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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    This in incorrect at the start of the window a few evergale were popping quick but then it just went to no instances popping. its 8 ppl per side but no they basically had 60 ppl in queue with 30 minute -60 minute queues at about 90 minutes ago. I know cause i put some alts in at the start of the window to see how evergale was and to check tthe survey which wasn't showing at the very beginning but 15 minutes in my run players started seeing it so once the survey popped i tried to put my main toons in but no pops. Once you get inside prepare to spend the full 30 minutes in there.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Went several they are all like this. It is the same for everyone it only lets 2 people queue into an alliance even if pre-made so you have 4 alliances max of 2 people each. the queues are crazy long one toon got in after 20 another waiting 30aand another 45 mins. When you get in it doesn't matter if you are gonna win cause other side will afk and if you are gonna lose your side will afk and no bosses or anyway to make points your likely stuck inside the full 30 minute duration
  3. Ec fixed right?

    When it takes 30 mins to 45 mins for a queue to evergale to pop. Then if you want your rewards then be prepared to sit another 30 minutes inside regardless if your team is winning or losing. What is this nonsense. 2 people per alliance making it 8vs 8.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @Cyan So evergale is now 4 alliances of 2 people each ally each side for 2/2/2/2/ vs 2/2/2/2 ??? is this a bug or what cause it is stupid especially when people go afk and not to mention the 30 minute plus queues then you get in and win or lose after a few mins or say 1k points one side goes afk and your sitting in there for the full 30 minutes. Plus as already mentioned you shortened people on blood marks and boxes in the mailing compensation
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 5, 2020

    Evergale?? Transfers??
  6. Evergale Canyon!

    I heard 7.2 was to fix the kick feature in EG assuming that is true did NcSoft forget to re-enable it? Any idea? @Cyan

    @Cheesecake-DN Actually i had some broker-able Ultimate stones and they would not go into account warehouse either so Sierra is correct it is not working right Actually we kinda have to at this point otherwise: This guy will lose his free Luna daily..

    OMG! We are missing evergale right now!

    So true

    I can't wait for the evergale window to open to see if it's fixed. I know 7.2 is suppose to disable the kicking feature again but it would be hilarious if ncwest forgets to turn queues back on.

    The npc selling the marks of knowledge still has not reset. Also all the altars that had ticket or raid shugo bonus npcs got wiped today.
  12. About PVE enchantment stones

    The stones that are account wharehouse tradeable are the ones marked brokeable only currently. Much like aetherforging mats. Korea also got fighting spirit fragments and etium as account tradeable at some point but who knows if that is in this patch. I doubt ncwest even know as there are a ton of skill changes in the patch which we already have.
  13. Red tracker

    I still see it although after clicking on it there isn't really much to see. Example of "Nothing to share as of yet" or Some details are still being figured out but there's likely to not be a fix going out this week due to another issue discovered" or "There will be a scheduled maintenance" and "Changes Routine website and server maintenance". there ya go now you are all caught up.
  14. It will be corrected on Wednesday with Maintenance.
  15. So many bugs and broken things with this event and now almost 6 days later and not a mention about anything from NcSoft. Just pathetic. Also good job on bringing the pin bug back beginning during the snowball event. Can you fix this once and for all already???