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  1. Quiting game

    I still have fond memories of Abyssal Splinter in its original form, when we ran in in alliances and had to jump down and glide to collect AP relics. Falling meant going alll the way back to the beginning. I was known as being quite reliable in my static, and was actually one of the better people for opening chests- but when I did miss then anyone on Discord heard some fairly dramatic screaming lol.
  2. Quiting game

  3. NA 2019-06-19 Luna Crafting Recipes

    Thank you again for such a helpful post!! amazing job
  4. Luna Crafting Feedback Thread

    Agreed- that a very high amount for the ancient. Especially disappointing considering nothing was done for transform contracts in the GS shop
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    Considering you really provide only one update a week- how about some additional information on: - major concerns we're waiting on? example- Gold Sand Shop update ? - updates on bug fixes? - upcoming event schedule - upcoming patch schedule Just a few things that come to mind if we want to keep this game healthy.
  6. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Yes . Because they would buy their ranks. No need for that. And (speaking for DN) having asmo transforms for a day, or even a few days or even a wee k is fine. A lot of them waste their transforms, and the longer they hold the fort, the better the buff for the Elyos, so the fort will flip, and the Elyos get their own transforms (which most of them, in turn, will end up wasting).
  7. About the "compensation"

    I was quite happy with the compensation, especially once I found out how to open the bundles a bit faster. Ancient level stones are extremely easy to get. Ultimate are not. If someone can't use ultimate right away, they will need them at some point, at which time they will be happy to have them. Mind you, to keep people happy, I'm looking forwards to a response soon to our requests for GP compensation in the Gold Sand shop, now that the bug above has has been fixed.
  8. Entitled players?

    Your math is simple. TOO simple. Just based upon my own observations, I can site a number of people who haven't received the number of contracts you claim we "should" receive i.e the 294. Just based upon my owen experience, I frequently run instances and not seen a contract. I typically get white contracts and almost never get green-. - and that happens to numerous people that I know. It gives the impression that you may be calling everyone else lazy because you paid what what could well have been a significant amount of money for your transformation. At this point in the patch, it should be common for a large number of people to have a legendary transform by consistently running instances and combining contracts. They should thus be able to get one fairly easily through the event- this was the approach taken in other regions. Other regions also are more generous with their event frequency and the player base doesn't seem to suffer for it- quite the contrary- it's healthier than NA.
  9. Good Job Ncsoft

    A afir number of the people who post here have asked for fair prices, not free items, since there's still a number of people who have either paid subscription for years and/or pay Prestige. They also buy off the BCM. So stating that everyone expects a free handout isn't accurate. Somehow, EU and other regions have managed to run events that give out legendary transforms without the need for such effort. Don't forget, this is no longer a new patch. If people have consistently run instances and combined contracts and even bought them, it isn't unrealistic to expect that an event gives a reasonable way to get legendary transforms without the need to spend over $100 (US) dollars and run an instance every single day (at least) for a month at the highest grade multiple times.
  10. Compensation, how are you doing it?

    The question isn't "when" it's "what" - as in what will be rewarded , and to whom.
  11. Compensation, how are you doing it?

