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  1. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    After talking to two more players in game they are both having the same issue and use Verizon and we are all in New Jersey. Several have told me they contacted Verizon and Verizon done tests and looked into it and claim everything is fine on their end. Is anyone else here from New Jersey by chance.
  2. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Another person in my legion is having same issues I just discovered and she said she has verizon and it started around last weeks maintenance.
  3. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Thanks for the tip removing the geforce experience did indeed work now if only I can log in Do you have Verizon as your ISP. I use reduce the lag as my proxy but I have the issue with and without it running so Its not that and I have the same issues on a laptop that isn't running it.
  4. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    yes I still cannot log in on my main just on a random alt account
  5. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Having the same issues as everyone above. It is downright ridiculous now at this point. I have Verizon and I have tried everything from clean install disabling everything etc etc. Sometimes I will have multiple clients on my main PC and my laptop and 1 on the PV will be fine while the other gets lagged out and unresponsive and it can be especially bad going into instance server and in luna instance. Trying to log back in can be impossible I get the same image as Atit gets where it just hangs forever or get disconnected. My internet seems fine to everything else but aion. Right Now I'm experiencing it and I was able to get one client back in while the other is forever lagged at the log in screen to get disconnected also get the missing .dll library issue too every time I load aion. and I have have deleted and repaired etc to no avail and I see the file being replaced.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    10 candies per account instead of character!! What the F**k!
  7. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    Going on 6 weeks of no Evergale. Give us some replacement instances to run? Be a nice thing to have more ways to make AP, etium, stones etc. C' mon Do Something!
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Lazy copy paste; These events should be one more week not two. Info page says 10/23. Also no update on Evergale Canyon, transfers, fortress bugs and exploits?
  9. Asmos exploiting siege

    And where did I say it is alright or not alright to use it? I simply stated these bugs have been around for a very long time but lets all give the developer a free pass for not fixing this shit in any acceptable amount of time. I think several years is a bit adequate to fix a known issue don't you? Someone is salty or maybe projecting a bit. You sir seem the be the one obsessed with Germ's nuts.
  10. How are they gonna get six grand from chikaboomboom if they did that!
  11. Asmos exploiting siege

    This is like in old upper abyss fortresses where people could zone inside those instances then just zone out when fortress is vulnerable. The same broken mechanics continue to persist.
  12. Experienced all three on one window the other day. 1 run myself and both team members got stuck in the terrain at least once in the same run with one member three times. Only way out being forced to reblog or get killed. This is ridiculous to have been happening for so long and not addressed while ncsoft is more focused on tooltip descriptions that are wrong in the game. Another run all 3 on my team got the running shugo trying to enter which also seems to happen too often. I also agree about having to wait 10 minutes on an empty one is excessive. Just allow us to capture the enemy spawn and then auto end it. Idgel Dome has this same senseless mechanic.
  13. Asmos exploiting siege

    Yeah I am aware of the Op linking lakrun but at the same time Demaha is way worse and needs to be addressed thus why I commented on forts in general
  14. Asmos exploiting siege

    There are various areas inside the fortress that you can be afking or standing and you won't get ported out when the fort flips..no kisking or luna instance or exploit needed. Its just nyerked up and shitty coding on NcSoft's part. I know some spots in the deity room are 50-50 chance that you get ported out or remain and I hear there are other spots too. The friendly guards don't even de-spawn at 5 mins to vulnerable when fort flips and all kinds of bugs persist and I attribute that to shitty coding. I hear this fortress has a defense in other regions but ours was modified to act like divine which is most likely all these bugs spring from. During this siege there is all kinds of crazy stuff that can be done like kisks can be planted in various areas around and in the fort and on walls. SM can summon, etc etc. Honestly NcSoft should disable this siege until they get their act together cause its just another evergale at this point and there are probably worse bugs out there that are waiting to pop up
  15. Bring Back EC - temporary disable kicking

    LOL Don't you get it that this is the whole problem. Since 6.5 they have tried to disable kicking but it doesn't work. It was in the notes that kicking was disabled except that its not and ncsoft didn't realize it and they don't know why it is still allowing kicking when the bug became widespread abused. They cant simply turn off the kicking cause according to QA they already did and yet kicking was still a thing. This is what happens when you constantly changing the original source code from Korea for regional changes. This has been going on for I think the 4th week starting Wednesday and I know some ppl abused the hell outta of it while others not so much and those who didn't want to be kicked were often left with no choice as often you were kicked instantly upon joining. Other times asking not to be kicked didn't help either or remaining silent and praying you can get your damn 2 runs done win or lose. For those affected by the ongoing lack of evergales we the player base would like to ask compensation in the form of 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types) 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) 1x 30-day Prestige Pass 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types) 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones 250,000,000 Kinah 250 Gold Ingots 4,000 Luna P.S. how about enabling other instances on Wed and Sat at least to make up for the lack of evergales like one day ID and another day dredge but I'm afraid ncsoft trying to code this will break something else.