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  1. Dehama siege

    @Ele-DN At this point, I think its useless to explain how siege works since you think that you know everything and everyone else stupid for not agreeing .If you want someone to stroke your ego,its not here. I wont respond to you anymore.Either you put the effort in siege or dont. If you must know, I play mainly asmo but I play elyos when I want to. Asmos do sometimes try to kill elyos where they appear (spawn when clicking portal) near artifact ( I have no idea if you can credit there or not).
  2. Red tracker

    You wont miss anything. Cyan only comes here once a week for maintenance info anyways. Barely for anything else...
  3. Dehama siege

    I dont understand how you cant get credit from fort that you need to extend the area. My ping isnt good for sieges but I can work with it. Maybe elyos have rough time to get credit because asmos come to your spawn spot to camp?? Do you join siege late? Elyos also go for the gates on their side. Maybe just stay in alliance if you cant credit for siege ( if you solo it). I had undergeared elyos toon but I still got credit every time I choose to go on it for siege.It seems like you dont put the effort so yeah this sounds like personal problem. If my lagginess toon can get credit, whats your excuse?
  4. Yes, please.This thread is entertaining to read
  5. The number of players who transfered out of DN-A to KT-A might not seem alot but DN seems more empty than usual.It might be that way because people quit or taking a hiatus too but transfers really hurt this side.... Server merge will be needed sooner than expected.
  6. @Cyan Event lugbug quests still dont work. Last night 1 DN-A alliance took snowman boss and still didnt credit.... I wished I afked because I didnt get anything at all and it was long boss fight....
  7. Still nothing?

    Yup, the lack of communication on NCsoft side is nothing new. I hope release of the next patch comes this month or February because it doesnt make sence to add items to bcm and events that we cant use now.EC.... mmm it seems to be a really complex issue. Cyan keeps promising us thats its coming every week.I'll only believe when its working .. Its likely that 7.2 got postponed because EC.
  8. Do you guys remember when...

    With release of 6.2 , NCSoft stopped caring about it completely.Sadly, I think it will not get better (they dont even care to update the prestige).
  9. Are you going keep telling us this every week so you can excuse the ''staff''. I dont know how complex is the EC problem but taking this long is unacceptable if this was for B&S, you guys would fix something like this in 1 or 2 weeks at most probably..... I see that 7.2 comes with the fix. You guys should focus on getting the patch up faster since we probably the only region left thats still stuck in 7.0 ,months behind...... Also the amount of genesis enchantment stone bundles you can get is no longer unlimited, only 5 bundles a week. More reasons for people to qq with horrible enchanting rng... Several nerfs coming in 7.2 but I agree that we do need a new patch to be released soon... The only thing that I can thing right now thats good 7.2 is cross server .
  10. So you logged on forums to just to tell me this? I think you missing the point of this thread. I know its ''easy gear'' but getting ganked by ely xfoms every time isn't legit problem? Not all of us are uber geared This event would be so much better if the loot could be shared between all group members, so the faction could help each other out. Its kinda wierd that isnt like that.Most players would agree with me.
  11. When I said we can expect 7.2 sooner than EC, I didnt expect that it would be actually true lol. Seriously @Cyan are you guys going to hold out EC for that long? Any response is welcomed than nothing.The banning of the abusers was a really stupid idea, why? Because they didnt lose anything for not playing for several days (most people,not including who might have gotten perma bans), sure you might have scared them off to not exploit a bug again but some will do it anyways if something like that happens. We who didnt abuse the bug, gained a big disadvantage and now you are awarding us with canceling EC for more + extra months? Please give us a event that includes getting AP next please for the lost time.......
  12. @Cyan please read I think it would benefit the the players who actually need the crafted stuff( unlike people who put them on broker for overpriced prices, we know you didnt crafted them the hard way :P) that you make it that its atleast 1 tuca horn for all group/alliance members to make it less a DPS Race You VS Your faction and other! Its very hard to participate in this part of event: *Not enough Mookies go to go around. No point of grouping up if just one drop. Spawn more or give them for more times to appear in a day. *High rank people using their xforms as advantage to block people from getting to them. Not a fair chance for others. Please give us a survey or something....

    If you time your fears and cc correctly sms are very unstoppable. I find it funny that sm is complaining about clerics. SMs can drain someone's hp fast during a fear so who is more annoying. I'm surprised that there arent more vandals in top list.... Geared vandals are scary
  14. NA was better in the past, pay attention to ''was''. I don't like Gameforge so thats why as EU player I'm still here. Gameforge actually shows that they care about their player base than NA (better events,fixes bugs sooner than later etc).