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  1. @Valedia-DN I share your annoyance by not getting ult transform by playing all this time. I hope your diligence about telling eveyone that you dont have it yet works in your favor!
  2. I still get the pin bug now and then still. I find it especially annoying after I get past the long loading screen
  3. I would consider myself geared enough for pvp (talon all 15+ but feel thats completely useless now ) but still get 2-3 shot by some.This is why I dont bother really with pvp anymore. If someone was to ask me, whats fun about Aion? I would struggle answering this question since NC loves to keep removing/nerfing everything that is likeable about this game and force us the cr*p we dont want ...
  4. You need to be more specific. How long has it been since you logged back?
  5. PVP is dead since the gear gap keeps getting stronger with unnecessary things like rune-stones and gems :(. Its like godstones all over again
  6. Really? Because I have the sport skill bundle on my vandal and I cant use it since skill skins on vandal isnt available yet
  7. I've been playing since the the start of the transformations ( since 6.x). I've combined alot 35+ times (Not kidding) and still have no ult,sadly . I have now all normal 10 legendaries and 2 apostle. Maybe its time stop using only 2 when combaining? Since I keep getting the ones I already have ,time 6 times in a row. I also used 3,4 and 6 when combining in the past ... I wish rngjesus would not hate me so P.S I aint paying NC because of their questionable rng
  8. It took 40+ skill books combining before I got mine. Now its at 12+, I failed 6 times now with essence to get to 13+ .No matter what don't use essence on 10( save point) to 11, complete waste since it doesn't increase chance to succeed.
  9. I know that transform is NA's main money maker since they being so stingy about it unlike other regions. Since reknown reduction coming soon (Korea fixed it) lowering it to 7 lv would not be a bad idea.
  10. I agree and its unfair. For example, I have 3(sms) on my acc (12 toons). I'm not going to delete 2 and level up a sin and temp since I took time to level and gear my alts.Whats wrong with all toons on account getting survey? If you guys worried that some might exploit and just delete and make new toon then thats your job so it doesn't happen. You guys made it specific that transform would be the most expensive thing on the npc so people wouldn't much left after they get it I know someone who basically has more than 5 of the same class on main account, how is that fair? That person prob
  11. https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings Please bring this event back again soon in the future, this was helpful to everyone.
  12. There is maintenance happening now since you just post it , I figure it might be the reason?
  13. I hope we have more things going on next week for Anniversary because this event (if you even can call it that) is underwhelming.I also reading event name thought we were finally getting a temporally instanced pve event but got sadly misled... Atleast make it 1500 def and attack. 150 doesnt do much even for the not so geared bunch.
  14. Well thank Kibbelz that some stuff are finally done now!
  15. Yes, this game has some toxic people, my best advice is just block and avoid them.Majority arent like that.
  16. They fixed it before, why arent they bothered to do it now?
  17. 1)100% agree.At least 1 good permanent that isn't too hard to get or bring us events. 2)Honestly someone who isnt on when siege time (I'm asleep by that time lol) Arena? Maybe not that but wished they didnt remove the lakrum gp quests. Yes drops in pve have nerfed for no reason ,whats the point of doing the instance then? 3) I get it but people have gotten many items playing longer than others. 4)Well Kinah is trade-able for a while now.What I want to be trade able are manastones that are not brokeable. It hurts to disenchant phy. attack/crit manastones on a caster class +
  18. I agree with EC. The past EC runs I have done (as asmo) since lastest update. I have only 1 run where alliance got above 1k points. Its very hard with few only active and rest bunch of stupid/lazy afkers( since you dont get anything if under 1k points). Before someone asks, I wont waste a hour or more to recruit alliance. (I always do quick entry).I barely find people for 6 man instances... @Loki @Kibbelz Lower the amount to 200 or no higher than 500 please! The point collecting is very slow and active opposite faction alliance scores higher fast....
  19. I agree that should be more events/options with select able transformations. The first transformation I got I think was Hamerun, it was useless since my main needs cast speed! Honestly I have done alot of combining of legendary transform and still no ult (40+ times), I have a friend who has gotten on his 5th try. RNG is a true end game boss lol... Btw has anyone gotten the newer 7.5 Apostle transformations by combining? It must be a very rare chance because I havent seen anyone with one.
  20. I opened alot of support boxes, didnt see any titan coins.
  21. I should known that this event is too good to actually get it at least one time to proc (not the kinah boxes lol) but I still was excited for this event. I hoped that I would atleast get my skill(Another huge pain to get before this event) and I would be fine if I got nothing after that! Over 320 kinah procs (fails) - Smart move to make it proc so often! 15+ tries to get DP daevonian skill - Nothing I dont mind the obvious bcm item favoritism but this rng again is very questionable. I dont think NC understands that Horrible RNG makes people spend less real money! This even
  22. The video isnt available but yeah bots are very annoying. I saw like 10 bots in one area, huddled together, I should have made a screenshot of it lol.
  23. So SAS got removed because it was causing the KT server issues with stability?Why go hush about it ? Its not a exploit like most were expecting. I will be a sad shugo if this takes longer than a month to fix this. @Kibbelz If you guys arent able to bring the instance itself back soon.Please bring the the npcs back temporary if thats not causing a issue!
  24. I heard that Arena got fixed, hopefully it stays that way but you can forget about any compensation for those months. NC wont give you free luna like that and people who didnt bother with those months (because of bug) will get pissed off.
  25. This event has really timing since you removed a good source to get exp. 27 exp marks isnt alot for event, some would think but players use their marks for other stuff that they need to get in the week. So you mind the grind more tiresome. Suggestions: For every week that SAS is not fixed, give us our experience crystal thing send by survey or mail.Daily you can get 8 for free entry , so weekly amount is 8x7 = 56 (Atleast for our main toon). Give us a server wide exp buff as long this event lasts or at least on the weekends.
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