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  1. New Enchanting System Changes

    I think these are really positive changes. Should re-invigorate the economy and get people out in the world for pvp dailies and to grind for exp. This is a great first step! However, I do agree with Dekoze; I'd like to see the weekly cap either removed or made significantly higher. I never really understood the appeal of hard-capping progression with time gates. Just make the first 100 coins cost X and the next 100 coins cost X+1 and the next 100 coins after that cost more (soft cap). It would give the players that really want to push the ability to do so while regulating the absolute rate of progression. Also, yes, transparent transformation scrolls should be the same price as regular transformation scrolls and should be in the coin shop. I have 100% not purchased skins from the BCM and will not until this is an option; as I'm sure is the case for many others. Also, also, Kromede is really, really ugly and I'd like to never see her again as soon as possible.
  2. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    An enchantment stone event would help the undergeared more than it helps the geared by diminishing returns. If everyone was given, through participation, for example, 50 untradeable legendary enchantment stones, the benefits would be slim to none for the player with full +15 ultimate gear, small for the player with full +10 ultimate gear, and relatively great for the player with full +0 legendary gear. I wouldn't suggest that anyone be excluded; in lieu of NC allowing players to acquire legendary pvp enchantment stones at a reasonable pace given that you're literally gated by time and RNG, an event to supplement that would be very welcome. With regard to EK, specifically, I think that there should be incentives to convince new players to roll there. Things like, for example, double experience, double crafting experience. It should also absolutely be the "Recommended Server" when you first launch the game.
  3. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Reading comprehension level on this forum is low as nyerk regret i posted here peace.
  4. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Wait... why do you care? You don't play on EK, right? And if either of you read what i wrote i said EVERYONE needs to get some kind of pvp enchantment event. IE if everyone got some legendaries it would allow people to "catch-up" My comments about the incentives were more like... this server is dying give it double XP or there's going to be nobody there.
  5. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Can we get some incentives for players to play on EK server? It is not even the "recommended server" when new players start the game; that honor belongs to KT for some reason. Elyos side has like 30-50 people online and the economy is completely dead. There aren't even manastones in significant quantity. Not to mention, everyone on EK is completely undergeared compared to the other servers, which already impacts cross-server instance pvp and will be a problem when there is inevitable server merge (because EK is basically dead right now). IMO, EK needs some serious incentives and catch-up mechanics to remain viable; particularly the legendary pvp enchantment stones that the other servers got in the hundreds during that past event. This kind of event doesn't necessarily need to be EK only; it would be good for everyone who is just starting to play to be able to at least have a fighting chance against geared people (since your new combat system is so ridiculously gear dependent compared to previous patches). So yeah; Aion really needs a legendary PVP enchantment stone event. EK really needs some incentives to encourage new players to play there and to help EK catch up to the other servers in terms of gear. As it stands, EK Elyos is completely dead. EK Asmo seems to be a little bit better but it's probably not far behind.
  6. Golden Shugo in FM

    Honestly, I feel like something broke in the last week with RNG in general. It's almost like they intentionally or unintentionally reduced success rates. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to get a single piece of gold gear from 10-15; probably 300-400 golds at this point and a bunch of legendaries. I haven't seen a single shugo after about 15 BOS. l regularly craft 20 golds with estate and proc 0 or 1 too. This is a far cry from the week before, where i was able to get 5 peices of my gold gear to purple and got 2 shugos; crafting was roughly 1 in 4 or 1 in 5. There's something wrong. It's not just "bad rng." All of my friends are stuck on single pieces of gear. It's not just me. My friends are also quitting in droves because they literally can't get anything to go right. They refuse to pay to reset instances for nothing. Something is nyerked up. The contrast between 3 weeks ago and today is way, way outside of any reasonable confidence interval. 5 peices to +15 vs. 0 is just too different. 2 shugos vs. 0. Probably 25/100 procs vs. 5/100. If it was just the shugos or just the crafting; maybe... but it's not. It's everything. The last week of shit aside, there's nothing less fun then logging in to nothing to do, literally having to pay for something to do, then getting absolutely nothing out of it. It literally amazes me how NC can't get this through their heads. Fix enchantment rates. Fix legendary stone availability. Reset twice a week instead of once. Allow us to actually make kinah because everything in your game costs kinah for some nyerk reason. It's not that hard. It would literally take a few hours to do all of this and the game would have so many more players. Anyway, end of rant. TLDR: RNG has sucked nyerk for the last 2 weeks and I'm sure that something was changed.