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  1. i forgot one and it wont let me edit it ===== Gladiator 2k dmg bug: this effects any player that plays the gladiator if you use the ult (2k skill) 2 times in a row (double tap or fast use) most of the time it will not count the 2nd times damage but WILL take the 2kdp (fix: use 2k use 1 move(example press1) then use 2nd 2k that 1 sec pause is enough for the dps to read, if you have good ping and double tap 2k odds are 1 fails i have no more info on this bug it seems to effect everybody but most ppl pay little to NO attention to actual dmg they do)
  2. (side note this video was last shugo so the box had not moved yet and when i recorded it my ping was prolly 400-700) thats why the skipping happens but it IS POSSIBLE to tank with bad ping if ya know how.
  3. ok so it seems some people STILL are having issues with this so i am going to list how / what i know i am NOT doing this for views ranks rating likes or anything other than helping others to learn something and fix known issues, it keeps me from having to spam my video every time ihear ppl QQ'n about these problems in LFG (id love for somebody to repost this on facebook the more who know the better and less issues we have as a whole ) === each of the following video are a full walk though with text of why you do what you do to get s rank. basically "idiots guide to shugo"
  4. pots u can get 200 per time u go to lvl 4 of tower per toon u can do it with literately 0 gear takes about 10 min ? so just run it on your alts and pass pots to yourself after about 10 times (depending on toon class) u got enough for a month 2-3 days later u have excess out the wazoo i never run out of pots i have stacks and stacks of 1000 and i have not even done tower in a month (this is hardest with ranger/templar and most easy with sw/cleric) time differs on class and gear as well i actually did this nude (other than weapon) on most of these toons to lvl 8 at 8 i cannot finish it wit
  5. this made me LOL. the whole point here is they WONT talk to us. and treat us like garbage. they WONT kick ban or even talk to ppl cought cheating i mean lucimon still here u should see the video of him i got same for kazha turbo uncle, shadowdrake,viruses,breeze and more doesn't matter 1 vid 100 vids makes 0 difference so cheaters wont get banned. they have to compensate somehow right? i just feel sorry for such ppl i mean u know u cheat how bad u gotta feel when u get trashed by a legit person. good maybe now that u not pay to win they will do something about your abili
  6. edit: prize's really vary depending on what u need but my opinion Harvester's Wing Feather - crap : does not sell Dye: True White - crap: i have 150 of them cant give them away Dye: True Black -crap: have 226 cant give them away Rainbow Dye Pack II - crap: u can get any color for 10k or less so its garbage Fragmented Spinel (x250) - geet them free daily so crap Vital Recovery Potion (x10) - total crap i have toons full of potions its garbage u can get 10,000 free pots a week with 0 effort. Upgraded Healing Potion (x10) - super crap i just drop them
  7. if i tell ppl to stop buying things for 40 days u gonna stop using vanillatools for 40 days ? i mean trade off would be nice @Gked-DN i been saying that for a year ppl tell me shut up deal. i told u stand up or it will get worse.. welcome to worse. after u buy all there crap they will then take it back for next patch sorta thanks for money here is the shaft ploy. i said it before i say it again , remember this 6.0 and aion 2 cuz its the same company they just DO NOT CARE dont waste your time or effort with ppl who wont even give u the respect of a decent reply to a honest questi
  8. bump to this i mean how dumb can u be ? work hard event is comeing...... oh i know we f'd up but we are gonna fix that by fing up 10x as hard. ppl be mad. nothing like knowing the harder u work the more something is gonna cost u whats the point? yet hackers still allowed to run wild the same pay to win hackers now can get any lvl of accory and gear making them even harder to beat. they take our money and items and its for our own good. that said i warned EVERYBODY ncsoft would f us on this event i knew that for 100% sure cuz they gave us a really good "im sorry"
  9. the fact u think they care amuses me, 1: they are known for making u pay tons of money then giving that stuff out 2: they then make u spend months getting thatstuff when u finally get it poof new stuff pls pay us more 3 when 6.0 comes they will be FORCEFULLY taking all your kinah + all your gear dont u pay attention? 4: this would allow us to catch up the ptw hackers and they bribe gms so we cant have that. thats ncsoft for u just remember how u got treated when they invite you to aion 2 or aion 6.0 after they take all your gear kinah and other crap away from u
  10. "Hello Daevas, We will be restarting the servers at 9:30 central time for approximately 1 hour and The Return to Tiamaranta's Eye event will be made unavailable due to a serious unintended functionality. We will be re-enabling the event at a future time, please wait for further details. Sorry for the inconvenience, Thank you.: ================================== will be made unavailable due to a serious unintended functionality OMG it works cancel it CANCEL IT!!!!!! wait till its totally worthless bugged and takes 10,000 coints for 1 item THEN WE CAN RE release
  11. mis post see https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/1923-cyan/ for details
  12. ya this is about how "good" that program works even the bots are laughing at this garbage. clearly its not working all the hackers had work around 5 days before u even implemented it, so the worst hackers still hack and gms just give same "yah we will do something about it" response but nothing ;/ over all i am just sad i was happy to hear about anti cheat. now however the legit ppl get punished and the hacking pay to win ppl can do w/e . not even hard to prove they don't bother to hide it. i don't see why nc soft has the new " oh well we didn't see it" approach.. to me its a money g
  13. all toons were 66 all items were 66 all 3 accounts never had been used i can do 1-66 in just about 8 hrs so its not a huge deal, i really did this JUST to see if they read our tickets or not i suppose i can give u ticket numbers but again no way for u to check so that seems rather pointless SS maybe better, also the 4th account was not my'n i did not log into it and the item was not my'n (the recovery one ) so id need permission to post that sorta stuff. the idea for this came from the fact i was reporting bugs and they were telling me "cookie cutter" type response so i said look if u do
  14. actually i defended you in lfg. still have don't matter if u hate me or not if ur legit win or lose id back u ether side. id make list with video's (not 1 video multiple uncut ones ) of ppl doing things that will never get looked into. but im here to focus on gms not paying attention to player help request. ((You make an accusation about only "pay2win" players getting away with things. I know for a fact that this isn't true. I am not saying that spending large amounts of money in the BCM doesn't afford you some protection, but that players who don't spend a dime are also rece
  15. the very fact it was recorded by heavily edited by a hacker and im the one ask the gm to investigate my account kinda leads u to lean to im innocent u dont see any ANY of the other accused ppl asking for there accounts to be envisaged. my'n was 7 times for the same thing proven no hacks no warings and i have the tickets demanding gms look before i was ever accused =3 but welcome another look into my account (if u can even get a gm to talk to u) kinda the point of the post keep on topic if u think i cheat request a inquiry id love to have one.
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