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  1. If chatting in discord all day is your full time job, you should get in contact with a temp agency and find yourself an actual source of income.
  2. Theres a certain type of person in every MMO. This person generally doesn't search for pvp, they don't take any time to learn the in's and out's of their class, they certainly never min-max any worthwhile gear. Does this seem familiar yet? If not, lets try to connect the dots a bit more. Because you invest zero effort into improving, you assume the average player is just like yourself. Any player who kills you in pvp couldn't possibly just be better at the game, the only explanation is they have no life. They must dedicate their entire existence to Aion because they have more gear than yo
  3. This thread lmfao. The worst part is OP is serious
  4. I don't think you realize how much money some people are willing to spend on this game. Mycah was in my legion since launch. He sold candies in panda on his alt since launch. Thats two months of buying candies from NCsoft and selling them in game. Every single MMO has whales. Its not a new concept, clown.
  5. Nothing more fun than running through low level zones to kill a pink...
  6. You don't need to pay for the daeva pass. It doesn't really help you level at all. If you don't think the remaining $15 is worth paying, you dont have to 😮
  7. This whole thread seems like it was created out of jealousy. If you aren't willing to whale, you're not going to afford the L/R for the best weapon in the game until 3.0 If you aren't willing to create your own group for an instance that benefits your class the most, don't be salty about not finding a group. Selling L/R is how normal players can make a nice amount of kinah in a patch that doesn't offer many money making avenues. Without L/R there would be even more people trying to buy kinah from third parties and it would create more whales.
  8. I was told that NCSoft doesn't automatically detect things like animation hacks and thus, rely on our reports. When reporting, it apparently helps to include a video and detailed explanation of whats happening in that video so the GM reviewing it understands whats going on. Now does this actually result in any type of bans? It's supposed to but in my experience I usually just continue to see the cheater week after week blatantly cheating.
  9. What a dumb take. Saying the current patch has enough patch for anyone who doesn't whale or AP trade makes no sense. The vast majority don't whale or AP trade, however the same vast majority is begging for 1.5 because we're bored. Most casual players were able to hit lvl 50 within the first month which means there's been no content for over a month now. Maybe running Adma and DC a couple times a day is enough to entertain someone like you, the rest of us want 1.5 for more content. The pvp is limited to the abyss which no one likes to fight in, and the Bakarma/Indratu areas which are
  10. This is a real smack in the face. Like someone else mentioned, people have given up on reporting bots and hackers when the same ones are around week after week after being reported.
  11. This is such an odd event lol. Players who quit don't care about getting a few balic mats so its not going to bring anyone back, and 99% of the players in the lower level bracket are just twinks/alts.
  12. Its important to note that the only reason Siel isnt 100% asmo is because we don't want to A) damage the elyos morale any further which would make more quit, and B) give them a pvp buff. Please merge servers
  13. Uhiwi is one of the most efficient people I know when it comes to video games. If the entire Elyos faction was behind him, they could very well be winning this server despite having a lower average of skilled pvpers. However Trevyn has a huge following for some reason and he's as useless as could be, and from what I've heard, Slayers doesn't want to help their faction. Coming from Zikel asmo where it took 2 years to even capture a LOWER fort, its not impossible to recover and start winning. The only problem is most people don't have the same drive as they did on retail. They want instant
  14. He has 2 pieces of 40e. The rest is MR socketed PVE gear which really isn't hard to get, MR is just really strong atm
  15. Again, this is a common bug thats happened to plenty of people including myself
  16. It looks weird so I don't blame you for recording it, but this is a really common bug. I think it happens when you remove shock but I could be wrong. Basically for you everything looks normal, but for everyone else it looks like youre teleporting. Happened to me last week, relogging fixed it
  17. Kinah spammers are taking over LFG. The fact that the bots only need to level to 5 is destroying LFG and everyone's block lists. Atleast raise this level to 10 so they have to ascend.
  18. I found the fix to this, though its a bit annoying. You need to open task manager and stop the "Nvidia Container" processes. This fixes the problem. Eventually these processes start again though - I've had to do this twice now.
  19. I and a few other people in my legion are experiencing very bad frame lag in game. This doesn't happen in retail aion at all. It's almost uplayable.
  20. AP ranks are the way to go. Sure we had some higher ranked players wasting slots because they were too scared to lose AP, but its nothing compared to sieges in 6.0+. During 6.5 neither faction actually cared about capturing Lakrum fort. Those who wanted GP would more or less suicide in early to snag the first mobs, securing the few extra GP needed to keep rank. They wouldn't use transforms for capturing the fort, only for killing mobs before dying. Forts became useless, which means transforms became useless, and in turn, even GP became useless - but it didn't stop them from this stupid cy
  21. This thread is a bigger conspiracy than russia-gate
  22. LMAO. Get the hell out of here
  23. QUAKE is one of Aion's oldest legions and we've come back to Atreia once again to play Aion Classic. Throughout Aion's existence, QUAKE has transformed from a small group zerg busting in Inggison, to the most active siege legion capturing Lakrum and Divine forts, and everything in between. The P2W that killed retail drove us away but everyone's been waiting for Classic so here we are again. We currently have around 30 members ready to start playing. We're looking for more pvpers to join us for all stages of the game's content. By joining QUAKE you can expect a chill environment,
  24. This is the sweatiest post I've ever seen
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