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  1. shugo fire temple

    ok so it seems some people STILL are having issues with this so i am going to list how / what i know i am NOT doing this for views ranks rating likes or anything other than helping others to learn something and fix known issues, it keeps me from having to spam my video every time ihear ppl QQ'n about these problems in LFG (id love for somebody to repost this on facebook the more who know the better and less issues we have as a whole ) === each of the following video are a full walk though with text of why you do what you do to get s rank. basically "idiots guide to shugo" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPQzPqrtNws templar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAJ78esmXPo sorc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSBLwLfDJPw glad you can find all those video and more at www.youtube.com/etnaaflonne ========================================================== now for the other stuff ppl keep asking me or saying in lfg known shugo bugs or "quarks" ===== AT BUG : this is only for AT if you go into shugo while in your at is in mech, it can make some really serious issues it does not seem to effect everybody but this bug can and does do the following ( slow( you swing SUPER slow and provoke even slower if templar and seem to run slower) / crashing (makes pc crash sometimes repeatedly) lock up (can make aion just lock up freeze or stop but not crash) ( kicking it randomly may kick you off server (reasons unknown) fix : dont be in mech when you run shugo) ====== Sound bug: this effects most ppl if you have a lot of mobs you seem to just lose sound: this can actually be used as a advantage if you are Templar if you have no sound you should use the "big shield" when sound comes back its safe to use the smaller shield (damage reasons ) fix:(as of now 9/26/18 there is no fix and we all know ncsoft refuses to answer any question about anything related to anything so i have no info for you) === random crashing / dc/ send log (known as the "send log shugo error" (not personal or network related) this actually happens from video card drivers and a bug in shugo to fix this error is really simple: Go into settings video settings and make it "default" rather than "high" that should fix it if not rename the bin64 folder inside aion to bin64.old this makes the game run in 32 bit version even if you have a 64 bit computer, and make it "default rendering" should also help and stop all crashing. this works for everybody so far not 1 person has had a issue after 1 of the 2 or both fixes ) ==== fear bug(possible bug) it seems to me that 2 glitches using fear (2nd shugo boss) if you start with 3 ppl and the sorc dc's she will not fear this has happend 8 times and 8 times she didnt fear if he is there she seems to fear at least 1 time 2nd fear bug: ( there is actually a glitch that will force her to stop fear i have done this once i cannot repeat it but i have heard from 3 other ppl they do it all the time not sure on TOS on this bug/exploit or just good game play as i cant get it to repeat personally and gm support is a joke at best i leave it to you're best judgement) argo bug:(no longer a issue 9/26/18) a few years ago (2 i think) shugo had a super serious server wide issue argo was NOT based on job (templar/glad/sorc) it was based on accounts (such as) my mule account has no argo bug even as Templar it was IMPOSSIBLE to get argo however my main account (etnaa) had argo bug so its impossible to lose argo even if Templar spams provoke if i hit any mob even 1 time i get argo and even if i stop spamming attacks i keep it. ( this bug was patched or fixed however i personally still have the argo bug on my ranger so i pretty much have to play Templar or i die i seem to be 1 of maybe 2 or 3 ppl effected by this but if no matter who you run with you cannot seem to lose argo no matter what you might have this issue but its super SUPER rare.) suggested fix(run templar on the effected toon run with other ppl with the bug dont run with ppl with the bug not rocket sci 99.9% of this problem is already fixed)) ======================== bug mistakes: argo loss "bug" : people have often mistaken the loss of argo from templar as a bug , example ( templar has spamming 1/2 provoking all time and suddenly he loses argo and sorc (normally) gets argo and cannot lose it and normally dies, 99.9% of the time what is actually going on is the templar has a bit of lag or a ping spike (does not have to be much) so it looks like he is doing his job but its not actually counting the argo so sorc gets it . this is not a bug just bad internet or lag spike happens a lot to some br guys i know and also could be bad templar (short explanation: templar is slow because of ping sorc is hitting 2-3 or even 4 times faster than temp thus gets argo and dies) suggestions: Do not run with people that have numbers for names (if they cannot even be bothered to use a name change ticket THATS FREE they normally make crap party members) Do not run with people that have no legion: ( if you cannot remember every-single person you have ever met EVER avoid these ppl its a 60,000 kinah fee or something like that for a lvl 1 legion they can put all the alts into now if they screw up or screw you over you just know ovoid legion (xxxx) this is the same for named players they are 100% less likely to be a total doosh or steal or be dumb as you can just find there bg and they can be kicked or pay for replacement runs and such personally if 1 person screws me over i wont run from anybody from that legion until im paid or they get kicked from legion this works pretty darn well then you can report in lfg im not saying if ppl dc or fail you do this every time but some ppl just afk or actually try to steal items (circus event), its warranted (pls be responsible failure happens) ) Have patients: players are people and cannot be perfect all the time if a person fails 1 thing 1 time relax but also people should pls read if its posted as S RANK they expect you to know how to play (if it says new players or templar or learning) dont expect them to be "superman" be patient you were (and could still be) bad at the job you picked. suggestions for GM: stop making changes to shugo for the stupid people, first you moved the chest cuz ppl cannot wait 2 seconds for their own party 2nd you locked the door again ppl cannot wait 2 freaking seconds for OWN PARTY thus making ppl bi** and moan (fix: grow up be a adult its YOU it effects, if you(players) want to screw yourselves out of things fine ppl learn you are dumb deny you partys game stays nice and you stay poor. ) so pls gm return it to normal or make it spawn in 30 sec after entry or something but this after the gate thing is annoying. 2: stop the hacking ya shocking right? some people actually have to hack in shugo to win how about actually turning on this anti hack software rather than just have it sit there and take up freaking system resources but be in "stand by" mode
  2. shugo fire temple

