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  1. So where is the double XP/AP buff that was stated we would be receiving because right now as of 11:27 am server time we have nothing. @Kibbelz
  2. So Can't have meaningful pve activity in open world because mobs have shit loots because of botting so drops are nerfed and you need to do instances. The npcs in the 1st come 1st serve event are for the most part dominated by players using a hack program. Luna instance being disabled because same players with hack program are running dozens accounts at same time fully automated leading to server instability. Waiting for the day NcSoft will stop beating around the bush and call out the issue by name even and not just look for ways around to appease the players hacking beca
  3. It's pathetic how poorly aion is maintained and I don't want to hear no crap excuses when we just read about some sap spending $7500 on this bullcrap.
  4. @Kibbelz @Loki Ncsoft put the missing morph formulas back in but what use is it to us as at the same time the aetherforging formulas to convert the new mats back to the old 6.x mats that are used in the morphing formulas were removed. The players cannot morph enchantment stones because we all have the 7.x mats and the morph formulas use 6.x mats which we have no way to obtain. Please address this already.
  5. Haha 11 minutes after my post we get this! Oh well Happy Holidays to you as well.
  6. Ncsoft more likely to ban the player who just wants a better and fairer game then the actual cheaters that cause the issues. Maybe they afraid that if players start shaming other players cheating then everyone might see and realize just how large a number of the base is doing it and how bad it makes Ncsoft looks.
  7. Guess NCSoft is laying low over the backlash about the 1st come shugo event they aren't even gonna show up for the weekly post. 🤑
  8. Something that irks me is all the currency we worked long and hard to acquire like stelluian, genesys crystals, blood marks etc are all useless now. Sure you can morph it and get a 10% tea or a abyssal exp crystal for it but that is a joke. The only decent transmutation reward on these currency items is the 30 exp marks and good luck getting that it seems the system is rigged I did over 200 transmutations on various characters accounts and never scored this once. Its like another 0.01% bad RNG joke. This patch is just horrible all around in my opinion no wonder so many are quitting I real
  9. shutting down servers 2 mins into altar siege! Great Job as usual NcSoft. I have lost track how long this has been going on ..6 months? 8months? a year? Can you act like a real company and get your act together and fix your shit already this is embarrassing at this point. While at it how about fixing the pin bug too .
  10. #1 the Halloween galaxy bundles rewards from the last event have been reverted to some junk loot table from 6.2 era. Many players were waiting to choose rewards still and now cannot access the proper rewards. Please fix this #2 the patch removed all the enchantment stone formula morphs using the gems/coins. Probably because Korea did not have this and is NA exclusive please check into re adding this back in ASAP
  11. If you have Abyssal fragments in your account warehouse be very careful you do not put an item from your inventory onto the same space the fragments are on in your account warehouse as the fragments will not go into your inventory or special cube and just go poof
  12. The Katalam NPCS will be reset. New Gerbils with a 4 day life span will be implemented on the wheel Powering the Katalam Server. Eta 45 mins P.S. Enjoy the instance resets
  13. I actually haven't got it once and I have been logging on many accounts/characters for daily lugbug.
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