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  1. Making a discount for locked Hanbok trans box is not a bad idea at all (or sending the discount amount of honey songpyeons as gift). By making a discount to the point we just need 10 weekly and 3 daily pine needles, the solo loot of pine lover moons problem doesnt matter no more (and they now become the saviors for the tough luck). Also with 1 key per account limit, it doesnt seem to conflict with other affairs.
  2. pls add events that are - friendly (for): newbies, busy in real life players, ppl who lost motivation on farming, everyone easy farm with low gear not much rng involve and not so many grindings - exciting: just by reading the rewards on the list moreover, lets take ultimate trans the hot thing for example: if it cant be permanent, it can be the alternative one: ultimate trans contract or ultimate trans potions. not many or many but only in short period: some ultimate trans potions or a box (7 days) that gives ultimate trans potions (10 minutes) like infini
  3. This change sure makes players having spent lots of money for ultimate transform feeling hurt and/or frustrating. But in a positive way, it does solve the hardness of getting ultimate transform due to such RNG. From now on, the P2W feel more rewarding and the F2P can stop gambling and try to get ultimate transform in a more reliable way. If can, of course. Please give us example for this change @Kibbelz. What you said is clear but it seems we still need example to fully understand.
  4. what u said is true, the sooner the restarts the better. but server admins need sleep though. it seems the restarts require gms to comfirm whether server is bugging also. and gms need sleep too, though. better fix it or else we r ****ed everytime the bug is at siege or sleep time
  5. im fine with most of the game things but the rng. pls reduce (i dont ask to remove) the impact of rng in the game, almost everything gained in the game is at the rng gods' will. increasing rate or making it harder to farm but easier to proc for example. also here some more: - we have good events (like stormwing hatching), but ppl missed them. pls send mails about these good events' kick off together with the 'updates to your privacy policy' mail i received recently and havent even yet opened it. just kidding, some trolling but many ppl have missed good events when they took break fro
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