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  1. Cannot launch Aion after Windows update

    Try running the game in compatibility mode- you shouldn't have to, but that fixed it for me. Go to the game (easy if you left on shortcut on your desktop), right-click, go to properties - compatibility tab- go to the middle section to select the properties, i.e. the OS, such as . Windows 8 . Only had to do this with Aion, this update, which I also received last night, hasn't affected any other game for me.

    People who like to post in all caps.....
  3. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    What you're describing isn't isn't new, I've had it occur randomly beginning several weeks ago i.e. you can quick queue and the queue runs for a long time, you can't cancel out of it in any way from the UI. Going to the character selection screen has always fixed the issue and I've been able to re-queue without any issues. That's a viable workaround although annoying, were not stuck in the Twilight Zone that OP (and others) are experiencing.
  4. is everybody in this game anitsocial? :(

    As Cheese said, currently most players are so focused on getting to at last 66+ they will take the most efficient path to leveling. and that means soloing through most of the older content. There are a few people that know the parts of the old content that no one does anymore, and you could happen across some of them, but that would be quite rare- that's a pity, since otherwise you'll never see some of the older content. Also, while some people like to duel, a lot of other people don't for various reasons. That doesn't mean they don't like to PVP, but they'll do so in (ranked) arenas or other instanced content. You could head to Sanctum or Panda arena areas (Kaisenel if Elyos for example) if you want to find people hanging around, also people in Ilumna/Norsvold. Finally, while there are guilds that will only accept level 75s, there are definitely guilds that will accept and help lower levels, it just takes a bit more effort to find them.
  5. Least played class pvp/pve?

    That doesn't correspond to what I've ever seen. I'd put cleric/clorc as 1, SW as number 2 below clerics, with sorcs and glads sharing number 4. Least played used to be ATs but their numbers are growing in no small part due to a certain Twitch streamer, so the least popular is shared by gunners and rangers. Chanters are more popular, and SMs are not really that popular- definitely below chanters.
  6. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    You know, it's rather refreshing to see someone who is honest enough to ask for help. I will say that my hands shook pretty hard after healing as a cleric in PVP in Aion, it was way too stressful for me ( I know you're not a cleric, just saying that someones a specific class can be harder too for some people) If you find someone who is patient and can duel with them a bit, that can help, as will grouping with experienced and good PVPers. With practice, everyone can improve.
  7. Is Aion Dying...

    Well, trivial is subjective, isn't it? To many people, immersion is very important, I can understand why the introduction of chicken mounts and the other things that OP has described would break immersion for many people. If I look at Aion and a game like Wildstar or ESO, Aion is a mess, Compare mounts in ESO and mounts in Aion- in ESO for example- it's a horse, and ONLY a horse, and you feed it at a stable- you don't see chickens, automobiles, tigers, exotic animals, etc. That's jut one example, but all of those details add up. Would that make someone quit? maybe not, but it might prevent some new players from staying long, unless the game is very good (considering combat, class balance, game design, etc) and has a healthy population.
  8. Evergale tricks they do

    Change it so that auto-accept alliances get the last priority to open an EC, and pre-made alliances get a higher priority.
  9. Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design

    True, sorry, I can bit a bit literal- minded lol.... There's also the separate issue of not being able to draw, any design I submit would probably win the prize for skin that you'd dress your alt in to craft ...
  10. Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design

    Thanks, appreciate it, however doesn't help since I live in Quebec. Well, since a lot of what you said about Quebec is incorrect, including the language (in the larger cities around 1 million identify as English speakers, plus other cultures, so it's multicultural) , gambling laws and taxes.- social credits ?? - we we pay some of the highest taxes in NA. Get the pleasure of writing 2 tax returns as well - we also follow the Napoleonic code in the provincial courts (the French civil code) not the British civil code used elsewhere in Canada. All of this to say that there's a good reason for certain exceptions to contents, gambling, etc.
  11. Is Aion Dying...

    Neither you nor I knows "the real cause", because there is more than one cause,. Some people have listed the deletion of content, others have complained about hackers, for others it's the grind, the cost to of gear progression, they don't like the game mechanics or class balance or their friends left .
  12. Agreed, 6.0 was a mess, even 6.2 likely needs some patches....look at powerbook for the update history for 6.0 and/or the KR forums. No way would I want to go through 6.0 and then get 6.2. I'd rather jump to 6.2 even though it lacks a lot of things. We're lucky, we don't have to go through what the KR players had too go through. We have so many sources of stigmas, there's s many better ways to launch a major patch. Unless it was because when 6.0 launched there were so many new or poor players - but with patches to 6.0 there should be adjustments to the economy OR NA could be different. In fact, it would be nice to ask the players for idea..not that I'm hinting...
  13. I report Aion for none stop kicking in evergale

    I had to read this a few times, but here's a few suggestions: 1- if you're a novice player with limited resources, don't try to do everything at once, work up slowly or you'll just get frustrated. Maybe start with arenas, or try to buy some PVP gear. Some events also give free PVP gear! It is your right on how you go about it. 2. Until you are better geared, you will not get into some instances, however you don't need good gear to get into some instances, and you will meet people and get your experience. 3. In the specific case of EC, if you are undergeared, you can try to help PVE. You may die a lot. There are guidelines for being kicked , and they can be found in the forum, to paraphrase: you should not be kicked for gear. You shouldn't be kicked unless you AFK., and the alliance leader is perfectly within their rights to kick you if you AFK and/or if you don't follow reasonable requests. There is no such thing as a paid "right to AFK", if you join, then should expect to participate.
  14. Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design

    No problem, but it gets extremely annoying to get left out of things.
  15. Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design

    That aren't "weird-ass" . The laws could be updated a bit, [ nare are in supposed to be, although I don't know the timeframe] but there is a logical reason for them. They protect the consumer. The reason that the US, or even some national (meaning pan-Canadian) lotteries don't include them is due to the relatively small population not justifying the legal cost for some contests, in the view of whomever is sponsoring the contest.