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  1. I thought it was a bug but probably not.
  2. I dont really see much improvement..... 1)My main's class still keeps getting nerfed since last patch while other classes get buffed... 2) Forced map if which might be stuck in there if you want to get the new pvp gear. Mats are gone if you leave the area.... 3) Morphing enchantment stones got removed (I hope this was mistake). This needs to be fixed soon! 4) Everything is bought now by exp marks which is good but might be annoying for some. Quests are only worth for that and if you need to get your reknown up. 5)Plat boss cubes 6)Shiny and Dazzling Gemstone
  3. I was questioning if this event worth doing. I'm a very casual pvper ( I dont really care for it that much anymore). Yikes, I saw someone with the new pvp weapon but its only 1 DAY, wtf kind reward is that? Temporally ''rewards'' isnt how you show that you care for the community, it does the exact opposite .....
  4. The accessories are now at crimson katalam ( similar/same stats to titan coin ones) and you buy with exp marks.
  5. I dont think you understand what I meant with this post. Every week we get crucible award but rank list blank and my time is floor at 00:00:00,I did it right after maintenance so it should have counted! Are we getting our rewards next wednesday for this week? Check the ranks, no name on there. I want to know if CS is broken this week so I dont waste my time doing it on my toons.......
  6. @Kibbelz I dont know if it just stopped working after today's long maintenance but no ranks showing or my time for this week ,its at 00:00:00 when finishing run.Everyone else getting this issue? Edit: I just noticed the white text isn't at the bottom showing when Season starts and ends for Arena of Discipline & Crucible as well. Might want to look into this...
  7. Please no more WB events, they wont get better ! There always people who want to but get excluded for several reasons.
  8. As someone who also spent a lot of time and effort collecting coins on my main and alts I feel very disappointed but not upset. I knew that there was high chance that I would get not ult transform but still wanted to try it.This event was bad from the start, why? Because the rest of the awards seem very underwhelming and totally not worth it. You guys could have added more useful things like a rank 4lv minions,ancient/legendary transformation contracts, exp marks instead of extractors etc. Only like-able thing about this event is the 1-kinah npc. I feel sorry for everyone who trie
  9. I also dont understand why they make 1 item as bundle. I always assumed bundle in the English language means that more than 1 item wrapped together,meaning plural!
  10. Seems logical but you forget people dont like to share if they get nothing out of it..... I do have friends but they already have their transform,why would they waste their time on this event?
  11. So the people who didnt get the chance to get the free transform get screwed over? Getting 50 Honey songpyeons before event ends seems impossible, at least for me. As a caster class, how I'm supposed to compete with classes with who can insta skill mob with 2-3 hits? My suggestion - make pine needles account tradeable.
  12. if you want us to do more ''group play'' how about increasing the rng rate for instances and stuff?
  13. I find it ludicrous you guys expect us to kill so many mobs daily/weekly since legal auto bot got canceled for our region.For someone, who doesn't even get 100 mobs weekly done, how do expect me to farm if there isn't any worth doing those mobs for (I'm good on titan coins)? No one has time to kill 1500 in Gelk or 300 in SC. The amount needs to be lowered by a lot and yes my all progress did get reset ! @Loki @Kibbelz Please change the number for weekly event quests because that many mobs for a single quest is extreme for us....
  14. I somehow by pure luck got S rank Hyperion on 1st try by combining 2 then after that I keep failing. I'm try to save 4 minions for combining since I have 2 support tokens left. Cant say I'm excited about the SS rank minion thing since A rank minions take alot effort to get in game.
  15. @Valedia-DN I share your annoyance by not getting ult transform by playing all this time. I hope your diligence about telling eveyone that you dont have it yet works in your favor!
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