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  1. I've lost interest in this game since the 5.0 but i didn't have the courage to leave it but after seen the patch notes...i definitely quit it. This game has been mutilated,sigh
  2. Sanctum is really beautiful and the boat is really cool...still thinking the reasons they will put those horrible walls. Like cutting everything is the solution to make Aion great again. For example Beluslan,the right part of the map should be useless but you can still explore it,Alukina's palace ecc but isn't blocked like Pandemonium or Sanctum.
  3. yes that's ok,the problem are other things removed at once and the "anime" style is becoming this game... . of course I'll give a chance to see how on NA will work but, first of all, the walls in Pandemonium will be painful... i love every place of that area and i don't understand the reason to put stupid walls
  4. thinking how the people can be happy with this patch...i really doubt the old people will come back...also because it's sure they've already tried the patch on EU servers....
  5. oh god....the end is coming 😨😢
  6. Tribute to the maps that will be removed

    it would be a cool idea ❤️❤️❤️
  7. i really hated the 5.0 because of my char's mouth that makes her look so dumb (she wears a mask now meh).. but i really love Norsvold and it's insane that they will remove it. I miss the real differences if the races because nowadays both look the same. I miss my claws...why didn't they make us to choose if to show or to hide instead to remove them? I've tried the 6.2 and im really speechless. So many changes,so many items and maps will be removed and those insane walls in Pandemonium. BUT WHY. Im playing on a private server that has the 4.7,the best patch for me with so much content. I'm really disappointed of what the game became. It's more like an anime with all those tiny,shining chars and that unbearable emote. After the 5.0 was there,many old players left like a domino effect and i really doubt they will come back definitely. I want the real old hard Aion back
  8. D: it's annoying but really useful in case of hacked account
  9. Alts Post 6.0

    how??So will we lose all the mats we collected in Norsvold?
  10. Pre 6.0 nostalgia

    ahh old times... thanks the 6.0 we will lose many things and old areas too... new players don't even know Padmarashka's Cave and many other old instances...it would be cool to run all of old instances .. i would run IS too that will be removed because i didn't finish to take both sets... why don't you create a group or alliance running all of them?It would be cool <3
  11. is everybody in this game anitsocial? :(

    yes you were lucky XD! SFT event is so bothering because on recruitments you only see "PRO players etc etc " and don't even dare to fail the instance!Most of players don't even let you to learn the instance.
  12. is everybody in this game anitsocial? :(

    I know the feeling... people want to reach 66 quickly and they rarely run instances until BT when you are 53. I'm one of those solo players because i love exploring areas and leveling step by step. For pvp duels i don't like them either because i don't have a pvp set and because im a noob so it's always disabled. I've noticed too that the people rarely talk when you are in a group but that happens in some legions too,and i don't know why.
  13. Happy Mother's Day

    thanks sweetie!xD
  14. Old Character Screen

    I’ve tried 6.0 on Aion Korea and looks really ridicolous....they are making everything manga related....Isnt badass as before the game,is becoming everything fluffy and cute