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  1. Back on IS-A in the 5.x era (also known as error) there was a songweaver (JUDITHANNE) that reminded me very much of Valedia. Not sure if it was just a troll someone attention starved or downright mentally Ill but the crap they used to spam in /3 was just ridiculous. From talking to themselves non stop about the most random and nonsensical things then to stuff like this
  2. I see its business as usual concerning this company. They don't know crap about the mechanics of their game and always meddle and change stuff to Korea's source then when something slips in that is more beneficial to the player and not their business model it turns in to stealth change and go silent and ignore the player complaints on their own forum. So many players still so ignorant to throw cash at them when this is how you are treated. The sad part is in many other regions especially Korea players have all this unlocked already including mutiple ultimate transforms but bevause NA wants to
  3. Yeah seriously they removed the formulas then took their sweet time readding them only to remove the material conversion from Aetherforging and here we are like two big patches and 8 months later and no fix or update. Seriously what the nyerk why is it so difficult to fix stuff for you guys.
  4. Will Celestial Armory make another return in the future or is this the last we will see of it?
  5. Shout out to the guy PpPpPpPp who made a new account just to ask ncsoft hey what will happen to him if he do this lol
  6. Last year you started with no kinah or resources so make sure if your making a jump too on a different server or you only have a lvl 10 created for the jumped character you prepare for this.
  7. RNG can be a nyerk that's for certain
  8. Unfortunately They will be around anytime we get a big event where a desired item can be broker traded to alts like the solar weapons. These people expect dumb players to try and pass it cheaply and are just waiting to snatch it up. And nope I wouldn't hold my breath expecting anything to be done.
  9. Second to that. Re tuning otherwise is too damn expensive over time
  10. It clearly stated in the news post on the event that you can only Jump once and if you delete you can't jump again
  11. @Kibbelzit said use all the boxes by May 5th is that for the restored ones or the current collected ones as well?
  12. I tried this on Monday. What a joke gangs of geared elyos in areas saw a zerg of asmos in others and of course many xforms. PvP is so broken in this game atm no wonder why no one ever queues for pvp instances.
  13. I love how the Original poster made a new account just to "ask this" on the forums.
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