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  1. This by no means makes it ok but people are doing this because there is no way to make good ap. This patch severely lacks content.
  2. I play so I can camp Ely DC entrance from the time I wake up till I go to bed.
  3. Uh the 500m that was paid comes directly from NcSoft.
  4. What does this have to do with you? Why do you think you should dictate how someone else plays the game? Maybe you should worry about yourself.
  5. What content bud? We had more content when the game released.
  6. I know you guys dont really have control over when we get patches but I have a feeling the game is about to lose a lot of people with no 1.5 patch this week. Feels bad
  7. This is the view of someone who is absolutely clueless about anything going on that doesn't directly involve them. It's ok though, you can be the last person on the server crafting your balic gear to sell to your alt.
  8. Ok he has 2 pieces of 40e and only 1 is +15
  9. This is NOT the Cool Swimsuit that we all know and love. I'm highly disappointed.
  10. Anyone know of a working voice pack for classic?
  11. @Kibbelz Is the Baron Baroca npc leaving or staying?
  12. Guys this is not the place for these post. Social media is a much better option/tool.
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