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  1. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    To answer the OP. Yes it has happened to me and various others I know at random times. You try and link an item via whisper or dm and the other person just doesn't see it no matter what. It is a strange bug and usually you can try grouping with said person and try linking it or relogging.
  2. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Just want to echo the many complaints on this thread about the failure of the enchantment rate. To simply state it sucks is an understatement. We do not have enough means to access fighting spirit fragments to sustain this nyerk poor rate of failure. I know a lot of players who have quit recently because of the boredom and the enchantment rate. The rate you get purple stones from instance bags is pretty poor as I seem to average 1 for every 12 bags. Sometimes I get lucky and get more sometimes and more often unlucky and get less. Seems like this was intended to get player base to buy luna and reset and run more. Nothing feels worse than wasting hours grinding to craft some stones crafting and de'ing gear for fragments to watch the stones you create all fail and no progress and this is happening all too much. This is not fun at all NcSoft. Which is why I myself am playing less and less and looking for other venues to occupy my free time. I have never received an ultimate stone from siege and have been to pretty sure every one of them since 6.2 released and that is just a joke as the only time I have ever received an ultimate stone was by survey or after the morph was added. The problem with the morph is it uses a large amount of fighting spirit fragments which you need to also purify your gear in the 1st place so it is a huge bottleneck and I have 300 aetherforge and do all my genesis quests and camps a week and farm and still cannot sustain the amount of fragments to progress with this absurd failure rate. Every day less and less players are logging in normally the game is becoming a ghost town and even the early pvp window you may see one lfg recruitment for pvp instance in the whole two hours which shows many of the players do not even bother anymore because they don't have the gear and realize that they aren't gonna be rewarded. The only resolution for the gear progression is either better the enchantment rate or make the stones and fighting spirit fragments much much easier to acquire to make up for the failure rate. I know ncsoft doesn't want everyone in maxed out gear but that is what people keep playing to achieve and if you make it that difficult or impossible the players will simply get frustrated and find different games to play because right now Aion just isn't worth it. P.S. I didn't get into the price of guiding stones and other mats on the broker and the kinah price for everything in this game slowly causing players to go broke that we have to either AFK kib farm and afk luna on multiple accounts daily just to progress. If you wonder why the player base is bored out of their skulls consider how advancing is best done while AFK.
  3. ice gem still shot mailings

    Did you forget again cause nope nothing and it is now Saturday...would be nice to have an idea on how many we are receiving so we can plan the amount of runs to do.
  4. ice gem still shot mailings

    From last weeks patch notes: The quest reward for Steel Rake Fortress will be changed to give out Still Shots instead of Ice Gems. Ice Gems will be removed from player inventories. Affected players will receive a game mail with the appropriate number of Still Shots within one week. It's been well over a week and no mailings yet. Think we will get this before the event ends?? @Cyan
  5. The veilenthrone

    you obviously have never done CoE when it 1st released it was way more of a challenge like AoE used to be. At the last boss of CoE during the 1st phase there we multiple add spawns that had to be dealt with and during the 2nd phase the fear occurred every 30 seconds as opposed to every 60 seconds of the later nerf while the adds were completely removed. Never got to last stage to comment on that but I know very very few groups managed to beat original CoE.
  6. Nooblet back with questions

    No Problem and good luck. Just know there are many down on the game atm and ncsoft has very mismanaged it. Lot of the players are leaving or just not playing and actively upset at the game right now and voicing their opinions on it here which seem to fall on deaf ears of NcSoft so I just wanted to give you fair warning before you open your wallet more for Aion.
  7. Nooblet back with questions

