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  1. why so salty is the best part, thanks for that- hope they keep coming!
  2. agree with a lot of what @Arhangelos-KT has said, however unfortunately that won't address the discrepancy in the player economies at all. Good luck on purchasing a mansion (on anything else) Not to mention the loss for anyone holding a mansion and up. Going through that on one merge wasn't so bad. Now that for someone it makes at least the third merge that's forced on us? Definitely not so understanding when items don't get transferred and the compensation is non-existent.
  3. Well this is the bare minimium compared to just shutting down DN. Having been through a merge several times, at each point, all that housing owners will get back is the purchase price, and at each merge there was a significant loss compared to the purchase price. Now, there's the significant disparity between the 2 server economies as well. I recall that in the past, the server being merged was actually given compensation if that a[[lied (remember when new servers were created?) This time, Danaria gets precisely...nothing. Guestblooms are just an added slap in the face, on top the
  4. Indeed . Of course a few points to keep in mind - don’t you think that TOS are screened first by Legal? secondly - you always have various dispute mechanisms - like chargebacks - in which case Ncsoft will likely close your account. All perfectly legal.
  5. If you’ve read the TOS then that kid can cry all they want - if their parent grants access to their account then they have also granted permission for all payments - and as you know you can’t play without agreeing to the TOS at each login. The TOS also states that Nccoin has no cash value - and more by the way.
  6. That is all that is relevant. Whereas the reverse is true of Aion, and the size of the game populations reflects that. Even on the level of game performance- Aion definitely isn't better than Eso for many people, especially if PVP is considered. .
  7. Somewhat incorrect - FFXIV has a massive amount of content- up to the Stormblood expansion - that is free. That means up to level 60 - cap is 80. Once you decide to pay, then you can get an incredible amount of content. If you optionally want to buy a vanity item - let's say a mount (multiple permanent ones are easily available in-game)- well look- it's reasonably priced, permanent- AND available to all "jobs" - where a job is a class - and you can easily play multiple classes on one character.
  8. There was so much spin in that letter it gave me vertigo. Really - do you honestly think that disabling auto-hunt at this point would have "a profound effect on player communities by causing a substantial shift towards solo play"? That ship sailed a long time ago in Aion, after private trades, crafting, incentives for smaller or medium legions and meaningful sieges were killed. Aion is hardly an MMO any more, while there are some group activities there are other games out there that do a far better job at promoting community activities, whether by crafting, or building projects,
  9. and sorcs are also a kiting class that benefit both from cast AND attack speed, have longer CDs than SW, have skills (generally) with longer cast times, and have poor self-heals. Oh yes- and no skills to improve run speed- unlike SW (at least you have that option). I would take your heals if you don't want them lol. Not to mention the run speed .
  10. Silence bury on a SW is not so hard now - I recall that it used to be hard (with the original chain) - but not since it was changed a while ago. I would also agree that SW clearly can't dispel like clerics but having one self-dispel is far more powerful than having no dispels at your disposal, plus self-heals. Again, not as many as heal spec- but that would be even more broken. I would just say that besides CC, without ultimate transform for sorcs and having attack/ casting speed maxed it's even more the setup for PVP that is especially painful against most classes.
  11. While the sorc is casting sleep, let me introduce you to my friend the SM.
  12. You can't dispel? You don't have better shields than a sorc in DPS spec? uh, yes you do. Not to mention way more skills that don't have long cast times nor are they on long CDs. So don't compare SW 9% cast speed vs sorc 20% cast times- there's a good reason for that - you can't compare given the skills and the 2 classes don't have the same mobility, although if both have ultimate transforms then it would help for the sorc. Really, funny how not only NA but EU is full of bad sorcs. No one who has played sorc for a decent period of time remains with the mindset of "face tanking"
  13. Agreed, repulsion only works to buy time in a group (sometimes) talking about +15 repulsion in Korea is not realistic for NA. How many sorcs are running with that? However- even more important - at this point in the game why don't sorcs have anything to block magical damage- as elemental ward is meh - and does anyone use even use COW? For physical damage wintry is waaaay behind the times, maybe the improved is worth it but playing a class that considers freezing someone in place or preventing them from using any skills as both of their ultimate shields is really trolling. Cheer
  14. I would generally agree with the first post and add a fourth point so as @Aly-DN said 1- hackers 2- P2W 3- RNG and I would add 4- poor class balance 5- decisions made without consulting the community (e.g. recent change to siege schedule) 6- lack of transparency (e.g. core game mechanics, length of time required for some updates) So to add some perspective, I would add that 1, 3 and (to some extent) 4 have been around since open beta - if anyone here played a chanter especially when the game first released the would likely agree that chante
  15. I appreciate your posting the poll. Bonus if you could also give a estimate of how long it would take to to: (1) revert (rollback) the change - so that we can go back to the current time (2) implement the time as per the community I would hope that we could get (1) before you get the results of the survey (maybe in hot fix) Thanks again, it is really appreciated that you listened when mentioned the survey, this was helpful in the past (even if we didn't always get exactly what we wanted)
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