    i forgot one and it wont let me edit it ===== Gladiator 2k dmg bug: this effects any player that plays the gladiator if you use the ult (2k skill) 2 times in a row (double tap or fast use) most of the time it will not count the 2nd times damage but WILL take the 2kdp (fix: use 2k use 1 move(example press1) then use 2nd 2k that 1 sec pause is enough for the dps to read, if you have good ping and double tap 2k odds are 1 fails i have no more info on this bug it seems to effect everybody but most ppl pay little to NO attention to actual dmg they do)
  3. shugo fire temple

    (side note this video was last shugo so the box had not moved yet and when i recorded it my ping was prolly 400-700) thats why the skipping happens but it IS POSSIBLE to tank with bad ping if ya know how.
  4. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    pots u can get 200 per time u go to lvl 4 of tower per toon u can do it with literately 0 gear takes about 10 min ? so just run it on your alts and pass pots to yourself after about 10 times (depending on toon class) u got enough for a month 2-3 days later u have excess out the wazoo i never run out of pots i have stacks and stacks of 1000 and i have not even done tower in a month (this is hardest with ranger/templar and most easy with sw/cleric) time differs on class and gear as well i actually did this nude (other than weapon) on most of these toons to lvl 8 at 8 i cannot finish it with ranger with out at least a set of free gear you get same for sorc most other classes i dont need gear. i literately cannot edit my other post, pls note my lvl reduction stones are un-tradeable and free from luna as i have gotten many pm's asking for some tho for ppl that i know if u relaly want one hmu i use them on something for you free =3
  5. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    this made me LOL. the whole point here is they WONT talk to us. and treat us like garbage. they WONT kick ban or even talk to ppl cought cheating i mean lucimon still here u should see the video of him i got same for kazha turbo uncle, shadowdrake,viruses,breeze and more doesn't matter 1 vid 100 vids makes 0 difference so cheaters wont get banned. they have to compensate somehow right? i just feel sorry for such ppl i mean u know u cheat how bad u gotta feel when u get trashed by a legit person. good maybe now that u not pay to win they will do something about your ability to while rezzing, full heal 2k xform and run though 100 skills all before the res animation finishes
  6. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    edit: prize's really vary depending on what u need but my opinion Harvester's Wing Feather - crap : does not sell Dye: True White - crap: i have 150 of them cant give them away Dye: True Black -crap: have 226 cant give them away Rainbow Dye Pack II - crap: u can get any color for 10k or less so its garbage Fragmented Spinel (x250) - geet them free daily so crap Vital Recovery Potion (x10) - total crap i have toons full of potions its garbage u can get 10,000 free pots a week with 0 effort. Upgraded Healing Potion (x10) - super crap i just drop them they are worth that little . Vital Recovery Serum (x10) - crap again 10,000 pots a week free Shiny +6 Manastone Bundle - crap i have toons full of bags of 15 i give them away free of charge daily Versatile Dye - not terrible its good to have 1-2 but other wise crap (its basically a pick your color dye if the brroker is out ) Petra Medal (x250) - crap its not even 1/4th a medal sells for bunk on broker 250 your looking ALMOT 300k of money wow 300,000. just crap. Golden Wing Mark (x5) - CRAP Level Reduction Stone - crap again i get them free daily i have over 200 i cant give them away Spinel Coin (x3) - crap get them free just from playing Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll - TOTAL crap i have 500+ and u cant even use them for anything broker is less than 1 mil each. Essence Core - decent worth bout 30 mil Shining Enchantment Stone - crap u get that just from turning dust into stones 1-3 mil each worthless priz Cute Minion Contract - good (ish) if u actually have rng or want minions its good worth 40 mil or so Rainbow Big Wig - total CRAP i acoutally offered 300k to take it and still couldnt give it away . Sports Day Skill Card Bundle - crap. unless u care about move skins and i dont + so many will buy it the market will fall out starts out 1 bil worth about 100 mil in 2 days. Abyssal Star - crap. why bother ? Abyssal Star (x3) - still crap just get 3 of them Berdin's Lucky Star - pointless i am