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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    Please nerf middle crussible 4th floor. Most players cant get past it because the mobs are buffed or class nerfs....Not all of us have super geared.Before this patch, it wasnt that difficult for me.Classes who dont have much aoe have harder time. Lower - This instance doesnt really give anything unless you missing hp cubes (platiums are very rare). So nerfting the mobs hp/def wouldnt hurt because there already too many nerfs this patch and only reason people to do lower is to complete their weekly lugbug. Good luck to close range classes at 15th floor
  2. missing bra

    Well, I didnt really fix it. Either my modem/internet decided to stop working that moment, I havent seen that happen in a while.I dont use pingzapper so I might not had the exact problem as you. Are you getting any lag spikes?Are you using the right options for ping reduce in pingzapper? That might be cause too. I suggest contacting support, they might be able to solve your issue
  3. missing bra

    I had this problem too for me it means that I disconnected from game. Maybe pingzapper or something else making you dc.
  4. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Katalam gear is very easy to get since you can trade the gear between toons in account werehouse. The real big issue is getting the enchantment stones (AKA EXP nerf) for morphing . We had it easy before this patch since exp wasnt nerfed and unlimited enchantment stone bundles, after 7.2 is more frustrating to enchant stuff because of that (unless you p2w).
  5. Weekly PVP kills quest bugged?

    300 is overkill for this region, they should bring it back to 100. Some of us forced to do this quest since other ones cant be finished for reasons. I leveled a opposite faction toon on new account just for this but too lazy to finish it every week....
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    This seems a good event for the afkers which I dont have much complaints but long waiting time (in a day). I hope we have events in near future like kumuki (I really miss this one), kromede revenge, shugo vault event etc. which are more fun than these type of events.
  7. @Arkaida-KT Stop typing in caps, no one is taking you seriously.It looks like you desperate for attention. First of all, you cant really compare WoW and Aion just because both same game genre. NCwest(NA) just publishes the game, they dont have any control on anything. All fixes/changes all come from Korea. So you might want to spam their forum with this nonsense .Blame the Korean devs for the game being in the state it is because they dont care what western player base wants. The communication is slow between the 2 companies..... Unlike NC (NA), Blizzard has full control of their game and not to mention that pay to play model which makes it successful till to this day. If this game is stressing you out that much, maybe go play wow or something else
  8. No credit from siege

    PVP kills arent worth that much anymore to siege credit. Its all about getting credit from the gates. Lakrum fort is the worst. If your faction isnt the one controlling the fort and you miss the gates, you might get screwed over even if you have decent amount for ap from pvp that has happened to me twice.......
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    @Cyan when is Leibo's blessing be finally added in gold sand shop so we can do our weekly lugbug quest? Also any info if arena of discipline award will be fixed this month or not....
  10. So since the ranks didn't reset last time. I didn't do arena this month thinking that I would get it since I was in the ranks. Did I make mistake by doing this or its a bug and no one got their award? @Cyan , Where did our arena award go?I checked the ranks for today before logging off since maintenance and they still werent reseted but gp ranks were...... Bugged for another month?
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Where do you see say that it lasts 30 days? I know you upset but get your info right. The event currently is permanant unless they decide to remove it in the future. I dont know if you know that you can get luna in 2 ways for free.So you dont need to spend money for this event if you dont want to. I agree that event award prices are too high.You have to spend luna for many entries and have to get geared toons for get S rank if you want to get your stuff faster....
  12. @Cyan @Gideon I see that enchanting stigmas is still a scam. Still horrible enchanting rates. need 100+ stigmas stones to enchant one to 12+.
  13. First try Cleric DPS spec (S rank Highest Score), Vandal (S rank) - Only 2 of mine that I would considered geared, mostly in ultimate Most of these toons are in legendary/ancient armor pieces + legendary weapon with few ult pieces : SM ( S rank) was mostly easy had my spirit to back me up Chanter (S rank) - Good thing this toon is decently geared with Daev. heal skill. Sorc (A rank) - Had hard time staying alive. SW (A rank) - I should get heal boost on accessories for this. Glad (A rank) - Needs to get more geared AT ( B rank) - Only toon with risiniel gear, only got b rank because I used skill that got me back to full hp Gunner ( C rank) - It's decently geared but I suck at this class for this
  14. I'm not the only one complaining about the enchanting rate.It seems to gotten worse or I'm wrong? Its not only on the ultimate gear.I know someone who used 90 stones to to enchant a single ancient gear item to 15+ .
  15. Seriously, I cant get ultimate item from +5 to 10 these 2 past weeks, I already used like 25+ enchantments stones.Usually it take like 10 stones for less for me.How do you expect for new/returning players to enchant their stuff with this rng?Please check if success rate version is the right one and not back to 6.2 1st tone