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  1. Yeh, I guess it's the players' fault for trusting the game manager to give us the correct time, when they actually live in US and are actually going through the time change, to get their once weekly post correct. But clearly I should not of sat down to eat dinner with my gf tonight and instead played Aion on the presumption of these unforeseen issues.
  2. O.M.G you're still here trolling this issue?! You really don't got nothing better to do than troll people on Aion forums all day do ya? Lol you need a new hobby kid cos you're really bad at this one.
  3. I've already spoken with support about this issue and to quote the response I received from GM Zack. "Thanks for taking the time to contact us with this report. We are currently aware of this issue and hope to have a fix implemented in an upcoming patch." NCsoon i guess
  4. I'll probably get flamed for this but @Kibbelzyou said 6am server time. The in-game server time was 5am when they shut down. I was relying on that hour to get stuff done like hand in all my transform coins and finish Lugbug weekly.. I know I know I shouldn't leave it to the last minute but this is my peak time and I specifically checked this post today bcos I heard USA was changing daylight savings. Sure, if I had bothered to google the other times mentioned I would of realised 6am server time was incorrect and I could of rearranged my schedule. But Should I really have to double check yo
  5. LOL troll logic right here folks! By this logic I should just delete my account since I haven't cared to login much since the original Stormwing event?? lmao
  6. It's okay friend. I wasn't trying to pick a "fight" either. I only felt defensive because you were drawing a distinction between my decisions and your own based on something you read which isn't publicly available. Anyways, good news because the support team responded to me stating they are aware of this issue and are looking to restore the items for everyone effected in an upcoming patch.
  7. OK well that's nice for you. Then why are you even here if it doesn't affect you? If you had any wits, you would at least stay clear instead of chiming with 'evidence' of something you read here (where's the link btw?) or in-game or maybe even dreamt it for all we know. Meanwhile, I've shown you hard proof, with two separate links to staff stating they wouldn't be deleted and if so, prior notice would be given. I've been playing this game for 10+ years and I don't often speak up. But this was a clear brake of precedence and I find it hard to believe people are trolling about this issue. Well,
  8. I don't recall reading that anywhere. Happy to be proven wrong though. Here is a link to Hime responding to the exact question at hand. She was asked specifically whether or not the original Stormwing event pet rewards would be deleted or not. Please read her response. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/6734-hime-many-of-us-are-wondering-about-the-stormwing-egg-event-reward/?tab=comments#comment-69620
  9. Often? Many times?? Really!? Name one time then brainiac... Don't worry I won't hold my breathe waiting for a non-troll response. PS. All reading, I submitted a ticket almost 24hrs ago. I Still haven't had a response which I assume to be a good sign that they're at least looking into it.
  10. I just demolished your pointless argument. Crawl back under the bridge le troll
  11. Those descriptions are on practically every event item since forever. Did you not notice? Check your cube once and while. Want proof? https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/5794-cyan-stigma-enchants-from-anniversary-dissapearing-after-event/?tab=comments#comment-61117 If you read this, it shows Cyan stating they don't delete these items. To be fair though @Kibbelz has since stated they will delete some items going forward. But he also stated there would be fair warning in the cases where they would. e.g Snowball Event. This was a clear brake of precedence. What are they going to delete n
  12. Check your inventory guys. They ninja deleted all prior Stormwing event rewards. No mention of the deletion or even a implied potential deletion of these rewards. @Kibbelz Why is it so hard for you tell us when you are going to delete stuff? The precedent set is that if you plan on deleting something you have always told us prior to doing so. I hope in this case a new precedence is not being set.
