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  1. Can someone please explain to me how does this guy have both daevanion skills of the same cannon skill available ? He can use the 15m fan-shaped radius AND the 3x repeatable version at the same time..... How ?
  2. Nice Shugo Console. I wouldn't post that here if I were you though.....
  3. You can take your 1 Ultimate PVP stone and shove it up your ***. It's no good to us since it has a chance to fail. And only 1? Really ? Wow.....
  4. No they weren't. 6.0 in KR had better rates already.
  5. Meh, I stopped playing a long time ago, so :shrug: But yeah, in case of a ban, people shouldn't care what other players say, until the ban arrives. Only then should they send a ticket to NC. Otherwise there's no need to mind those ,,Ima report you'' nubs
  6. Better be careful y'all. This sh** has been going on on KT server too. I'm an elyos btw. But there's this asmodian sorc named RedSmoke who kept shouting at me that I hack. LOL ? -_^ I went on my asmo to talk with him, and he was like ,,I had 4 elyos banned till now. 1 from Limited Edition, 2 from Clarity and 1 from Wakanda Forever. Keep telling yourself that you're not cheating, but I'll still report you.'' I asked him if he has any proof of my ,,hacking''. Because APPARENTLY if you kill a nub that wears Lakrum gear with your OP Ancient +10, means you hack gear and atk spee
  7. Wtf 2 free contracts per week ? I'm seriously thinking of switching to EU. The ping I used to have there was 50ms. Here I have 300 And I started from scratch on NA anyway because APARENTLY ppl with unpurified +15 Prime didn't get shit. So wether I start there or here is just a matter of 3 weeks of grinding for Ancient gear. However....I made friends here and Idk if I wanna leave them. NA better give us something good. @Cyan And here I thought NA gives a shit more than EU. Need to reconsider.
  8. Ok....the MAJORITY don't need them anymore. But may I ask why do you have so many after 2 months in this patch ?
  9. I know. It should be. But since it's not, I thought maybe we can get some more of them through events
  10. I get your point. However, here are several things you need to consider. First, Fire Dragon King was the only Dragon skin we had until 5.0. And the skill that it has it is quite useless in this patch since a 850 fire dmg on a 70k enemy wont make any difference. Second, along with 5.0, new skins came out with valuable stats. Thunder gives running speed which is useful when you need to run from enemies. Many players that had their gear purified to +20 or more got the Sprint skill just from that and they can still use it today. New players/characters don't so I think we might need it to
  11. If you mean Aether Jelly 4.000 DP, then yeah, I guess that wouldn't be a bad idea. And the AP pots....I believe you talk about the ones that heal you for a large amount of HP ? Well, I've heard there are pots that can heal up to 20 or 25% of your current HP, so I don't know if the old AP ones are a must. However, I kept the list short because adding too many common rewards to it would make them drop too often. Like, NC would have where to choose from. And the most needed rewards would have a very low drop rate. If you remember, we had Smoldering Fire Temple event. 90% of the ti
  12. I thought about it, but I wasn't sure if they can break the Korean system that far. Korea doesn't have them either (unless you have from previous patches), so I don't think NC would give us any. They barely added Transformation Contracts in dungeons and changed the broker fee by a small amount after months of complaints from us. If I was a dev, that's how I'd make the next event. But I'm not, so I can only suggest them to @Cyan. Let's be happy if they even consider to read it.
  13. Agreed. Now that omegas and temperings are gone, the NPCs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium are useless. Nobody needs them anymore after 2 months in this patch. NC might as well remove them or replace them with a Christmas Tree or something.
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