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  1. They should add a way to the merchant who sells the ancient enchant stones to allow exchanges. Exchange 10 ancient stones to get 1 legendary, and 10 legendaries for 1 ultimate. Might be 20 stones for 1 as well, but this would help alot. Then even people in legendary gear still have a use for ancient stones and will keep doing camps and weeklies to get genesis crystals. As soon as you get full legendary gear, what do you do to get better atm? Camps won't help out at all, as well as weeklies because those don't give anything you can use. Where can you even find 1 ultimat
  2. They should make it so that once you reach +10, your level doesn't drop anymore upon failure. Or stop reducing the enchant level from +1 to +15 alltogether when it fails. Then I'm ok with rates of 28% success rate. You'll burn stones as well but you can still reach +15 that way. Just let the stone be destroyed but keep the level. Wasting 100 stones to finally reach +13, then one failure and it drops to +10 again, that's just bullshit. That means you didn't just lose the previous 100 stones but the next 100 stones as well to get up to +13 again. When the level does
  3. That's not the point (ping issues and siege times). Somewhere I also found that both versions should be kinda similar in features, or at least, that's what they want, to make the server retail-like as in Korea, which clearly doesn't seem to be the case. But one server gives alot of free stuff, while the other does not. I always played on NA because everyone said Gameforge sucks, doesn't listen to their players, playerbase sucks and so on, and is more p2w than NA. To me, it seems like the other way around atm. Shouldn't Aion be Aion, where all servers are basically identical
  4. I left Aion NA and went to Aion EU after 8 years of playing here. When they say they're reducing the amount of events and you see what they come up with to just have one for the holidays, well, I don't have to draw a picture for that. Even during holidays, they come up with a single bugged event which has even crappier rewards. A single legendary stone after 2 weeks of pvping and trying to shoot tree-hugging shugos? Come on, one of the events on EU gives a bundle of 10 legendary pvp stones, or 15 for PvE stones. In Aion EU, they have 3 events at once during the holidays. they don't c
  5. Yes, I've read what I posted. They should make better rates for enchanting so that anyone (both p2w players as casual players) can reach ultimate gear in a reasonable timeframe. That's why this patch was created in the first place, or it was advertised as being that way. This patch was supposed to make EVERYONE a winner, even a casual player who only can play 2-3 hours a day without spending any money. But they messed it up with these ridiculous rates and prices that make it impossible, even for paying players to reach maximum gear, stats, transform contracts, whatever.
  6. You got to be kidding to set all sieges in Lakrum at 9pm server time? That's 4am in EU, we will never be able to attend 1 siege. The one on saturday at 6pm server time is the only one I can attend (and probably the one on sunday in abyss at 6pm as well, but only every 2 weeks), and you want to take that away as well?
  7. I actually like the gear difference. It's not funny to get hammered down in 1-2 hits by someone who's wearing ultimates, but when you can upgrade your gear, you at least FEEL the difference. In previous patches, when you got a new set of gear, the difference in damage to mobs or during pvp was minimal. Why would you spend half a year to collect a new set of gear to do 1600 damage to a mob instead of 1500 with same skill? The difference in gear stats was so small, it appeared not even worth the time to get new gear. A new set of gear would bring your magic boost
  8. With my songweaver, full ancient bloodsworn pve gear, I got 11.700 magic attack and just over 10.000 magic accuracy, I can clear floor 7. But floor 8 (Bollvig) resists about 90% of all my attacks, and the ones that do hit him do very little damage. And there are 24 floors? How are you ever supposed to get up to that floor? That means you have to clear every floor in less than a minute as you only have 20 minutes to get up there. Do we need 20k attack and 20k accuracy or what?
  9. All we want is that the game is the same as in Korea: same rates, same shops (both Gold Sand Trader as BCM), same rewards, same prices, same events, same game in fact. Why have all these events in the code and game-files and change them just for us, with crappy rewards and ridiculous prices, and on top of that, impossible to finish because shugos appear in trees where they can't be killed? Why have different rates, why we have different shops, different prices and in the end, a different game? Isn't it easier to keep everything the same? Korea is f2p, just as NA. This
  10. I thought 6.x was advertised as being the perfect game for people who live inside the game (the ones who have exchange gear on +15 ultimate already) as well as give the casual player a chance to get up to the same level. It's clear that will NEVER happen with such rates. P2W players get Ultimate for free while casual players will stay at ancient gear forever. I get it that you can't have 100% success rate, but once you reach +10, you should be rewarded and don't drop any lower upon failure. I mean that you can go up +1 or +2 upon success and -1 upon failure below +10.
  11. Upgrading genesis set won't work if you can't get your gear up to +15. I'm not wasting my stones on genesis gear atm, and I'm leveling my craft to get full legendary set, both pve and pvp. It isn't as good as a true legendary genesis set, but better have crafted legendary gear than keeping stuck on ancient genesis gear, which just won't go up to +15 to be purified into legendary. So in the end, my crafted set will be better than my genesis set because I'm not spending money on virtual items and can't get that much enchant stones anyways to get all 16 pieces up to +15 and purify
  12. So you spent a total of $1400 to get no legendary transformation contract? You should get one for free for that amount of cash. I spent 0 cents on this game in 8 years and I got an ancient contract (Tehji) for the price of 9.9m kinah on the Gold Sand Trader shop. It's a really good one for a songweaver and I don't care that much for legendary contract yet. I just try to buy contracts for 9.9m kinah on every char every week, eventually I'll have one. As long as there is rng involved, don't spend money on it, you'll lose it all. Same as those daeva skill boxes you can buy for
  13. I remember the event where we all got 1 free bronze or golden key per character per day and we could open boxes in Sanctum. Now that was a very good event, made me millions and millions of kinah. Or the event with the nurses which gave free running scrolls, attack speed scrolls, potions or whatever you wanted. But as they said, they want an economy driven by normal gameplay, not event-driven economy. So I guess those 2 events will never come back because they gave too many rewards for little effort. Or better yet, have no event at all, then they ruin the economy as wel
  14. Yeah right. So NC Korea orders NCWest that we should be unable to buy enchant stones on bcm, or even be allowed to broker them like they do? Or that we should have crappier enchant rates than they do? If that's the case and Korea doesn't even care about us, why send us the updates anyway and translate them? They may just let us stay at 4.7 forever. Changing anything like enchant rates is only a matter of adjusting some values in an xml file or a server-config file. And to fix those eyes, isn't there some mysql table that holds the color for both eyes in 2 sepa
  15. They should add an npc that can exchange ancient pve/pvp enchant stones with legendary stones and ultimate stones. Then everybody keeps busy with those weeklies and camps to get genesis crystals, which you can use to buy ancient pvp enchant stone bundles. You would need these to exchange your ancient enchant stones with legendaries, after that, you would need legendary stones to exchange them for ultimate stones. A proper rate might be 10 to 1 or so, or maybe 20 to 1, as you can buy alot of bundles using genesis crystals every week. So you need 10 enchant stones to get 1 le
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