max xp ready for lvl 76 for months even my alt could be 75 but i basically quit playing Berdin's Lucky Star (x3) - 3x garbage is still garbage. Berdin's 100% XP Amulet V - i get 3 free every 10 min i have 10,000 + of thise in just 1 day with little to no effort if u think this is valuable ur a moron. Omega Enchantment Stone - great (finally something worth something Tempering Solution - great (finally something worth something Rainbow Snake Costume - TOTAL CRAP this is so damn bad i cant even pay ppl to take it out of my inventory seriously i have offered ppl 1 mil to take it.. this is what u give somebody when u want to insult them. Spotted Snake Costume - TOTAL CRAP this is so damn bad i cant even pay ppl to take it out of my inventory seriously i have offered ppl 1 mil to take it.. this is what u give somebody when u want to insult them. Turquoise Snake Costume - TOTAL CRAP this is so damn bad i cant even pay ppl to take it out of my inventory seriously i have offered ppl 1 mil to take it.. this is what u give somebody when u want to insult them. so 2 things GG its another money grab event.. even with 250 lvl 10-75 toons i don't bother with this the 2% chance at a omega is not worth the electricity to run the game. how about giving something to ppl that farm you used to have at least 1 / 10 events where a true free player could work hard and get SOMETHING worth a crap.. now we have 10,000 toons afk getting things they don't need i guess u need to make it look like ppl actually play this game so you held this event ? that's about all its good for fake online numbers. yes we are still pissed you shafted us on the eye event we didn't forget.
  7. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    if i tell ppl to stop buying things for 40 days u gonna stop using vanillatools for 40 days ? i mean trade off would be nice @Gked-DN i been saying that for a year ppl tell me shut up deal. i told u stand up or it will get worse.. welcome to worse. after u buy all there crap they will then take it back for next patch sorta thanks for money here is the shaft ploy. i said it before i say it again , remember this 6.0 and aion 2 cuz its the same company they just DO NOT CARE dont waste your time or effort with ppl who wont even give u the respect of a decent reply to a honest question just copy paste garbage and dodging. id advise to play this when bored and activly seek another game. they are running there own business into the ground for the sake of 2-4 ppl out of 1000's everybody i kno quit or is quitting do to this lack of respect and not doing jack about hacking EVER rn in illumina there are only about 10 elyos all bots and all hacking how sad is that ?

    bump to this i mean how dumb can u be ? work hard event is comeing...... oh i know we f'd up but we are gonna fix that by fing up 10x as hard. ppl be mad. nothing like knowing the harder u work the more something is gonna cost u whats the point? yet hackers still allowed to run wild the same pay to win hackers now can get any lvl of accory and gear making them even harder to beat. they take our money and items and its for our own good. that said i warned EVERYBODY ncsoft would f us on this event i knew that for 100% sure cuz they gave us a really good "im sorry" reward rather than a vanilla or 1 day ap item u know aka usual junk it was something actually usable.. another words i knew the shafting had not finished. they also said u could farm the new extendy not to worry just work hard now i find 2 parts are STORE ONLY aka real money hell its cheaper to buy it whole or another item and buy w kinah. basically they are backing ppl with the tiny **** syndrom to get there cash screw the rest of us shut up send them money and then server shutdown now send us more for aion 2.. like i said before when they invite you to aion 2 remember about how you got treated here and tell em to stuff it and play something else .
  9. Tiamaranta's Eye

    the fact u think they care amuses me, 1: they are known for making u pay tons of money then giving that stuff out 2: they then make u spend months getting thatstuff when u finally get it poof new stuff pls pay us more 3 when 6.0 comes they will be FORCEFULLY taking all your kinah + all your gear dont u pay attention? 4: this would allow us to catch up the ptw hackers and they bribe gms so we cant have that. thats ncsoft for u just remember how u got treated when they invite you to aion 2 or aion 6.0 after they take all your gear kinah and other crap away from u, u know for your own good of course .
  10. Tiamaranta's Eye

