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  1. @Gideon (hear the community)

    Brilliant, finally someone who makes complete sense. Thank you.
  2. aion 6.0 release NA

    what's the rush? it doesn't sound like these patches's have had such positive feedback. They've been patching 6..0 multiple times in order to fix issues, I'd rather wait and have KR find the issues, and get a patch that's more stable/ has better features ( I would hope). Given the issues they've had in one event, I can wait before getting a major release.
  3. Tiamaranta's Eye

    No one has come up with an official response but it's likely that the event rewards were waaaay too generous. Personally, I don't have a problem with omegas and temperings being handed out, but getting PVP mats should require some effort.That doesn't mean that someone can get purified +80 gear in a few days, especially if all they have to do is afk in a league. A rollback is a last-resort for me, but it seems justified in this case. We're lucky it was caught in a relatively short time. Of course there are some people who aren't even interested in the event who are going to lose out, they are going to be affected as well, that can't be avoided. That always happens in any rollback, innocent parties suffer too. We used to have a test server in NA, we won't get it back. It's clear however that someone needs to involve themselves with more testing to review the test plans and/or review the event design, perhaps have some members of the community that they can contact as well, so that this doesn't re-occur.
  4. Tiamaranta's Eye

    meh, been there done that. It's nice for nostalgia's sake, but a few weeks is plenty.
  5. First Month Playing Aion - Impressions

    You know it's good that someone actually takes the time to write such a detailed feedback post. I wonder how many people feel like OP, but don't make any effort to post, so no one ever knows what they think- so developers lose out on a lot of input. That being said, OP has a mix of technical and gameplay issues, I won't get into the technical issues, but regarding the gameplay issues - Aion is a non-flagged PVE/PVP game, this should probably be made even clearer to new players, on the web site, when they create a new character, etc so that everyone understands that you can't opt out of PVP. (Of course, technically, you can by staying in the levelling zones - but presumably most players want to get to or close to level cap at some point). I don't blame anyone for being annoyed waiting for a party to form, being in a good legion is really a good option, other games have better party finder or group requirements for dungeons than Aion does so that wait times can be reduced. However, this is an MMO, it's based upon interaction with others, not solo play. If anything, I would expect that the group requirements wouldn't disappear, but there wold be more improvements to the cross-server party finder as in some other games.
  6. There is nothing that prevents you from forming your own premade. That allows you to determine your group set-up. The other side has to work with same issues regarding any pug alliances as you do. If someone is undergeared and is trying their best, i.e. not AFK and is following commands, you can't kick them. Whether they are enjoying themselves without any gear at all is questionable, but you can't stop them. Hopefully they'll realize that with better gear it's more enjoyable. However, you shouldn't be kicking someone without doing proper, reasonable ready checkS (yes plural), be reasonable. Finally, I would rather have less pops but fiix reduce the issue of alliances where half or most of the players are zombies. I agree if the leader is AFK, this won't help. Unless of course they've DCed, please, please fix that!!
  7. Client crashes (send log) on using portal at landing

    Thanks for the tips, I'll try them next time as it's very discouraging to lose so much time , and the area wasn't even especially congested at the time..
  8. This issue happened several maintenances ago, and can be reproduced again. If the portal is used to tranfer between the interior region of the Elyos upper abyss area (Redemption Landing) to the exterior, or vice versa, the client crashes. Once the client is relaunched, the issue can be reproduced. Doing a file repair does not fix the issue. The issue log refers to the CryEngine dll.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    I know your idea sounds reasonable, but I've seen a similar system implemented in other games and it had the results that @Vessttemona-KT described. Basically, a lot of people end of abusing the privilege. This often means that even more poor unfortunates get a pop into a match that has no hope of a win at all. No one's happy at all. Even if people get into a league that they don't prefer as @Rod-KT describes, if they go and try, it could also happen if they are truly outmatched, a reasonable alliance/ league leader should say "don't kick for AFK we can't win" or words to that affect. At worst case, well if you do leave, 15 minutes away from the keyboard for a break isn't such a bad idea sometimes.
  10. Let's take a look at Aion Taiwan Shop

    Well said, that AT looks evil...pure evil incarnate.
  11. Massive DC/Sendlogs, Siege/Evergale AFK ppl.

    The actual problem is the sendlog and the DC's. That is what needs to be fixed, and if the actual issue is related to the number of player, whether in siege OR on the instance server- which it very well could be if there is an optimization issue- bringing more people would not help anyone at all. NC needs to look at the root cause of the DCs + sendlog in siege and/or the instance server (prioritize somehow) .. Fixing this benefits everyone, irrespective of faction and server.
  12. Massive DC/Sendlogs, Siege/Evergale AFK ppl.

    I never said that it was the reason for the loss. Nor did I ever state that asmos did not disconnect. But don't be silly, of course it will further demoralize a losing faction, and disproportionately to a winning faction. Did you miss the part where the Elyos faction have only had Divine once, or the attendance over the past weeks? This is an issue the should be fixed, that is what the discussion is about.
  13. Massive DC/Sendlogs, Siege/Evergale AFK ppl.

    Thank you @Chibiusa-DN for taking the time to write such a good description of what happened last night, as well as the ongoing problem with the instance server. I've tried to deal with support, they go down the path of investigating/ diagnosing the individual players's setup - whether it's the drivers, network, etc, etc. I would have hoped that the information that they have in the files from "sendlogs' was actually used and was sent out to the development team and analyzed we might not be stuck in this situation, as there's more likely some performance optimization that has to be done, and that is outside of the player's hands. I would just add @Cyanthat the effect of these DCs, especially at Divine siege, will be to see an ever decreasing number of people attending, especially from the weaker faction., and before the asmos rejoice, it makes for a rather boring siege.
  14. 6.0 info

    We will continuously review and adjust the Sorcerer class to play its role faithfully. ahahahaha
  15. 6.0 info

    If you've been playing since 2009, then you should recall that we've always had infiltration and spy quests. On the Elyos side, they started as early as Eltnen, infact that's one of the funniest one since they ported the player onto a mountaintop onto Morheim. At around level 40, one of the best weapons in the game was only available through a long quest chain that required infiltration quests. I was extremely happy when I got my Xenophon's tome. I think this has been nerfed, but this quest in A-stronghold and the whole chain took quite of bit of work, and usually some PVP to finish and the whole story line was really well done. That's just one example, but the quests were sprinkled through other levels.