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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Good companies listen to the feedback of their customer base while bad ones that don't usually don't last and end up alienating the customers. Which one are you NcSoft?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Umm NO before daylight savings it was an hour earlier than what it is now. We are going an additional hour later. Siege has Never been this late on NA server since the initial 12 servers when we had east and west coast servers (RIP) and even then if you were an east coast player playing on Vaizel for example that was your choice if you wanted to play in a west coast time you knew beforehand that your stuff is gonna be much later. When my 1st server Triniel was gettign merged with Zikel cluster NCsoft gave us free transfers to one of the 4 new servers (Zikel and Israphel east coast and Vaizel and Siel West Coast). But many did not want to go to Vaizel/Siel at the time because dredge and siege were gonna be so damn late
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Players: Siege is too late can we move it an hour back, A lot of people have to get up early to work in the morning or get to class or their kids to school. NcSoft Employee1: Hey many players are asking for an earlier siege time what do you think about that? NcSoft Employee2: Siege time should be adjusted lets do an hour later! NcSoft Employee1: Ok that sounds legit a great Idea Players: WTF we ask Siege for an hour earlier and you make it an hour later.
  4. this is the same asshat who brought the stormwing pet egg still being active to attention of the forum..thanks bruh
  5. Introducing Kibbelz

    Agreed. Like that Loki communicates whether its good news or bad but just like being kept in the loop in regards to game changes and stuff
  6. The Pin Bug, Again ..sigh

    Seems every big patch the pin bug is back. Can we get this fixed again and hopefully once and for all.
  7. Got hit with weekly renown deduction TWICE within the same hour!

    I might be in the minority but does anyone else feel the weekly renown loss is a bit too high considering how slow it is to gain once you reach higher levels (lvl 5-7). The higher your renown for a zone it seems more is lost each Monday and I cringe to think how much is lost at max level 9. Trying to maintain so much renown every week for multiple zones feels like Ncsoft has reinvented the MMO treadmill as never seen before. Can't we have nice fun things without the feeling like you are committing to a second or third part time job?
  8. A Knife in the Heart

    Most of the NPC's do respawn but take like 10 minutes however the last named npc does not I went in and afk once for a bit and had to relog and reneter to finish it. Also @Loki can you check into the archon fighter mark medals we are still getting them from all pvp instances but Skamish who was relocated to gelk does not allow you to turn the quest in. On a new alt tho it did offer all the quest but after that you cant finish it (turn in 25).
  9. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    it is now once a day.
  10. Countless posts about Stigmas

    I haven't even had prestige pack since last August. Nah I'm not pay2win more like free2Lose
  11. Don't trust your shadow

    haha similar thing happened to me other day. Cleric friend and myself wiped a number of elyos at a level 2 elyos camp and got to captain to about 10% when this glad rolls up spamming invite and without thinking and generally as habit from lakrun camps I accepted and the guy literally rolled and won everything including duplicate keys. Sometimes it just not worth it to be considerate in this game when you have players like this out there.
  12. Countless posts about Stigmas

    Ncsoft needs to acknowledge the numerous posts complaining about the stigma rates or lack of and listen to the player base. Other regions all got the +12 safe spot naturally and permanent and not as an event. Is that the case with NA 7.5? All other regions stigma events had a rate increase from 20% to 30% or 35% for their events. We had two events and no rate increase and the players are annoyed on how difficult this is especially considering outside the storm wing event how hard it is to collect stigmas and at the same time the chance is so damn low to succeed. The rates should be changed asap to something much higher and the price on the bcm dropped drastically or add another event to get multiple stigma stones since most everyone who had a small stash saved from the last event have blown through their 100 stigmas to see little gain. Players are very annoyed and frustrated as evidenced by the number of threads and posts. Do something that doesn't impede game progress for once but helps it because if every other region can do it WHY CAN'T (WON'T) YOU?
  13. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Lugbug daily mission enter KBF 3 times when even with prestige its a once a week cool down entry
  14. Idiots like this are why we can't have nice things..
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    This in incorrect at the start of the window a few evergale were popping quick but then it just went to no instances popping. its 8 ppl per side but no they basically had 60 ppl in queue with 30 minute -60 minute queues at about 90 minutes ago. I know cause i put some alts in at the start of the window to see how evergale was and to check tthe survey which wasn't showing at the very beginning but 15 minutes in my run players started seeing it so once the survey popped i tried to put my main toons in but no pops. Once you get inside prepare to spend the full 30 minutes in there.