    "Hello Daevas, We will be restarting the servers at 9:30 central time for approximately 1 hour and The Return to Tiamaranta's Eye event will be made unavailable due to a serious unintended functionality. We will be re-enabling the event at a future time, please wait for further details. Sorry for the inconvenience, Thank you.: ================================== will be made unavailable due to a serious unintended functionality OMG it works cancel it CANCEL IT!!!!!! wait till its totally worthless bugged and takes 10,000 coints for 1 item THEN WE CAN RE release it.. sounds bout right .. the ftp ppl were getting something that took away from the pay to win event , NO WAY they gonna allow that.. Edited just now by Etnaa-DN
  11. Tiamaranta's Eye

    mis post see https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/1923-cyan/ for details

    ya this is about how "good" that program works even the bots are laughing at this garbage. clearly its not working all the hackers had work around 5 days before u even implemented it, so the worst hackers still hack and gms just give same "yah we will do something about it" response but nothing ;/ over all i am just sad i was happy to hear about anti cheat. now however the legit ppl get punished and the hacking pay to win ppl can do w/e . not even hard to prove they don't bother to hide it. i don't see why nc soft has the new " oh well we didn't see it" approach.. to me its a money grab and a total insult. everybody i know is quit cuz of hackers i plan to quit cuz of hackers whats it gonna take ? you are killing you're own game. all we want is gms that actually know what they are doing. clearly the support gms have 0 clue. i reported a bug i even told them how to fix it there action was to give ME a warning for breaking the rules. i got bugged [cuz of hackers]killing me when i was immortal thus i stayed "dead/immortal" and got flagged as "cheating" i think ALL 3rd party stuff even shugo console and rain meter is a type of "cheat" so i don't use them. in my opinion if you use something to see who somebody is that gives you a edge in say arena thus its cheating. shugo lets you zoom out a function id LOVE to use but its 3rd party so i don't cuz it gives you better POV and thus its a edge up aka cheating. i have proven MANY times the same ppl are cheating over and over they don't get banned perm or 30 days or even 3 days they prolly don't even get warning, i personally appreciate the EFFORT but painting a broken fence does not fix the fence its NOT what we ask for. personally with a ping of 55 i cant even play sin cuz i lag so much i cant move its like ping of 500 im happy to talk to @Cyan or any other gms and give video proof and feed back of such errors but it just get the run around supports says post here you say post there nothing happens its far more than annoying. PS: i have been banned 4 times for just opening a account (with NO toons on it) and NO software of any kind open outside aion (for "suspicious" activity) not even a antivirus. i have pointed this bug(the email bug) out over 20 times and even how to fix it and ppl ignore me or try and get post banned. if you sick of this as me here is my ticket number Request #17531614 feel free to write gms using that number and get automated responses. i have found at least 4-7 other "new chr" bugs that will get you banned 100% of the time for doing NOTHING at all (such as logging in, logging out, sending money, making a account(with or with out toons) i also have a idea how to make this anti cheat ban the real hackers but id need to talk to somebody willing to listen. id like to see the game come back from death but if this keeps up every single legit person is gonna quit we/i are just sick to death of the cheats and being made to feel like our reports don't even matter 85% of the time gms don't read them and don't watch video's i can prove this if you want to see it ( @Cyan ) pps: i highly suspect the same ppl who constantly post to get my comments banned will attempt to do so here. idc oh and thats a violation of my terms of service any time i post anything the same ppl harass me with the same comments and bs over and over and gms do nothing, they don't want me or players like me to post them cheating. well to bad im very for legit players and very anti cheat if you cant play fair you are not good regardless of what you think. that or cyan will del my post as i find nc soft does not like there flaws to be pointed out or talked about. im not so much bashing ncsoft as i am super irritated at the basic slap int he face players are currently getting from he company and gms as a whole. [Removed video]
  13. every time you report something, and i get ppl make mistake or MIGHT be falsely accused but "support is investigating" the worst punishment i have seen was all the pve hacking ppl got max of 30 day ban, pvp worse punishment 1 day ban. wow that sure showed them... https://youtu.be/Oy7-sMDy8Lc < video proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy7-sMDy8Lc&feature=youtu.be specifically 320-330 u can see a cleric flat out fly across the arena in 1 second , and the song weaver moving while Arial locked. but you all wonder why mxm and aion are failing its bad support, not the game. i don't hate the gm but who else am i gonna talk to ? gms say post here, cyan locks the post and says contact support so basically you are being told shut up and give us your money and expect nothing. the full team i was with see this other team using no animation, no gravity, flight hacks, no cool downs. well something get done? NOPE. so i ask fellow players are you happy with our current gms support? personally i feel its killing the game it already killed mxm. with in 2 weeks of release ppl had bots for collecting and cool down hacks gms did NOTHING so mxm failed. whats it gonna take to get ncsoft to listen? you act like all players are disgruntled about losing and that's not even the case. other team members are posting the same type of video and making tickets tho we know we will get nothing but a generic " we will investigate this" if you dislike that post in the forum reply gms don't even watch the movies or read the submissions 90% of the time. i can prove this because i have submitted video of cheating in the past in a "unlisted" area so only gm can view after several tickets views are 0. but "they are investigating" if you don't believe me try it. So seriously you guys are running your own game into the ground by screwing over your player base but you still want money. Even pay to win ppl should have to follow the rules but its not so, i have a collection of mails from gms saying what items can be restored and what items cannot however if your pay to win suddenly there system can and DOES recover that item that "cannot" be recovered. im not asking for Gm to side with me, agree with me, heck if im wrong i wanna be told so im just asking for ACTUAL investigation or ACTUAL support not some generic trash email reply of "we are investigating" or " our system does not handle that request" . or "post in forums" (then having it locked) anybody agree ? or is it just me that's irritated by the lack of actual gm's and actual support team? i suggest we have a player pole " are you happy with current game play? are you happy with gm support ?
  14. are people happy with current gameplay?

