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  1. What Skin Set you get inside Beshmundir?

    Female cloth and plate armor No one really does low level instances since leveling is so easy( just by doing campaigns,blue quests). I had the same problem too with soloing.All low level group instances are irrelevent now it seems, no one does them unless for skins with friends ........
  2. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    Aion didnt ''die'' due to events.Events are the reason why some people still play this game. Other game regions have more events than NA and they still have better population.You must be new here because Aion always been a pve/pvp game and that wont change. You dont like pvp? Rough luck because this patch is mainly for pvp since so few pve instances. You want to know, why Aion really is way that its now? Well its because of NCsoft's negligence. Put it simply they stopped caring and need to beg Korean devs to fix everything.
  3. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    5.8 was bad for obvious reasons but atleast it had the few good things like events (not like the events with rubbish awards,we have now) andt tradeable stuff(kinah, mats, mounts etc.) without them makes 6.2 worse and a very unfriendly patch for new players! NCsoft stop thinking that you know whats best for the players because you dont!
  4. Petition?

    What do you expect to change with petion exactly?
  5. List of Issues for 6.2

    The Glassdoor reviews explain everything why this game and company have become a complete joke.
  6. Great Smuggler Shugo

    I see gold shugo appear more in FM than BoS but that just might be rng, cant comment on PF. When Red shugo appears (excluding COE) most of the time its empty.
  7. COE cant fly

    By Top? You mean the room before before the last boss? I had issue where flying into wind-stream I would die and could not use it it again unless I re-logged but same thing happens again (Not in COE), I haven't spotted this issue in COE yet. Maybe update/reinstall your gpu driver,maybe fail repair on game? That worked for me in the past. You could also send a support ticket.
  8. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    Yikes, I just opened few out of 68+( including I had like Seven +9 snowballs but game trolled me) snowballs and got ancient stones and stars .I just want the OP healing skill for chanter. I think I'll just sell mine 10+snowballs on broker.Not even worth opening since you get more crap than good stuff.
  9. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    if If Ncsoft decided to make only pre 4.8 server, I would gladly start fresh and never look back!
  10. New server already dead (rant)

    Reasons why I didnt even try to play at new server (as not a new player): 1.Beritra server was also once new server but it went dead pretty soon (atleast on asmo side) 2. I dont trust Ncsoft reason above and I expect server merge in a year or so if they arent lazy about it. 3.Unlike pre 6.2, things are harder to come by if you dont pay up real money. Only reason people decide to play new server because all start fresh (Unless you are friends with GMs who gave you exchange gear. Has Ncsoft done something about that?)
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    So much to ask for only 1 hour maintenance.

    I think its because people like you expect that people should carry just because you play the game is killing the game lol. We all want to be the person who gets invited to everything by the ''good'' gang/legion. Guess what? Nothing will happen like that Do I want to be invited to IDD/PF/PvP.. etc since static groups are hard to come by? Sure but I wont get salty if I dont Honestly I would rather help people who I know than random strangers. I think the people who reject inviting me feels the same way.So I think its stupid to get mad about it.
  13. Where to get lvl 50 stigma?

    The certain campaign quests give you stigmas
  14. MY LIST OF PROBLEMS with this game

    100% agree, especially about the enchanting stone and rates issue!
  15. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    Everything else is fine but why you needed to add : Berdin's Lucky Star (x10) ( Pointless since leveling is so Easy!) Ancient PvE Enchantment Stones (There is no need to add them since you can get alot just playing!) Disappointed that still no PVP legendary/Ultimate stones added. Also good luck enchanting balls to 10+ since you only get 2 without prestige! No more afk event? I hope the prism thing is still trade able...