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  1. Well wasted in the sense that game time that could have also been spent on other characters was lost. I play my main 90% of the time, but I also do PVE and some PVP stuff on some of my alts and I wasn't able to do that because I was hoping to get the rewards on my main. I got them, but got a transform that is entirely useless to my class. So in that regard, yep it was a waste. There's very little reason why we couldn't have been given the opportunity to choose our transform. It sucks, and like many others I am quite disappointed in my reward. But oh well right?
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shooting the messenger. I'm simply replying to a comment he made. So no worries.
  3. So... Which "noobies" would those be @Cyan?? You're crazy if you think there's an influx if brand new players hitting the game currently lol. What I'm assuming is that we'll all have to make alts so we can get these drops in instances? I would imagine "veteran" players would have very few accounts that are inactive, considering every one of us had either logged alts for the Cauldron event or the Anniversary coins. Fun times.
  4. Not entirely true, by queuing up on alts and going afk, he's screwing over people who have actually queued up to attempt to win. Now I'm sure that you're going to say "make a pre-made" but not everyone does that for whatever reasons. It's one thing to start an instance, see that it's not winnable and then everyone saying "yeah ok just AFK." But that's very different.
  5. It's complete crap that they didn't make it a regular skin that everyone can use. Jerked people around for a few weeks, only for those people to find out that most of them can't skin it. Well done NCSoft, well done.
  6. Oh it's all random? That's a damn shame. Are the weapons tradeable after they've been opened at least?
  7. And again for the people in the back (and by "people in the back" I mean you, because your reading comprehension isn't amazing) I wasn't being rude or offensive. I made a comment about your current situation that has been clearly upsetting you. You've been ranting on here for a couple of days now, being verbally abusive to customer service, and in the end getting nowhere with it. So yes, I would have started a new account and been playing the game I like. Also, I would be participating in the three events that are currently going on, and at least having fun while waiting for the situation t
  8. I am going to assume that sarcasm isn't something that you're picking up... Regardless, no the first post I made wasn't me trolling you. It was me simply saying that if you're getting jerked around this much by the company I would just start over. The second post, yes was me trolling you a little bit because you're being absurd. The fact of the matter is if your account hadn't been attached to something sketchy - in this case a charge back - then it wouldn't have been locked/banned. NCSoft isn't going to stop someone from playing who PAYS THEM MONEY IN A F2P GAME, unless somethin
  9. Umm. Are you ok there bud? Why on earth would I be jealous of a guy losing his mind over a video game account? Also why would you assume that you’re the only person out there who works hard? I imagine most people on here - including all those who are offering you advice to help you out - work hard at what they do. NCSoft might care about how much money you make, and funnel into their pockets, but the rest of us don’t care at all. If you did nothing wrong you’ll get your account back. So relax and figure it out. They wouldn’t have locked your account for a chargeback if it hadn’t happened.
  10. If I made 30k+ per month, I'd say screw the locked account and just buy my way to another fully geared toon lol. Good lord.
  11. Hell can we get ANY reply about ANYTHING lol. We know that someone is looking at the forum, a thread got locked earlier today. C'mon @Cyan do your job my dude. Give us some information.
  12. Not going to lie, but a bit unfair to be doing this now. Some people have already brokered their way to purified gear. It should be left as is for the remainder of the event. I realize that the company doesn’t really care about the little casual player, but this event and those brokered coins were really a way for those non-hardcore players to catch up a bit. Disappointed in the decision, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.
  13. Lol. I imagine they're in the process of being flooded with those requests right now.
  14. Need to reset our instances @Cyan
  15. Oh, I realize it's his job. I just am impressed by the fact that every week he logs in, posts this stuff - knowing full well it's a load of crap - aware that he's going to get smacked around until the next time lol.
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