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  1. Wise Dragon King Weapon Box

    KK thanks!
  2. Wise Dragon King Weapon Box

    So does this have the skill or no?
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    Great changes with the fighting spirit fragments, very good for the game.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 2, 2019

    Please Sir may we have the 100% stone back on the BCM for a week so that people who got paid today (the 1st) can buy one.
  5. @Cyan, BCM 100% Stone

    Yea it was a board game back then.
  6. @Cyan, BCM 100% Stone

    Hey can you guys put the 100% enchantment stone and the other bundle that included one back on the BCM at least until the 2nd? You can only buy one per account so I feel like it shouldn't be a problem and that will give people a chance to purchase it after they get paid on the first. I've been playing Aion for the last 20 years and all I ever wanted were those specific items.
  7. Thank you Ncsoft

    Yea guys it was supposed to be a shitty event from the start but they accidently made it good then bad again.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I got so many people to come back because of the new class and this event but I can guarantee you they're going to stop playing tomorrow.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    It's ok guys we'll just farm mats from mobs to craft pvp weapons and d/e them for frags........oh wait......
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Finally a great event and it turns out it was a mistake and you guys screw it up for the last 2 weeks. Whoever makes these decisions should be fired.
  11. Stigma Event??

    Hi There, Goat here, are we going to get a stigma event anytime in the near future because I bought 40 stigma enchantment stones and another 13 off the broker and in the end I got 2 of my painters stigmas from +6 to +7 and I even sacrificed sebastian the deer to the rng lords, the whole thing just broke my little Goaty heart, I had to play some pubg for awhile to feel better. That's a lot of money with almost no return and maybe I should have stopped after like 10 fails but goats are known for being one of the most stubborn animals in all the animal kingdom.
  12. Ncwest team.

    C'mon guy 7 genesis crystals........ I feel like Korea is juts trolling us now. please just tell us while you were writing up the patch notes for the event you were like wtf am I typing this isn't gonna to be good.
  13. December Event

    We already know how ridiculous the stones are so I was looking at the other rewards. Genesis Crystal Bundle: 400 Shugoling Gem. A bundle containing 7 Genesis Crystals Purchase limit 3 Merry Christmas mothernyerkers lol
  14. Lets make sure the anger is directed at the right people there's only so much Cyan and the others can do.
  15. Guys It's Ok

    Pubg snow map is coming