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  1. Evergale Canyon

    Yes I'm asmo. I dont play elyos so I would not know whats goes on that side
  2. Evergale Canyon

    I would but I see most of the times, it takes too long time to get 24 people... Need full alliance to que up? I just want to get in and be done with it
  3. Evergale Canyon

    I got kicked 6 times from Evergale in a row... On the 6th time, I wrote ''DONT kick'' but some idiot still did it so I gave up.....How that supposed to help me? Also not even giving me a chance to get my lugbug quest done (got kicked few times before timer run out so the match could start).... @Cyan please disable kick option for EC
  4. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    This whole stream's theme song: They look so confused
  5. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    They like 20 minutes late lol @Cyan change of plans?
  6. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Wow so Gideon actually exists? Last time that I remembered him being mentioned for game was in 4.x days...
  7. Let's talk about 7.0

    NC-soft likes to shower us with disappointment, thats how they show their ''affection''
  8. Compensation Ice Gem Boxes

    Still no survey lol I would recommend that you save your luna ( unless you really want that contract)
  9. +1, I hope that they tell us in the tomorrow's live-stream, no point of hiding it till patch launch day, something that they should have an answer for by now....
  10. Let's talk about 7.0

    Dont expect answers till 21th (launch day of patch) since there isn't much communication between us and the CM(s).
  11. New Character Slots?

    Honestly, don't expect to find a answer until 21th or patch notes lol. I asked this question too, not long ago but didn't get any answer, you can only hope we do.... @Cyan too busy with bns to come and answer this question on this forum.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Ncsoft being incompetent again, nothing new. Stop treating us like idiots, k thanks! Is there a reason why you guys delaying event info? I don't believe its a bug, you could just copy/paste it here..... Well, I just reinstalled the game, right now I'm regretting it, I was actually excited to log back on when I heard about this event.... never mind going to enjoy 7.0 in EU, there the staff is more capable than NCsoft will ever be and thats coming from someone who didnt like gameforge in the past .....
  13. Ok, I know that 7.0 date is n/a for this region but I have question that I would like to be to answered, with a clear yes or no. Are we getting a extra slot(s) for painter class when 7.0 comes. I have a toon that I dont gear up so I dont feel bad about deleting it later. I think this question was asked before but there was no official statement? I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants to know so @Cyan or @Hime if you can respond then thanks.
  14. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I dont understand why cant they change the siege times. NA players want it changed too, not just EU players! Make it couple of hours ealier for weekday sieges....
  15. Event Aether Blossom

    This sounds like a personal problem, not a legit issue with game event. I think elyos are capable too to make their own alliances and its not the only place where you can farm the flowers,btw!