like a personal problem, not a legit issue with game event. I think elyos are capable too to make their own alliances and its not the only place where you can farm the flowers,btw!
  4. Thanks for nerfing magic class dps, people now gear checking for FM , alot more like its PF LMAO
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    As someone who doesnt care about GP rankings in this patch anymore because its not possible for me to get decent amount gp by only doing siege for few reasons but I understand that people are mad r since they worked so hard for their rank. EU did it because of merge and that made sense. Alot of people wont like this and also giving only gold ingots while their isnt much worth to buy, can you atleast make the 200 gold ingot skill book not random and we can pick which one we want or maybe lower it down to 50? Can we get kinah instead gold ingots that would be better.....
  6. Gameforge and NCsoft are not anyway affiliated so no. There only NA servers in NA....
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    @Cyan What was actually fixed in those 6 h of maintenance? Because stuff seem to be broken still.... Are we seriously going to need to wait another week to get something fixed..... (If they decide to their job) Whats not fixed yet: *Transformation scrolls - not updated *Enchanting - say some its still 6.2 version, I dont want to waste stones to test it out *Competition Rank *And now the materials to craft legendary skill hasnt reseted!
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Another disappointing event
  9. Can someone clarify if the stats only take effect in the the 18 alliance member instance or do they also work against Ereshkigal mobs in instances like PF,FM etc.... People keep saying different things,
  10. how to climb essencetapping at level 100 ?

    I'm just going copy/paste what I typed in similiar post:
  11. pandora gear

    I would not say its hard (not right now) but very time consuming.I'm finished with all legendary armor quests and next week I'll get ultimate boots (since I cant finish it this week because not enough quest items).Its mostly the same as legendary like you will need to grind mobs for crafting materials, essencetapping , find a npc..
  12. @Cyan I'm confused why does mythic chain pandora stuff have physical attack? Which one should I pick for cleric? Pandora with or without the mythic word.....I dont want be screwed over by doing those quests again..... Gunner's and Ranger/Sin's pandora stuff dont have this problem
  13. EC kicking ability?

    I had someone kick me just because I criticized his leading skills in EC
  14. OMG i can't do afk EC anymore

    I know several people who have asmo alts to just kick other asmos in EC so that elyos win GG
  15. Was this intentional because I didnt see it in the patch notes. Clerics cant use Blessed shield at same time with amplification anymore.