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  1. just a thought

    What items you talking about? Enchantment stones? Sure I would happy if could choose to get pve or pvp one(not random from award) since I have some toons that I only do pve and have no plans gearing up for pvp, so the pvp stones just collect dust. BTW, there events that you could say give ''only pve items" is just that unlike other regions, our events are kinda lacking. There was a pvp event that hasnt appeared for some time.... There is no need for separate events, just events with decent/good awards ;D
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Stop your crying, you should have known that this would have happened. You got few days while others got perma banned. I hope the 30+ entries were worth it, Metal Bugs are not players fault but there is always a risk if you use them for unfairly gain.....
  3. @Cyan

    Yup, he did. He goes by ImTingTing now,right?
  4. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    Well, I didnt get banned so that means I wasnt one of those who exploited the instance but seriously really stupid move on NCsoft side: 1)Few day ban doesnt do anything. EC bug lasted a little bit longer that and got alot of entries,I see no point doing that now.... 2) The people who got perma banned,probably were the NCcoin spenders. So GG. Are you going to give them their money back for buying coins,prestige etc? I know few people who spent thousand of dollars on this game.... 3)Thanks to NCsoft the servers are more dead now, Server merge inc Soon? Well the only good thing is that exploiters can go outside and get fresh air or play a different game....
  5. event gear

    Yes, pretty much old gear is useless. I dont know exactly what gear you using, get the lakrum gear( its not that good but will work as starter gear) from campaings and quets then do instances like FM (3 man instance that is not that hard to do,drops ancient weapon, accesories ) and BoS (solo intance that drops ancient armor) (Since you might be too squeshy for instances like PF and SL).
  6. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    I hope there will some compensation before or after they bring EC back who tried not to abuse the bug( people got kicked by force by others). At least give us the lost AP! Game bugs are NCsoft responsibility, not the players. Since @Cyan cant answer when EC coming back. Can you at least tell us if we will get some kind of compensation? Because clearly there a big disadvantage who were not involved abusing with the bug..... P.S there is easy fix but you refuse to do it..... So dont blame players getting upset about not getting any updates about it....
  7. Updated Issues List

    I still saw kisks at demeha fort,not fixed
  8. Quick entry is there for a reason, duh. This game is very gear dependent, so other players dont carry people and waste their entry on people who arent ready for the instance. I think for instances like IB is fine, as long you know what to do. If you have decent pve gear, you can do dredge (pvp gear isnt a must but might get premade group). I dont really gear check but I only go with people that I know.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    I can confirm its 10 candy per acc. I thought the event awards weren't good(could have at-least added frags) but nerfing the candies is the whole level of low..... GG NCsoft this will be last time I get excited for event. You got it together for with alchemy event but ruined a good event again..... We can see where your priorities lie. I don't think your ''staff'' are stupid, just don't care. Making crap rewards, wont make people buy event item, you do the opposite. I guess NC really hates the player base because nerfing=fixing
  10. Out of 21 ancient crafted weapons, only 1 good proc (Try to upgrade to legendary but it failed) I know its supposed to give best ultimate weapon in game but why is an ancient proc so impossible? Crafting went few steps backwards..... So yeah if you thinking about crafting, dont do it and sell the craft items if you have. Thanks again for nerfing something that should not have been.....
  11. Evergale Canyon

    Yes I'm asmo. I dont play elyos so I would not know whats goes on that side
  12. Evergale Canyon

    I would but I see most of the times, it takes too long time to get 24 people... Need full alliance to que up? I just want to get in and be done with it
  13. Evergale Canyon

    I got kicked 6 times from Evergale in a row... On the 6th time, I wrote ''DONT kick'' but some idiot still did it so I gave up.....How that supposed to help me? Also not even giving me a chance to get my lugbug quest done (got kicked few times before timer run out so the match could start).... @Cyan please disable kick option for EC
  14. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    This whole stream's theme song: They look so confused
  15. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    They like 20 minutes late lol @Cyan change of plans?