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  1. Both of you are in the right you purchased items based on the advertising. This is NcSoft's fault. Now I hope you understand how much of a greedy garbage company they have become and would recommend doing a charge back and get banned give up this crap game and find something better to spend your time on otherwise a likewise scenario such as what happened is just gonna happen again and again and NcSoft don't care once they get your $$. This game is a short term cash grab and a simple grift to collect as much cash as they can cause they know Aion 2 is eventually gonna replace it and both Aion an
  2. Sad commentary when forum drama is superior entertainment to actually playing Aion.
  3. This has been broken since 7.5 launch. I only first posted on here about it back in January to bring its attention back up but it was broken since 7.5. How long ago was 7.5? A year? Yet this still goes unaddressed to this day with no updates or shits given.
  4. Seems like it. Typical Ncsoft punishment indeed. Big spenders avoid long and permanent punishment.
  5. Game is horrible now especially if you are a new and returning player it's not friendly at all and my honest best advice to you is forget whatever good and happy nostalgic memories you may have once had and move along. In the long run you would thank us for that advice.
  6. The amount of times accusations have accumulated against this guy and he always comes back. Must have a private fortune invested in NcSoft by now.
  7. Quarter to midnight EST. They just don't care anymore lol. Maybe too busy trying to sweep the mess under the rug from the paragon debacle.
  8. I use mozilla too and have to do it like once every 30 days. Its on Ncsofts end tho.
  9. clear your cache and cookies for forums.aion.com and aiononline.com and you should get rid of the bug but it will come back. Only website I visit frequently that this happens with so of course it would be NcSoft.
  10. So in 8.0 Colorful Jab (the HP leech Beam) requires DP to use
  11. Usual NcSoft silence..typical..you know if it was a bug that worked for the players the team would be working hand over head to fix it remove npcs emergency maintenance you name it etc. And are we going to go a full year before Bobernerck coin morph for enchantment stones are fixed??
  12. So what do we do when we want to run Garden or anything on our alts? What about if we reset Garden? A one time survey of 25 Extractors per account is a poor bandaid. What are your plans to address this or will we get a fix for tomorrow?
  13. This^^^^^^.. NcSoft needs to be realistic..people do more than 1 character a day and more than 1 GoG run 25 once isn't gonna help much. @Kibbelza one time survey of 25 doesn't help with tomorrow and the day after nor if we have resets or do it with more than 1 character on the account. NcSoft needs a better or more appropriate solution then this which is just a meager band aid.
  14. @Cyan@Loki Bug? Why do the Exp extractors on the general merchant in Gelk cost 30 event paper flowers. So how the nyerk do we do Garden of Growth without easy access to extractors?
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