  13. @Kibbelz Ugh I'm so effing mad at you guys... The dog decisions made by this company of late has been an absolute joke an no wonder people hate NCwest! Absolutely NOWHERE was there any mention that last years Stormwing pet rewards would be DELETED. I have (had) at least 17 of the ultimate tier rewards and dozens still of the tier 1 rewards left in my warehouse and now they're all GONE.... Yep just GONE!! Even on my alt accounts, I had x5 Ultimate pet rewards saved on each of them as I was keeping them for the x5 stigma enchantments stones but I just haven't been very active lately to use
  14. Valedia, its more often the case that it's easier to change one's self than to change others. Especially on the internet. The fact you KEEP coming back here to defend yoursef suggests you're led by your emotions very easily. Do yourself a massive solid and go see someone about your untreated ADHD. No kidding. It's the best thing i personally ever did. Google the symptoms: 'Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria'. Google 'emotional disregulation' and 'oppositional Defiance'. ADHD aint what youve heard. Its super common, paticularly in the land of MMO's due to the addiction qualities of the condition. Tr
  15. Ive been farming minion vault for i dunno how many months on 4 of my characters and ive also been purposely saving all my restoration tokens for the end of the year to ensure I had enough mats to be able combine x4 minions on each character. But now those tokens are useless to me and ive got 4 chars ready to combine x4 minions each. But why would I? Sure, ill make one combination on one toon in order to qualify for the event. But depending on my luck, using all my restore tokens, I would of maybe been able to have S minions on all 4 of my chars! But now im now having to hold off til after
  16. OK I submitted a ticket asking the event end date and this was my response: "There are no specific dates on when the event will end. For now, we kindly ask you to wait for further updates about the Pumpkin King Event"
  17. Why not just submit a ticket to support for clarification? I agree that the wording is more than suggestive that we should get an ulti if we combine 12 legendary's but the fact it hasn't been mentioned since the original post makes me think otherwise.
  18. Let me put on my armchair phycology hat for a minute. It's a fact that it is very common for folks who play video games to have ADHD and it's extremely common for folks with ADHD to have Oppositional Defiance Order (ODD). Symptoms include: Often loses temper Often argues with family and coworkers Actively defies or refuses to comply with rules and laws Deliberately annoys people Blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior Easily annoyed by others Angry and resentful Spiteful o
  19. Cubics are a fundamental requirement if you want to be competitive in Aion yet they're practically unobtainable and unless you're grinding mobs in ingg/gelk 10hrs+ a day for weeks on end. I'm not referring to the boss cubics we can farm in cubic lab but the standard stat cubics such as pdef, mdef, evasion, mresist ect. I personally don't mind not having the auto-hunt feature in NA. But right now, there are so many repercussions caused by the removal of this feature, that I think it'd probably be better to have the auto-hunt feature than to have all these side issues.
  20. So with the current transformation promotion we can receive up to x3 Autumn Harvest Superior Transformation Pouch's which the promo page stipulates a random chance to receive an ultimate or a legendary xform. To qualify, we need to consume at least two legendary xforms, three separate times and we will receive x3 of the pouches. I asked support if it was a 50/50 chance to receive the ultimate xformation and the said they could not tell us the chances which tells me it probably a low chance of getting the ultimate xform box. What do you guys reckon? Is it worth blowing 6 legendaries in
  21. I firstly just want to say thanks to Kibbels for extending an olive branch to the community. I think sometimes it helps to have a fresh set of eyes to see what others may not and with that, I'm hopeful we can make some positive changes for everyone. A very safe observation I make is that we have a relatively small group of players doing the heaving lifting, in terms of supporting NC's revenue. That's why the cash shop prices are so incredibly high. Because clearly people with more dollars than sense are buying those items and this means the prices are catered to this minority and is wh
  22. I have a couple of alt's which still have Cheska's 10% loot buff which lasts for 72hrs, which does not count down when logged out and cannot be right-click removed. @Cyan Can you please do something to allow us to get the current event buff? Thanks
  23. Anyone else tune healing boost on their ultimate PVP staff? I did. What a mistake that was. Unfortunately, even if armsfusion is removed from a 2-handed weapon, the game strangely won't allow anyone to retune that weapon again. Which means I'm stuck with HB on my pvp weapon until 7.0 comes out and I can upgrade it to a tier 2 lol
  24. I know how to switch sets. You clearly didn't read my post. I said I was using an ancient armor/acc set which isn't fully enchanted yet. Yet alone socketed yet. Why would I have another set of armor/acc's if my current set isn't finished? If only the issue was the under combined weapon. Sadly it's my main weapon (firebrand staff). I'd be more than happy to remove armsfusion IF it allowed me to retune my main weapon again. But sadly the game will not allow us to do so for any 2-handed weap.
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