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  1. event gear

    thank you all very much i leveled up so fast i didnt even notice the campaign quests and completely skipped them.i got the gold gear in the lakrum base and has made a considerable difference in my damage and the amount of damage i take.
  2. event gear

    hello ive recently came back to the game after a year break, or so and have been enjoying it alot but all of my old gear is pretty useless and i do no damage at all with any of my characters.the returning daeva stuff is pretty lackluster they used to give gear sets and stuff now we get motion tickets.i did get one chestplate and a weapon from the statues is there anywhere in the game to continue those quests to get the rest of the items, as ive tried joining groups a few groups since ive been back but they have said my hp is to low to do them.
  3. support.

    when did support get so bad.i just came back to the game and had issues with lockbox keys giving me the wrong items. and have had 4 different responses to my ticket from 4 different people and 2 of them didnt even know what a lockbox was.