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  1. Red tracker

    I still see it although after clicking on it there isn't really much to see. Example of "Nothing to share as of yet" or Some details are still being figured out but there's likely to not be a fix going out this week due to another issue discovered" or "There will be a scheduled maintenance" and "Changes Routine website and server maintenance". there ya go now you are all caught up.
  2. It will be corrected on Wednesday with Maintenance.
  3. So many bugs and broken things with this event and now almost 6 days later and not a mention about anything from NcSoft. Just pathetic. Also good job on bringing the pin bug back beginning during the snowball event. Can you fix this once and for all already???
  4. Don't worry because only one person, the top dps, will even get credit. Not to mention you need to kill two large snowmen to finish the daily task which is also not gonna happen. Also in group instances the hammer only drops for one out of the group and not the whole group so 1st to loot is the only one gonna get the eventual one fighting spirit fragment or one stellin coin from turning hammers in. Nice to see NCSOFT complete lack of response to these issues already. Maybe on Tuesday we can catch Cyan's attention as he posts the maintenance details.
  5. Aion Tshirts When?

    With the attention Aion is getting these days I would fear getting a Mortred t-shirt from NCSoft (Anyone from old IS days will get the reference and the joke)
  6. Yes next Tuesday when they come to forums to post the maintenance notes they may see this so hang on there!. Also so you added event quests to lugbug and when our 2 allies killed the boss that spawns at 9 server time only the single highest dps of the the league received credit even tho this boss has a shit ton of HP. This event is as broken as they come from being littered with rewards like 1 spirit fragment and 1 stellium coin to the hammer drops not being 100% in dungeons and only one player gets one out of the whole group to the lugbug credit joke. And all the small mobs only spawn by altars and not all over the map? Oh well guess can take these next 2 weeks off from worrying about needing to participate in this event.
  7. Event is GG suggestion

    Too add salt to the wound lol when we killed the giant boss snowman that spawns at 9 server only one person in ally/league got lugbug credit and that was the one who did highest dps. This thing has a ton of HP and not to have league credit is really silly.
  8. fix ib bugs PLEASE

    I find it hard to believe that anyone who does IB at least once a day has never gotten stuck. Its very annoying though there is a way to get out without re logging but you will still find the invisible wall where you got stuck so you have to avoid that area. The OP is right too you can stand on the buffs and it won't activate you have to dance around strafe and jump like a chicken sometimes to get them to activate. Also how about cutting the end time from 10 mins to 5 min on auto wins. this gives players enough time to kill kunax if they choose for lugbug but making players sit there for 10 mins when you get the you have won message is quite sadistic.
  9. Can't transfer?

    Still a little triggered that your Templar is sneakspins! Templar don't spin glads do!
  10. two hacker

    LOL that is all
  11. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    After talking to two more players in game they are both having the same issue and use Verizon and we are all in New Jersey. Several have told me they contacted Verizon and Verizon done tests and looked into it and claim everything is fine on their end. Is anyone else here from New Jersey by chance.
  12. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Another person in my legion is having same issues I just discovered and she said she has verizon and it started around last weeks maintenance.
  13. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Thanks for the tip removing the geforce experience did indeed work now if only I can log in Do you have Verizon as your ISP. I use reduce the lag as my proxy but I have the issue with and without it running so Its not that and I have the same issues on a laptop that isn't running it.
  14. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    yes I still cannot log in on my main just on a random alt account
  15. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Having the same issues as everyone above. It is downright ridiculous now at this point. I have Verizon and I have tried everything from clean install disabling everything etc etc. Sometimes I will have multiple clients on my main PC and my laptop and 1 on the PV will be fine while the other gets lagged out and unresponsive and it can be especially bad going into instance server and in luna instance. Trying to log back in can be impossible I get the same image as Atit gets where it just hangs forever or get disconnected. My internet seems fine to everything else but aion. Right Now I'm experiencing it and I was able to get one client back in while the other is forever lagged at the log in screen to get disconnected also get the missing .dll library issue too every time I load aion. and I have have deleted and repaired etc to no avail and I see the file being replaced.