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  1. Siege Schedule Poll

    I appreciate your posting the poll. Bonus if you could also give a estimate of how long it would take to to: (1) revert (rollback) the change - so that we can go back to the current time (2) implement the time as per the community I would hope that we could get (1) before you get the results of the survey (maybe in hot fix) Thanks again, it is really appreciated that you listened when mentioned the survey, this was helpful in the past (even if we didn't always get exactly what we wanted)
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I regularly help recruit for sieges, so I note how many drop off and how many tell me that they have problems due to the current time ALREADY being late. Now you want to make it even later???? Personally, I'm located on East coast NA, and I work, so siege times are difficult as it is. This is going to make it EXTREMELY hard to attend. New players now don't see what we used to have: - East and West coast servers - GONE - support for timezone changes (Daylight Savings)- GONE - surveys for siege time changes for our region- GONE Now we don't even get a basic justification. Just an announcement that is basically " it's changing- take it or leave it" and which many people can miss. Really? Has it gotten THAT bad at your office, so that you cannot communicate with your community in a more positive way?
  3. It could make sense if you would actually provide a link to where you found that information. Not that we could be sure that we would get that fix - although that would be logical- however not necessarily so given that it would have to be compatible with our region.
  4. 6 hours AFK for a 7-day enchant

    @Basia-DNAs much as I detest fear .... lmao... this is one of the best posts I’ve seen in a long time. Can definitely relate to this.
  5. What a Shame

    OK, one of these is a sorc vs sorc, so I don't understand the point in this thread since it's really discussing sorc as being viable in comparison to other classes - however what specifically did you want to point out in the second one with the sorc vs the sin? In addition these are 7.2 - I don't know all of the skill changes that we should get in 7.2, just no magic defense increase on CC for sorcs. It would be especially helpful if anyone knows what the skill changes are (or I guess it's back to Powerbook).....
  6. Access Restriction Notice?

    Can we please get this fixed. Seriously - do you want to have your support desk flooded with calls over this? I don't think so, and it could easily happen if people panic over this. So far it took multiple attempts - not only logging into the web page first , but also switching to another character before selecting the one I wanted. In all it took me THREE tries to login to the character I wanted.
  7. Aethertech Nerf - Not announced?

    The short answer to your question is "yes" other classes at least one other class had a nerf to PVE damage. However in the case of ATs it could be argued that it wasn't a surprise that it would be toned down.
  8. Gameplay suggestions

    There are games that have successfully legitimized bots. There's at least one MMO that had an excellent crafting system - it was similar to our aether forging, but used a type of bot. Once you had the mats, you could start automated tasks at any time., only limited by the crafts that you knew and the number of your crafting assistants. You could be doing whatever you wanted in the meantime. You could even log out. Once your crafting was done, you got a notification for each completed task. It really made crafting a lot easier.
  9. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Some nerves are normal, no matter how often you present. If you don't livestream often that's understandable too. However, it takes nerves of steel to fake it when you live demo a product when you really don't know it, trust me . I've had to do it and I don't recommend it. Far better to bring in someone else to demo for you if you are not that familiar with your product, or have them record a test session and play back part of it during the live stream., and speak over it That would be fine too. At least we would see mobs and a real boss in action, or some PVP.
  10. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    yes how *uncouth* of them lmao.. Does anyone remember when we had an inter-faction PVP tournament and a GM actually banished a player out into a far corner of the abyss because they broke a rule or were sassy? I miss those days.
  11. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Nor is it *uncouth* to expect whomever is demoing a patch to actually be speak to change that affect core game mechanics, class balances, instances, etc in addition to cosmetics. Not to mention presenting it in a way that would actually be realistic and doesn't crutch upon using GM-mode . That would also help reduce those remarks. Would probably help if they played the patch themselves a bit more of course.
  12. Cyan

    Oh my, you really expect to get a demo from someone who might actually have played the game as a player (i.e. in non GM "God" mode) and could provide a useful preview? More than someone standing on one spot twirling in their new skin?
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    This event is so poorly executed,rather than motivating your player base it has ended up as a sad joke.
  14. Aion 2019

    Agreed - get your transform although mm..can't speak for a gunner..but depends upon your class. Even an ancient doesn't really do the job for some classes, the game doesn't get to the enjoyable stage until you've got a decent legendary. That's even using the best title. It's even more important given that getting a permanent mount is harder than it used to be. No one has mentioned it yet but kinah is a big issue for new players. Don't waste it early - don't enchant things, ask if you aren't sure. You will need it at 80. You can easily use a fortune trying to socket one item.
  15. Quiting game

    I still have fond memories of Abyssal Splinter in its original form, when we ran in in alliances and had to jump down and glide to collect AP relics. Falling meant going alll the way back to the beginning. I was known as being quite reliable in my static, and was actually one of the better people for opening chests- but when I did miss then anyone on Discord heard some fairly dramatic screaming lol.