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  1. Ncwest team.

    C'mon guy 7 genesis crystals........ I feel like Korea is juts trolling us now. please just tell us while you were writing up the patch notes for the event you were like wtf am I typing this isn't gonna to be good.
  2. December Event

    We already know how ridiculous the stones are so I was looking at the other rewards. Genesis Crystal Bundle: 400 Shugoling Gem. A bundle containing 7 Genesis Crystals Purchase limit 3 Merry Christmas mothernyerkers lol
  3. Lets make sure the anger is directed at the right people there's only so much Cyan and the others can do.
  4. Guys It's Ok

    Pubg snow map is coming
  5. Titles

    Where can I get a good title since they are no longer available on the BCM?
  6. Todays Siege

    The troll is real
  7. Todays Siege

    Ahahaha this is some funny shit.
  8. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Post like this are great. I feel like a lot of GM's in not just this game but a lot of other games don't understand that most players just want communication and updates. Post like the one above a couple of times a week just to update the player base on whats being discussed and worked are great and it goes along way with the community that keeps this game alive. Now this doesn't mean just letting us know that your working on things, you can be specific without being too specific. Anyways Cyan great post keep it up.
  9. Favorite Patch?

    Not this one
  10. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Do higher level instance have a chance to drop ancient contracts? Also the 6.5 enchantment stone changes to to come asap, I feel like that is something that could be applied before the actual 6.5 patch.
  11. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    Aetherforging should be account wide. Change my mind.
  12. Duplicate Daevanion Skill Book - what to do?

    I believe in the next patch you can use the duplicates to enchant your daevanion skills.
  13. Smuggler Shugo

    I call a Shulack a Shugo and sjw's get triggered. I love it