    all toons were 66 all items were 66 all 3 accounts never had been used i can do 1-66 in just about 8 hrs so its not a huge deal, i really did this JUST to see if they read our tickets or not i suppose i can give u ticket numbers but again no way for u to check so that seems rather pointless SS maybe better, also the 4th account was not my'n i did not log into it and the item was not my'n (the recovery one ) so id need permission to post that sorta stuff. the idea for this came from the fact i was reporting bugs and they were telling me "cookie cutter" type response so i said look if u dont care just say so i wont report anymore and i got a cookie cutter response again not even REMOTELY related to what i said. and somebody had said how on there main account they get treated differently than there alt account ( is pay 1 is not ) so i tested it and sure nuff works out that way) but thats not even my point. i dont even care if ptw ppl get 1 item restored i cannot. id just like to ACTUALLY get my mail read and a REAL reply not a copy paste annoying response to things. i dont need to know about players i report tho if they are innocent id love to say hey man my bad sorry i accused u lets fight again thats just my style. but it be nice to know gm's at least look at pics or read mails . u know ?
  15. are people happy with current gameplay?

    actually i defended you in lfg. still have don't matter if u hate me or not if ur legit win or lose id back u ether side. id make list with video's (not 1 video multiple uncut ones ) of ppl doing things that will never get looked into. but im here to focus on gms not paying attention to player help request. ((You make an accusation about only "pay2win" players getting away with things. I know for a fact that this isn't true. I am not saying that spending large amounts of money in the BCM doesn't afford you some protection, but that players who don't spend a dime are also receiving warnings when they should just be out and out banned. )))) on 3 account as i a test before i said anything i ask gms to recover a ring i broke some garbage +1 or 2 i didn't care about the item just wanted to see what they say.. all 3 said no, my friend who pays to win ask the very say thing for the very same item.. boom recovered in less than 8 hrs.. that being said if the other teams was NOT cheating, id love to hear how its done. how do u go from the bottom of idl where your slowed to the other side of idl in 1 second flat with out moving jumping or running? be a handy still
  16. are people happy with current gameplay?