    Stay far away from crucible spire until you get a lot more geared its very frustrating for new or returning players and even geared players have issues with it when they reach certain floors. Do Mirash and CoE for starters then try and start Frozen Monolith and BOS. Making money the best way is to get alts do luna every day save mats and make kinah bundles and also selling mats used in aetherforging on the broker to other players. Look for the ancient kibrium afk farm. That can be a good source of income. Running BoS for the deavonian skill shugo is also good to do but I would use the skills not sell the loot rights until you have the ones you want as many of them are very powerful and these will help you. As for stigmas again Mirash sometimes drop a bundle with random stigma or you can look on the broker for them or a heavy stigma box which will give you a bag for your class and you can pick any stigma you want. These boxes usually come from events but after most players get their stigmas to 4 or 5 they use the new ones to enchant further so these boxes and the basic stigmas probably won't be too expensive. If you want to consolidate you kinah from alts just put something on the toon you want to receive the money on to the broker at the price the alt can afford to buy. but I advise leaving some kinah on the alts to be able to function in future.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    This game is far from healthy at the moment. Its on Life support and ncsoft doesn't seem to care so I wish if they are gonna take that attitude just pull the plug already.
  9. Fix the Engine please

    Valkie is indeed using a bug to make his tempest rhapsody hit harder and I doubt ncsoft will ever fix or address it. Apparently the old plus skill items stack now when they never used to and he is just using old accessories and pvp item from 5.8 to have a +up tempest rhapsody skill otherwise no sw uses that over the new deavonian versions. This is why that particular skill is hitting way harder than any other (I saw him hit Kunax for like 320k with that skill once early in this patch)
  10. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    I just hope they never bring that that dreadful coalition system cause that was the worst experience.
  11. No way is enchanting not busted

    Just adding my two cents here but I agree the enchantment rates are damn horrible and maybe its similar to what Korea has but Korea has way more ways to get stones like events bcm gold sands etc etc why NA players are starved for their enchantment stones. The morphs help but pvp formulas require a good of fighting spirits which are another huge bottleneck. You need to either improve the rates or the amount of stones we get. I usually save up my pvp instance bags and I'm lucky if I get a purple stone every 10-12 bags sometimes I get more but usually Far less I think I opened 50 once and not a single purple. This crap just stalls everyone's progression and is demoralizing and makes myself feel I am wasting my time. There is a reason that countless players/teams are dodging queuing to get their alts in harmony and are cutthroat with the GP gains and its all for the enhancement stone and kinah rewards. These issues are real and are shared by a wide number of players and its killing the game. Siege is a joke now because no one wants to risk getting less gp so no one groups up or allies and people use xforms to maximize gp gain. Fix your game or close it but do something already.
  12. Aion power book has most of the info on these skills but you have to translate it from korea. Some things to look out for is some of these new skills you get after +15 the Devonian skill all have big damage buffs but also some have cool down reductions (For example SM both of the fears reduce the CD by an additional 3 secs back down to 48 sec CD which brings it close to the 45 sec CD of 6.2 while soul tether reduces the cool down of the skill from 24 sec to 20). As for the original topic of Red Katalam I wouldn't break out the champagne just yet its a panesterra type zone which is only open for 2 hours a day 3 days a week. (Tues/Thur/Sat in Korea)
  13. Pandora bugs, NCsoft gonna do something about it

    My favorite pandora bug is the one where a disconnected person has lead and the disconnected person hasen't been online the entire day. Also shout out to the one that I find mainly affects people with high ping where they somehow enter pandora and are never put into an alliance and they run around asking for an invite for 10 minutes.(they have to exiit and try and re-enter if not full), Finally the pve ones where you defend the carts have a nice bug where mobs bugged and keep resetting.
  14. The buff is needed but I think they made it far too strong at lower levels. This GP competition rewards has totally killed the spirit of sieges anyway.. Very few do alliances now just solo/duo or small groups to maximize GP gain. As someone above stated players blow their xforms early to try and farm guards before they die to get the most amount of GP. NcSoft totally nyerked siege up now its just really lame to really care about it anymore in the way you used to participate. Maybe if ult stones weren't so damn hard to get or the enchanting rate was better players wouldn't be as GP crazy or wouldn't queue arena of harmony until they get their alts for easy win and you don't have 130 players tied for 1st place.
  15. 90 gp on a non siege day?

    There is a one time quest for like 50 GP maybe they waited to turn it in?