    A number of people decided not to waste their time, I can understand their logic. If NCSoft wanted to grant them some minimal compensation, I'm fine with that- but then go through the extra step of evaluating whether someone actually did instances and sieged and grant them extra compensation. They shouldn't be put on an equal footing with people who put in no effort.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    They were lazy and greedy or maybe they didn't get the resources the needed, who knows.. They likely didn't have the developers , or maybe they rushed them, or they lacked some time to do analysis, and/or the QA and did a half--assed job, which is very risky in any complex system with live data.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Bless you. This is the best post I've seen this they screwed the pooch on this patch.
  14. Why do this now when we don't have any answers yet? Why not delay this until there is something worth buying in the shop- like every other region did. In fact, they added special (temporary) items recognizing that this hard reset deserved some compensation. You haven't even returned with a response confirming you CAN do it (which should be a "yes" considering every other region can) nor a date in which you can make the change in the shop- which should be a reasonable time frame (read no more than a few weeks at most). I'm fine (happy even) that these instances award will reward GP but please confirm that luna resets will be removed as of this maintenance.
  15. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I agree completely. NCSoft likely saw this as an untapped source of revenue since EK dried up. We all know how long that lasted.
  16. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    1) why - unless you are planning a server merge? Are you planning one? EU used this but it was warranted due to mergers 2) there is absolutely nothing of any value on the gold ingot shop and the one item of value is way overpriced ( Daeva skill). It still in no way compensated me for the time I spent participating in segues and other activities. No I did not spend a significant cash nor did I AFK my way to my rank- so this is very much a slap in the face. 3) it it very much a loss since we are literally getting useless gold ingots- the only thing worse I think of is prestige coin, since that’s the only worse shop due to its exchange rate- although it’s items are better. Other regions supplied legendary transform contracts in their shop and other USEFUL items. This is in essence otherwise going to demotivate some of your most loyal players - exactly the segment you do NOT want to lose.
  17. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    It's about bloody time we got bind.
  18. Just to add a different perspective to this- really NC West doesn't seem to learn from the past. 1. Way back when Miragent/Fenris first came out, part of the quest was very grindy and was purely RNG (the proc on HHOM for the pants). I was super lucky (pretty much the sole time in all these years)- it procced on my first attempt. I knew many people that quit because after hours and/or a hell of a lot of kinah, dancing naked at the crafting station, hopping up and down, sacrificing a legion buddy, etc - no pants after multiple tries - 20 or more. Eventually , after losing many players- the quest got changed to give people the HHOM if they failed a certain number of attempts. 2. Does anyone remember when having a failure on socketing one manastone made them ALL explode? Again, many people quit because they couldn't taking all that farming for nothing- getting absolutely no sense of progression. Years later, where are we? Back to the same stupidity- repeating the same mistakes, in a sense. Requiring multiple procs , not just one- to craft gear. Requiring multiple +15 , not just ONE, to get both PVE and PVP gear. The rates are atrocious. Getting ancient gear should be a 100% success with ancient stones and not with a an abysmal success rate- like now. Getting legendary gear should be harder, but manageable given ancient and legendary. Getting ULTIMATE should be grindy. NOT before , and even ultimate should be achievable within a reasonable timeframe, with doing the content. Consider this from someone who is by no means impatient when it comes to upgrading gear - but from someone who wants everyone to have a reasonable chance to get good gear. It's not fun when people quit, or when they stand no chance in a fight purely due to a gear disadvantage.
  19. Contaminated underpath bug - when I entered the instance, I was in the floor. Lost the run since I couldn't do anything. This has never happened to me prior to this patch.
  20. That was announced prior to the update- the "event" temperings (and I believe omegas) were not eligible for exchange. However - another issue- if we get the 'pioneer's buff" it conflicts with the buff from the event (when you click on the coffin) - so you cannot get the evnt buff- can this be fixed please? Perhaps disable the Pioneer's buff while the event is on.
  21. Agreed. After reading the patch notes on Aion powerbook, and all the hard work that @Kubei-DN has done, with the feedback from Korean players, and Youbtube, it became clear that there were a lot of negatives in the patch. Especially after playing on the PTS, and actually experiencing the transformation system (and there are other issues as well). It's understandable though, initially 6.0 sounded like a return of the original Aion in a lot of respects- it just got too twisted into P2W and RNG, and lot of people who really like the game don't want to see that.

    To put another spin on it, I really don't care about short term solutions, as someone's who's played since 2009- someone who has no investment in the game could play and quit a day later- which is absolutely their right. We've had multiple mergers, after a certain point enough is enough . You pretend all you want that it doesn't affect the existing servers- but it does. There are other solutions beside a merger. In addition you act like a merger is free- it isn't and it isn't like this game has the resources (staff) to spare- it doesn't. When it was a subscription based game, things were different. Well said.
  23. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    I'm still surprised that people are only now starting to realize that basically NcSoft screwed the pooch with 6.x in a number of aspects. Even if many people can or want to pay a monthly subscription, many of us won't pay hundreds of dollars on a game, even less on a dying game, when we have so many other things that we can get a much better return on with our money. As you point out, the transformation system is so central to the payer's experience in Aion that anyone without a decent transform is going to have a miserable time.It isn't even going to be in PVP, I'm sure that they will not be able to get into PVE content as well. I agree with supporting a game- it isn't a charity and development costs money- however i would much rather take the approach that "truly free" players have content or instance count restrictions. Let them pay to unlock a map, for example- rather than making them easy targets for P2W players. The new patches were supposed to diminish this, instead we have transforms, minions, bracelets, plumes - all that we lack is godstones. Agree as well- no need to refer to anyone as an "idiot" when you state your opinion.

    Well, considering at the start of the game, when we had around a DOZEN servers, a lot of players have quit this game. When new servers have opened up in the past players rerolled for fun, however they still leave their mains, since some people want to try transforms, or they want a fresh start on a new class, or other reasons. As soon as they get tired of it- they go back to their mains. No matter what, this is a niche game, and an old game. Even 6.2 and 6.5 is falling back onto grind, P2W and RNG which isn't for a lot of people particularly in the West, as you just said it's painful to gear up - that's counter to what most people want. Also, a lot of people are more interested in newer games, or games on other platforms- like consoles. So , I really doubt that Aion will get more than a very few real "new" players.

    People keep trying to insist that a merge is what *everyone* wants, and that this time is unique and special- but so was very time a merge was used. Don't forget, this isn't the first or even second merge. We had numerous servers when we first started, then those started merging. Then we started a new server (Kahrun)..then another new server for another reason (Beritra)...then another merge,m followed by another. So now some people are proposing ANOTHER merge plus another new server? Hello? there were good reasons each time for a new server, and each time, it was like putting a band-aid on a stump- we just bled out players. It's ALWAYS a temporary fix, and at some point people get fed up with mergers and don't come back. You're trying to make it easy for people who didn't invest anything into this game, either because they're new or because they're returning players. That should be balanced with those people who have invested time and effort into the game. I would prefer that they got a special buff (even for a month) rather than get a new server - so that they got help in PVP and PVE.