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  1. Are you trying to get on the Korean version of Aion? Not sure if anyone can help here with that.
  2. I complained about my main class getting nerfed too and no one took me seriously,join the club ,buddy...
  3. NC always lacked the communication with the player base, so keep in mind ,these people should not be responsible for your mental heath because of a game.... If you feel so, maybe take a break..... Loki and Kib communicated at the start with us but it was too good to last. They probably cant say anything because their boss is telling them not to or doing something for other games. As for Valedia. I have nothing against this person and thought she was just a troll looking for attention but some saw that she was causing needless toxicity, so I can understand why she got banned.
  4. So it seems they sent awards out but I didn't get the Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box but only ruin box ( I did get Marchutan from 1 combine but I did consume 12 legendary + without one after that). I'm worried that I wasted combining my legendaries more than needed if the rule is that you are not allowed to get Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box if you got a ult by combining during the promotion. I already sent a support ticket about this....... I might have misread that you have to consume 12 transformations, not that you wont get the Selection box if you
  5. I made similar thread about this but never got response either. They could fix by changing the mats if there is no way to get previous one. How long will you take your sweet time? @Loki @Kibbelz
  6. I had harder time obtaining it than enchanting ( 50+ skill books) but I did fail alot at 10-12+, 13+ it didnt take that much.
  7. I want to know too, atleast tell us how many months we need to wait for it? Is it even coming this year???
  8. Aion forums are more entertaining the game itself. I usually do some stuff on my main and SAS on alts but cant be bothered.Oh well I might only come back if worth while event or ult transform pr🤑m🙃tion. Aion Classic will 100 % better because of the fact, everyone has chance to good chance to be equal with gear and stuff, not like now....
  9. You being passive aggressive to anyone who doesnt agree to your views on this topic. I get it that you dont think its big deal ...Also some just to stack up things and only use when needed...
  10. Such a Karen thing to complain about 😛 ...Who cares about ranks? Enjoy the reward while its still here.... Arena not true ''pvping'' because you get squishy noobs to thank for your rank too...
  11. I think making Kinah freely tradeable again, would stop qq if luna related things had be to removed. Classic was good time when everything was simple in game so we cant compare to what Aion has become now .
  12. I dont really bother with Katalam map that much so I dont know if the kinah boxes there are really worth it.... Also not everyone afked in luna daily instance when it was worth doing 🙃. I pity anyone who is unfortunate to come back or new to this game, just to get slapped in the face by anti friendly newbie ways to ''fix problems'' by NCsoft....
  13. It sucks that only way to make decent kinah now (free to play way) is to relay on luna materials.I think this only thing people actually spend their mats on currently. NC removed every good skin, mount etc from it......
  14. Ult transform promotion event when? Thats the only thing I care about
  15. Everything being enchanted + made this game's pvp abomination . Some classes can literaly 2-3 shot even if you have good gear which is why I slowly given up on it, like others.
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