    the very fact it was recorded by heavily edited by a hacker and im the one ask the gm to investigate my account kinda leads u to lean to im innocent u dont see any ANY of the other accused ppl asking for there accounts to be envisaged. my'n was 7 times for the same thing proven no hacks no warings and i have the tickets demanding gms look before i was ever accused =3 but welcome another look into my account (if u can even get a gm to talk to u) kinda the point of the post keep on topic if u think i cheat request a inquiry id love to have one.
  17. are people happy with current gameplay?

    van had the same glitch live on stream 12/2/17 he was in town and had a elyos in the field 1000m away target he could not "untarget", then they guy home pointed and he STILL had it him targeted. its a very hard to re do glitch. the easy way to pove if somebody is radar hacking is did they already have u targeted when u did hide ? or did they target u after such as as u walk up to them like flen,or lucimon do. look we all know shadowdrake hack and i have offerd 100's of times to let any gm investigate my account and they did a few times before gms didn't care anymore, personally id love a 24/hr a day 7 day a week investigation cuz i got nothing to hide =3 that being said im not pointing fingers at players im saying gms are not doing there job try to stay on topic. (also in pvp if u go invis and run a strait line expect to get hit 99% of players go the same direction after they invis drop a flag and ur good to go ) no real "trick" needed
  18. Vote to End the Coalition Mechanic

    i hate this system i liked the old one, i get stuck with 23 ppl i dont know half of who are afk and want me to carry them oh and 0 clerics no chanters 1 sw (who is afk) but sure its totally fair other than that. and if the dont like u they wait till 5 min before time up kick you and even if u submit a ticket gms say " we cannot issue gp at this time cuz our system does not allow it" so what i just wasted 50 min and u wont even check to see i was there ? thanks bud.. you wonder why players are leaving this game in HEAPS lack of support, u wonder why mxm died? lack of support, your new game yah i wont be playing that you would have to PAY ME to play it cuz i already know i wont get ANY support so why waste my time / money ? just saying your gov / commander really suck i feel for u + they cheat hardcore thats just sad i feel that frustration, our new gov is cool when he isnt dc'n
  19. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    seeing how much u hate me im surprised u agree i just made a new thread asking ppl to vote on if they are happy with gm support or NOT maybe they will listen to that i already know the hacking elyos ppl make fun of me and say i say anybody i cant beat hack but i trash lucimon and we know he hacks. some for viruses its not the losing that bugs me its the fact they cheat even if i win 10/10 the fact they cheat bugs me, i have been will always be legit and am fully willing to be investigated and even STAY under investigation for months years i dont care. go here and vote yes or no maybe gm's will listen not sure what else to do other than quit
  20. Augment Burn Canyon

    i go though almost 2 augments a week if i go into canyon its almost a 50% augment burn i think eb is ok but they should have some sort of solo instance or 6 man thing were i can earn my own augment and not rely / fight 23 other ppl for 1 all the damn time i pvp a LOT as anybody on DN knows mostly elyos but seriously need more easy to get augments or ap ors something at this rate
  21. remove suggestion box and report a bug forums

    i reported some game ending serious bugs in tower the told me to reboot my computer u can tell they dont even read the crap we submit the support in this game is a joke its why mxm failed why pay for a game u cannot get support for ? aion will be next sadly .
  22. Lack of Encouraging Support

    if u still dont have this dress pm me in game i can go get u 1 no worries i may even have a extra one =3 just come with do the thing with me take 1-4 min per run i can just win u one
  23. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    https://twitter.com/L2andAionOps that gives up to the min "up and down" aion times =3 come to tm i have about 450 on me sell u dirt cheap =3

    again id welcome the ban cuz i just dont care but if you looking to make me admit to something i know i didnt do it wont happen. u wanna focus on mud slinging im trying to focus on getting results i could attempt to keep showing u what happened, but i find it amusing u dont require the same of ANY of the other ppl on the list. its common practice to drag a persons name in the mud to make there intentions look dirty as well. so if it took me getting banned for nothing to ditch the hackers again BAN me i welcome it. Just so long as the huge list of hackers get taken out i also again WELCOME a 24/7 365 gm watch on my account i doubt u will get the other players to agree to this for obvious reasons.

    ps: if you or they think id hack i WELCOME the ban at least then they be doing something. i also welcome any and ALL gm investigations further more i have ticket numbers at the ready if they wish to have them or refer to them from the last 5 times i was investigated for the same 1 video =D 2 times at my own request. but id give my account up if it meant cleaning the rest of the hackers out no problem. innocent or not.