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  1. +1 I don't really like the armor skins but I love the weapons and I really want the mace and shield!
  2. I made a research on the powerbook to find out if/where some skins will drop after the update and made a list for the fellow skinwhores! Some of these are low level instances and I have no idea if high level characters can drop something from them or if any of these can be traded from an alt to your main. I also have no idea about the drop rates, and I only looked at instances, idk if you can get these or other skins through quests, tokens, world drop or anything else (if you do, please let me know!) Here's the list: Haramel - Deft Counsel skins Aetherogenetic's lab / Alquimi
  3. I searched the powerbook and found that DD skins will drop from 2 instances: Infernal DD and Promethun's Workshop (Primeth’s Forge?). Btw I guess I'll make a thread to post a list of the skins we can drop on the instances on 6.2, I found some really interesting stuff.
  4. Hime already answered at the 6.2 thread that there are no plans for that now.
  5. Tia Eye, Daeva's Dash, Wishing Fountain and The pumpkin from last year are my favourites, can you tell us if 6.2 supports them?
  6. It would be great... if we had enough players for that. Otherwise it would be just like any other private server that gets hyped for one week then closes cuz there are only 5 people online.
  7. Agreed. I'm still waiting for Delegate, Yamenne's weapons, Wing Feather of Magic and Skafir's/ Ancanu's and Golden Wing Feather of Allure. And a skin version of Tiamat Spectral Wings. And why not , lvl 60 balic weapons?
  8. So I won't be able to use cloth skins on my cleric anymore? Sigh. What about staves? I heard clerics can only use mace and shield now, is that correct? Thats good to know, I was worried about the stuff I have stored on alts (mainly skins lol).
  10. Post more please, I'm in love with your work <3 _ <3
  11. Rainbow Snake tho... please remove it already lol. Useless event.
  12. I use mythic BM cuz I'm a lazy/poor nyerk. Been working pretty fine tbh.
  13. Oh here we go again. -Forest Denku -Delegate -Veille/Mastarius -Primal Spirit hairpins -Skafir's Wing Feather (Asmodian only) / Ancanus Wing Feather (Elyos only) -Wing Feather of Magic -Golden Wing Feather of Allure -Yume's Faerie Feather -Wave Song weapons -Sea Feast weapons -Yammene's weapons -Aquilon's Crystal
  14. Oh yeah thats my favourite bug so far
  15. I got kicked for crashing, same happened to a friend. I hope they can fix that soon.
  16. My experience with this event so far: First run: Glitched on map, like this: https://gyazo.com/4be5ca9dbb8dd572832275b2e2143020 Second run: Infinite rollbacks. Third run: Crashed as soon as I entered instance server, got kicked from instance again. So yeah, pray for no dc when you're running this event. But its ok, a broken event at this point should be no surprise.
  17. Oooh I just noticed that, running in 32bit here too, which explains the insane amount of freezes and crashes this week zzzz
  18. Players: We will no longer support this company, or at least for 40 days NC: Oh yeah? Lets see! *pops buff*
  19. "A bit higher" damn, @Cyan, I didn't know you could be that mean.
  20. Its simple, you won't have enough coins to buy them \o/
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