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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki Can we pause renown reductions again until you get KT crashes figured out? Each time it crashes and reloads we are losing renown. Pretty soon all of KT is going to be renown level 1 everywhere.
  2. Philosophically this is an interest read. However, it seems that some of the consequences of withholding the autohunt system were not thought through as they relate to drop rates. For example, farming for cubicles in open world would be viable with an autohunt system for most people, but is not without that system. To omit a system as fundamental as autohunt has many impacts on game balance that should be addressed (such as the impact on Titan Coin farming). Curious to know if open world hunting and drop rates was re-considered generally, and if Titan Coins were an aberration or the genera
  3. Cubics! Bring back some way to get the old cubics, even if it has to be via an event. Also, let's bring back the Shugo Imperial Vault where if you committed to the grind you could get legendary transformation random and legendary transformation selection boxes. That was a good mix of p2w and f2p since you could p2w to grind faster, or if you were diligent and f2p'd every day of the event on 8 alts, you could get 8 legendary transforms by the end of it if you hit s rank every run. Lastly, consider reviving the Fire Temple event, but with a prize matrix somewhere between the original (wh
  4. Probably posted, but what's the point of greater runestones as a reward for morphing an ultimate transform? You'll never use it. Should be prime rune stones.
  5. You can also commit some of your resources to improving your pve gear. I know "pvp-only" players hate the fact that you have to pve to get the best pvp gear, but it has been this way for a very long time in aion.
  6. Stats matter. While skill matters too, sin is pretty brain dead to play in pve (assuming good ping and strong graphics card performance). Weave your fastest chains (and don't use every skill in some of them, because some of the skills towards the end are really slow animations). Sin skill animations are so freaking fast though that it is incredibly forgiving if you have good ping (not like glad, where the difference between perfect animation cancelling and perfect weaving is night and day in dps). Basically 60% of your dmg is going to come from auto attacks anyway, and someone with perfect
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