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  1. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    it makes us confused, I'm sure many people have seen and said to him but maybe they didn't give out the info here, like the legion is impossible they don't know about this, but they are silent. Thanks, See You All. ティンティング
  2. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Wow, why am I joining this thread? don't lie to ourselves, we are here because we envy him, come on bro this item is the best in pvp / pve at 7.5 and soon and he get it, if not I will not follow like other junk threads. Bye bye! ティンティング
  3. Please, help!

    New in Aion? You like them, to many lie?
  4. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Haha, You understand what I say, sick!
  5. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    You think too much, why don't you go online to Katalam server and talk to him directly, if you are busy don't want to know about it but why you stay here, I only share what I get bcause I follow this issue since it take in forum and maybe other players also see it but don't explain it here, at the teleport location That's a lot of people, including their own clans, talk to him or even to his legion if you want to know.
  6. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I think there is no item that has a light other than scarlet for pve at this time, I also SS cursor details but I see it's really scarlet, because if I ss it will not see other items, but I talk to him and Simbok says "this is fake and this is a bug in my char, this is Dark Talon +15, I don't have any scarlets, this happens sometimes I move maps and sometimes it also displays the original dark talon and sometimes it also displays a scarlet on my dark talon wings, this is funny and I just keep them busy with this " talk to him if you don't believe.
  7. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I see him on Katalam Map, wow very SHINE OW!! https://ibb.co/w7b1WbQ
  8. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    If that dark talon why his pvp attack only 170 and pve attack 3215, common bro everything is money, I have friend in Asmo DN can request Anomos Weapon before, as he pleases and what he wants, that is their reason so that you are not too disappointed!!!
  9. Farewell Daevas!