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  1. OMG I cant believe this REWARD LIST, its PURE SHIT! 100% SHIT! Even in Korean Server (P2W at 1000%🤑) they have better Rewards LOL What happen with NC Soft NA, their Administration are compose for full of Trolling people? WTF Is this "AION WALLET GAME FOR SHITTY THINGS" Come on guys, if you will put this Kind of Events, better SHUT DOWN the game (You never will get our money from this events) PD: Who teach this people BUSINESS? If u wanna make money with a MMORPG you need to do better than this lol
  2. If the name of Boxes start with "DURABLE", it means a Temp-Weapon (Will Disappear after X days) Ye, this guys (NCsoft) are so "Smart"
  3. This Rate only will change, when NCsoft develop something better than Ultimate Transformation. That day, the Ultimate Transformation will not be Selling anymore (By Events!) and F2P players will have a chance to get it for "FREE" (Playing!). Before this Reallity! This Item will still be the KING of their PAY2WIN system. YOUR READING THE TRUE!
  4. Well, and for those players who "Defend the rubbish System of Pay2Win" of this companys. Let me ask you something... ¿What is the posibility "rate" for a F2P players to get ENDGAME items like a Ultimate Transformation in the game (Playing!)? I will tell you the true: It's 0!!! The Rate is 0 or near to 0!!!
  5. Now I know when this Companys like NCsoft (MMORPG Developers) mention the "RARE AND DIFFICULT ITEM TO GET", means MONEY! (Pay2Win, Pay2GetEndGame) "RARE AND DIFFICULT ITEM TO GET" @Kibbelz Really? We want that "RARE AND DIFFICULT ITEMS TO GET" but by PLAYING! Not by PAYING There exists a trillion ways for make money with a MMORPG. Selling ENDGAME Items to the players certainly is not the way. For this Develop Companys "Free to Play" means: "You have certain of content for free, for the rest of the game you will need to pay" Its just Marketing! We dont want a game
  6. So Funny your premise... Cuz the rate of difficulty of this item (Ultimate Transformation) is based in the amount of money you spent it trying to get it in their events. NCsoft Smart Solutions: for Pay2Win Events with Bad RNG! "Hey, did you spend more than 2000$ trying to get the Ultimate Transformation in this event? Dont worry! We have the solution! We will give you for "Free" this RARE AND DIFFICULT ITEM TO GET if you spent the enought money" Very Nice Deal! (PAYTOWIN!!!)
  7. This is a joke. Practically, now you are giving them the Ultimate Transformation to those players did spend certain amount of money trying to get Ultimate Transformation in the RNG of this event. Next time, dont waste our time in stupid events with bad RNG and go directly put the Ultimate Contract on BCM. Event: This is the definition of PayToNothing (Bad RNG) with a fix to PayToWin Good Job! Continue killing the game.
  8. Totally Agree! But... The problem of this game is not the Bussiness model (Gameforge, KR server and RU server are worst in this topic) the problem with this game is the Content. Yes, you read well, the Content is the real problem here. The developers of this game dont have nothing better ideas to do, that just reinforce the same things every patch: New PVE Set&Weapons, New PVP Set&Weapon and Skills, New Items with Stats (Like Emblem). STOP DOING THAT! Damn it. With this kind of things the developers Broke the game every patch and they make the game so BORING now. Its Bor
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