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  1. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    They have been back in the office 2 days now so you can expect Jack shit tomorrow and Jack left town for another mmo.
  2. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    I was just about to post this as well. It happens every December 31st for NA the past 3 years. (is it new years yet in Korea?) There must be some correlation to this . It was just working fine as I was going through my alts then suddenly stopped working.
  3. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    Can't be any worse then this shell of a once good game they left us with to play.
  4. MY LIST OF PROBLEMS with this game

    The top of my list for the problems with Aion at the moment would have to be NcSoft itself. They took the Korea patch and butchered it to what it is here and now and continue to make it worse by not fixing and addressing issues and ignoring the player base while continuing to neuter events with restriction and too many shitty rewards and limit the amount of items introduced into the game to progress. I cringe to see how new players can progress with the harsh way of making more kinah then you legit have to spend daily to play craft or do anything.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    I remember the first few years we had this event we would get 10 snowballs per toon for free now its two. Also as someone stated in another thread the snowballs on the bcm last year were 5 extra for 1 nccoin but this year its 40 coins for 5. Trying to squeeze every last cent you can from the player base before this game dies or what? Just despicable behavior. P.S.
  6. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    Enchantment rate of snowballs is likely similar to trying to +10 an ancient item with ancient stone in patch 6.2. If you do manage to get one get ready to feel the rage when you get 10 berdin stars or a few ancient pve stones. This company sure is either completely clueless or doen't care that they constantly nyerk off their dwindling player base week after week after week with this crap.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Making snowballs level 76 and untradeable and only 6 extra a day per account but only if you have prestige just demonstrates how much NA is cracking down on enticing their players to keep playing this crap while not fixing or addressing the huge number of outstanding issues and showing how greedy they can be this holiday season. Plus lets add shit rewards like berdin stars to the loot table to further demonstrate this or just to show how out of touch they are with their game and player base. If you are trying to kill Aion you are doing a very good job. My active legion participants and friends list has dropped about 65% since a month ago. Keep discussing with your developers as your customers leave in droves and this time no matter how much you promise them with a grand patch they will know how you tinker with Korea's patches and screw them up in the name of greed. This game is not fun anymore.and for Christ sake fix the shards.
  8. Combining Contracts

    If you think combing contacts for xforms is bad has anyone else tried for minions. Not only did ncsoft make it that the minions have to be four fully evolved which takes a lot of time and kinah to feed and evolve I tired it for shits and giggles and of course It failed and I got a B rank back. I really wonder what the % rate on that is because that is insane requirements to put some much time and effort and kinah to not get a guaranteed A rank back.
  9. Snowball event Wednesday?

    They are talking to the developers....Soon. It won't be this maintenance or next but they are hoping for some point in the future (I think with the eye color fix and the shard cost fix). So just hang in there and keep buying coins.
  10. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Next few weeks will be holidays and nothing done so then in January we might get some info then actually see something in what Feburary or March? that is way too long to fix issues in this game and there are a lot of issues that need addressing immediately.
  11. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    lol who is the one optimist who voted that we are going to get real info on issues.
  12. This event and rewards and pricing sounds like a lot of epic fail...I don't know why everyone is surprised really we should have been expecting this from NcSoft.
  13. Nothing to do basically.

    Yeah that sounds like so much fun to do..run the same boring content on your main and 7 alts for a chance at contracts.
  14. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I just came to the forums today to explicitly complain about the enchantment rates or rather lack of in 6.2 and saw well the post already made so I will just add my opinion that I think the rates are ridiculous especially on ancient gear and the lack of stones is bad too. Legendary stones are kinda rare to get as well even from winning sieges or instances as your more likely to get ancients and if you do get a legendary its usually just 1. These rates needs to be adjusted or the amount of stones increased drastically and add some more ways to get them cause its just silly how the system is right now. Failing at 0 multiple times or getting to 8 to only fail 5x in a row after lol. You can easily go through over 100 yellow stones and not see +10 on an ancient and even legendary are failing on ancient pieces at 12+ so often.
  15. This ^^ I am not asking for a delay as we have been waiting way too long as is but with less than a week to go and much of the info is still not out there and players in the dark. I expect a lot of QQ to occur when players log in after the patch and see the drastic changes and all the little ones too. I have been trying to do my homework and research as best as I could but I am still learning stuff even to today. So much stuff will sell for 1 or even no kinah and if players haven't been selling stuff off they are gonna be disappointed to see stuff like grey wolf marks sell for 1 kinah or soul stones for 0. Even if they come out with detailed info now the kinah cap will prevent a lot of the people saving stuff from getting rid of it for any value.